Return of the Soldier King


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After returning from a special mission abroad, he is forced to accept a job as a bodyguard. He is then tasked with the mission of protecting the powerful (and beautiful) CEO of a multinational company based in Shanghai.

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Pork_Supreme rated it
June 19, 2018
Status: c25
Generic novel is Generic. Most Awesome Man in the World is capable of everything but being normal, except somehow reads social cues 100% accurately and just chooses to ignore some. Most Awesome Man in the World is inexplicably surrounded by beautiful women everywhere he goes and they all consider him important enough to interact with despite being described as average in appearance. Meh. I suppose it might change in the future but I'd be pretty surprised.
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Seraph rated it
October 1, 2018
Status: c136
This is literally one of the cringiest novels I have ever read. If you have read School Beauty Personal Bodygaurd, it's like that but 20x worse. This guy is the epitome of fake alpha male, he tries to act cool but when it comes to a female he's nothing more than a slave or trained dog. He ends up in a house with 5 females and they are all gutter trash of side characters, just straight up not likable. The female that hired him is a complete bitch with no... more>> good personality traits from the start to where I dropped this novel (chap 136) even after he's saved her life a couple of times and more. In the latest chapter because one of the females tries to commit suicide she blames the MC because, "he didn't watch her properly." Ok first, he is her bodyguard and not a nanny so why should he have to care about anyone else, second that is a grown woman, if she wants to kill herself, stopping her without putting her in a facility set up for suicide prevention is impossible. Third he already stated very clearly he doesn't like this women, and last but not least she slit her wrists in the bathtub while taking a bath.... how could he stop that?!?! And despite all that he still is blamed by that bitch employer of his and of course he acts like a little coward and is even remorseful for some reason. There are many things wrong with this novel but that's the thing that caused me to drop it, read it at your own risk. <<less
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Nitpicking Reader
Nitpicking Reader rated it
October 25, 2018
Status: c4
Wow this novel is full of BS.

1) Subjugating people by throwing plastic knives in airplane.

2) Top list in interpol hitching a ride in a plane / terrorists with guns in plane.

... more>> 3) Throwing a pencil and can't be removed from a wall by an adult.

4) Our MC only 21 and is an op sniper and knife thrower.

5) The ceo of huge cosmetical company (the heroine) is at the age of 22 and she is the one that put the company back on tracks in 6months.

6) Throwing a knife and catching it mid-flight.

7) The Ceo he'll work for got attacked the very time of the interview.

These things are pure fantazy.

And all this in the span of 4chapters, I can't imagine the next events....

Would've been fine if this world had some natural powers but there is none so you have to assume that these people are from modern earth and can achive this which is needless to say is pure delusion.

ps: If sometime you want to take a break from reading good novels (you can't eat meat everyday), then read the sort like this one, with the condition of disactivating your brain cells. <<less
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SummerMascot rated it
December 25, 2018
Status: c633
Here are my answers (and probably some personal ranting) to your questions:
  1. Story begins like any other "soldier king returns home", "mercenary", "bodyguard" genre of novels.
  2. MC's Name is Ye Fei (叶飞). And why do I mention this? It's because there's like 5+ of these Novels that have the same/similar title "兵王归来" and they usually begin with stuff "like story starts with successful rescue of hostages from hijackers" and/or "being employed by an Ice-beauty Female CEO as a bodyguard".
  3. This chapter count on this page is incorrect: https://www. novelupdates. com/series/return-of-the-soldier-king/
  4. Total chapter count should be 633 chapters and not 913 chapter. (913 chapters is another copycat "兵王归来"). All signs point to an early cancellation/termination to the publishing of the novel because the average ones of this genre actually exceeds 1, 500+ chapters. So this means that the novel has plot issues, causing existing readers to abandon this novel.
  5. MC really starts out financially weak (because he doesn't have a penny to his name and has to pawn his weapons to get a basic meal) and militarily weak (his home country has basically disavowed him and he becomes the scapegoat for the wipeout of his black-ops strike force) compared to other Novels.
  6. And because of bad starting conditions that MC is given by the author, author is actually shooting himself in the feet and limiting his story options.
  7. Also this is author's 1st try at writing CN Novels. Author's later works managed to reach >1500+ chapters, although readership is still terrible (just not as bad as this title).
  8. Read spoilers below why I think the storyline is weak and depressing and whether or not it's a harem.
  • If I compared the story to a RPG, then MC starts out as http://darksouls. wikia. com/wiki/Deprived
  • Because MC is in an extremely bad starting position that he has to even consider selling away his "signature" weaponry and doesn't really have any wealth, army or political influence of his own.
  • And story continues without much significant progress to his economical and political influence to shape his own destiny or the world. Only his cultivation increases along the way but it isn't enough to change stuff.
  • And yes the story doesn't have a Harem tag because MC aims for only one girl Zhong Mei (钟梅) whose real identity is Dugu Mei (独孤梅), daughter of Clan Chieftain of the Dugu Swordsclan. And we don't even know whether he gets a happy ending with her... Read on.
  • MC finds out that the main villain is Dugu Lie (独孤烈) who has a Senior position and alot of influence within the Dugu Swordsclan and basically is the mastermind behind framing/wiping out MC's Falcon special taskforce group in the beginning of the storyline.
  • What's worse is that by the end of the final chapter, MC only manages to kill 2 of Dugu Lie's underlings and is forced to sever all ties with his current life and give up his real identity to infiltrate the Dugu Swordsclan, even though his primary aim is to be with Zhong Mei aka Dugu Mei. And then the novel ends.
  • In a way, it seems that MC has betrayed his own personal beliefs and possibly his home country and doesn't really see any light of hope in his seemingly futile mission.

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Uno rated it
April 3, 2019
Status: --
I got fooled by the title lol. MC is/was not so much of an elite let alone a master soldier (king). Maybe my understanding of the soldier/army is not so deep, but still the King, to me, is a mighty one or a person with abundant powers/riches. MC is just an excellent sniper, and he returns to his homeland as a failure, so how the heck he became a Soldier King?
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Danthefanokaku rated it
October 29, 2018
Status: c159
This series is not a serious one. If you're interested in reading it, make sure you go into it with that mindset. For around the first 130 chapters, the translation wasn't half bad. On a ten scale, it was probably 6/10. Not bad, but not awful. However, recently, the translation has fallen to unprecedented levels. It's at a 1/10, at its best. No one is proof reading this series at all, and that's just disappointing. So if you're looking for a series that's around a hundred chapters, funny, as a... more>> dumb op MC, and where every single female character is a tsundere, then this is the series for you.


I just want to add something here that has made me dislike this series even more. The main female character is a complete arrogant bimbo. She has no idea what to do, thus relies on the MC, then yells and screams at him when things go to hell because of her own wrong doing. She doesn't make sense. Logically, if someone says "don't go outside, you'll get killed/kidnapped/any awful thing, you would think twice about going outside right? Well this broad (and I'm using that not as a s*xist term, but rather a term to describe how far I have to search to find a single brain cell in this character) decides that it can't be that bad goes outside not even thinking twice. So if you love that type of character, then this series is for you. If you hate that type of character, then could you recommend some better series to me as I'd like to completely forget about this one. Thanks!

End of rant <<less
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