Saijaku Hakugai Made Sareta Kedo, Chou Nankan Meikyuu de 10 Mannen Shuugyoushita Kekka, Tsuyoku nari Sugite teki ga inakunatta~Bocchi Seikatsu Nagai Tame, Saikyou Dearu Koto no Jikakunaku Musouitashimasu


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【The Most Incompetent In This World】―it was the gift Kai Heineman received from the Divine Oracle when he was thirteen years old.

Due to that gift, his physical abilities plummeted. His growth rate became the lowest in the world. Yes, the gift was supposed to make him a target of everyone’s mockery and pity. However, this gift had something that no other gift had, limitless growth.

Moreover, by chains of unfortunate coincidence, Kai Heineman ended up being trapped in the worst, nightmarish dungeon. The dungeon disconnected him from the passage of time in the outside world. This allowed him to train for a really long time while just a moment passed in the outside world, without ageing even a single day.

This chain of misfortunate events led to the birth of the most powerful supreme being in the world.

This is the tale of the loner, whose common sense got so distorted after he spent too much time talking with his own sword that he brought out the subordinates he had subjugated in the dungeon to wreak havoc in the outside world.

Associated Names
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Chou Nankan Dungeon de 10 Mannen Shugyoushita Kekka, Sekai Saikyou ni ~Saijaku Munou no Gekokujou~ (new title)
I’m The Weakest Person Who Got Persecuted, But I Became too OP After Training in the Worst Dungeon for 100,000 Years~A Loner Who Didn’t Realize That He Became A Broken Character After Being Alone for too Long~
最弱で迫害までされていたけど、超難関迷宮で10万年修行した結果、強くなりすぎて敵がいなくなった~ボッチ生活がいた、最強であることの自覚なく無双いたします。(former title)
超難関ダンジョンで10万年修行した結果、世界最強に ~最弱無能の下剋上~ (new title)
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New ljn5q4yspap rated it
August 28, 2023
Status: v5c79
MC has a cursed skill, but is dropped into a situation where it actually pays off. Decent execution of the "zero-to-hero" story in the beginning, but loses focus. Read it until it gets boring.


  • MC has a cursed skill that is actually cursed. There's a lot of these "weak-to-strong" type stories featuring some niche skill that magically becomes S-tier when 50 butterflies flap their wings in the right sequence. In this case, it is a full on cursed skill.
    • ofc, the skill has a loophole that lets the MC shine, but he really has to work for it.

  • The plot goes down into a weird place where the focus drops to other characters. It would be understandable if the POV switches to another member of the ensemble cast. Instead, the story flips to one of the earlier antagonists. Presumably, this is to set up a heel-face turn. But man...

  • MC has no self awareness. 5 volumes in and the MC:

    commands a legion of gods, demons, and mythical beasts; can create alternate dimensions and realities; apparently can control time; maybe bring people back from the dead..? create life (or life-like dolls) as well?

    if he is actually really strong, so I was really looking forward to some level of character development and growth.
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japercussion rated it
May 14, 2022
Status: v2c1
I don't usually write reviews but this one was so bad I had to write one. At first this novel was ok it started out with him being push around and that made since because he was weak. Then thing started getting a little absurd when he was in the dungeon. This novel hit rock bottom and became unbearable to read after he got out of the dungeon. No matter what evidence is put in front of him he still thinks he is only fighting really weak enemies. Like he... more>> fought and really easily defeat someone who was known to be one of the strongest swordsmen and after he thinks that he was just got the title by birth right and so just thinks he is really weak. This just keeps happening were he fights a person who is well known for being really strong, defeats him and for no reason or really s*upid reason thinks he is just weak. It just so s*upid that it makes the whole thing unbearable to read. I don't know if it was supposed to be funny but it is not especially since it is happening during a serious moment. If I could I would give it a 0 of 5. <<less
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Jecker rated it
December 18, 2021
Status: v5c113
Edit: Well, I have to say that as the story continues, its quality only continues to drop. The chapters have started to become extremely short, with each chapter barely containing any real substance. Character development and world building went to utter shit. It is clear that the author needs the help of an editor to help trim off the unnecessary parts and focus on the important parts. Shame, after the bad writing of volume 4, volume 5 starts off with a blast; it even had the potential to surpass volume... more>> 1, the best volume imo, however, the author ruined it by continuesly dragging it on. 3 stars for now, as it is still better than some of the other trapped in a dungeon novels.

Original review:
Let me start with saying that you will not always get the viewpoint of MC and this can last for up to 20 chapters. So if you do not like this, then this novel is not for you. However, as a result, side characters get a lot of development, to the point, where it made me like and root for a character that I once hated.

Now let me address something the other reviewers said about the MC is being "wishy washy" and dense. There are actually two particular personalities of MC. The pre-dungeon, cowardly and timid MC, MC 1. And the while dungeon MC, the strong, crazy, battle-hungry and smart MC, MC 2. After conquering the dungeon, both of personalities merge to give birth to MC 3, who is primarily dominated by the characteristics of MC 2, except for one aspect. While the MC was trapped in the dungeon, he had never fought an actual human, so he does not know the true extent of the powers possessed by the humans and since, he, who is the holder of the weakest gift, was able to conquer the said dungeon; he believes other will be able to do so as well. As a result, while he acknowledges that he is one of the top being, he never puts himself on a pedestal and is always cautious and plans his moves well. However, with all that being said, he never shies away from a fight, even if he believes his opponent to be one of the strongest humans because he is still just as battle hungry and it is his source of motivation and in away, his raison d'etre. Additionally, he is still quite friendly towards his friends and family, even if they were not very nice to him when his gift was revealed because he believes it is beneath him and petty to hold a grudge against an 'youngster'. <<less
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ErikHarrison rated it
September 13, 2021
Status: v2c35
It's alright it probably the best thing you could say about this series.

Nothing really happens, the writing is mediocre, standard world-building, no characters/harem. I didn't dislike it but I certainly wouldn't recommend it to you.

Also while typical, some of those "dense JP MC" moments caused me physical pain
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Aean rated it
August 15, 2021
Status: --
This is one of the better stories that uses the X years of training to become the strongest. The story actually shows that Kai (MC) developed an alien mindset that fits well with his story of gaining his OP status. There is also the fact that the MC is more cunning than he looks as he can plot like a glasses villain if he puts in actual effort.
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Zemophobia rated it
February 27, 2022
Status: act 1-3
I could only get to the third chapter of this monstrosity. The author basically took every male character that wasn't his grandfather and had them act like the MC was just the worst kind of person in the whole world. If we were to compare how the MC is treated compared to a RL serial killer then the MC would be treated 10x worse.

All the beautiful girls seem to like the MC for no reason and every male around just abuses him because of his 'gift' and attention he gets... more>> from said girls. Just remember, these girls are around 13-years-old and the men who hate him with a passion are from all ages.

The author just does a bad job a setting the MC up for his future OP'ness. None of the people in this story (at least until I stopped reading) act with any sort of realism. It's not like the MC has been described to be anything but a normal person at this point, so why do people care if he has a 'gift' that makes him weak at fighting? <<less
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Jesters Epilogue
Jesters Epilogue rated it
February 16, 2022
Status: act1-20
Frankly, this is disappointing and a waste of time.

Dungeon clearing and powering is fun to read and entertaining, but there are parts where it feels a bit lacking. Characters are presented but that's just it. Not even personal informations about the characters met in the dungeon are known except their names

... more>>

Fafnir. Well she's just there. Following the MC but no notable events triggered after she became a companion. Didn't even joined a single fight in the story.

Self-proclaimed Evil God was presented at least decently since there's a chapter about the Evil God's perspective.

Fight scenes are lacking especially against Divine Beast Nemea. Fenrir just popped up somewhere along the middle, never to be seen again.

Potential Heroine Kyuubi... 2000 years but no development.

I just dropped this sh*t by Arc1-20. I became excited since the chapter title was "Beginning of the Revenge" but NO. The MC started getting delusional turning to the Beta MC that he once was. Battle Junkie MC that knows his strength and strives to be stronger became a coward that started spouting "I am weak" and "That was the easiest dungeon cause even an incompetent can clear it". Yeah right.

5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
AdustUnreal rated it
February 4, 2022
Status: v1c21
I'll say this first - this novel had a nice start and an interesting progression of events, even if a little rushed by my book.

However, the moment MC cleared the dungeon things instantly wend downhill due to a d*ck move from the dungeon - having his memory reconnected withe his pre-dungeon self;this in turn allowed the author to use the tr*sh trope of OP MC unawere of his own strength.

Gave a 2⭐ instead of one out of consideration for the content before things went downhill.
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
January 21, 2022
Status: c146
Overall fairly solid, but with one point that is really annoying. Depending on how long it continues, the rating I'd give would drop more and more.

First, the good points. The main character's growth and personality are interesting. The main character is s*upidly strong, and we don't have a bunch of contrived reasons on why the main character should be quiet about it or why everyone and their mother is going to say literally nothing about it to anyone, which is annoyingly common in other novels. I really like the dynamic... more>> between the main character and his minions, it's funny but there's also some interesting dynamics going on that could go places. The author has shown the ability to write other characters with a decent amount of depth, and I enjoy most of the main cast, but that does lead into the problem.

The major problem this novel has is most of the villains. To be blunt, they're idiots. They know the MC has the ability "The Most Incompetent In This World", and using that as justification, ignore absolutely any and all signs that they might have faulty information. To some extent this is expected - serves you right for underestimating me! And all that - but they are aggressively s*upid and we don't get any good explanation as to why. Even when they are being actively beaten up, they don't seem to be able put two and two together that actually, he isn't weaker than everyone, he is actuallystrong.

In a good novel, characters should be able to go "I thought that person was weak, but other people are acting as if they have value. I am missing some piece of information, and should be cautious.". In worse novels, they might come up with incorrect answers and be confident when they really shouldn't be. In this novel, we have bottom of the barrel, people suggesting things that are literally impossible or nonsensical as answers, or in some extreme cases, the equivalent of someone going "Hah! He can't beat my right hook!", losing their right arm, and going "What kind of trick is this? No matter, I'll just use my right hook!". They're like lemmings walking off a cliff.

All that being said, the number of those kinds of characters are decreasing as the story goes on, and are taking less and less active roles. If that trend reverses, I would revise my rating down, but it seems like it's getting better, and I really like the novel otherwise. <<less
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leprosus rated it
May 20, 2023
Status: v5c46
What can I say about this novel? Oh yes, disappointing.

Rikisui, that's the name of the author, always does the same thing, decent start, decent or good world construction, average characters. You know, not the best novel but a nice reading to kill boredon.

BUT, yes with caps

As always, Rikisui works hard to destroy his own work. He loves to add some politic comflict comming from nowhere or some random cheap complots. I'm going to say it clearly, this author is a complete disaster on it. Just don't add sh*t on your... more>> novel, Rikisui (you won't read this mr author, but you should 🤣). He made the same thing on "The Adventure of the Boy With a Mind of a Middle-aged Man"

The worst thing is the 5th arc, a complete disaster. The author forget about the initial characters and he centers on the first enemy of the first arc, a simpletone prince. Yes, a whole arc for a s*upid mob and it's the longest arc in the novel. But that's not the worst, that character is surrounded by even more annoying characters.

Even..., even..., even worst, that arc was also written in first person and when it jumps to the original characters it's also first person, so it's horribly confusing. If you are a writter don't be Rikisui and don't do the Rikisui, if you like to write coral novels with many characters and you want to center the action on many of them, NEVER write in first person, NEVER. That's a basic of writting.

I'm giving 2 stars because the start is nice, but the 5th arc deserves minus one million stars.

The translators, they made a good job, it's not their fault but if would be cool if they didn't translate the whole 5th arc and they just resume it with 3 lines. That arc doesn't deserve more and they would save our suffering (and their own suffering too). Thanks for your work, you translators are the best of the novel.

Remember, don't be Rikisui, my friend. <<less
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Easykiln rated it
March 1, 2023
Status: 5-18
I was pleasantly surprised by this series, I gotta say.

I wasn't expecting much, but the protagonist is intentionally wimpy at first and grows out of it properly. I'm also not a huge fan of misunderstanding comedy, which the story features, but the misunderstandings are pretty understandable, at least.

I feel like a lot of people leaving bad reviews somewhat miss the point, and especially aren't able to handle the transition back to the real world after his training arc. During the training arc, he acquires the strength of a peak god... more>> and amasses a large number of subordinates, but he also goes mad in many ways and loses his humanity and memories of his life as a human. After he clears the dungeon, the dungeon grants him a special bonus reward: the consciousness of the him before and after the dungeon are merged in a more or less one to one ratio.

Many readers hated that, because he went from being a badass sword god to halfway a downtrodden 15 year old brat again. They perceive it as a d*ck move from the dungeon. I disagree. He'll live an eternity as a god after either way, what he was granted was a way to patch some of the holes in his sanity and to properly experience the mortal life he was robbed of. A mortal life is just a short dream to a god, so why not? It's also what he desperately wished for during the initial thousands of years: just to be able to escape the dungeon and go back to his old life.

There are growing pains, of course, but the worst of it fades quickly and he matures. A few slightly annoying quirks remain, but they're easy to make sense of when you think about them, not arbitrary. Overall, the characterization is pretty good. Development is understated, but still present. Many of his followers are one dimensional fanatics, but you can see why and they're more a part of his power than proper characters anyway. Unfortunately, the protagonist tends to entrust training new human followers to the worst of the cultists, though. Their minds all break down and they end up assimilating. The story is guilty of having the character development of other characters in general center around his existence too much, but I'll accept that much wish fulfillment. It's not that hard to believe such a transcendent being possesses strong charisma, either.

My last note will be about his gift. The reason is that it seems so unreasonable at first that it gives a bad impression to the work in general. There's much we still don't know about the gifts, but the narrative that they are purely divinely bestowed is questionable. I think it might be something based on the soul of the gift-bearer; although activated by a ritual at a temple, I think the motive from the highest tier of existence is to nurture new transcendants by granting people a crystallization of essence that can become a divinity if one walks their path to the end. Despite seeming more like a curse, his gift is evaluated as a god level gift. I think it's worthy of that evaluation, except that it's pretty useless to humans under normal circumstances. Other than removing his cap on growth, I believe he wouldn't have gotten off with only going slightly mad during his training had he not possessed it. It's a blessing that says "your talent is utter tr*sh anyway, so let's make it even worse and give you bonuses related to endless hard work instead. It'll be hard, but best of luck overcoming the barrier of talent and proving your worth!" Specifically, it suspends normal human mental and emotional needs, allowing one to train with a supernatural focus. I don't see malicious intent in it. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
DonQujiko rated it
January 17, 2023
Status: v5c82
Well, the story follows an OP character. Without bullshitry, the story will not progress so I understand the need to focus on side characters.

I just hate the fact that in Volume 5, it seems the author focus on Gilbert with Kai not appearing on most chapters. I almost thought that the former is the main character.

The insubordination of his subordinates, lack of common sense, cliche plot of being attached by a royalty because of his worries about his childhood friends, and chapters without even a single mention of him are... more>> just too much. <<less
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guih34 rated it
February 9, 2022
Status: --
tr*sh novel with a weak premise and even worst execution.

The world has people ridiculing the MC left and right because of his gift and then he goes to a nonsensical dungeon where he gets awfully powerful after a very long time of training, both in strength and mind, only to have his last reward link his nearly forgotten teenager years with his actual memory of years in solitude practicing ascetic training, perfect memory of reading millions of books, and then managing his book worlds and subordinates for dozens of thousands... more>> years, yet the majority of his personality seems to inherit that short dozens of years as a main point and the MC acts all unaware of his powers... and he only is the second most s*upid plot hole, after all his enemies refuse to see reality even more than the protagonist because of his s*upid gift.

In the end the author tries so hard to make the MC unaware of his powers and the enemies clueless and incapable of seeing facts, that you can only roll your eyes at the plot, tr*sh. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
gegehehe8686 rated it
August 14, 2021
Status: c16
Ha! Trapped in a dungeon and becoming over powered is one of my favorite plot lines. Can't wait until the MC leaves and begins face-slapping the entire world.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Quotation320 rated it
June 17, 2023
Status: 2-5
I made an account just to leave this review. I had to because this one bothered me so much. It has a solid premise and the majority of the first volume is tolerable (still not good, but tolerable). The problem comes when he leaves the dungeon, then it degrades letter by letter. It got so frustrating in both dialogue and forced plot that I actually sent this mini-rant to my friend:

"Japanese novels are so tr*sh.. It bleeds into anime a bit, but not as bad as in the novels. The... more>> MC always has some wet-paper mentality and breaks down into an oh-no-i-cant-possibly-succeed spiral despite literally being the strongest being in the world by no small margin and then proceeds to let everyone push him around because what if they're super strong or something?! I normally avoid JP novels just cause they're all tr*sh but I see a good premise sometimes and have to give it a try and then it proves me right anyways. Cringe characters, overbearing sense of "Justice" and logic that makes about as much sense as asking a 3 year old to build a rocket. Oh, and of course everyone likes the MC anyways - despite being s*upid, everyone from beggars on the street to a king only have one of two reactions to him and that's either to try to instantly kill him cause of a casual glance or to immediately submit to him completely with no reason whatsoever. Honestly my take is this: JP novels are flaming piles of wish-fulfillment tr*sh, KR novels are a fair in-between with mostly realistic characters that react in somewhat believable ways to situations and CN novels are the polar opposite to JP where everyone is a **** that will kill 9 generations of your family cause you bumped into them."

In short, I'm not surprised the way the story turned out. I'm just heavily disappointed with it. I would read further but honestly I can't. Even this review is just to vent at this point.


The idea that after spending 100, 000 years in a dungeon and even becoming someone who loves to fight and grow stronger would be overwritten by "fusing" with the memory of his 15 year old self prior to entering the dungeon is ridiculous. If a person lives for 100, 000 years doing only 1 thing (fighting) and then spends 15 years being super weak and afraid of the world, they're not gonna assume that with the 100, 000 years of strength that they're actually still super weak. No one is that s*upid and still able to live for 100, 000 years. Besides, the memory from his 15 year old self would at least know what strength is.. Surely he could tell just from that that his current self is incomparably strong.


There's a severe mental disconnect here but it's just a way to drive the plot as usual. That's why it's frustrating. If you're considering reading anyways, just know that the quality of the story goes into a nosedive when he leaves the dungeon (it was only mediocre even while he was in the dungeon). <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Pelouch rated it
April 23, 2023
Status: v2c5
MC is a total pushover who gets screwed over by fate, then he goes through 10k years in the harshest dungeon in what everyone else perceives as an instant and comes back OP

He's from a swordsmanship family and he's given an unbreakable stick as the starter weapon in the dungeon so obviously his weapon of choice would be a sword.

Thing about this one is MCs personality is all over the place, the only constant being that he's a complete idiot. Before the dungeon he's a total pushover, during the dungeon... more>> he's confident but thinks literally everyone he meets there has 8th grade syndrome and refuses to even consider he's in a trial for godhood, after the dungeon he merges the worse aspects of both personalities, he doesn't listen to anyone, thinks he was in a super weak dungeon and thinks he's weak himself despite literally everyone inside the dungeon telling him he's a literal God... I find it's too much of a stretch for the personality that he had for 15 years to so brutality and completely overpowered the one he developed for 10k years, it's actually ridiculous. The MC internal monologue is a mess.

As you might imagine this is a feature not a bug, I'm pretty confident the author will never change this, I find it very frustrating so I'm giving it a poor score but if it sounds appealing to you go for it... Also the overarching plot seems to be establishing democracy or rather abolishing the aristocracy and there seems to be some Isekai elements in there, consider that your warning.

2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
araragiKun rated it
March 31, 2023
Status: -
I have read some chapters of this novel a while back. Although, the premise was intriguing and in-fact I did like the first "arc" so to speak, everything goes downhill after that.

Why does he need to only learn the sword? Come on man! Learn more tricks!

A lot of things are real cliche. The book for instance which allows him to summon monsters is too OP (other than him). I can see it being used similar to other isekais.

Why did the author had to go through the whole mixing up his... more>> memories thing? This is the single biggest drawback of this novel that removes any and all relation with the main character as a reader. Like, going through the training, it was obvious that he is very strong. Now suddenly, he thinks he is not. How can I sympthaise with this feeling? No way. Not only that, all connections apart from the ones he makes during the training seem so moot now. (Minor spoiler) That childhood friend?! I no longer care about her. His family?! Even more so! His grandfather?! We already had no connection with him. I would have them rather go with the "Neta Chara Tensei Toka Anmari da!" novel approach. They just made the MC OP and the MC does what she wants to do! But here, the MC thinks he is weak but is hella strong. What's the point?

In addition to this, when he starts teaching another character and this character just kinda picks up the skill he has spend years upon years working on in days! Like hell I can relate to this! <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
April 19, 2022
Status: v4c29 part1
Somehow, this series took me by surprise. It was really boring and mundane at the beginning where the MC is such a wimpy wuss, can't really take a hold for himself, always the one being protected. As the stories goes, he went drastically change after some event happen (Won't go and spoiled it for ya. Go and read it yourself), he became so badass that every living being in or outer world has become small fry to him. I'm glad I took the liberty to endured the pain of reading... more>> the early chapter to be reward with what I could call a masterpiece. What I want to complain is that the chapter has became so much shorter and shorter as the story goes. Not sure whether the translation or the author to blame.

Edit :-

As the series continue, the amount of latest chapter has become ridiculously short and the story become more messed up in a way, the author has fallen lowly where he tries to integrate Overlord-ish concept where the fanatic subordinate always misunderstand their master intent and take it to the extreme. Are you already out of idea, author-san? <<less
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January 23, 2022
Status: c4 e31
Well, it's exciting and boring.

There are quite a few chapters where you get nothing from the MC in the later parts, just a lot of setup for later events. Granted, the setup is welcome, but the execution of the setup is a bit too long most of the time making it feel like you're reading a completely unrelated story at times.

The actual plot hook is kinda 'Meh' but the execution of the plot is done fairly well, not great but fairly well done.

The characters are a bit flat, dialogue is... more>> okay, and world-building is similarly average.

What makes this story readable are the interactions and serious moments. Those really suck you in and keep you wondering how things are going to turn out, everything else gets a bit tedious at times (and coming from a person who enjoys Slice-of-Life stories very much that's saying something).

Overall, enjoyable, but could use a good editor to cut down on some sections and poke the author to write more about some of the more relevant things. <<less
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Cactiii rated it
March 31, 2023
Status: v4c42
So for this story I never really expected much, from the first volume al0ne you can already kind of tell that the book won't be that good with the authors writing style but I think it still had appeal as a garbage but enjoyable read. At first I think the story was okay, his training arc had a few things that annoyed me with how he grew (For example reaching his level in swordsmanship alone, it would require a sparring partner since its impossible with just image training, but since... more>> its a fantasy novel things like this while I don't like are fine) but from there it starts going further downhill. The entire story is based on the premise that he doesn't realize how powerful he is but it feels flimsy, since while something like that would be ingrained in him he still has to be an idiot to never realize his strength, even with excuses like that he believes people conceal their power. Another issue this story has, albeit one that many have, is there are countless world destroying level catastrophes that he has to deal with. Its just unrealistic for there to be so many different enemies that run into him, where it just switches between one god to another with humans being weak enough to be nearly wiped out by almost any of them if it wasn't for MC. There are countless things like this that I believe just make the book bad, but like I said earlier I think it would of been a fine garbage read but the story really starts becoming incomprehensible in chapter 4, we keep getting pov switches to another character and while I can overall understand whats going on it all just feels so arbitrary and random. We get like 2 chapters setting up a enemy without a personality and then it does things and the enemies die, but with the way its written it just feels annoying to read to me rather than enjoyable. There are also things like the author making the chapters around the length of this review (This is what the author, not translator did, to clarify)
This was something someone else said in the comments of a chapter but I agree with, this feels like an overlord knockoff that was just done horribly. It has everything from the obsessive MC is all knowing side characters to things like the subordinates thinking nothing of humans, where overall the entire story just feels bad. The running gags like the elephant god or whatever obsessing over him just feel cringe or how the gold dragon/Fenrir acts cute don't come off as sweet moments but instead as the author trying to force something.
It's not the worst book i've ever read (Although there are books written better I would rate as worse, although this only happens when the author is good enough to get you invested and then ruins it) and I wouldn't recommend anyone to read it but if your looking for a read where you just no brain and don't think about it much I don't think it would be bad for that. <<less
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Hantosh rated it
October 29, 2022
Status: 2-5
Discount Overlord with the s*upidest weak to OP powerup method I've read to date.

MC runs screaming from an assailant (oddly out of character for someone trained in martial arts from childhood) and conveniently stumbles into a random god-level dungeon in the literal middle of nowhere. Kid then masters an OP sword school by essentially shadow boxing for 1000 years because he's bored, repeat for more sword styles including ones he hasn't seen. Author then starts throwing random number of years for each new skill he learns; a few hundred years... more>> here, a couple millennia there. Without going insane or breaking discipline. The dragon loli appearing and the fox bimbo throwing herself at him was just more icing on the s*upid cake.

For forced plot, when the MC exits the dungeon he gets a forced memory regression to make him give a sh*t about the people he last saw millennia ago and his IQ nosedives, misunderstanding his relative strength so he solves his problems in the most contrived ways possible.

Art's pretty good.

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