Saikyou Juzoku Tensei ~Cheat Majutsushi no Slow Life~


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I, who should have died after being hit by a car, was born again in another world.

However, I was born in a shady minor family that used magic and controlled wooden puppets called the Marren Clan.

Possessing a strong interest in magic since my previous life, I spend my time zealously studying magic to the point where even the people in the vicinity draw back.

One day, I heard I was to be married to my little sister when I turned 16 in accordance with the traditions of the Marren Clan and decided to flee to the city.

For now, since I have the strongest magic, I guess I should idle around making only enough money so that I don’t have to work for my whole life.

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Reincarnation of Sherman
Strongest Curse Clan Reincarnation ~ The Slow Life of a Magician with a Cheat ~
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Goldenxman33 rated it
June 23, 2020
Status: --
Hate it, authors don't get why people love isekai and time travel, it because you want a second chance, want to start over and don't want make the same mistakes again, just writing " isekai " won't make it popular.

What is the point in a flawed human being becoming a flawd human being in another world.

There is no improvement in the MC character, he isn't evil but horribly self-centered

1. He made a girl that have crash on him join his club and never answered her feelings because if he told... more>> her that he don't love her she will quit the club and they will lack members.

2. He spent the first 12 years in the other world studying magic, never helped in the house, never helped his father hunting, and ended up with a weak body because he spend his entire childhood on a chair.

3. When they told him that one of the traditions is to marry his sister he escape without explanation and left his sister broken hearted - she now think that he hate her so much that he rather die then marry her, even when he save her later he will leave her unconscious and escape again. <<less
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G4merSylver rated it
October 12, 2020
Status: c83
Alright, I'm done with this. What sort of a garbage character is this male lead? Are you for real?

... more>>

What do you do when someone in a dungeon wants to kill you and "conquer the world"? Yeah, you repeatedly say the equivalent of "don't do this!" and "don't make me fight you!" Before fighting... And eventually letting them out. Alright. Fine.

What do you do when some arrogant adventurer drops by yelling about how you are a pathetic little wimp and there would be no way for you to have actually killed this strong beast? Yeah, ofc you ask them to follow you into a dark backalley!... And then? Of course you offer to let them have the credit if they give you the money for the beast YOU killed.


This story is full of bullcrap like this. I'm sorry but when people say "generic beta japanese male lead" this is what people refer to, there are more cases like that. A few smaller ones:


The largest "counter attack" that the male lead did was deciding to sell some cheaper product when the main seller of that product basically tried to force his sister to marry him.

Let's not talk about the fact that he neglected/yelled at that one classmate who apparently had a crush on him before "heroically" pushing her out of harms way and dying.


There is more, but these are the most prevalent issues I have with this story. I dropped it at the little back alley deal because I'm still getting pissy whenever I think about it.

Alright, now for a general review.

Translation quality: Readable, it needs some editing. 3.5/5

Story: Fantasy world, 80 chapters in seems to be generic. I didn't find anything outstanding. 2.5/5

Characters: I like the girls, but I'll say that the protag is enough for me to clear this whole score off alone. +2 for the girls as I found them to be somewhat lovable 2/5

Rounded off, this comes to a score of 2.3

I honestly wouldn't recommend anyone to waste their time with this. There are chapters, quite a few of them, so it can pass some time, but at the end of it you'll be more annoyed then you were the moment before you read this.

Conclusion: Disappointing. <<less
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Myorave rated it
September 18, 2020
Status: v5c151
Would normaly give this a 4.5/5 stars but overall it is a really nice read.

I love MC, his imouto ... more>>

and Mea, his new partner in crime


I don't quite understand the hate in some review that MC is "too flawed and don't give any attention to his sister ". I would find it extremely boring to find here a Gary Stu that can achieve anything, gather a harem with just a snap of the fingers and other stereotypes you can easily find in most Isekais.

Character-wise, MC is indeed a genius when is comes to magic but is extremely weak when it comes to stamina-related activities (such as walking). His sister, Gisel, is utterly in love with her brother and has little to no interaction with the rest of the village. I was a bit sceptical of a few arcs

the 2 arcs after MC leaves the Marren village to escape his forced marriage

but I found the rest of the story really good.

The translation quality is quite bad and might be a proof that this is machine translated. <<less
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sadmanex rated it
July 22, 2018
Status: c18
it's boring. And nothing interesting happen. The MC are your typical Japanese MC. Well, maybe worse than that. He kinda dense, doesnt try to learn common sense, and a disappoint son.

from prologue till chapter 18, nothing noteworthy happen, nothing interesting happen, just skim read it and there still nothing interesting. I cant give example bec it just got nothing interesting. This is a example of a very very boring novel
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Reise rated it
April 19, 2021
Status: --
Novel is bland. It does nothing new except add the imouto route in isekai but even then its done horribly. MC has no redeeming quality. For a person whose maturity should be above 20 years old, he sure doesn't act like his age. Problems crop up in his life that would've probably been solved had he talked things out with them but no, the first thing that pops up in his head is to run away and leave them hanging.

Characters are bland. There is nothing remotely interesting about them. The... more>> magic system might be a little bit interesting but even that isn't explained properly and was just glossed over. MC is probably the biggest disappointment. If reading the novel and all I can feel is endless disappointment about the MC then thats gotta say something.

Author sets the MC up to look smart especially with how he handles his problems like the tobacco problem but in reality all characters are just s*upid to make his below average IQ MC look smart. MC allows other to trample on him and he will even let you off the hook for it.

Overall, this is probably one of the worst isekai I’ve read. Its just bland with no redeeming quality about it. Reading this will only end up in disappointment and regret for having wasted your time. In conclusion, would I suggest others to read this? NO, but give it a try maybe you might like it, who knows? I wanted to at least give this 2 stars for the speedy release currently but maybe 1 star is for the best. Its just really disappointing.

Translation is quite bad. Readable if you are well versed in the Dao of Mtl. <<less
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ChocoG rated it
October 8, 2017
Status: c14
pretty fun read, the MC's obsession is crazy XD. So far there's no cheat skill or anything and the characters so far seem pretty realistic and fun, the only reason its a 4 star rating is because the translator cant find the right words to use every so often and ends up creating a jumbled mess, but it's easy to get used to that and skip over it.

The story should start getting exciting in the next few chapters.
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pebbie rated it
March 8, 2018
Status: c11
it's an interesting story. I always fascinated with the framework of magic that is used in this story. The only drawbacks however, the way the story progresses matches very well with the title: a slow life. Do not expect the glimpse idea you have after finished reading a chapter will be concluded in the next chapter!

but sometimes the time skips too which leaves bad aftertaste.
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Orcanaman rated it
June 13, 2017
Status: c8
The translator is above average and the story is good with the main character being slightly dense as far as I can see but still lacking the hero blessing (somehow unable to tell people are interested in him even if they throw themselves at the hero) and he has an obsession with magic that is unnatural giving him tunnel vision so it makes sense at the very least. I personally am looking forward to the rest of the story.
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KnightofGlory26 rated it
June 13, 2017
Status: v1c8
The overall setting currently confuses me slightly, it doesn't go into depth enough with the magic system apart from the magic circles. Even then the magic circles are only slightly explained:


He basically just says you need to be a 'wise' man.


Any who... because it is still going, and apart from the above confusion it is good, I will continue reading. if you are reading this to get an idea of if you should read, I would give it a try as it is interesting and has potential
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Rockenny rated it
June 20, 2021
Status: c38
The biggest issue in this novel is the main character. He is a wimp, gets bullied always. Even though he has the power to retaliate he doesn't do anything. I can't read this novel anymore, it's extremely frustrating.
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Raffro rated it
March 3, 2019
Status: --
Story - Average

Characters -Bland... There's no color everythings grey

Well Nothings new here... Your Generic Isekai... Oh but there Was interesting magic system at first but meh... Also the timeskip....

Oh by The Way Translation was Fine At First. But it went from Okay To Worst....

My Eyes Were Bleeding Tears...
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bobIV123 rated it
September 25, 2018
Status: c28
It has an interesting magic system, which is a plus.

The MC is likable and a few of the other characters are good as well, though there's only a handful of fleshed-out characters as of chapter 28.

I really like that the MC is really good at one thing, magic, but struggles in other areas.

The translation quality is such that it would benefit from an editor of proofreader going through it.
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KlausVonWunderbeard rated it
July 11, 2018
Status: c23
So, this novel currently has a fair amount of interesting backstory and concepts such as the magic system. The novel does however fall short in areas such as the writing that can be kind of unfocused and all over the place as it introduces things but never really go into anything with it then jump cuts to a few years later in the next chapter leaving you kind of unsatisfied. But where this novel suffers the most is the horrendous translation which is barely readable at times, it’s like they... more>> stuffed the source text into google translate a couple of times then copied whatever came out. This is by far the worst translation I have ever read and I really hope they eventually fix this. The chapter release rate is also abysmal.

In conclusion, I rate this novel at a 2/5 in its current state with a possibility of improving later on.

ps. My rating may not be equal to the rating shown as for some reason I couldn’t change it, but to clarify my rating of this novel is 2/5. <<less
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LeeEzekiel rated it
April 19, 2018
Status: --
The story itself is fine. A slow paced start, but enough to hold my interest so far. Unfortunately the lack of editing (poor grammar and very awkward English plus the occasional typos) makes it hard to read. Dialogue feels stilted and unnatural. I don't understand what Orcanaman's definition of "above average" is.
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Sendura rated it
July 29, 2022
Status: c155
The start is fine.... and the story got really good after that, the only cretic points in the beginning were:

    • a lacking translation with mistakes like "here a day is 352 days"
    • And an author that can not understand that diffrent languages work diffrently. Like the isekai having a diffrent language but his Mother using the word "sama" whith her husband and he does not understand why ??
    • The mother plays zero importance
    • They always leave the worst of the worst bad guys alive ?? Even if they are still dangerous. --> It like Person A wants to kill everybody in this kingdom so I knock him out then he wakes up and just keeps doing the same things he did befor only noe our MC looks away.
    • It somehow seems that MC gets denser with each chapter.
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Higira rated it
March 2, 2019
Status: c16
The story is not bad in my opinion. It's about an isekai world where the MC loves magic. His father died doing sketchy things as a magician (fake) and he also died... He came back and was reincarnated into a new world with magic. He basically dives into his life working on magic and getting better at it while trying to gain some RPG elements in the mix.

Unfortunately, even though the story is good.. the translation is horrible. Worse yet it only comes out once a month it seems.I cannot... more>> for the life of myself continue to torture myself in reading this. There are numerous grammatical errors. If they were simple errors, I can at least over look them. Unfortunately, these errors are not small! They are pretty damn big and it takes at least a few seconds to figure out what a sentence even means. It basically gives me a headache reading this... how unfortunate. <<less
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Blackrabbit0634 rated it
May 21, 2018
Status: c21
It is still hard to say if it's good or bad as of chapter 21 the story still hasn't passed the synopsis, but currently I'm starting to feel that it will get bad. My suggestion is to wait further for more chapters before reading.

In my opinion the story should have really time-skipped until the MC was 11 years old as before that I don't really think it is important enough to waste a couple of chapter as I think the real start would be when he runs away from home... more>> as stated in the synopsis.

The story is really slow and if the story doesn't pick up it's pace I might drop this more earlier than expected. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ZeroA2 rated it
October 15, 2023
Status: c38
I tried lasting until at least the series description of leaving the village occurred but the protagonist is very frustrating to read. He not only seems to care more about magic than people, but he'll watch violence done in front of him and only stands up at the absolute last moment allowing things to get quite bad before intervening if he does anything at all. It's way too frustrating to continue even factoring in the fact that it is pretty much entirely translated (the first few chapters are gone so... more>> reading on syosetu is necessary for those). <<less
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MobileCrusader rated it
June 13, 2022
Status: c459
I like the magic nerd stuff, and the girls are cute to read about. Power level shenanigans and convoluted plot stuff aside, it was a decent read. I dropped it for a few months around chapter 420 because by that point it had gotten stale, but saw I was so close to the end I had to finish it.
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smite2001 rated it
April 14, 2019
Status: c29
Edit: Went from giving it 4 stars to 2 stars, because the translation is really bad now, and the in*est fell flat on its face and drowned in a puddle. Maybe read the manga, but reading the webnovel is setting yourself up for disappointment on many fronts.
Original review below:

The story is fun to read, but the translation quality of the more recent chapters is rather poor.

The synopsis here is also far ahead, as of chapter 29 the protagonist doesn't even know about getting married to his sister, let alone do anything outside the village. It is more slowpaced than you might expect (he grows up into a young teen and learns magic, but that's about it so far, few characters apart from the sister get decent screen time).

I give it 4 out of 5 because it is quite enjoyable, but I don't see it as a contender for becoming one of my favourites.
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