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Unable to control his mouth, Lin Jian Yin scared away eight previous girlfriends and six previous managers thanks to his poisonous words. Finally unable to stand it, he goes to a strange antique shop recommended by his friend. The shop supposedly has something that can help him.

Even though a Nintendo that plays cartridges is a bit outdated, and probably no one plays it anymore, isn’t it too exaggerated to place it in an antique shop to sell?

After returning home with a Nintendo, Lin Jian Yin inserts the cartridge that the owner sold to him at a huge discount. Only then does he discover that this is actually a simulation game. The female protagonist isn’t a cute loli, nor is she a mature woman. Rather, with her old lady hair and blue-white slippers, she is such a frightening woman that calling her a Taiwanese babe would seriously be insulting Taiwanese babes.

Gods! His mission is actually to help this woman marry a perfect prince! How is that possible!!!

Wait, as the main guy protagonist, Lin Jian Yin actually isn’t the prince. Then, then, who exactly is he… No, “what” exactly is he?

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Blisfulloblivion rated it
June 13, 2016
Status: --
This story is very fluffy and firmly in the shojo category. There are some cheesy anime-esq reactions but they're mild. While the progress is fast things are still developed enough that they make sense. This type of pacing is pretty common for the genre. Main character is a bit silly but entertaining. I find his rants amusing. I'm really 'meh' about the female lead. There isn't anything wrong with her, she's just generic. The story plot itself is also pretty generic. Hot guy with a bad personality ends up transforming... more>> a nerdy, shy girl into a beauty. Nothing new but done moderately well. If you like this stuff give the story shot.

3.5/5 stars <<less
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keima rated it
June 2, 2017
Status: short story 3
Its a good love story but I think there's not much depth in the story (?_? just my opinion) though in real life there was not much interaction between the two leads their love blossomed inside the game. The foul mouth of Male MC is really funny the female lead's character is not really emphasized, I think, just your most girls who was dumped turned into an auntie and blah blah blah the other characters were also not given a chance to shine xD well I was expecting... more>> to hear the story of the Male Lead's bestfriend but well... anyway its still good. <<less
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Poor_Hero rated it
March 25, 2016
Status: --
the male lead couldn't control his mouth and scared/hurt people around him. his thought can be pretty blunt/twisted as well. he's pretty good-looking and he was aware of it, sometimes this fact caused him a lot of troubles, as he was a celebrity. and the female lead that he met was shy but pretty competent in her job. too bad, the male lead always ruined the moment with her. after the meeting in a certain antique shop, he began to change... and the female lead as well... the mystery in... more>> novel is written pretty well and the male lead is quite unique. the comedy is sometimes funny, and how the male lead kept ranting in his monolog... looking forward to see the ending... <<less
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alexfilia rated it
August 10, 2017
Status: short story 3
hehe the novel was an ok read.... the leads were both funny while trying to find love by playing in a magical game.... add talking swords, Mr perfect and a dense girl to the mix and you get a good pass time <3
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
DeanRae rated it
April 19, 2016
Status: --
Pretty entertaining, I love the male lead's rants and the romance hahahha x'D
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