Riviere and The Nation of Prayer


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In order to save the broken country, Riviere does not pray.

“This is definitely some kind of sketchy job, right!?”

Lying on the street almost dead from starvation, McMillia is saved by Riviere, a woman of many mysteries, and ends up working under her.

“I haven’t dispelled any curses lately so you could say I’m a little backed up. My right hand is throbbing. Hey, let me dispel your curse.”

She was an [ Unprayer ], the owner of a store that dispelled troublesome prayers that could even be called curses.

The Witch of Ashes who laid waste to a gambling den. A mysterious gentleman thief. A masked girl. A succubus playing favorites. Searching for the illegitimate child of a former princess. As an assistant to the Unprayer, McMillia’s busy days are about to begin!?

“In a country that is slowly coming apart at the seams, Riviere, The Unprayer is operating as usual today as well!”

This is the municipal territory of Krauslein. The country is on the path to ruin because of a mysterious cathedral that grants wishes, and this is a tale of the girls who are having fun while continuing to vaguely support that country.

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Riviere to Inori no Kuni
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Majo no Tabitabi (Shared Universe)
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