Revenge of the Sixth Young Lady


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Wei Yuewu is the unloved daughter of the powerful Marquis Hua Yang. On her way back to the capital city to marry her fiancé, she becomes the target of a ruthless assassination led by her fiancé, Marquis Jing Yuan. With the help of the Prince of Yan State, she narrowly escapes from one disaster after another and returns to the capital. Determined to avenge her enemies and unravel the mystery surrounding her engagement with Marquis Jing Yuan as well as the death of her mother, Wei Yuewu makes a deal with the Prince of Yan State. However, just as she has triumphed over all her enemies and is about to reach the acme of her life, she deliberately destroys her own future and becomes an exile of her own…

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New Tristan0000 rated it
October 18, 2021
Status: c700
I came here after reading another of the author's works, The Devious First Daughter. This story is so similar, if it was written by another author it would definitely be considered plagiarism. We have FL, who is a disadvantaged daughter unloved by her family for various unexplained reasons involving her identity. FL is sick and physically weak, but extremely strong mentally and is overly adept at scheming, manipulating and turning every situation to her advantage. We have the same cast of characters: the fiancee, who tries to kill her in... more>> order to pave the way for him to be with her older sister but eventually regrets it; the older sister who loses her reputation and has to make a disappointing marriage; the intelligent, white lotus sister with a mysterious backer; the concubine born sister who starts out as a weak enemy but eventually seeks shelter with FL; the vicious, scheming mother who is trying to elevate her concubine-born daughter into the position of legitimate daughter; the be smitten, egotistical prince who FL wants nothing to do with, etc.

Many of the events are also similar: white lotus sister gets lost during a festival; the girls go to the palace for a Princess Consort event, where white lotus sister embarrasses herself during a performance while trying to scheme against FL; concubine born sis is almost married to a terrible husband due to being caught in a compromising situation, but eventually gets out of it with FL's help; FL pretends to be ML's beloved concubine in order to help him confuse his enemies--the list goes on and on. There are all of the same characters and scenarios --just some minor details have been changed.

The biggest difference between this book and The Devious First Daughter is the ML. Although both MLs are unbearably handsome, cruel and cunning, our ML here is particularly black-bellied. He pretends to be a gentle, aesthetic immortal-type character, when in fact, he's privately extremely vicious and ruthless.

I really enjoyed The Devious First Daughter so I definitely didn't dislike this book--but I'm certainly disappointed in the lack of originality. This book has 300 more chapters and the plot seemed to move along much much slower, so if you can only read one, I recommend The Devious First Daughter. <<less
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hithere rated it
January 19, 2020
Status: v1c3
This story is incredible so far, I have read 3 chapters, and give it a five stars. Well written, interesting, memorable characters, with a very good translation.
Hope to more chapters released.
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g_girl rated it
April 28, 2020
Status: c36
I love the Female protagonist! She is refreshing resolute and will tolerate no one harming her. This story is refreshing in itself (no rebirth) the protagonist deals with the isssues put up to her organically and uses her smarts to ensure her safety. Looking forward to more
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