Return Together


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Midnight, the moon is bright, the stars sparse, and all is quiet.

A lone pear blossom is in half bloom before the window, its covert fragrance gushing with words unspoken.

The wind is cold. The eyes of the one in the yard are also cold.


I wanted to perish together, yet who would’ve thought we’d return together, hand in hand.

Return Together is the last book in Yu Xiao Lan Shan’s Jianghu/Strategy series. It takes place right after The Bandit’s Strategy, after the gang has settled into their new lives in the Imperial Capital. Lu Zhui is the protagonist. Each book is standalone, but there are character cameos and mentions that don’t disrupt the flow of the main story of each book.

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09/15/21 Suika TL c1-7
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New Chinatsu rated it
September 19, 2021
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This novel is good, but it will be better for those who have not read the other four novels, even though the story of each book is really standalone, but the cameos from the characters and more and more mentions of previous books, that's what makes the story a bit tiresome. MC and ML are the typical character of this author, friends who fall in love, with the difference that both have their memories erased, but cannot forget each other. For me this is a negative point of this romance... more>> the fact that both have their memories erased and recovered, you are left wondering, what is the true personality of the characters. Sometimes the story gets quite boring, especially when it's only focused on MC, because MC's father is very annoying! And the story around ML is much more interesting. Anyway, it's good. <<less
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