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After Mintato Rica’s transfer into the class, everything changed. But even though she was made into an object of persecution, the girl didn’t lose herself and became acquainted with Idzono. Having learned his secret, the mysterious individual compelled her classmate into living together and made an astonishing proposal: to get revenge on the two instigators. At first, Idzono was reluctant, but then slowly starts to agree with Minato’s methods. After befriending Haru, another victim of bullying, they start to raise a mutiny.

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Xx_Nekuma_xX rated it
January 3, 2018
Status: c4.4
The story is very interesting. The MC is a male who seems cold but easily angered if someone pushed his button from my opinion. At first, it seems uneventful but then everything started.

The story is quite dark and the MC seems to be sad***ic along with the girl. They both decided to work together in order to make their classmates suffered and it seems that another bullied victim helped them.

This story is very interesting. I like the plot along with some of the characters although there's also some that are... more>> hateful. I think that it's considered as dark and maybe it contains psychological horror.

From my opinion, it seems that where the MC headed is unknown. I have a feeling that it won't be a happy one. This novel fits tragedy the most. I can't wait to finish reading all of the chaps. <<less
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