Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last


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The long lost daughter of the Lu Family had been found!

She was abducted by human traffickers for more than ten years, her life was ruined.

When the Lu Family first saw her they felt that something was not right about their daughter. They didn’t dare to ask why her assets were not developed. They only hoped for her to be happy

Lu Wan lived like a weed. She became a 17-year-old punk. She was even registered as a “male” in the family registry.

Then one day, suddenly, she turned from being a drifter on the street into a daughter of a wealthy family.

Lu Wan felt very good, she just wanted to be an ordinary girl.

To study hard, spend her years peacefully and not engage in any quarreling or fighting.

After some time, the seemingly guilt-ridden family members and those bystanders who were waiting on the side to ridicule her when she made a joke of herself, all felt that there was something very wrong about the situation.

The family found me disguised as a man for 17 years and thought that I was pitiful, but they were very wrong.

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magstralala rated it
September 29, 2020
Status: Completed
This novel should be renamed either "Rich parents and handsome sister bully the hot shot brother" or "Daily life of two bickering siblings". Because that's basically what the whole story is about and it is hilarious.

the Lu family and associates are very very entertaining. Between Lu Wan and Lu Buyu constant bickering or the uncle's subordinates growing their hair to look less scary, there isn't a boring moment. Add to this cast the school goddess and the gangster fighting for the MC's affection, the not so subtle Male God that... more>> keeps getting friend-zoned, the gay BFF that just likes to ruffle everybody's feathers and Lu Buyu's fans who like his sister better and you got one funny, cute and fluffy little story.

100% recommend <<less
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Meatshield rated it
September 30, 2020
Status: Completed
This was refreshing AF!

Just when I thought the trope of “secretly rich heiress gets reunited with her parents” was getting played out the author gives me the most badass FL ever! Lu Wan is tough, candid, and just so damn cool! Because of how difficult her childhood was she had to learn how to be independent and how to fight to stay alive and that doesn’t change when her true identity is restored. In fact, besides the fact that she’ll sometimes want to appear more feminine, she doesn’t actually care... more>> how people perceive her. Thus, whenever anyone tries to give her a hard time, she goes straight to giving them /the/ verbal/physical beat down of their lives lol. That being said, she isn’t unnecessarily mean or cruel like she doesn’t go out of her way to scheme against anyone. She just does what she wants and honestly I wish I could live my life like her.

As a result of how awesome she is, the few conflicts that arise in the story get revolved pretty quickly. This is really nice because we can focus on the shenanigans of the FL and her family and friends whom are all hilarious. The FL’s relationship with her brother are like Tom and Jerry and tbh he probably gets more screen time than the ML but you’ll love him I swear.

My favourite snippets include:

  • When the FL left her long haired wig out on the balcony and it flew over to the ML’s yard and she had to go retrieve it.
  • When the FL surprised the antagonists by throwing sacks over their head and beating them up because they kept bothering her and they couldn’t report her because they had no evidence that it was her who beat them.
  • When the FL’s fake white lotus classmate who’s a scholarship student accused her of bullying her and she straight up threw her against the bulletin board and said something along the lines of, “This is what it would look like if I was actually bullying you. Also, why would I have to waste time doing that when I could kick you out of school whenever I want with my identity?”

There are so many great moments in this novel and I highly recommend it to all! <<less
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November 10, 2020
Status: c37
MC is a cool girl, although very tomboy-ish. Was raised as a boy all her life, and when she finds her biological family, she wants to learn how to be a girl again. Mainly, dress like a girl. She still willing to fight and do non-traditional girly things, like woodworking and fixing shit.

She’s so cool and popular that both guys and girls fall for her. Last I read, her childhood friend and the campus goddess are fighting over her. End game is that Chen guy though, the school grass.

Cute family... more>> relationships, although it honestly was pretty unrealistic that she just came back after more then a decade of being missing, and there was no awkwardness or talking or feelings? It’s like she never left? Seemed kind of fake to me.

The og plot of the novel doesn’t really have much on an impact on the real plot. The og!FL and og!ML are irrelevant, and MC deals with issues cleanly and quickly. <<less
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wonyoung rated it
May 30, 2021
Status: Completed

    • Author doesn't seem dumb. Many authors that write about maths and contests and stuff just b*llsh*t their way through. But, well, idk how accurate whatever the author said was bc I MTLed and no way I'm gonna read all that and try to figure out what they are talking about, but the author succeeded in making the main characters seem smart rather than the typical simple probability problems that authors seem to pull from their high school textbooks without knowing what is going on or their typical "the answer was 2" or randomly writing smart sounding facts/words. They mentioned Thomas' calculus, the maths they talked about seemed credible, MC mentioned something similar to what Kahneman mentions on Thinking, Fast and Slow, etc. So I'm just trying to say that out of many chinese top student novels I've read, this one seemed the most credible. Others just exaggerate everything.
    • Although I wouldn't consider this a comedic masterpiece, it had quite some funny parts. Although some jokes were a bit boring, certain scenes were really funny.
    • It's a fairly relaxing read, the family is mostly there for comedic purposes, actually many of the characters are there for comedic purposes, maybe everyone except the ML that is there for a romantic purpose. It's a smooth sailing novel. There are no problems that drag through the novel, any little conflict gets solved easily.
    • There's no disgusting disproportionate endings for villains (unless they got a bad ending in the extras I didn't read), they are mostly irrelevant. This is not really a dog blood face slapping novel with petty revenge, the MC isn't a pushover ofc, but she's not vicious like other MCs. And tbh the oriFL and oriML aren't that relevant, they aren't "evil", just annoying, but they are the kind of people one would rather ignore, a ML that seems to have been fed ecstasy soup and a FL that seems to have gone to HS to hook up with some rich guy. OriFL is the typical white lotus that "gets along with men better than women", her behavior although annoying was more funny to me than infuriating, this is pretty light hearted so there's no deep scheming that makes you want to strangle the characters.

      I liked how Zhao Yan or whatever just gave up on scheming against the MC and ended up having a decent relationship with her.

    • Harry is such a high end green tea.
    • Although the ML is a "male god", the MC is too OP. If you are tired of MCs hooking up with guys more powerful than them then this one isn't bad. Although he is rich he isn't like a wealthy young master that is going to inherit some company. Good to see a ML that doesn't need to use his family background to court the FL or to help the FL, not that she needs any help. I'm tired of the same old formula of powerful MC but even more powerful ML.

    • There were a few plot holes and inconsistencies. (Especially with her "Lu group" background)
    • Her novel self didn't seem to be the same person as MC, if she were transmigrated or something it'd make sense, but her ending in the orig novel didn't seem consistent with her current behavior, the only thing that changed is her awareness of being in a novel and knowing who was bad, etc. But then irl she could beat people, she was super popular and charming, she knew when someone was scheming, she was super strong and smart, if she was so smart why did she have such a bleak ending?
    • The chapters are long and there's no much happening, but it's still a nice novel. I felt like dropping it multiple times, this isn't as good to binge read, it'd be good if it got translated, it'd be a nice novel to keep up with.
    • I'd also consider the family being there for comedic purposes a bit of a con... I mean, I get bickering siblings are endearing and funny, like oh haha typical siblings, but it gets tiring. The brother gets written as the dumb forgotten samoyed like young master because "it's funny", but that dynamic gets tiring. They do love each other of course, but I dunno, their interactions seemed a bit exaggerated to force the comedy (But it indeed made for some funny scenes).
    • This is mostly a comedic school life novel. The ML doesn't really feel like a main character because this is slow romance, not that it's a bad thing, but the ML didn't have much presence during most of the novel.
    • ML's behavior is really typical of a ML in the sense that his life revolves around the FL. The FL can have friends of any gender who even have a crush on her, while the ML himself is willing to never have any female friend, which is very typical of these Chinese novels. I just find it a little bit hypocritical, he could have an innocent friendship but ofc, he's the male god and all girls would fall for him so he's gotta keep his distance, and since he's not the main character we can't wholeheartedly trust him, so the only option is having him keep his distance.
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kawaii12345 rated it
May 17, 2021
Status: Completed
TLDR between 3 and 4 stars but much closer to 3. I'd try reading something else first

Problems: The novel tries to do too much and doesn't do anything well. It has the real daughter returned to family, transmigrated into a novel, school infighting, villainess noble girl fighting the commoner white lotus, school romance, gangster relatives and entertainment industry genres all in play and they all get short shrift.

The conflicts are uninteresting. The original novel only pops up as a weird explanation for why the MC is antagonistic to people. The... more>> reunion with the family seems flat, the school is boring. In short most of what passes for plot isn't well done.

The writing style is very painful. There's an incredible amount of tedious description and cutaways that frequently kill the story.

Upside: There's around 4-6 good Comedic moments in the 142 a few are good for a belly laugh. <<less
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Kei-Em03 rated it
October 3, 2020
Status: Completed
MTL ☆☆☆ like 35-40% readability. But its understandable enough to read.

Good read. Its a simple story full of fluff, family love and school life.

There's not much romance, but the romance depicted a pure and innocent love from both ML and MC.

... more>>


So, before she was found by her relatives, she kept dreaming of this novel. She then realized she's in this novel. As one of the stepping stone of the hero and heroine. Tho, its not very use throughout the novel, it made her aware of who to look out for, who to stay away from, etc.

The first one to have found her was the Zhao Family, which was the maternal side of the family, and they are very rude. They are also the reason why she was lost. They hid they they already found her, so her uncle was a day late in picking her up. On the day she was about to go to the Zhao's, they were stop by the 'goons' of her uncle Lu and was then taken to their family's house.


I love how she was so suave and cool (her brother calls her cool guy lol). I like how she can stand up for herself. She's just very awesome ❤😂. Love the bickering moment with her brother. Especially when their parents sides with her always lol 😂 (her brother is the left behind child) (he also often said that Lu Wan is the Crystallization of their parents love, while he was the stone 😂) but you can see that his teasing is his awkward way of showing her his love. I kinda cried when he had a nightmare of the time he spent with her when they were kids and how he felt then when she was lost.

Romance is very sparse, but I somehow think that its best that way. Its innocent, its pure. Tho, I always laugh at how he kinda dupe her into being in a relationship, lol.

I love her uncle and cousin. They are just soooo cool 😎. Also the old guys in their company hahaha.

I love her parents. My favorite part was when she stood up for her mother during the 80th bday of the old man Zhao. 😎 <<less
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August 11, 2021
Status: c55
At first it was fun. But somehow, I didn't like it that the MC was able to integrate with her family right away as if everything was just okay and as if she just came back from a vacation.

Hello??! The MC gost separated from them for more than 10 yrs and it is as if there is no estrangement at all or awkwardness at all.

Also, this could have had ended earlier like in 60 chapters, but reading at the current chapter I am in.. I am not willing to continue... more>> burn my brain cells for this. So Im gonna drop it here. <<less
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Cessavania rated it
January 13, 2021
Status: --
This is 4 star Actually. I dont know how to change hehe
So Theres not much romance in here. I think for about 50 chp the ML shows himself just about 10 times then poof! Gone.

I think the ML was mediocre. For me He is Not that OP compare to MC lol. He likes her for a long time but has never actively pursue her. He was like watching from the sideline and wait for her to turn 18 also Even when the MC was too popular in both gender he was never jealous. I think his feelings for her were not that deep. And when MC was in trouble he was always MIA wtf -.- MC always saves herself which was the reason for lack of romance sigh...

Anyways, im disappointed with the ML.

but MC and her brother 'theidiot', harry 'theguy', as well as the most handsome and hottest (forme) uncle make it up for my disappointment so im glad. Lol

Another star because im actually biased to li jinye (mcUncle) squeals* hahahah

id rather have her uncle as the ml! He is just too cool and domineering tyrant in business, Too humorous and very funny! Hahah he can be cold at the same time funny. I also like his motto 'family first'. what a man! He is doting to MC he calls her baby haha I think he is single? Lol hes the epitome ceo type of those novel but kinda cute and funny. ❤️ heart. too bad he only shows up for for a bit. I guess in whole novel saaaaaad
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pastelbunnyyy rated it
November 9, 2020
Status: Completed
If it was just about how much I enjoyed the characters, this would be a 5-star review. I like Lu Wan, her entire supportive family and her friends.

This set of characters are likeable and would have had great potential if the narrative was a bit more cohesive in a way. However, the more you get into the story, it started feeling like there’s barely any plot... which was unfortunate because it was such a fun read until it started becoming dragging.

In my opinion, the extra chapters also didn’t do a... more>> lot for the novel as a whole. Overall, would recommend this novel for when you just need a light read. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Rahan06 rated it
November 4, 2020
Status: Completed
Very Refreshing story. Quite comedy and fun and sweet romance and loving family.

[The original novel FL and ML are just passerby (to me I guess).. They aren't important in the story. ]

... more>>

There is a cool, handsome (I mean beautiful) MC... her character I really like. She is a reasonable character. People gonna like her. Many girls fall in love with her.

The ML is a patient guy, , not cold one but silent type but quite a scheming one.

The doting parents, s*upid but famous idol brother, playboy cousin, Rich powerful Uncle, Gay friend, Rival classmates who competes for MC (childhood friend and a girl who fall in love with mc), , and many more.


Really Enjoyed reading it. Also Thanks a lot to translator for translating the story. Hope continue to translate it. <<less
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OfficePony rated it
October 11, 2020
Status: c8
First thoughts upon reaching the current chapter 8, 'Aw, f***".

Entertaining is the word of the day. Nice word flow, funny and interesting twists within just a couple of chapters and an overarching sense of 'what the hell is happening'.
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Arrange rated it
September 29, 2021
Status: Completed
MC is such a cool girl. She's the one wearing the pants! ML has to call her husband~

The characters were all very fun. The little princess big brother honestly was just too moe for me. Harry is such a mood. And uncle Lu is the big boss. The plot wasn't very clear to me but I have to say that I quite like Li Che (OG ML).

... more>>

Honestly, even tho he has a murder case and one assisted homicide case under his belt. His abusive father and MC's abusive adoptive father. He has guts to rebel and abide by the law of the jungle and after years of tolls and his amazing social skills, he did it, he became a rich man. I respect self-made business entrepreneurs.

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solivagantsoul rated it
May 7, 2021
Status: Completed
it's a 3.5 or me. tbh there really isn't much going on in this novel and it really does feel like a slice-of-life, the romance is mostly towards the end of the novel.

I like the concept but dislike the execution for the most part. As a rare novel with MC's background being bigger than ML and her being the heir to the family business, I would have liked it if the author would write more about the high society and other top families. As a little genius, I would want... more>> to see her explore more industries and maybe even start her own business... or maybe see tidbits of her joining her father's lab or even some more exciting things.

another big disappointment was the ML, I mean he's cute and all but the romance was so lacking esp on mc's part. Harry her friend was mentioned more times than the ML in fact half the characters were.

it's good but if your in or something plainer. <<less
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Nelle rated it
January 23, 2021
Status: Completed
I enjoyed reading this, although the ending was quite abrupt. The ML rarely appears and you don't get much moments when MC and ML have alone time. It's a pity that MC and her brother did not become sweet to each other. (They are close to each other though) The brother has a sister complex and you'll pity him a little because no one comforts him when he is the one who most longs for his sister. Sadly, MC is too headstrong and just quibbles with her brother. The MC... more>> is never coquettish. Plenty of people like MC, but there's really no love rival for ML because MC puts studying above anything else.

My favorite character is definitely the gay bestfriend, Harry. <<less
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xXShiratori_HimeXx rated it
December 14, 2020
Status: Completed
A fluffy story and doesn’t have much drama, just a cute story revolving around our protagonist and everyone around her.

I’m rating this a 4 because the mid part was just a bit boring at times and the author really kept on dragging the story.

The ML, well he was cute and I really liked him but MC and ML’s interactions were really too small and not enough for me. Although those cute moment with ML were really nice but not enough! I WANT MORE OF BOTH ACTING LOVEY DOVEY!

Regarding the antagonist,... more>> well I really don’t think you could call anyone an antagonist in this book. Yeah the OriFL & OriML was a bit annoying in the school arc but they just became history in the mid part of the story. They basically were like props that enhanced MC with her wits, strengths and talents.

MC’s family is great and such a warm family, who loves her very much. Even the uncles in the Lu Corp. Were so cute with those ballpens as gifts for MC. Except her mother’s side of the family were really bad but at least they got their rightful end.

MC doesn’t go all I’m so pitiful and talk about her sad past and she’s the type to be blunt. Her low EQ seriously annoyed me at first especially when she thinks everyones compliment for her were insincere. She got a bit better regarding that department after ML hit some senses on her though.

MC is very funny who is jealous of those (especially her mom) who has plump breasts I mean who wouldn’t want to at least not be a flatty and those girls who have pretty, long hair. Although these doesn’t stop her from being the school’s favorite amongst men and women alike Hahahah!

All in all the novel is good and if you like to read a fluffy story free of to much drama or want something relaxing to read to relieve your boredom then this is the novel for you. <<less
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tattersail rated it
November 30, 2020
Status: Completed
This novel is a breath of fresh air that will help cure the aggravation from all the novels that you face-palmed over and wonder why the heck do parents whose babies get switched even bother to bring their biological child back when they were going to treat them like cr*p anyway.

Sure there are some gaping plot holes, but enjoying most of the novels involve some degree of suspension of disbelief. It still makes for quite an enjoyable read.
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DubiousWaterMelon rated it
September 30, 2020
Status: --
This is a really fun read. No dog blood drama, weird misunderstanding, adopted child versus real returned child cliche and so on.

The story itself doesn't have any major plot development nor character development to speak of, but inevitably draws you in to continue reading. Why? Because all the characters are so damn enjoyably. Even reading about the villians are fun. The protagonist is just amazing, the right attitude, the right ethics and her relationship dynamic with the people around her is what draws you to keep reading.

What I like the... more>> most about this particular novel is how progressive it is with minimal gender stereotyping and the casual manner it dealt with homosexual characters. One of the things I noticed about most chinese novel is how it sometimes is low key misogynistic and/or homophobic. Especially in school settings, where when someone comes out of the closet, the entire school treats them as monsters. I always found this weird because though there might be quite a few opposition, most people especially the younger generation now are more accepting regardless of certain country's laws. This novel though doesn't really touch upon this subject nor has the leads be anything but straight, has the right attitude towards the subject. Which I greatly appreciate. Another point is that though this novel starts off with gender bender, how it treats the protagonist's acceptance towards feminising and realising to become openly female was logical. I like the fact that the author took the time to show the progression of the protagonist from feeling weird wearing skirt to later becoming confident in them. Also I enjoyed how the protagonist though adamant about her gender identity being female, didn't find it necessary to deliberately feminine herself and just acted casually without restrains of acting as a "girl/woman".

And the protagonist's brother. He is the most lovable character I've read in a while. This novel is worth reading just for him. The dynamic between the sibling is humorous and the hightligh of this light read. <<less
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Liune rated it
September 28, 2020
Status: c22
It's a great story, our heroine is kickass, cool and handsome, while also being charming and smart enough to go against the braindead villains.
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ThinkOfMe rated it
September 28, 2020
Status: Completed
This is so sweet and full of fluff. The interaction of Lu Wan with her family can always make you laugh.
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Ceilo27 rated it
September 27, 2020
Status: c4
Ok so far I like our FL character. However,


the person that her biological family sent is really rude ti her just because she’s rude and when her friend stood up for her he actually got the guts to say they are the ones who are rude which piss me off (ok I don’t know how to put angry emoji here yet but imagine there is one so you can tell I’m angry)

1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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