Saiunkoku Monogatari Secret Scroll: Ask my Bones


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A set of side stories from Saiunkoku Monogatari. The chapter that are currently translated are from Secret Story: Flower of Winter.

List of stories:
氷の心臓―劉輝― / Heart of Ice ―Ryuuki―
運命が出会う夜 ―悪夢の国試組―
秘話 ―冬の華― / Secret Story: Flower of Winter
Prologue & Introduction
Walking in the Shadow of the Palace
The Third Journey through the Darkness of Snow
New Year`s Greeting

Associated Names
One entry per line
Secret Story: Flower of Winter
彩雲国秘抄 骸骨を乞う
秘話 ―冬の華―
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Latest Release

Date Group Release
04/07/16 theyseemewhalin New Years Greeting
04/02/16 theyseemewhalin firefly
03/25/16 theyseemewhalin darkness of snow
03/20/16 theyseemewhalin Walking in the...
03/14/16 theyseemewhalin Chouka
03/04/16 theyseemewhalin prologue
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