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Violence, Rogue, two names that had long since faded away from the limelight. In a new game, The Strange World, they appear once again. The two former legends, once more rise to glory.

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Deathlord rated it
November 18, 2017
Status: c18
First of all I gave 1 additional star for it being VRMMO novel.

This is like a poor copy of another work from the same genre where the MC who is a former legend in VRMMO games helps the female lead build her own team reputation inside the new game as to avoid the arranged marriage by her family.

but unlike that work this one takes the fun out of it in just 12 chapters. I mean I hoped at least MC would keep his personal feelings hidden until later rather than... more>> revealing them to the female lead just like that, also it is so lame that she believed him so easily.

For this I deducted the 2 stars. As for the last star its because of the bad translation/editing. I know its a relatively new series and a few typos were bound to happen here and there. If it were simple ones I wouldn't mind so. But the typos were major.


In one chapter it is mentioned that the reason everyone else believes MC left the old game Tyrant because of a mega Guild named 'Dynasty' and it is also mentioned that 'Dynasty' were the biggest enemy of him in Tyrant.

In one of the next chapters it is decided that they would name their guild 'Empire'.

After a couple of chapters the translator mixes up the names and mentions 'Dynasty' as the guild they were now going to build in this new game.

Please! This is major typo to mistaken the enemy guild name to that of your own.


Overall I am pretty disappointed. <<less
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Hayate rated it
February 3, 2019
Status: c75
Don't get me wrong, I'm glad that a new group pick this up from scratch, but I'm not even sure about the translation quality right now.

Edit: as of right now the translation quality has improved and actually readable, so props to current translator for the effort.

Edit2: nvm, still bad mostly.

Sometimes it looks like they edit it properly, sometimes it looks like they edit it to be barely readable, and then sometimes it looks like they just copy paste straight out of machine translation
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Crezz rated it
December 22, 2017
Status: c160
Basic story is good, this novel about virtual game and a bit romance. Unfortunately, the author sucks about game. He doesn't know anything about game term like aggro or the meaning of skill cooldown.

for example even if that skill need 48 hours to be used, the MC use it again just after resupplying in a town, or a skill that need a 3 minute cooldown, he can use it again just after the boss roaring


So if you just want to read a story to spend time and doesn't care about author inconsistency and plot hole that being covered with author "i want that happen so I write that", you can read it.

But if you care for some detail in a story and will get frustated of it, dont read it. Save your monitor cause you'll break it after being frustated when reading this novel.
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FaerNC rated it
November 29, 2017
Status: c16
A good story follows the basic structure, introduction, rising action, climax, falling action and resolution. Because a novel has so many chapters, there are many minor plots surrounded by a major plot which is again under an overarching story, all of which follow said structure.

However, wow. This story manages to glance over a major plot point within 10 chapters. For the reveal of MC's secret past, there has to be a sufficient rising action for the declaration to have any impact. We don't know any of the characters well enough... more>> to give any empathy towards his reveal and their surprise. It just felt lackluster. I decided to give the story 6 more chapters but it just felt like an ego-trip for the author to write this novel. It's just a plain badly written story.

Some people may enjoy a story like this, like how adele has bad singing technique but sounds nice to many people, but just because she is a good artist doesn't make her a good singer. Just because this is a enjoyable story doesn't make it a good one. <<less
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