Reworld•Frontier-Saijakuni Shite Saikyou no Shien Jutsu Shiki Tsukai [Enhancer]


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“I’m good at support art type but, still could you put me into your party!?”

The explorer boy Ragdishart from 1 out of 100 ordinary man, whom choosing the well-known and weakest occupation support art type [Enhancer].

Even if he didn’t have party and was lonely, but in fact he has a special talent.

[Multitasking] which simultaneously controls 10 or more arts.

A superhuman concentration ability was added to this, and if it was only 3 minutes he was able to strengthen his physical ability to [1024 times].

Hence—“weakest” and “strongest”

This is an adventurous story of that boy who slowly grows, makes friends, and notices his talent.

A ruin of tower that extends to the moon “Lunatic Babel”.

When the boy and a deity girl meet, the story begins.

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Reworld Frontier
Reworld Frontier - Saijaku ni shite Saikyou no Enhancer -
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Date Group Release
08/27/17 Alter-Fan Translation v1c4
08/20/17 Alter-Fan Translation v1c3
08/20/17 Alter-Fan Translation v1c2
08/14/17 Alter-Fan Translation v1c3 part2
08/13/17 Alter-Fan Translation v1c3 part1
08/05/17 Alter-Fan Translation v1c2 part2
08/03/17 Alter-Fan Translation v1c2 part1
07/30/17 Alter-Fan Translation v1c1
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penshit2000 rated it
August 24, 2017
Status: v1c3
Unsure about this one, it's got a good future I think? It seems to be set in the future after mankind seems to have lost a tone of knowledge, however, it's very hard to understand, they say level 1 and talk about a floating island, but is that island on a lunar elevator, or is it the entrance, it doesn't say? The translation isn't great, but it's understandable, needs touch up here and there, I'm looking forward to later novels, though
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blackbook7777 rated it
May 30, 2018
Status: --
its uses the language of a video game and yet has the setting of an adventure. The language it uses at times disjoints your connection to the story like " wait why did he just say data protocol and hes a thousand years old if he's a regular person and this is in a fantasy setting" all in all I would recommend this to be read but be prepared to not like it.
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