Retirement Life


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Four years after the end of the world, Lin Mo finally gave up running and died in a zombie tide. However, when he woke up, he found himself transmigrated. Lin Mo was very satisfied with his leisurely life after crossing. What he is most satisfied with is that he has someone who loves him. Hungry, cold, or sick, someone cares about him and protects him. For Lin Mo, at the end of his life, Cheng Yan is his little angel.

Cheng Yan, with a serious face, listening to his wife: Mn, I am.

A group of generals and soldiers: …

All servants of the palace: …

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SalmonRapier rated it
March 27, 2020
Status: c56

I see most reviews here coming from those people who have resorted to MTL-ing this novel.

Since I have also done the same, here's my honest review on the novel.

... more>> To start off with, if you're planning to MTL to quickly get to the end, you're only asking for confusion. It's best you just stick and wait for the proper translations to end and just binge read after.

THIS novel may not be the best story out there, but it is still a decent and enjoyable read. It makes you do a lot of thinking, and has a lot of opportunity for you to take a try at guess work.

I also personally feel that most people aren't "ACTUALLY CAREFULLY READING" the story, hence all the confusion. And that's quite unfair towards the author.

I do agree that the author does add a lot of elements to the story, but it's not put in a way that the story is a complete mess and you can't make out the head or tail of it. Besides, the author actually gives an effort in explaining things—something people miss out on if they skim through long paragraphs.

I haven't completed the entire novel just yet (and I don't want to post major spoilers here) but as I've understood the story so far, the MC, Lin Mo is a transmigrator who was originally from a world that faced a Zombie Apocalypse. On dying, he wakes up to find himself in another world set in the Ancient Era and in the body of a ger who shares his name.

It's basically your typical transmigration story but with a twist.

The twist being that this world set in the Ancient Era is possibly a parallel of his original world. We get to know this because the MC has two older brothers who resemble the older brothers he had in his past life.

There's a lot more to the plot as it gradually progresses and we meet a variety of characters that have something special going on about them—with them either having been reborn or transmigrating into the present setting of the story. There are quite a few surprises which I enjoyed coming across (but won't mention it because I want people to enjoy it themselves) and I do hope people would feel the same.

Don't let the negativity in the reviews throw you off or stop you from giving this novel a try!

AND ALSO, PLEASE DON'T RESORT TO GOOGLE TRANSLATE FOR MTL. That's the worst thing you could do to yourself :') <<less
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amruta rated it
May 9, 2020
Status: Completed
This novel is a mess. I don't know why the author added all the unnecessary stuff near the end.
The synopsis makes you expect a sweet story. What is delivered is a strange mishmash of cultivation, transmigration, rebirth, interstellar system. It's too much. For a story with just 74 chapters, this is a big no-no.

Spoilers ahead......

The MC and his entire family is killed in the zombie world. MC transmigrates into ancient world in the body of a sickly ger. He starts to get along with this adopted family when lo and behold. It turns out that the eldest brother has been reborn and knows that MC is not original brother and their entire family was killed. The MC gets together with ML and is given a jade plate with cultivation option for the ML to prolong life, which ML rejects. Then we have a system in a human body which has crossed over from the far future interstellar world in search of the MC. The MC's original father gave up his soul and his chance at reincarnation to achieve this. There is another transmigrated character in the story who is part of the villain camp.


The story has too much going on and has a lot of loose ends. None of the things are resolved in a logical manner. What a letdown.

The relationship between MC and ML is lacking of trust as well. ML accepts the MC as he is. But MC never talks to ML about his space, his transmigration or anything else. One day, the ML dreams of the MC's life in the apocalypse but decides not to mention anything and wait for the MC to tell him.

Skip this. There are better novels available.
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Honey B
Honey B rated it
May 7, 2020
Status: Completed
The translation was good. The stars I gave go to the translators.

The first third, very slice of life, but not too bad.



... more>>

The MC and ML's personalities flipped a d*mn switch and now I'm reading totally different characters...?

Then you want to throw a system in the mix that has no real purpose other than to...? Yeah, I don't know either.?

THEN A DRAGON!? WTF AUTHOR?!? A mother f*ing dragon at the very last chapter that is completely useless to the whole story... Did you pull that out of your a**!?! (╯‵□′) ╯︵┻━┻

CULTIVATION?!?! ARE YOU F*ING SERIOUS RIGHT NOW?!! This novel had nothing to do with it and then you pop that tidbit in the end for what? Kicks and giggles??‍♀️


So, nope, you screwed the pooch on this sh*t, author.

FYI if you're going to give me a bad plot, at least put some smut in it. ? <<less
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Honefuusen rated it
March 4, 2020
Status: Completed
This is a very laid back story. The settings of the story was actually quite convoluted. There's someone reborn, some people transmigrated, some people dreamed of lives different from theirs, pocket spaces, so many things that could have become their own story with their own complications. But the author was interesting enough to just mix those and made it into a laid back slice of life story.

It's very befitting of the title. The MC was transmigrated there and it has become his retirement life after the hardships he went through... more>> in his previous lives. Good for him.

MC and ML life together is the main highlight of the story IMO. They are very fluffy, the ML is very good to the MC, MC clings to the ML and just, they are so very sweet together. My teeth ache.

Since the story was fairly short there's not much content. But overall it was a satisfactory read. If you have just read something frustrating or upsetting then this story is a fitting offset.

I saw that the author makes spinoffs from the story, I hope those get translated as well. They are stories from MC previous lives in the apocalypse days. I'm always thirsty for zombie apocalypse stories.

Current transaction doesn't have to be questioned. Exiled rebels does a great translation as usual. A shout out for them. <<less
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Axvii rated it
May 9, 2020
Status: Completed
Okay to start off:

The plot isn't really a mess and the message is loud and clear that we have a main character who wants to have a happy and normal life after experiencing a ton of physical, mental and psychological torture throughout his life.

If you went along the ride and read it carefully you will find out that every genre or trope that the author puts in the story isn't a mess but only has a few loose ends.

It's really questionable as the exposition towards the ending was badly done... more>> or not as there is a reasonable explanation as to why the ending felt rushed spoilers ahead:


1. Villains might not have really been considered as villains in this story but only canon fodder as they weren't a threat anymore to the royal family after cheng yan lives in this timeline which is the novel.

2. Zero one mentions that he took one of the girls golden fingers and weakens whenever MC is within her range.

They have nothing to worry about anymore.



the slight cultivation subplot towards the end was within my expectations but didn't expect how badly it was written HAHA but it was a okay answer to a minor question I guess?


In the end, in order to enjoy this story I went along the ride as it isXD

This novel vibes with that one animation studio where most of their anime characters end up fighting in space. (And this novel I think almost also end in space when :

the interstellar trope and system trope was put in the story XD



Imagination is very raw everytime we try to recreate ideas towards a story. How the author's way of constructing this story was very raw and in a good way, but there also some parts that could have been improved or removed. The consistency of how the quality of writing the story was like a graph of ups amd downs to the point it looks like zigzag on the road and the road was also a bumpy one at that.

But as for the most part I really enjoyed it. <<less
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Kisaki_Tsubasa rated it
January 30, 2022
Status: Completed
The story is a freaking mess.

I managed to finish it because I live for the fluff and this story was at least fluffy.

For a slice-of-life, this story brushes over the details that would make a slice-of-life enjoyable. For example, MC wanted to buy a store? They just bought it. No detail about how they did it, how they went about it, where the money came from. It was literally: "MC decided to buy a shop, so he and ML asked X to look for one and they bought it". That... more>> was it.

Main conflict in the story? That was solved with a wave of a hand by ML.

MC as a character was also shit. After all he went through, instead of having a highly perceptive, highly sharp and highly alert personality, he was a very exasperating combination of naive, gloomy and twisted/dark. MC became gloomy and twisted because he lost his family because his world was hit by a zombie apocalypse and was tortured and experimented on by crazy scientists, so he had no hope nor even desire for life. But before that, he was doted on and cared for like a freaking flower in a greenhouse from the moment he was born up to the moment he was sold to the research institute. So, he's still very naive. MC is a very irritating combination of naive + gloomy. He faints all the time and has random meltdowns. ML didn't even have a reason for why he fell in love with MC. The only clue there was that ML noticed MC's eyes were different from everyone else in the village. Meaning, he didn't seem like a country bumpkin, that's it.

Plus, the author just randomly added a bunch of other elements here and there and it was a huge mess that was solved by a waive of a hand. *Rolls eyes* <<less
12 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Simmi rated it
May 16, 2020
Status: --
I like the story a lot but I do hope that authors would stop using only a fair and white skinned descriptions. Please no offense I seriously like the story a lot but as a person with dark skin I start feeling depressed when I just came to terms that I cannot have a lighter shade than what I already am.
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3eraphiel rated it
September 27, 2020
Status: Completed
1. Pretty bland.

2. Too much going on so most details are just glossed over. No suspense. Just smooth sailing for the MC. The protag halo is damn OP for this one. But in a bland boring cliche way. The MC went with the "pitiful therefore deserve all the luck in world without much effort" route.

3. For a mere short 74 chapters, it has 2 transmigrator (potentially a 3rd one), a rebirth, a humanoid intellectual AI and 3 differents worlds (zombie apocalypse, pseudo-ancient imperial china & interstellar). It read more like... more>> a plot summary than an actual story. It also has gers, amnesia, system, pocket dimension, martial arts & cultivating on top of everything else.
4. The translation is also only so-so. The names are not kept straight. Not the worst but it does have grammar & spelling errors. Not to mention it practice my personal pet peeves which translates everything to english including the special nouns. <<less
10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Xylia125 rated it
May 8, 2020
Status: Completed
The synopsis is sounded promising. But.... well it was a little misleading.

It was okay until chapter 50smth... there's farming, cooking and some character descriptions.

Then it got a bit weird like really really weird.

... more>>

After the ML regained his memories and they went to the Capital. Stuff just got weird. There's Suddenly a injured system who stole the FL halo to repair itself then somehow the FL just gets locked up in prison with some enemy prince. That's the end of her, like what?! HELLO ISNT SHE THE BIG BOSS??? That's it??!


The story just jumps around. It didn't do that good a job delivery the plot, things just were very forced. There were to many lose ends which were not well explained or developed. Things were mentioned briefly and concluded just as abruptly. It just felt a bit messy and not well planned. <<less
10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
February 29, 2020
Status: Completed
This story is well written and you can feel the flow of love between ML and MC.

The story had no much conflit or drama.
10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Kei-Em03 rated it
May 16, 2020
Status: Completed
Novel is about 3 ⭐⭐⭐

Translation is well done ❤???

Good read ? If you are looking for something more on family love, and sweet married life.

... more>>

But plot wise, Id advise to ignore it if you feel its getting ridiculous or weird. Just focus on the familial love, and fluff of marriage life between MC and ML.

Actually, the plot got some potential despite it being cliches all over. Its just that there was a lot going on as chapter goes on. If it were about 200 chapters it couldve been more arrange properly with more details, it wouldnt seem so rush and a tad bit confusing. And I somehow feel that somethings werent express properly and somehow vague. I mean by the time they were in the capital eveything just came rolling so fast. The female transmigrator werent specified how bad she was. Or how she rope the men around her. Or how the system plundered her golden fingers or what exactly her golden fingers is/are (Aside for mary sue halo it was implied that there was another but wasnt specified)

But aside from that, interactions with the children and brothers are funny and cute. MC and ML are sweet together.

Characters are quite likeable especially the twins xiaoya and xiaonan ??


  • MC transmigrated from the apocalypse timeline/world.
  • MC transmigrated to an ancient world as a 'ger'. Only ger on the family. Weak and often sick. The 4th among sibling (1st bro, 2nd bro, 3rd sis, MC, 5th and 6th twin bro). 1st bro is married and also have twins (3yrs old -xiaoya, xiaonan) who are very close to MC. The family is no5 rich but also not poor. They can feed themselves properly but didnt have any savings because OriHost os sickly and 2nd bro goes to the Academy which is very costly.
  • MC is suffering from PTSD, so he cant sleep, he's very withdrawn. He only warmed up to the family bit by bit.
  • The country policy stipulates the people to get married at a certain age or the government will arrange a marriage for them (they would be married to widows, divorced men, etc. So with more than 1 year to spend, MC's parent wants to arrange marriage with ML who MC's father rescued about a year ago.
  • ML's got amnesia. He lives as a hunter since he was rescued.
  • MC's brothers (1st and 2nd) are like his brothers in his original world
  • MC's 1st brother is reborn, after being attacked by a boar. With this, we know that this is the 2nd timeline where MC transmigrated. (1st timeline, MC transmigrated. There was no ML. The family was plotted to death after 5 years. MC's 2nd brother who was fascinated with the Prime Minister's Daughter was framed and prisoned. MC before dying told 1st brother the truth - He transmigrated the OriHost died already, and to be careful of the PM's daughter since she's dangerous. Then after 1st brother died he was reborn to 5 years ago when MC just transmigrated)
  • 1st brother told the 2nd brother about him being reborn. 1st brother even on the 1st timeline knew the MC wasnt his original brother since they are so different but he also treated MC as his brother. 2nd brother had a hard time accepting this at first when he heard of it but came around after a few months, he still treated MC like a brother.
  • MC heard their convo and was shock and had a breakdown. Met ML while running and comforted by ML.
  • They started to develop feelings. MC feels calm and able to sleep with ML around so he's very clingy to ML ?
  • After marriage they started a business along with the family which gave income for the family. Fruit wine and foods.
  • ML started to recall some of his memories and he seems to be the General Cheng, Brother of the Emperor.
  • They decided to go to the imperial capital with 2nd bro who will take the exam to search for more clues about MLs identity.
  • On the way to the capital, they were attacked. MC fell into coma. In his dream, he travelled back to the time that he was still in the apocalypse timeline as a test subject, then the 1st timeline where he was tortured by the PM's daugther. And then back to the timeline before the apocalypse in which he spend 10yrs with his family before deciding that he it was time to wake up and go back for ML.
  • MC met the PM's Daughter, he was sure that the female transmigrated because of the way she acts and speaks.
  • MC seems to be uncovering the hidden identity of the Lin Family. The previous Lin Family was from the Imperial Capital. They were framed, and killed for treason, but was later absolved. Grandfather Lin with his son and daughter in law escaped from the capital to the far countryside and became farmers.
  • Emperor's shadow guard (Zero One) is a humanoid-system, a lover of the emperor.
  • Zero One came from the future, created to aid the 3 brothers in the apocalypse world. MC's father was able to go to the Interstellar age.
  • MC's original father provided half his soul to Zero One in order to complete his task of protecting the brothers, especially MC.
  • Zero One explained that the he already plundered the transmigrator's golden fingers.
  • MC doesnt want Zero One to recognize him as master and so he stayed with the emperor as his husband.
  • Lin family arrived at the capital. MC married ML again
  • Prime Minister, Prince Jing (ML's uncle who wants to rebel) and Female transmigrator was arrested. (Though it was not detailed how they tried to rebel or how they were arrested.)
  • The day of the marriage, ML's general grandfather gave a jade pendant to ML saying to give this to MC and have him drop blood into it. The jade is like his jade pendant with the spiritual space that was the initial cause of MC's suffering in the apocalypse world. MC was scared and shock. He was scared if this will cause everything to go disarray again and get the people he cared about killed again.
  • Afterwards, MC dropped his blood into the jade. ML dreamt of everything that has happened to MC. (It was not specified, but I think everything from the apocalypse world to the 1st ancient timeline). It also made the the space like a fairyland and awaken the dragon. (Opening the cultivation world)
  • MC told ML about the space and the cultivation. But ML didnt want to cultivate, since even if he live a long time, MC will not be with him. Thus ending the novel.

Short version:

Basically a Modern turn Apocalypse/ Transmigration to Ancient/ Reborn Brother-Opening the 2nd Timeline Plot/ Battling the Transmigrating Useless Antagonist who was barely there/ Past Life Explained by a Humanoid System-Opening the Interstellar Plot/ Another Jade Pendant Appeared-Opening the Cultivation Plot

This is just overreaching for a 74 chapter novel. Dont you think???

9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Ishikawa.chie rated it
May 11, 2020
Status: c32
This is a gem for whose who like a slice of life in ancient settings. No drama, no face slapping and no annoying charas.

There are also mysteries which I look forward to read.

Thank you for ExR for translating the novel ?
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ylial rated it
May 11, 2020
Status: Completed
I love this novel; it has its own charm.

As stated by translator. The author didn't explain everything (but the important points and the past are explained the end). Instead she lets the reader think which I liked a lot (though I feel like it's a cliffhanger). Also, most readers are confused, probably due to MTLing BUT everything about the past are explained properly. I love reading the MC's interaction with his family and with ML. Really suited for the title. There are a lot of mysteries too since the tags... more>> are "reincarnation and transmigration", which I won't explain anymore or I'll spoil the fun of the novel.

I highly recommend this for those who want to relax. Doesn't have drama and is a good read. <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
BobChan rated it
May 5, 2020
Status: c71
The synopsis and translation group drew me in, but I have to say that the storyline is quite regrettable. There's the slice of life sub-genre tag and I can understand what the author is trying to attempt in doing... It's just that everything kinda really fell short.

The MC, Lin Mo transmigrates from another universe that was futuristic and was infested with zombies. He ended up in the sickly body of the fourth child, who also has the same name as he does.

... more>>

That's when the cooking, weakly protagonist, family business sub-genre tags come in--but, they're literally only mentioned in the first arc before they're never mentioned again. Lin Mo started cooking for his family and putting in the spiritual spring water to help their constitution be stronger--but as soon as he gets married--Lin Mo just became a baby. The ML, Cheng Yan cooks, hunts, and does everything else, while Lin Mo was only responsible for sleeping. I get that the aforementioned actions are supposed to be doting and spoiling, but it just felt too quick and was poorly executed.

The part about the business venture, it happened along with the cooking as Lin Mo came upon the fields that belonged to the family. You're only able to read a small part about fruit winemaking and dried fruits and that's the end of it. It'll never pop up later on in the story.

It's like the author wanted to incorporate those elements in just because they read other novels that had it, and then, decided to drop it.



As for character development... There's really none. The MC doesn't really change, other than being a little more open. In my opinion, his character, out of all of the characters is the most boring.

Lin Mo came in all gloomy and discombobulated and slowly adjusts to the strangers. He then overheard a conversation between the eldest and second son, in which he broke down and ran away.

This led to the MC and ML getting close, and to me, it is kinda a bland and rushed development to get the two characters together. The MC, never showed his cunning side again after being married as he's always moping around in his own thoughts and sleeping.

What really annoyed me was that throughout the entire story, Lin Mo never confided in Cheng Yan and the ML found out by some mystical powers helping him through sleeping one night. The author kept on reminding the readers how scared the MC was and it's like, where they were at this point, the ML had proven himself to be dependable and reliable--but the MC was like a hermit crab stuck in time.


A small thing...


The only thing I really liked was that on their wedding night, there was no hesitance or wishy-washy reasoning like in how a lot of BG and BL novels had that dragged on for ages on why either one of them can't do it. At this point, they're already married, felt attracted to each other, and so, naturally, on their wedding night, they had s*x.


As for the ending...


Translations has already caught up to one of the extras, and I have to say that the ending was abrupt and not satisfying one little bit. The way the villains were disposed of was so fast and unexpected that it made you questioned what was the point of everything. It would've been better if the author had at least written a more satisfying act of revenge as the ML and his royal older brother took care of everything. It felt like they were swept under the rug and that was it.

The author also ended it on a cliff-hanger-ish part, but at this point, the story was already so bland, I was not very interested in wanting to read the extras or to even wonder about the side couple that was indicated by the author.


Overall, I wouldn't really recommend reading this story as there are other slice of life novels that are written much better. Perhaps if you really have nothing to read, you can go ahead and read it as it is completed. Thank you for the translations though ExR. <<less
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Syeki rated it
March 20, 2020
Status: Completed
It was kind of slice-of-life-y in the first half of the novel, with slow leisurely pacing and no drama, which was okay for me, as the chapters were short and I didn't find it dull. The ML was the strong, silent, shy guy type, which I found endearing.

Then in the 3/4 of the story, drama was added, which made it more exciting and more enjoyable to read, although it was slipping away from the slice-of-life feels.

But in the final quarter of the novel... the only way I can describe it... more>> was that it was a MESS. The Author seemed to suddenly wake up and decided to do an EXTREME genre shift. The ML's character also changed, from the previous silent, taciturn, quietly supportive guy to the stereotypical, possessive vinegar vat. A lot of questions were brought up and then discarded (or maybe it was lost in MTL, idk) but basically the final quarter of the story was a letdown for me. It was probably meant to be a series of shocking reveals but to me it felt more like the Author wanted to try dipping their fingers into all the pots at once. A lot of pointless "plot", if you ask me. <<less
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dday0425 rated it
December 22, 2021
Status: Completed
I actually dropped this novel at chapter 37 and even rated it so low as 2 stars, which I don't remember why anymore.

Now that I picked it up again, I don't think it's that bad. At least it deserves 3-3.5 stars (which might be because I read too many fast paced novels recently, so this slow slice of life style is quite refreshing in my eyes at the moment). However, the obvious downside is probably that this story has too many elements yet there is nothing remarkable? Honestly, I don't... more>> have any impression of reading it before at all, even though I read it for almost 40 chapters, which is pretty critical for a novel of this length.

Now, as the title said, "Retirement life", the MC was spoiled by his husband and his family to death. Yes, his past life is tragic, I feel sorry for him. But after the transmigration, he actually didn't have to do anything AT ALL. Sleep until noon is fine, no farming is fine, not doing any housework is also fine. Lol, although he's deadly sick, whose ancient common household treat their children like this?? His father, mother, eldest brother and sister-in-law do all the farming, cooking, housework, packing, and many miscellaneous things, yet the MC is sleeping in his warm room waiting to be called to eat. Lol, are you kidding me? This is probably my first time seeing this kind of zero character development from a main character.

Besides, what about his brothers in the previous world? How about the result of the sub-system mission? Will they survived in the end? The author didn't even care to write about it, then why bother to put it in the story in the first place? This is frustrating. <<less
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Fisukisuki rated it
May 23, 2021
Status: Completed
I hate to actually say I get why this has low rating because it has unique plot and some people might not prepare and adjusted. Though it only shown on the last 1/4 part of the story. The first 3/4 of the story were Wonderful and I guess 'normal' enough. But seriously, give it try! The plot is NOT MESS! It's Unqiue, it's a lot to take, Extraordinary, but it wasn't out of place.

IGNORED THE SUMMARY! That summary, while told us, yes, Cheng Yan is wonderful doting husband, but Lin... more>> Mo sound like a Lazy MC. Our MC is FAR FROM LAZY!!! He rather a Hardwork. It's rare reading this type of MC. Had a Loving Family background. Was Spoiled but also a normal person who studied Food in College. When Transmigrated, even with his weak sickly body he still try to Cook and Sell Food for his family. This Retirement Life is Having an Ordinary Life, NOT about being Doted and Lazing around. He's being doted as much as he can by ML though. But he's rather Proactive character.

It's really about Slice of Life novel though. But also with lot of Unexpected Plot. BUT when I think about it now, the plot remind me of Short Fix-it Fic. Why I said 'Short', because while there's a Rebirth plot and being Cautious about their Bad Future, the novel is not about that.

The Revenge intention was in Background, and the Revenge itself had happened in the background. The bad guys caught in the background like they're not really important because so many change and difference with the second timeline.


The ending is Great. The story is not perfect, but the Ending kinda Satisfying. Why 'kinda'? Well...

ML finally know about MC's secrets through dream, but MC doesn't know ML know now. It's on the last chapter. The ending is ML going to wait for MC to tell this secret himself and ML just pretend to not know this but would always love MC. So yeah, kinda satisfying


Anyway, It might not be Perfect, but it's Lovely, Unique and I Enjoyed every moment of it! I Love it! <<less
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Kaylee rated it
April 16, 2020
Status: Completed
At first, I was tired of this MC, with all his trauma, he is alw remebering his past life and not willing to move on. But then, he slowly thaws, it helps with his rebirth brother still loves him and his family is rly taking care of him. Also, he meets his pillow and furnace man to help him to sleep at night. Lol

The pace of the story is very fast. By fast meaning too much things that need more attention and detail but the author didnt write it... more>> instead just threw it whenever it showed up and reader just needs to go along with it. Since MC starts to change himself, as reader I also want to support him to not be depressed MC anymore and couldnt wait for next chapter. However, I think this novel could do without system, the end of the world and cultivation element. It just confused the main theme and added unnecessary spice. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Acidelia rated it
March 1, 2020
Status: Completed
I stayed for the couple. Had the MC and ML's relationship been terrible, I wouldn't have had the will to continue MTLing. Personally, I found the novel lacked action or drama (and in instances where there was, they were very small and easily resolved) - but this may play to other people's preferences if you prefer a more slice-of-life style writing, however even I found the style to lack the charm other casual reads would have.

The ML's care and consideration towards the MC is what really saves this novel. It's... more>> to the point where I feel as if the ML is giving more to the relationship than the MC - but that's just my impression from my MTL reading.

Main characters are usually meant to be intriguing, they're the selling point of the novel after all. With this MC, I felt that besides his terrible past and ability, there's not much memorable about him (?) The whole backstory around his family gets very convoluted, especially as the story progresses, and a lot of questions are asked towards the later half of the story, but the answers are rarely satisfactory to me. I described it as casual read before, but any projects the MC ever picks up are either handed over to someone else or rarely mentioned again.

I feel that I've been very critical in my review, so to word it more positively, I recommend this for someone looking for a main couple with a loving and caring relationship. <<less
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iHeartnovelsMeng rated it
November 15, 2022
Status: Complet
Where to start...

At the beginning it was alright I like this type of novel but as the story progressed it started to not make sense Half way through I started to skip a lot just to finish this damn novel. This novel has all the genre you can think of Transmigration rebirth sci-fic AI cultivation time machine all of it just got stuffed into this novel. I wondered if author is on something 🤯🤯🤯🤯

Dont waste your time.
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