Sage Emperor


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Yang Qi was the son of the patriarch of a wealthy family from a small town.

Believing himself to be in love, he stole a pill for his lover, only to have the girl betray him, by taking the pill and leaving him behind.

Caught, his dantian was crippled and left to die under the lightning.

This lightning helped him to recover his lost martial arts and also helped him gain a new, divine-like cultivation technique.

After this second chance, he gains more power as he sought revenge and also to find about his missing mother….

Associated Names
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Sage King
Sheng Wang
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edoc rated it
March 21, 2018
Status: --
I read this years ago and I loved it, the greatest part is that his family isn't forgotten as the MC works hard to increase their cultivation. In fact the way he does it is something I haven't seen in any other novel and works great.

Be advised, I remember the story having a slow and rather cliché start.
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rdawv rated it
March 22, 2016
Status: --
Impressions as of Ch.22.

The first chapter sets up an intriguing premise: a teenage martial cultivator was deceived by a girl, bringing calamity to himself and his family. His cultivation ruined and tied to a tree like a criminal, he was struck by lightning and infusing him with a golden fairy and the essence of unimaginable strength. Vowing revenge against the girl who had betrayed him, the MC found his clan beset by problems internal and external and had to gather his strength to resolve a tightening noose around his immediate... more>> family first.

As for the plot, I have no idea whether it would be a long term goal like “Battle Through The Heavens” or just a stepping stone for the MC to be given super powers for a usual xianxia story. Not too many characters have been developed in the 20 chapters translated thus far, at least there are intriguing hints about an aunt who is just a little older than the MC, and an ambitious mayor/city lord who still bears a grudge against the MC.

The writing is standard, the dialogue is average and the translation is passable but unpolished; hampered by the author’s terms that sound so awkward in English (eg: “Divine Elephant That Suppresses Hell”). There is also a wall of info-dump initially.

What is available thus far is average and from the pace of the story, seems to take a long way to get going. Have to wait for more chapters before recommending it. <<less
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Sought rated it
May 7, 2018
Status: c547
Welp. Another murderous MC.

At the beginning (early chapters) it is said that he should be benevolent to any non malicious person and a devil to the others. Then later, because ONE person tries to kill him, he kills 10 000+ innocent people.

I really liked the beginning, but now everything is about killing every new character...
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ArgosYesu rated it
December 20, 2016
Status: --
There wasn't really anything exceptional about the story. I read up to when his family destroys another family and then got really bored. The use of Elephants as his system of power is... fun? I think. While I could understand its background, I couldn't really get into his training system much. I forgot which chapter this was, so meh.

Also, the tag, Second Chance, was used incorrectly for this novel. Dying and reviving in the same body in the same timeline does not make it a Second Chance novel. Second Chance... more>> is if the MC returns to his old body and is allowed to start his life over from there, AKA, having a Second Chance at his life. <<less
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