Return of the Sword God-Rank Civil Servant


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Sword God, Ahn Suho.
The greatest swordsman player in humanity was, surprisingly enough, a civil servant hunter belonging to the Korean Hunter Association.
Suho chose the path of a public servant purely to end the gates.

Perhaps that’s why?
When one of the disaster-level gates, called the final gate, was attacked,
In an ironic turn of events, he was betrayed by his comrades.

“You should have joined us from the beginning. Now I know why people say that civil servants are so inflexible.”

The reason his comrades betrayed him?
Because if the gates were closed, their power would disappear.

Is this the end?

Just as Suho’s consciousness was fading away,

[Rebooting Player Ahn Suho’s system.]

The system gave Suho one more chance.
A chance to go back to the past and set everything right.

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검신급 공무원의 회귀
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New ghjkk00 rated it
July 6, 2024
Status: c24
plot is MC (the strongest hunter/swordsman and a civil servant) was betrayed by his guild-aligned allies for wanting to get rid of dungeon gates, which would mean no more income for all hunters. he time travels and seeks revenge + to continue his original goals, this time disguised as a “healer” which I think is a wonderful concept!! (call the ambulance... but not for me >:) hehe)... its kinda early in translation, and they’re pretty good! his power progression is fast, but it’s understandable considering his experience. and his personality... more>> is chill, confident but not a jerk. MC is a bit showy about his “potential” to people he wants, but it’s refreshing from the usual lowkey protagonists of these kinds of stories. looking forward to reading more <<less
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