Ryuugoroshi no Sugosuhibi


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The sky. That was the first thing that the young man saw. The deep blue sky.

“Without a warning or any reason I, Watase Kousuke, was thrown into another world. I killed a dragon and saved the noble girl Horun who was sent there as a sacrifice”

After killing the dragon, his power greatly increased and he was granted the chance to live in a different world.

Together with Horun, they went to the home of the Witch Alice to ask about this world. After learning about the events leading to Kousuke appearing in this world, they went to the city Berassen in order to test if he will be able to survive.

This is his adventure.

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A Dragon Slayer's Everyday Life
Ryugoroshi no Sugosuhibi
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Bananana rated it
April 5, 2016
Status: --
(At chapter 21)

A story about an ACTUAL NORMAL PERSON falling into another world (literally). The protagonist acts like you would expect from a normal person, he's not some martial arts expert bibliophile who also leans towards psychotic tendencies and can kill without batting an eyelid. No he's a normal student who's from peaceful japan, who doesn't want to kill outright but will adapt to the world slowly while he's learning to control a insane amount of power.

Also little rant for all the low scores popping up because of... more>> an event a few chapters ago.

People are complaining about why Horun (the first girl the MC saves) is NOT together with the MC...i'll be honest here, I myself also did not see this coming and was expecting the whole cliche to turn full circle sooner or later. but Horun pretty much had a younger brother feeling for the guy since chapter 1, and she saved his life as much as he saved hers that day. And than people complain about her asking the MC for help when she's in a bind. he goes and helps (by magically altering his appearance to be a maid) and keeping an eye on her, all he does during this time is chat with her, no real romantic progress happening or flags being raised for as far as I've read.

A while later she asks him to complete a tough challenge to get a herb. well of course she'll ask him, they are friends! and he's one of the few people that could get there in a short time span. why pray tell wouldn't she ask the guy? Also lets say I am being held at gunpoint and a cop saves me, am I supposed to fall head over heels for that cop? nope, i'll be grateful for sure though.

Anyway enough of this rant, i'll let Horun love whomever she wants and just anticipate who the protagonist ends up with (fingers crossed for Viare) :P

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yaanaohtar rated it
April 25, 2016
Status: --
It is a really nice story, a teenager boy suddenly be thrown into another world becomes a dragon slayer. This is the story of his daily life how he is trying to cope with the new environment.

About the low score and other negative comments
... more>>

One look and you will see that they are idiots, seriously. Just because the girl he saved did not fall in love with him, they threw tantrums. Or because the kid did not turn out to be some s*upid Chinese xianxian MC who beats up people left, rights and hooks up with every girl in sight.

Conclusion : Don't read it if you expect a XianXian MC, or a harem novel. <<less
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Maleandar rated it
April 3, 2016
Status: --
I am truly at a loss on this one.

... more>>

MC saves Horun, a girl who had given up, believing her life was over and only death from being the sacrifice of a dragon awaited her. Out of the sky the MC falls and kills the dragon. Horun sees the MC and believes he is 15 years old but later find out he is almost 18 and she is 19. She now sees him as her savior and benefactor to her new life.

Then Horun returns home as news of the dragon is dead is spread. Of course the MC hides the info with Horun and Alice that he killed it. Horun’s Father imprisons her and forces marriage interviews for his gains. The MC rushes to her rescue and disgueses himself as a maid to be near her to protect her. The MC is saved by a noble I call Mr Justice (who is much older btw), imagine a hero singing “here I come to save the day” and you have him. He is very flamboyant and a champion of justice (I really really hate those type). (MC is saved from being r*ped by another noble who thinks he is a cute maid, and MR justice intervenes avoiding the MC disguise from being blown). One thing leads to another and Horun is freed and she once again thanks the MC for being there for her.

MR Justice asks for her help in his country to save an ill Noble, Horun is a specialist in healing. And off she goes with Alice and MR justice to save the Noble. A few chapters later we are suddenly informed Horun has fallen in love with Mr Justice as he saved her from a monster attack and is reliable, none of that was written in the book or shown, we are simply told it............... However get this, Horun needs a special herb that only grows where the gods are. So once again she relies on the MC to "save" her and gather he herbs. He drops EVERYTHING he is doing right then and there to help her. The place is insanely dangerous according to ppl and the MC with flying colors gets them and brings them to Horun, this once again she is in his debts of saves.... but yet she loves Mr Justice who saved her from a monster while traveling to the Nobles house she has to heal. Makes sense right??? Right?


I am hoping this was a plot by the author that is later cleared up. Right now gets a 2/5 and hope it develops better. <<less
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Leostar rated it
March 31, 2016
Status: --
As a writer I believed this story had great potential esp the fact that it too time to build the character and the world he fell in to lol but
... more>>

the way he just threw away the main plot of the boy meets girl by accidentally saving her, is fundamentally deconstructing the story in the end the resin we read this was because we wanted to find out how they got to gather in the end what he would have to do to win her, I mean he dressed up as a girl for her, I'm ranting but the replacement is absolutely useless what the helllll. The point of the main plot died so what the hell am I reading now a teenager who for sum reason doesn't act like one he gor power but because of morals and fear he won't use them I get it give him caution but to make him impatant, what teen lacks ambitiuon and why the hell are you sending the main heroin into a situation where we can see the MC will have to save her again and get nothing out of it why cause some bull about being humble or should I say under valueing your life I mean if you made him a saint it make sense but you didn't so what is the point if he was older it would make sense in any case I hope you learn that you will lose people's interest because of indecision and foresed plot changes I say truthfully it's an unnatural change

Anyways I hope he or she redeems them selves for this offence <<less
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That1guy rated it
April 1, 2016
Status: --
Btw this rant and review contained spoilers.

... more>>

It was nice and all and seeing as how horun the first girl he meets was thankful and even said that if he was more manly or there for her she would have fallen for him but noooo. She falls for some random noble just because he protected and saved her from a few monsters when they were on a journey... I swear the MC disguised himself as a girl just to look after you to make sure you were safe, ugh damn author is just a big f*cking troll don't put the damn girl on cover if she ain't going to be a love interest... And the MC do something amazing by accident like a certain man who draws lolis in! I swear if the MC doesn't have a love interest or isn't interested what's the point? Hell if he loves the witch Alice then I'm all for it but at least you could have made a noble who became good friends with MC to say that he loves horun makes it better instead of some random noble... God I have given up on this dropping now, man do I feel better after venting about this f*cking story.

Oh wait but there's more! Gods don't know what to do with MC destroy him or let him be... And MC has no f*cking interest or sense of doing anything. It's like he just exist to be a tool! In all the troll of horun as main girl f*cked over the story and ruined any anticipation of him showing his power to save the ones he loves... I saw the illustrations for the later volumes and thought hell does he get together with Alice but I don't see his interest with her... I should stop now, my rating for this story is 1/5

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mukkaar rated it
April 2, 2016
Status: --
Man, this MC just makes this novel bad. He is disgustingly “good”, it feels like he lives to not cause slightest trouble to anything. -.- When there’s monologue about mc’s toughs its like he’s saint No. 1. I don’t hate peaceful novels or anything but this is just annoying.

MC could just go kill one monster with his finger and get weeks income but he just pulls weeds. He doesn't have really any motivation to do anything slightly interesting and he's just a tool for others. Could have been good, but... more>> this so "causal" that story is just plain boring.

I quit at cp. 14 when MC was afraid to cause “disturbance” because of some freaking small matter. <<less
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Bakaleaf rated it
March 30, 2016
Status: --
One of the Biggest disappointing novel I ever read (well at least I already read much worse, It helps when you read a lot)

Contrary to what anyone would expect I suggest not to expect much on this novel. At first I was interested since there was some Dragon slaying (everyone loves Dragons!) yet it was the biggest joke of all time (can't spoil it). MC was OP yes but like so ret*rd MC who's only wish world peace, we can't help it the author has made it that way.... more>> One thing I hated was the randomness, I rather read fillers that a plot which suddenly twist then connect to the main plot.


One major Disappointment was the MC and the girl he save Horun. In normal plot they should be together but yeah author love to troll MC and Horun well never be a pair. The girl just married to some random guy who randomly appear and ask for her help. Seriously at this point I feel like dropping the whole novel.

Another thing is the God's. They can't decide if MC should be guided or destroyed? seriously you gods brought someone by mistake at least take responsibility to the very end. What annoy me the most is how the MC easily believe others and has no sense of achievements. Its ok to be an adventure doing ODD jobs but at least try killing some random bosses like a certain MC together with his gorilla wife! And MC is scared of the nobles plotting against him? Seriously those noble was scared very much to the dragon he just accidentally killed!

Also one of the thing is the author love to destroy or cut plots. To hell with the introduction and the plot of the very start. Nothing that matters. It went fly away to another world lol.

"The sky. That was the first thing that the young man saw. The deep blue sky."

"Without a warning or any reason I, Watase Kousuke, was thrown into another world. I killed a dragon and saved the noble girl Horun who was sent there as a sacrifice" (seriously this girl should just die so useless waste of words to speak about this girl who just went somewhere and marry some random nobles).

After killing the dragon, his power greatly increased and he was granted the chance to live in a different world. (Another this he was not Granted a chance he was FORCE to live in a different world).

Together with Horun, they went to the home of the Witch Alice to ask about this world. After learning about the events leading to Kouske appearing in this world, they went to the city Berassen in order to test if he will be able to survive. (yup I hated that B*tch horun already lol and alice is like an old baba 80 yrs old witch, They forgot after a few chapter they left MC alone lol poor MC the girl he save just got NTR with another random noble guy)

This is his adventure." (The last thing you wanna read in this novel is the MC start a REAL adventure!)


"lol just read the TL message today (chapter 21) sorry for some misunderstanding as English is not my major language so I wanna rephrase it with out changing the original message, This was like A big impact when I read that chapter and I just feel like complaining sorry if you thought I was firing at TL when I was just randomly complaining in the air, I mean author is god"

I understand why the first TL drop this (I really didn't mean the original TL about this I was like If I where the TL I well drop it kind of feeling).

I am also amaze of the current TL no idea where the story well take (What I mean is the author mischap about the sudden twist the TL is amazing on how the bomb was drop) but base on my experience reading a lot of this kind of thing (over all I was liking typing so fast that what I think was less of what I manage to write sort of thing, I was also honor to be special mention hopefully this well clear some misunderstanding, That is just how big of an Impact to what happen to Horun).

I can say it won't be good (I still decide to continue reading as long as TL is alive and kicking!) but as long as one does not expect to much then think of it as a random story you can read before your sleep.

Just passing by

It amaze to see 5 star rating lol I feel like they have a different outlook of the story, even after a year the frustation of that girl still remains in me. (one of the female characters in the novel so hard to forget)

Another one mention that if a cop save me should I love that cop?

Well duh the novel is like that B*tch was save by a random noble and fall in love discarding all the effort the MC gave to her...

I think being save by the MC or being save by a random noble majority of the readers will chose the MC...

In the first place a Girl in the book cover highlighted in an amazing manner in the very start of the novel and got discarded not even recycled is what most reader feel bad about.

It's not about the B*tch falling in love with a random noble who appears out of nowhere and may not be even part of the plot. But how the B*tch got discard pared by a random noble and change the over all story in a way that you start asking to your self why I read this again? For the most part I can say majority of the reader start reading this because of the introduction and the potential of the characters which the AUTHOR clearly did not see. Some said about Alice and MC pairing, to bad for you guys if that B*tch see the MC as a brother figure then Alice see him as his grandson lol (she is very old you know if not she would had been sacrificed to the dragon).

The novel keep in shifting phase introducing and discarding characters keep on changing plot and so on and it all started since that B*tch married some random noble.

Do I still need to continue explaining WHY WE HATE THAT B*tch character? yeah it all started to her without her in the story I think this novel is very amazing! <<less
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Vanidor rated it
April 5, 2016
Status: --
I kind of like it, so 4/5. There's spots I think it drags though. It's nice to see a novel that isn't a Disney movie without using a huge pervert or serial killer instead.
... more>>

Seriously, the low ratings about the MC not hooking up with Horun is what is wrong with too many Disney movies out there. Lots of women get saved by firefighters, cops, paramedics, strangers, etc., and somehow don't fall in love with them. It's only the fact that people are indoctrinated by movies, and stories, as a kid that they think it happens.

Being saved/saving someone doesn't mean you are attractive to the opposite sex. Doesn't mean you have shared interests. Or that you suddenly don't look like a little boy or creepy old dude.

You obviously don't have to like the novel but tr*shing it for not being a formulaic Disney story is sad.

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ishira rated it
April 5, 2016
Status: --
Wow, a lot bad reviews, but for you first timer, don’t get discouraged by them. Try it first.

As far as reviews go, one biggest disappointment is that :

... more>>

Looks like heroine is not Horun, the first female character

Well yeah, some people disappointed at that point, but there is 1 more female character that close to MC.


*insert Alice name here!!!.


Other is probably about Peace-Loving MC who can’t kill person, well yeah, this one pretty stereotype, can’t comment much.

My rating on this is pretty good overall, not boring, and story is not so predictable (like what happened in first spoiler above) <<less
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December 27, 2018
Status: --
Hey people let me say why I am angry and what didn't make sense to me

... more>>

MC saves the girl Horun from dragon and disguised himself as a girl just to look after the girl to make sure girl was safe and girl falls for random noble who saved her from monsters and thats the reason you know I am okey if she falls in love for some other reason but wtf MC saved u from freaking dragon and did many other things to save you out of trouble and u fall for random noble cuz he saved u from monsters it just didn't make sense JUST SAY THAT HE IS MY TYPE DON'T SAY CUZ HE SAVED ME FROM MONSTERS I mean MC did the same thing in another level


MC dousn't have ambitions or rather personality we expect from his age kinda ruins it for me <<less
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chucke rated it
August 1, 2016
Status: c23
It's a good novel. First of all - MC. He might be a wimp, but it was really refreshing to find a NORMAL reincarnated person, without god complex, who just want to live and his existence does not affect the flow of the world.

He might be strong. He might surprise people. But there is not feeling that he is overhelming everybody around. Which is refreshing. I enjoyed it.

P.S. I give it 4 because just like a lot of reviewers I got a huge butthurt due to Horun's choice of another... more>> male. I mean c'mon - she is gravely obliged to him, she owes her life. Yet she friendzoned him and made a delivery boy. I am still burning loool <<less
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Bloodraven2k15 rated it
April 2, 2016
Status: --
It’s a pretty great novel for light reading some comedy and interesting plot developments . The low ratings are from people who didn’t like the authors troll which I thought was funny and something different, so it’s the salt speaking. As long as you don’t have huge expectations you should enjoy it.
The MC is actually realistic. He is op as hell absorbing the dragon's power but due to his upbringing (growing up in a peaceful society). He has a problem with killing things. On the romance side while he... more>> is good terms with a couple of girls, he doesn't have a dozen girls all in love with him. <<less
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Nvelist rated it
October 1, 2017
Status: c28
This is actually a good story with the complex setting of his cheat not from the gods or goddesses but from his innate complex evolution hailing from Earth. After he's transported in that world even the Gods become wary of his growth not because of his Dragon-Slayer title but his unique evolution in which it was mentioned that the humans of Kousuke came from Earth and the humans in the fantasy world where Kousuke drifted have a huge magnitude gap. In a sense due to Earth's human evolution it has... more>> a complex existence that able to rapidly make Kousuke invincible upon being thrown in that world he is instantly killed the Black Dragon upon his crash impact as his body quickly evolved of being sturdy and strong against the dragon in a mere seconds. The Gods having boredom for many centuries have finally awaken from their boringness and found entertainment to Kousuke especially Mitalamu a goddess that taken interest to him and act like with motherly feelings.

I know there's some plot holes and missing conduct but still very interesting. In a way this is the most logical and reasonable protagonist I've ever seen with normal human reaction instead going overload to craziness like other novels where the protagonist make a 180 degree shift towards their action and mental state instantly. The protagonist is just starting to know the basic common sense of the world and learning even more from outside combat to handling all kinds of works and labor. He isn't as well as some kind of dense and into harem but more like into safe and carefree lifestyle. The most upsetting and disappointing part of the story is the thought Heroine in the first cover that turn out taken away by some chuuni noble dude. She has really a timid heart and naive affection that her feelings sprouted when she was traveling along with the chuuni noble got attack from mediocre monster being saved from a mediocre chuuni noble. Even Alice the old beautiful Witch doesn't understand her feelings and knows the huge gap her life being saved from a mediocre monster to a legendary dragon. But oh well I already hated her and keen more of pushing Alice into the protagonist as she is the most helpful and candidate for him. In further volumes where illustrations show she's the most closest type to Kousuke than Viare the girl with distortion power. Even though there's a big gap in their age considering she's 70-80 years old and due to her lineage of ancient clan remained youthful and beautiful its not a problem if we were Kousuke talking about as he's the Dragon-Slayer and his ever growing growth to ascending into the divine realm in which the Gods sees that a possibility. She's the true main Heroine, an old powerful beautiful witch with connection to higher people standings and the most careful and wary to Kousuke unlike the others. Preferentially she has the highest chance to be with him not in a teacher-student type but the opposite sex. <<less
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Yuu Kazuto
Yuu Kazuto rated it
April 20, 2017
Status: c27
I don't understand the low ratings that people are giving just because the girl he saved didn't become heroine yes I understand under our normal cliché settings that should have happened but it didn't, why ? Because it was realistic the setting and their meeting everything was realistic and there is no way romance have formed in those kind of situations, ignore those reviews if you are looking for something light-hearted slice of life comedy then this great catch for you. The translation is well done and writing is good... more>> and character interactions is pleasant over all it's a very good novel, except the horun thing everything almost perfect. I hope you enjoy the novel just like me.

PS: The translation is currently on hold. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Ujer rated it
March 30, 2016
Status: --
Just read it until Chapter 18. At first, while the theme is the same as a lot of light web novel out there, but the character are more better in making decision and also more fleshed out. While the story can be a little bit ‘jumpy’ with its sudden event, it is good enough.

... more>>

What make me felt this is different from other light novel is that its main heroine, Horun doesn’t fell in love with the MC even though this guy has save her from being sacrifice to dragon. Heck, the guy even disguise as maid just for her safety but nope, this guy is not reliable so she just fall in love with other guy who save her from monster attack and emit confidence aura. I feel sory for the MC.


The story also started to show potential conflict and plot mover in chapter 18. Now I am intrigued to follow this story. <<less
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ocureader rated it
March 17, 2016
Status: --
The story has good potential. I like how the story progress slow and don’t rush things, no rushed romance etc. But sometimes there is some s*upid reasonings that make me angry

... more>>

The MC has to hide his power (dragonslayer title) because if his identity is exposed, some nobles may arrest him and use him. Why the hell would they risk to offend a guy that killed a dragon, he could destroy them, wouldn’t it make more sense if they tried really hard to be his friend and that would be really annoying

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TokenZero rated it
December 21, 2015
Status: --
As far as transported to another world novels go I like this one since the protagonist is more real emotions wise. He doesn’t all of a sudden decide he needs a harem nor did he immediately decide to go to sign up to be an adventurer before learning about the world. Of course he still gets a powerful cheat however he doesn’t really want to use it since he is afraid he might misuse it and cause damage to others. Character development is also pretty good so there aren’t any... more>> (so far) static characters that are just there to compliment the MC. <<less
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Fuxy rated it
November 26, 2017
Status: c30
It was refreshingly realistic in the beginning and it still keeps part of its charm however the story is lacking some originality and interesting twists.

There as also some unnecessary filler chapters which won't affect anything even if you skip them.

Over all a score of 3.5 - 4 however I feel that is not as bad as most stories with such a score on this site și it's a hard decision.
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