Revenge of the Garfield


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Li Zhenruo never imagined that he would be the first person to be completely out of the Li family’s power struggle, and not only that, he also perished in an “accident” that was carefully planned for him.

However, this is not the end for Li Zhenruo, he wakes up after the “accident” and finds himself transformed into a Garfield, which gives him a chance to return to the Li family and find out which of his three brothers is behind the “accident”.

At the same time, he is also surprised to find that this does not seem to be an ordinary cat, it can actually…… transform.

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hothotpot rated it
July 3, 2022
Status: c50
Not a really fluffy story. There are lots of abusive actions done towards the cat by many of the characters. As an overly worried servant of 8 meowsters, 2 young meowsters and 1 meowstress outside, I am very disappointed on how they treated the cat.

ML barely show any care to the cat except if his cat ran away from him or home.

... more>>

When other characters pulled the cat's tail, stepped his tail, scared him by aiming a tennis ball at him, dropping him into the swimming pool and many more.

Author is writing as if pulling and stepping on a cat tail are normal things to do to a cat. A cat's tail is very sensitive and tugging a cat's tail hard may cause damage to the nerves which can lead to paralysis. Stepping a cat's tail hard can injure it and cause the cat's tail to kink.

ML should be concerned about MC when his tail is pulled or stepped on, but he didn't. He didn't scold his brother who did the most abusive actions to the cat MC.

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ylial rated it
December 26, 2021
Status: Completed
Really cute 💕 I enjoy seeing MC acting cute and coquettish. I like seeing his every day interactions. I also like the bit of fantasy theme that exists. What keeps me going is to know who planned the MC to die. There's also a character development; ML learned to be a little patient for his cat

In contrast, I dislike how the ML suddenly f*cked the MC way too early (c37). It seems that the ML doesn't have control of his lower half and is very possessive, making his MC... more>> as his boy toy. And it's a dubious consent in their 1st night because the MC doesn't want to do it at the beginning but eventually gives in. Also, the ML is a little harsh on his cat, he keeps throwing it. I have a cat too and I feel bad whenever the ML does it to MC. Also, the ML hurts emotionally the MC just for the MC realize his feeling and even leaving him alone for half a month. Fortunately, ML admits his feeling on c56. But he's very manipulative and MC is gullible. For MC, he is bent too easily by ML eventhough he's straight for 23yrs, and even enjoys doing it. Lastly, the novel is very slow. <<less
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lonepolaris rated it
December 29, 2021
Status: Completed
Finished it in within a day. I usually stop reading halfway or don't read a novel where MC turns into a cat because it always get boring in the middle. However, this one kept me up at night because I can't stop flipping through the chapters. The plot is quite dog-blooded. Not the boring kind tho. It's enough to keep you (or atleast me) interested throughout the read. There were so many mysteries and it would slowly unveil itself as the story progress.

MC's main goal is to know who... more>> kill him and why. And he stay to his goal until the end. I've got to commend him for that. He's quite the persistent type and won't stop until he get what he wanted. At some point I grew tired of it (cause the mysteries kept getting longer lol XD) and I wish he would just move on and live his new life. But then again, I'm glad he didn't because that's what the story was about. It's literally about his revenge. And it was well carried out. Though there were some loose ends there and there.


ML is MC's second brother lmao but THEYRE NOT BLOOD RELATED


About their relationship, it really started toxic at the beginning. Good thing, there was no r*pe. MC was the weaker one and ML was in charge. This was the first time MC was in a serious relationship so he was too in love to notice that the whole thing wasn't right. But he did eventually. He realized that ML was treating him wrong, as if he was like a piece of chess and (ML) was controlling everything. I'm so glad he's not s*upid like other MCs and know his worth. They had a huge fight because ML lied to him (abt a very serious thing) and MC almost left him for good.


From the novel: He didn't want Li Zhenran to feel that his deception would never hurt him in the end, and everything disappeared after coaxing. He didn't want the next deception between them.


Yeah! The fight didn't end with just coaxing and 'I'm sorry' MC really taught ML a very good lesson that mf finally knew his wrong.

I love MC's demon family lmao they treat him like a baby cat.

So yeah, I recommend giving this a try! <<less
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January 24, 2023
Status: Completed
Great story, good plot. I like the plot and always love the MC/ML becomes a cute animal troupe. The plot keeps you engaged and I really like the way it was done.

Big spoiler for the ending:

... more>>

I actually like the fact that ML lied to MC and was pretty much a bystander to MC's mu*der and just let it happen. It is very realistic that ML tried to hide that fact from MC and it is very in line with his character. It was a realistic and well done angsty part of the novel and I really felt that part.

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someonewithemptyhands rated it
May 4, 2022
Status: comp
first tnk u translator sama for translating this story with high quality.

i dont know why this story didnt get popular eventhough other works of this author are famous.

this is a light read with Mysterious theme novel that has some cliche drama so dont except anything special. but its good for fun read and im sure u would enjoy it and it wouldnt get blring cuz of Mysterious theme but as I said before dont except heavy Mysterious like sherlock or other heavy Detective ‌novels. its really light.

... more>> summary:

as u can read this story is about an unlucky naive boy who was killed and transmit to a cat body to search for his killer. he know that killer is from his family (his brothers or his dad) so u know this too and this is why the Mysterious isnt heavy and something unexpected but at the same time it has its own charm and make u curious to know ab his dead secret and his family Mysterious.


i really like him. although he is naive but at the same time he isnt someone that u can fool him easily and has his own way to facing problems. he is an orphan Which no one has ever been kind to him so when I see that he fell in love so fast I was not really surprised. cuz he just need someone to care for him and spend his life with him., .


and thats why when he understand ab ML's doing without any doubt He went to the original owner and decided to die directly. cuz after many happening he really didnt want anything except someone that loves him and cuz he couldn't achieve that He surrendered


in other way I really like his stubborn personality. even though he really loved ML, after find out ab his work he didnt forgive him blindly like other s*upid MC and make him truly und ab his wrong work.


his personality is kinda comp;ex and even in the end I really didnt und his doing. I wish author write an extra form his point of view.

like :

when MC told him his identify and his purpose from the first he accept it really easy! though with his Suspicious and smart personality he shouldn't fall in love so fast with him and accept everything like this. I know after he knew MC's personality he planned everything but I couldn't accept even though he knows MC come to him with purpose he continue to love him and support him in everything


but at all I like him too. at first I was thinking ML is

3rd young master and I though shittt he is such a sl*t I hate this kind of playboy ML but authorsama didnt disappointed me and he want real ML


he was somehow harsh with MC in cat form and I dont like it but at all he help MC manytimes and was devoted to him so I could forgive him for his doing.

and the little yandre side of him. I know many ppl hate this type of ML but I really like it and dont have any problem with his possessiveness even though its really light if I want compare him with other yandre MLs and he didnt Limited MC and let him does everything he want so I dont think its really yander but keep in mind that he is a little obsessive about MC.


ok I really cant talk ab it cuz all the charm of the story is in its mystery just know that even though it has its own unique plot but u will face some soup opera that always see in wealthy family (like betrayal and etc..)

side character:

i really like author work for write the world structure and characters.. although some character like MC's master and his lover or ML's friend and his lover are really attractive and complex and I think we need at least 1 ex for their past but they very well described and have great effect on story and main characters progress.

MC's godfather : I really dont know what should say . author didnt explain manything ab him and I have many qu ab his past so I cant judge his doing But what he did to a poor child really disgusted me and I added s*xual Abuse tag so be aware of it!!!!!!cuz of that I really hate him and couldnt focus on his good deed although he was a victim too he shouldnt doing smth like this !

and even now I cant und his decisions ab his son! not only ab MC but ab his first son and others. I think His decisions were very s*upid.

I mean eventhough he loved MC he didnt punish the killer just for keep his family and its really s*upid!! when u keep a mu*der in ur family do u think he wouldnt kill others?? if ML wasnt smart enough maybe the killer killed him too. and his first son marriage!! he knew everything and knew that this is just a failed marriage but forced them to married.


MC's friend : he has a tragedic past and author didnt say manything ab him too so I cant be sure ab his doing and his personality. MC always says that he is crazy and u shouldnt mess with him but after I know ab his past I cant say anything at all.

MC's brothers: I cant say ab them too cuz I dont want to spoil anything but I wish author write more ab 3rd brother. I was very curious about his fate and I want to read an extra ab his point of view too.

good point:

  1. charming story line and story structure with little plot hole
  2. well written character and side character
bad point:

  1. ML and MC relationship has many miscommunication and they break up and make up thrice I guess in just 90 chs ??? it was really went on my nerve! bro if u want to break up and make up doing it once and clear everything completly!! are we a joke to u???? (refer to that meme LOL) AT ALL it was really boring seeing their struggle for their relationship manytimes.
  2. incomplete story line. as I said before author didnt answer and relive many secret and past event and even the final fate of all the characters except ML and MC. like 3rd brother, 1rd brother wife 3rd brother secretary and past lover and....
at all I really recommend this story to u for light read and im sure it would be a new Experience for u in the aspect of light read.

ps: I would rate it 3/5 but for keep rating higher I rete it 5 <<less
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DragonDreams rated it
March 19, 2022
Status: c29
I really do love this novel. Usually novels like this become boring after the ML finds the MC's identity, but this is really engaging. There's so much mystery and I keep coming back to try and figure it out. The translator is fantastic too.
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Give.Me.A.Piece.Of.Cake rated it
July 25, 2023
Status: Completed
The story is good but the mystery plot was too long and can be boring at times. I have to dock 2 stars for MC being just a hypocrite/double standard person. MC is really selfish, heartless, and double standard. He got mad at the ML for lying to him but he was never once honest to the ML. He lied over and over to the ML and when the ML exposed his lies to him he ran away from home because he was too shameful that his lies were exposed.... more>> However, when the ML lies were exposed he made a big deal and act as if he was honest all along when he also lied nonstop to the ML.

In their relationship, ML seems to always be below him, catering to his whim. I get that cats are selfish and capricious so maybe the author wanted to write the MC this way - selfish, capricious, double standard, etc. BUT sometimes I couldn't help but want to slap the MC once or twice. <<less
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Resplendor rated it
February 23, 2022
Status: c22
This deserves a better rating than it has.

I really like that the MC acts like a cat, not like a human in a cat body. He's given very little reason for people to suspect him and gives in to his cat instincts.

The characters are definitely better developed than most so far. No 2-d face slapping villains here. And the mystery aspect is enjoyable.

4.5/5 but rounding up.
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Litithity rated it
August 4, 2023
Status: Completed
Some of the things I thought of after finishing the novel.

About casual cat cruelty,

It can be seen in this novel, though it is not intentional. In fact, what can we expect from the high-spec, busy sons of the Li family who never raise any pet, the twisted cousin, dog-lover Zhou Kai or the high school boys (rescue MC after he ran away in fear of being neutered) who have not learned anything about cats? It's just natural that they don't know (or don't even care to know) the right... more>> way to handle a cat. Also, MC failed as a cat (ofc, he was a human for more than 20 years). As he explores everything with his new body, MC encounters many dangers, and some of the 'cruel' actions are to try to save him from getting injured and death.

Not that these kinds of cat abuse are appreciated, ofc.

About MC

He was betrayed by his good brothers, chased out of his house by his respected father, lost all of the things he worked hard many years for, painfully killed, and reborn as an exotic Garfield. Obviously, after going through all of that, even a meek person would turn black. As a matter of fact, MC was not brought up to be a weak person but an ambitious and competitive man. So we can guess what kind of change he would go through.

MC knows his enemy (or even enemies) is one of his once-good brothers, so how can he totally trust ML? (Remind you, MC only knows exactly who was the mastermind behind his death by the end of the novel.) ML is, in fact, the primary suspect, as he is the one who gains a lot of benefits from MC's death.

MC hides things from ML not only because he couldn't trust him, but also because of their relationship, the fact that they were once brothers, living together as a family. The immoral aspect of this relationship makes MC hesitate to tell ML the truth. He is afraid that their relationship would over when the fact comes out. (The novel mentioned)

MC loves ML and feels touched when he was cared for by him, but MC's trust in ML is fragile, so he couldn't stand ML hiding things from him. However, MC hates ML leaving him, either.

In a sense, MC is both pure and sophisticated. And maybe a little selfish? I don't know

About the ML

Just like MC, ML is an ambitious potential heir to the throne of the Li 'Empire'. But the difference here is, he holds and knows more secrets. As a result, he is cautious and calculative in every move he made, which might seem disturbing and heartless.

But he can't calculate everything. Loving MC is one of them. But the ruthless man is not that innocent in MC'S case. As a result...


To guarantee a happy ending for them, ML makes up a meticulous plan to hide his fault in MC's death and capture MC's heart and body forever. In fact, he knows that he's not blood-related to any of the brothers long ago, so he doesn't care much about the brothers of him. After the fact about MC's birth come out, though ML had not sold MC out, he chose to ignore and make use of MC's downfall to his benefit.

Well, that plan was almost successful, but fail in the end.


Ofc, if MC doesn't forgive the

eldest brother

, how can he easily forgive ML? So he breaks free from ML's clutches and starts a new life. They still get together in the end, though, because ML is too persistent and smart. <<less
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amikyun rated it
November 8, 2022
Status: Completed
Good with some spice.. Well not that spicy but at least they still had the kick, this one is good spinning for my brain.. With enough chapter to do it, the ending was.. So so.. Deserved to 4.0 rating sometimes I can't feel their love it feels like an illusion.. And than in the next chapter the got the feel again..
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Magz84 rated it
October 24, 2022
Status: Completed
At the beginning I was sceptical and thought the revenge part of the plot was unnecessary. It felt slow and 1st few chapters weren't really doing it for me. But as the story progressed I found it really cute and interesting. The gongs passionate and very dedicated to the shou. The story developed well and I didnt want to put it down. Although I do admit the drama was plentiful... But still I found the story cute and entertaining.

The only thing im not entirely satisfied about is the lack of... more>> definite ending to the main story (at least in my opinion). I found myself reading the extras and only on 5th side story I noticed the main story was finished. I felt disappointed knowing its coming to an end as well as confused as to where or when exactly they established themselves as a definite couple to end main story.. So maybe I found it a little rushed at the end (in contrast to 1st couple chapters which seemed slow). Still I enjoyed it and definitely recommend it. <<less
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October 17, 2022
Status: Completed
It's a great novel, like eating a mille-crepe cake. There's subtle layers to it but it doesn't feel like it's breaking-neck or doing much, actually it does feel a little like a let-down because it doesn't have overall cohesiveness (besides the main perpetrator idea), but in terms of atmosphere and ~aura~ -- it's pretty good?

At the beginning there's a feeling of waiting to pull of the bandaid -- waiting to see if the wound's scabbed over, and if it's possible to scr*pe it so it's all healed. I did eventually... more>> not feel like that later on. I commend this novel for honestly squeezing the mystery unveiling to the very bitter end, like even to an unnecessary degree and you can tell they're just dragging it on. But it's still very impressive and commendable that for like 70chapters of the story you're fed along like a bird stuck on a trial of breadcrumbs to keep on reading the novel.

It's really impressive because the romance at best, before the confrontation in ch80 -- was really shallow. It's really funny to me because it's skin-deep and I have never? experienced that in a novel before but here we are. I think romance wise it wasn't really interesting, I wouldn't say it's bad it just wasn't my cup of tea. The psychological factor outside of that -- the relationship between MC and ML and the idea of one side having become a perpetrator in someway as well -- is immensely interesting. It's just a little bit of a shame that this idea was never polished or pushed forward, and never explored properly and accurately. I thought it was going somewhere after the confrontation at the end but it didn't. I thought oh heres the turning point where it would show us something substantial -- it didn't. Honestly I'd say not to expect much, don't set yourself up for disappointment. The romance is shallow at best and any and all trouble-shooting for actual, substantial problems in their dynamic seems to just fizzle away through nice words and coaxing. There's no actual resolving of the issue, it's... yeah.

Anyways, another thing about the cat situation -- I honestly just think fundamentally the cat factor is.. well.. it's unrealistic. Not that he can turn into a cat etc. but if you own a cat, and you read this novel, you might start to get the idea that this person has no idea how to raise a cat at all because their concept of very basic things like handling a cat, cat behaviors, what to feed a cat, what cats can and can't do/how they behave and how they just -- operate? biologically? socially? just as a creature? Is so unreal.

Like it's so unreal but I don't think it's as unserious as they want it to come across as. So it's actually just -- to me, I read this as OP just not knowing cats in general but writing about it and having done 0 research on how to make it believable. To be honest it wasn't that bad, I can read the handling as over-exaggerated expressions of what theyre trying to convey. But because it's so.. unrealistic, and it's part of the main core concept of the story that the immersiveness was disrupted. In a funny way. Still, it's a little painful to read in a 'this is hitting my funny bone' kind of way because wow.. I have never seen anyone who wants to write about cat stories and just have no idea how a cat actually 'is' until now... it's a little unserious lets be honest

I don't know if it was done purposefully for comedic undertones but.. it might've missed the mark here, it's fine to do it but if it takes away from immersiveness of the novel, and not just in a 'you know, I know, we all know here' way -- anyways I think it might've been more detrimental to the novel, sadge. <<less
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lotuslilac rated it
October 12, 2022
Status: Completed
AMAZING Bl novel!!! 🤩

Honestly, I avoided this novel bc I thought it was going to be brainless fluff... Who knew it had a spectacular plot and amazing character!!!

I read Rebirth Special Case Files and although I loved that novel, I found that the MC forgave the ML too quickly. Whereas in this novel, it was PERFECTION!!!! Our MC did not forgive the ML so quickly and instead, made the ML realize his own mistakes! I love the ML (Li Zhenran), he truly does love the MC the most! I was... more>> shocked beyond words at the plot twists and secret revelations about the Li family! The side characters were also amazing, my heart goes out to Zhu Kai, he was a crazy as*hole but only because of the things he experienced as a child😭

my only critique is that the side chapters (extra) wasn’t that interesting like it was HILARIOUS with the giant panda and all but I was kinda hoping for a wedding and maybe Li Zhenran and Li Zhenruo adopting babies? 🥺 still loved this novel!! Def in my TOP 5 BL novel list! If anyone knows a similar BL novel to this, comment below pleaseeee :) <<less
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Darcyyy00 rated it
September 27, 2022
Status: Completed
I agreed with one of the reviews here. As a cat lover who owns a lot of cats, I thought that the way they treated the cat is a bit too rough? It makes me uncomfortable. Even the ML who claimed to love MC sometimes treated the 'cat' MC too harshly. Like, whats with ML picking MC by his collar and threw him into the car? My heart ached for the poor MC. But its still a great story to read, I guess. Just not my cup of tea. P/s:... more>> english is not my first language, so.. Yeah. <<less
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Potatoteeth rated it
September 22, 2022
Status: Completed
MC is a brainless little ditz trying to play escape rooms on medium-hard mode. No wonder the story starts with him getting killed -- the only miracle is that he continues to survive, albeit only by attaching himself as a s*ave. When there are no opportunities he goes hysterical and puts himself at risk, and when opportunities fall into his lap he more or less ignores them completely. He has a mission to complete and infinity ahead of him after that, but by the middle of the novel, all he... more>> cares about is getting laid and playing push-pull games with ML. His primary redeeming quality is that he is cute -- he just has to stare at various powerful men with big eyes and call them Master, and they'll give him what he wants.

All things being equal, it's pretty fun watching MC struggle as he runs into trouble after avoidable trouble, but if you're an animal lover, the casual cat cruelty is not for the faint of heart. MC the magic cat is exceptionally elastic so the abuse doesn't leave lasting harm, but as another reviewer noted, treating real cats like that can maim them permanently. The author says she wants us to think of it like Tom and Jerry cartoon violence, but I don't think that carried through very well. No matter how bumbling, MC will mount a rescue when he sees others exposed to violence, and for that alone he is tolerable.

The ML is a brat -- entitled, violent, and worse. He does many things and gets off way too lightly. While he is not the most evil of his kind, please do not follow his BD*M ideas. You will be slapped and arrested.

The story FINALLY gets back on track in the last third, and from that point on it's a smooth ride. It's not quite believable that MC should suddenly become competent halfway, but I'll accept it in relief for FINALLY a good story. Although there are no attractive personalities in this novel, the breadcrumb trail mystery is exciting, plus the prose is fluent and sparkling, making it worth reading once. Props to the translator. 4 stars. <<less
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Fisukisuki rated it
September 21, 2022
Status: Completed
Fluff and Mystery + Supernatural/Fantasy = Powerful Move.

The Cuteness of MC as Cat, and the Mystery about Who Killed him and WHY he died and What secret of Li Family... Then Sprinkled with Supernatural/Fantasy theme. The author sure is a Great one!

The plot is not like most Modern Revenge Chinese Novel. It's not about Faceslapping. The Revenge itself is not exactly about Satisfaction. It's more to make us Relieved knowing and when things finally over.

It's definitely a Well Written novel! The author did Great Job at writing the Characters with... more>> their flaws and all. Also delivers great Mystery and Emotional moments.

And without forgetting the Fluff and Funny moments.

In a way you can call it a Perfect novel. Definitely Worth Reading one!

I'm Absolutely LOVING IT MORE THAN EXPECTED !!! FOREVER To the Moon and Beyond~!!! <<less
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moon-bunnies rated it
September 19, 2022
Status: ss 5
I'm a sucker for this author's work lol. It's like the perfect mix of dogblood, mystery, comedic narration, and relationship intimacy. The author really likes to portray romance through small gestures of affection as opposed to verbal expression (which is exactly how I like it). It makes you really guess whether the MC/ML is serious about the other, playing the push/pull game until the grand confession.

While the ML wasn't a walking green flag, I thought his relationship with the MC as cat/owner was so cute (there was a some throwing... more>> around, but the author noted that it was more for comedic exaggeration than anything serious). It was also really nice to see how their relationship develop from toxic troupes to something pretty heartwarming.

But that's not to say this novel's the best thing ever lol. It's just a nice light-hearted read with a colorful relationship and characters that are more developed than the average danmei. Probably would give it 4.2 instead but I rounded up. <<less
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Smtha rated it
September 24, 2022
Status: Completed
It’s not bad and don’t think it’s a gripping drama. Even though the plot should be very dramatic and dogblood. Actually it’s just a cute reincarnated cat wants to find out the reason behind his death. Its a short story, so read for passing time is ok. Tq
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nctzen rated it
September 20, 2022
Status: Completed
give this around 4.3 so I'm giving a 5 to raise the rate. I actually really enjoy reading this story from start to finish. There were some obvious red flags, not only from the possessive ML but also from the MC. I also agree that the way the author explains how the three brothers took care of the cat is very worrying but the author did mention it was some sort of a comedic part. To me, the story doesn't need it but it's not so bad that you can't... more>> read them. I also really enjoy how the readers are kept to their seats with not knowing who the real villain is and the real plot twist at the end was very well made and fits the story so well. I would say, spend some time and try to see if you will like this. <<less
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fluffyredbean rated it
December 5, 2023
Status: Completed

Man I love Cats. Not to mention the MCxML dynamics, its so playful and fun. JGQ's novels as usual, so fruity and the narration is just hilariously well-written, never misses a beat. Absolutely flawless, amazing, perfect.

Also, the ML is completely my type. Also, its a transmigration story, and I really like how it ties up with another Novel of the authors - "Food Soul Chart" - which HOH just picked up. HOORAY!!! There are more spiritual and fantasy references there, so I guess that... more>> does help with making sense of the soul-transmigration thing. Other than that, spectacular translation!!! Thank you team <3 <<less
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