Royal Mob Takes It All


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Suddenly died while working part-time in the present world. When I woke up I was standing there with a spear.

What? Isn’t this the world of the f**king game I was playing yesterday?

I’ve apparently been reincarnated as a royal castle guard named Gustav. Moreover, I’m a guard who is destined to die in the event that the princess is kidnapped by the Demon Lord’s army the very next day.

I can’t die just after being reborn! That’s why I decided to stay up all night to level up. I thought it would be enough if I could get strong enough not to die, but I feel like I’m getting too close to beautiful girls who are supposed to be members of the hero’s harem, you know?

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New DEMONICA rated it
August 5, 2022
Status: --
Why is this ranked 18 seriously?.I feel the title with the content is very contradictory all done just like that in 1 chapter I mean

Just how serious is he reincarnating and instantly grinding the w*tf💀💀 lvl so eazy only to fight the opening of the story the princess was kidnapped by the demon lord's army

He easily looked for a blacksmith and asked for the strongest weapon... Oh come on, did you ask a kid who doesn't know how to use a spear carrying a legendary weapon could defeat all of... more>> them?

I don't think that's a problem because it's in game settings right?

But seriously you're griding in the wild in a very short time and can reverse the storyline just by relying on potions, seriously I don't know what happened

Not a book that I think is suitable for me so I give 3/5 but maybe a book for those of you who have the brain juice to read this. <<less
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New Cactiii rated it
July 31, 2022
Status: c6
Holy sh*t this series has to be botted, somehow this sh*t is on monthly rank #17 (Not activity ranking) and somehow has a 4 star rating... I honestly think a kid doing creative writing in 8th grade could write a better story than this.

I'll put my complaints in a spoiler although I honestly think your better off being spoiled and deciding not to read this shit

... more>>

So lets start with how the main character died... the author obviously wanted to make a unique death but the death is so illogical... The main character died while carrying a heavy object up flights of stairs when he slipped and it crushed his head, the issue with this is that first of all moving companies use Dolly's to lift heavy objects for the safety of their workers and even if they didn't use one there would still at least be another person helping him carry an object heavy enough to smash a human head. But lets give benefit of the doubt and say he worked at a shitty company, sure the main character died this way. Now onto the actual shithole that somehow got called a story. The main character is reincarnated as a royal guard, A f*ckING ROYAL CASTLE GUARD... Wanna know the issue with this, he is level 5... The literal guards of a king are level 5, but okay... the author claims that we are in a time of peace so of course the guards are weak. Ignoring the issues of humans being humans and us loving war lets say this works, the main character is able to leave town, and within probably an hour walk he can easily reach territory with slimes and wolves where a single slime could nearly kill him... Author, what happened to it being a time of peace... Seems like there are pretty dangerous creatures right next to town. Theres also the issue of how thick the f*cking plot armor is where the main character goes into a blacksmiths shop and asks for their best weapon, then because he isn't worthy the shop master gives him an item that boosts AGI, and said boost seems to do basically nothing... It was a completely unnecessary detail. Then the main character mentions how he can get 3 free potions at the pharmacy and then it just time skips to when he has the potions... How the f*ck did he just get 3 potions? But sure, lets just go along with this bullshit... Once he is in the forest he runs into a single slime and struggles to beat it, after killing a SINGLE slime he levels up to 6 but he needs to use a potion, remember he only has 3. Then two slimes and a wolf appears, something he should die to since he could barely fight a single slime before but because the author is sh*t at writing we had a time skip so they don't actually have to write it... Said time skip brings us to the morning where he is now f*cking LEVEL 19.... There are so many issues with this that I don't know where to start, first of all he was in a forest with level 5-8 slimes and wolves so while he should be able to get to 10 or so once your more powerful than them it should be pretty f*cking hard to scale but sure, lets say theres enough that he could kill them all... Then we have the f*cking issue that a royal guard is level 5, yet in the span of a single night if your trying (With subpar equipment and only 3 potions) you can get 14 levels... Not to mention the sh*t of his skills... Your f*cking telling me that someone with the lowest possible level in spear skills can get them to near the max in a single night, thats not how martial arts work... Even giving it fantasy logic it shouldn't scale at this f*cking rate. Anyway... Skipping through the grinding arc he comes back sleep deprived in the morning and then we get a time skip to the event that the demons raid... When the demons raid they are somehow only in the 15-18 level range despite the fact that this level is obtainable in the span of a few hours, and they were suppose to be preparing for war but I regress... Said demons or more specifically gargoyle's were somehow able to reach the castle unannounced despite everything and were able to break in... We are also not given any number of how many their are. Now said MC uses his brand new super advanced spear skills to kill some demons before planning on pretending to faint so that he won't be blamed for not fighting but not die during the attack but then he decides to protect the prince on impulse by throwing his spear and then picking up a fallen guards... Now once he is in the fray we skip a lot of steps and he is somehow already nearly dying since the demons are in a formation where if he kills one they get a hit in on him so he throws his spear again and just picks up another one from a fallen guard since y'know there are a lot of conveniently placed spears and according to the book is nearly dying yet after killing like 5 demons (Who are a f*cking LOWER level than him) he manages to level up 2 times and evolves his apprentice spearmanship to master spearmanship because thats how progression works, you go from newb to master without any middle ground plus all of his skills level up... Like he gets some bullsh*t trident skill that splits a spear into there points and I'm not even going to go over how that doesn't make sense since you can explain it all away with "fantasy" but at this point I have given up on the story and came to write this long rant of a review... And I just want to point out I read f*cking 6 chapters of this sh*t and I already have this much to complain about, and this is with me dropping most of the minor stuff. The book just has so many f*cking issues it seriously feels like a student writing whatever without any effort... I really have no clue how sh*t like this story keeps getting up into the top monthly rankings when its such a f*cking dumpster fire that you couldn't pay me to continue reading it.

Overall the fight scenes are horribly done where it feels like the author put zero effort into imagining a scene... there's no indication of how many enemies, the state of the MC other than "injured", ect. The world building can be called sh*t on its best days, the level system in particular is so badly designed that its obvious the author is putting in zero effort. The characters themselves can't even qualify to be called flat since they lack so much that its impossible to even pretend it has a personality...


I seriously believe that this story had to be botted to get this level of popularity... it apparently has 48/79 votes being 5 stars (currently) yet has 8 reviews with only 1 being 5 star review making it feel very improbably that 61% of people found this story to be a five star... The worst part about it is that 5 star review even points out the issue with the story, they say its a simple as a rock story and add "Trying to describe it in even slightly more detail would just look like listing demerits" showing that this person who thought of the story as 5 stars believes that giving anything other than details like "fun little read. s*upid little harem" would sound like listing a demerit to the story... I honestly think this story takes the cake for the shittiest book i've found on this site... With most shitty stories I can tell that despite how abysmal the authors writing skill is they are at least trying to create a plot and characters but with this story I can't give you even a single personality trait for the main character other than s*upid. Even single review three stars and up are under 100 characters because the people who claim the series is good can't come up with anything decent to say about it.
SonicWizard claims "If masterpieces like Lord of the Rings and Dune were Michelin starred restaurants, then this particular series would be discount potato chips." but even that is too generous, this story would be closer to sewage water.

I just want to point out that this story is so bad that after reading 6 chapters I have written a 1450 word review (counting from above this line) just explaining everything wrong with it... I'm kind of tempted to read more of this sh*t just so that just with the currently 44 chapters released this review can surpass the length of the average short stories (5, 000-10, 000 words) <<less
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Faizzki rated it
June 28, 2022
Status: c12
The chapter is a bit short, there's not much happening in one chapter. There some gaping plot hole here and there but it's overall a fun read, I'd say 3.5/5
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Bill76 rated it
June 27, 2022
Status: c11
Love these hero rises from the mob stories. Royal Mob is a decent example. Our mob hero is embracing his new life and is not too OP. The true "hero" is a total jerk. This one is promising.
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Arthas rated it
June 28, 2022
Status: 9c
That was really tr*shy! MC is really s*upid and this plot armor.... Ugh...

That was really disgusting. And everything is so exagerated.... King is such a weakling and even if story in third-rate game. It doesnt means that author must write so shitty and make everything so s*upid. I will write spoiler about first 9 chapters.

... more>>

Heya! This is Arthas spoilers. Anyway... MC dies patheticaly and reincarnatea as Gustav. The most pathetic royal guard I ever seen. He doesnt even deserve that title, cause he weak as hell. But anyway... Weak MC instantly start talking future bullsh*t (like somebody would believe him...) and start thinking how to power up. He with mistical power, level ups from 5 to 19 lvl (beating sh*t out of slimes and wolves for 8 hours...). And there starts main shit. In banquiet when he almost die, he sudenly got a lot of op skills and etc. That looked really shitty, but thats not the end. Princess instantly falls in love with protag, and the they head to kings room or smth simillar. Here we will meet arrogant and really s*upid hero, with really pathetic king and his minister. Thats is the end of 9 chapters


Anyway, this novel deserve only 1 star. Start of this shit, is simillar to the game described in this work <<less
16 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Rasselon rated it
July 16, 2022
Status: c29
Fun little read.

s*upid little harem.

Chill little adventure.

Cute waifus + dence protag, gold standard, all that.

Me likey. And I like it a lot actually - although simple as a rock, this story is pleasant to read. Trying to describe it in even slightly more detailed way would just look like listing demerits, so I won't. You should try it if you don't mind the "light" part in the "light novel".
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
SonicWizard rated it
July 17, 2022
Status: c30
Its a series of tropes and cliches in the shape of a narrative, but it's still somewhat entertaining and therefore alright to pass time if you have nothing else to do.

If masterpieces like Lord of the Rings and Dune were Michelin starred restaurants, then this particular series would be discount potato chips.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ErikHarrison rated it
July 17, 2022
Status: c61
It could compete for most generic fantasy light novel. Quick fights, over polite characters and no plot. Everything is predictable and the story moves too fast for any depth.

That said you can finish the first arc in under an hour. So I found it decent for a quite and uneventful read.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
BigimeReadz rated it
July 13, 2022
Status: --
It's quite literally the definition of normal. The only special thing about this story is how refreshing they deal with the heroines. Refreshing in a bad way, that is.

The plot is your fairly average isekai/transmigrated storyline with a protagonist who gains power way too fast and shits on everyone around him. There's nothing unique about the abilities used either.

The characters are nonexistent but I guess that's better than having terribly written ones. The only thing known about the MC is that he's impulsive and empathetic. Basically a good guy. The... more>> heroines aren't even given enough time to establish basic characteristics. They say about 2-3 lines before the MC swoons them and they become braindead for him. The hero is scummier than your average hero but still nothing special. The only character that actually draws attention is the mysterious mage, whose name I forgot. She was an enigma and seemed interesting until she started that duel between the MC and hero. I was curious about what her plan was but all she did was

interfere in the duel. So surprising. Haven't seen that happen before


The story isn't trying to be something it's not. It's a simple read that isn't going to make your eyes bleed but isn't going to make your heart go doki doki. You could say its like a Saturday morning cartoon <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
TeddyWestside rated it
July 15, 2022
Status: c20
The start was promising but then it resulted to MC getting strong too fast.


MC grinds for 1 day and becomes stronger than more than 20 enemies and then beats what is considered one of the strongest bosses of the demon army and beats it 3 chapters after its introduction.


The characters were boring and generic. I really hate how they JP novels use the suspension bridge effect as the reason why FMC fall in love with MC. Just goes to show how bland the characters are.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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