Sakura no Kuni Kirschblüte


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As a young boarding-school student, the s*xual harrassment Fumuya experienced left him mentally scarred. Not only does he have androphobia, he also suffers from a serious case of stuttering. Fumuya inherited his geisha mother’s beautiful looks, and hence he has also been under the attention of the teachers at school, causing him to go through a pitiful and lonely school life.

In the new semester — Fumuya is arranged to share a dorm room with an upperclassman named Ernst Souichirou.

The overbearing Souchirou is the son of an earl, and as a half-blooded Japanese, he possesses a handsome face and a pair of sombre grey eyes. Although Fumuya tries to persuade himself that this upperclassman is not the same as that student, he is unable to curb his uneasiness. However, the sight of the timid Fumuya caused Souchirou – out of nowhere – to request him to become his retinue……

Associated Names
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Sakura no Kuni ~Kirschbluete~
Sakura no Kuni ~Kirschblute~
桜ノ国 ~ キルシュブリューテ
樱之国 ~Kirschblüte~
櫻之國 ~Kirschblüte~
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