Returnee from Another World


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At the age of 25, Kaburagi Shuu was transported to another world. However, he was not like the hero of the story but he still has an advantage. Despite his advantages, for some reason he had no memory of meeting God, nor did he play any role to do anything. He just survived in a harsh world. Then, eight years passed, and Shuu finally returned back. However, it was not the day when he was 25 years old, but the day when he was still 17 years old. Now, having been changed by the experience in another world, Shuu decides to live unrestrainedly in his original world…

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Isekai Kara no Kikan-sha
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bozakir rated it
September 29, 2022
Status: --
Chapter 1: I lived in rough conditions did stuff I was not proud of, I wonder if I'll have PTSD for all the things I've done.

Chapter 4 (still the same day) : Let me casually drug my childhood friend that I did not get to have in last life and put a s*x s*avery slime I've made in the another world in her.

just so people know what they are getting into.
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GreenRiver rated it
September 29, 2022
Status: c14
TLDR: The characters seem like real people. And so far I haven't seen any plot armor, usual troupes, etc. It's a really good story.

It's a fun wish-fulfillment story that starts when the protagonist returns home with his cheats still working. He intended to time-travel back into his body before getting sent to the other world (functionally sending him back to Earth), but somehow he went back even further.

The characters are strangely realistic so far. For example...

... more>>

the first concern the protagonist has when getting back to Earth is potential PTSD.

His childhood friend whom he's almost estranged from is exactly the selfish bit*h she seems to be. No "she's tsundere and in love with him" BS.


The other world was so terrible he's become a sociopath out of necessity. He won't lose control if it will negatively affect him, but doesn't mind doing bad things otherwise (i.e. it's only illegal if you get caught).

The interesting thing is they've left the door open for other-world antics, although the MC is fairly clear that he wants to avoid whatever it was that sent him there in the first place.

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Bolovis rated it
October 26, 2022
Status: c47
The story is about a dude who was isekaied and suffered hell and more. But he found the special tome and learns how to time travel. The reason? Revenge, of course. Avenge himself of what? Well... he says that some girl f*cked him up bad, or sumshit, he says it vaguely and that is it (at least for now). But when he time travels he learns that he did not come back to the initial time he was isekaied, but 8 years before that, in his last year of high... more>> school and with all his cheats from the isekai world. So what does he do? He uses all his plans of revenge to solve his boring original life pre-isekai. This is the basic plot.

The MC is a scumbag. He is not justified at all in his actions. And what he does with the people he (apparently) "saved" from the original timeline is dubious, to say the least. This is somewhat disappointing, as a revenge novel I mean. Why?

The people he uses the cheats and gadgets against are not in the wrong. Let us take 2 examples: His first victim, his childhood friend gyaru-chan.

By the original timeline, she was just a regular good-for-nothing gyaru that was involved with some shady f*ckers and ended up being their toy girl. She treated MC badly, read it as coldly, and after she gyaruzied she lost almost all contact with him. So in the end he got nothing to do with her, honestly. What does he do? Puts an alchemical special incubus juiced up slime in her just to make she completely h**ny for him. Why? Nice of you to ask. He does it because. Yes, because. "As she is destined to be f*cked and tossed around, why not me? I am so nice, am I not?" is the overall reason. And a little revenge for her being a d*ck to him. Well shit, this is a little over the top, no? Nah, he got sum f*ck and a nice perfect s*x s*ave that is literally a junkie for his juice (and I mean all his juices, as it is understandable, clearly). How nice would it be if she got the hots for him just for him being a badass, as he was when he defends GF grill in the park? But nah, slime s*x s*ave nicer, yoh.

The second victim is extreme maso womyn. This one is strange. She is a woman that works in an "entertainment" bar. And is one of the most gorgeous women there. Initially, he just gets interested in her because of, well her looks. But then she starts to aggressively insinuate herself to him. He, eventually, accepts. She did so because she has a magic special perception that indicates that the MC will be a good master for her hyper M side, so it is all justified in the end, clearly. But then he remembers that she is an old fling he had before being isekaied, and was such a massive M that he could not satisfy, so they parted ways. Now he opts to get her for real. As she is a religious nut job, he uses this side of her to become even more special. And then we discover that she has a daughter that is dying and he could cure her. What he promptly uses to make her fall more for him. A nice guy, you might say. He saved maso womyn and her daughter. Ah, he tests the cure-all on the other terminal kid, not her daughter, but he dies conveniently, so OK!!!

But my real problem with this novel is the following. He forgot some points of the original timeline. So he has some flashes of things that were bad or nightmares where he says the name of some random grill. And this is sh*t as f*ck. Considering that he had a time skip of 16 years, it is expected that he would have some gaps. But they are especially convenient plot-wise. The gyaru tale he remembers perfectly, his high school girlfriend he remembers fairly well (she abandoned him for some reason that is yet to be told, but he is already planning, or at least thinking of, make her his, not as a girlfriend but more like gyaru, and he debating that "maybe nah" is not proof of shit, this f*cker have a bad rep already). He only remembers M womyn when he sees her tattoo. This one is fine. But then he does not remember why he dislikes some people he ends up coming across or the random woman he calls the name while sleeping. What do I get from that? Any and each of his actions could be justified by his subconscious remembering of what, how and when to resolve the sh*t timeline. This is s*upid at least and takes all the relevance of his action if you think about it. How more drama and urgency would be added to the tale if he got just a glimpse of knowing that something was bad but more nuanced. And then he would solve it somehow. Like some indications, not simple "hey, I got an impression that mom should not come home now, eh" or "this name? Dunno, so strange, teehee". Add that to an unlikeable and unjustified MC, and you get a disappointing tale. This could be nice (and I do not say that as someone that loves revenge tales, believe me, brah). And his powers are interesting but basically take some weight from the plot, considering that he can see when someone lies, dislikes him, or adores him, and so on. This is an interesting concept, but bad for this type of story, plot-wise. It is used as a plot point, like: "oh, mah girlfriend has sum insecurities, how can I resolve that, ah, I wish she would sucky-sucky my peepee already, eh, thinking is hard, yoh".


TL, DR. Disappointing. There are some, very tiny, specs of interesting plots that could be explored. Consider the fact that you are time-traveled to your young self, but remember jack sh*t of all the bad things that could be solved and turn yours, and everyone you care about, live better, but you can vaguely remember the events, only some important or major ones. Now that would be nice, no? This is not what you get here. You get an edgy teen boy that plays pokemon making a harem of the women he had some contact with before being isekaied. We did not even get a joke about buying crypto or google stocks. The hell, author? I only read it because some yankee girl appeared, and yankees are nice, fight me.

But I feel that it will end up in disappointment again. And her plot involves the bandit king or some shit, lmao novel, lmao. Oh no, 10 chapters after my review, the Yankee plot got worse. By that read: she was turned into a vampire that is crazy for blood, but only his. And did you not know, vampires are s*x beasts when they sucky-sucky blood, so she is his new f*ck buddy. And in the original timeline, she lost her leg in some motorcycle accident, and they did have a fling or sum shit. But he does not remember and apparently, he turned her into a vampire because he subconsciously perceived that this would be the best course of action (???). So the s*upidity, he doing sh*t and it ending up right, is yet there. Amazing. Oh and from 4 harem members, 2 he gets sexy while using his human masks. Goddamit this novel is more s*upid by the chapter, I tell you.

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dimikb rated it
February 2, 2023
Status: c56
This is quite good. Yes it is smut and starts as if MC is just doing whatever the hell he wants with power he gained in other world upon returning back to japan into the past. So you may think it usual authors brainless wish come true story worth only half a fap and not gonna leave a strong impression, but as you read on, you see that there are actually hidden plot thingies start to play out that capture your attention. The fact that MC actually starts to realize... more>> his actions do not influence the world too much as if it is repeating some fate he cant avoid and the fact that there are memory voids he can't explain and things that strongly differ from his memory of his previous life, hint you to a deep plot that waits us down the road. So even tho its casual smut with r*pe and so on, it actually make me exited to see how the plot gonna turn out and makes me want to read not for the 18+ content as it alway is with the smut, but for the actual plot of it. Tontell the truth in later chapters 18+ content is just so so and doesn really have a deep interest in me as I am more keen to know what the hell is actually going on in the plot. <<less
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ErikHarrison rated it
November 10, 2022
Status: c7
Well if you're wondering if he became a better person after isekai'ing and growing up.


He seems bitter, possessive and straight up horrible. Corrupts his childhood friend, spiteful to his girlfriend then immediately starts dealing with criminals. This is 7 chapters in, not for me.
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