Riku and Chise: The Paperboy and The Princess


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Yet another tale of a girl who is “unable to cry” and a boy who is “unable to laugh”.

Chise was shocked to hear about the divorce of her parents.

With her bright smile, she had barely managed to keep together her family that was on the verge of collapse.

And yet, it would’ve been better if she had just honestly cried and told them she wanted the three of them to be together…

Riku worked part-time as a newspaper delivery boy.

His mother was always away, absent, thus it was essential that he worked to pay his living expenses.

All he wished for was to keep drawing, however that wish of his didn’t come true either.

And although he never really hated or detested any of that, he couldn’t remember when or if he had smiled before…

Now, their paths cross in this tale of one heartrending and fragile summer.

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Riku to Chise: Sekai wo Kubaru Shounen to Bessou no Shoujo
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Adman rated it
July 18, 2021
Status: Completed
This story properly visualised what we call 'first love'. Not some frivolous plot, not major character developments, not some unrealistic and sudden turn of events. Two person meets each other, have slight interactions. They never fell in love before. So they stuggle to recognize and return this feelings that have grown inside them. This is a pure story of something we all faced upon reaching adolescence.

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I really liked the fact that the author didn't force them to be together at the end. They left each other due to their differences, might not meet each other again in the future. Just like most of us, their first love will also not come true.

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Tang Ning777
Tang Ning777 rated it
July 20, 2023
Status: --
I don't know... the writing style really didn't do it for me. If it was an anime then I think I would've enjoyed it much more visually.

The tag should've been tragedy. Even if it isn't, the theme is certainly bittersweet where the bitter part overboard the sweetness.

Despite it being a short story, it was slow burn as hell.

I believe it wasn't just for me. But maybe, others will like it.

The illustrations were great, though.
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