Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder


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What should she do if she transmigrates into a cannon fodder? The first thing she will do will be to happily repay all the debt owed to the original body. She will enjoy living in the present rather than worry about the future since this is her second chance at life.

Max-leveled bosses suddenly make a comeback at the last minute!

【My fiancé falls in love with the housekeeper’s daughter? What about me? Well, I naturally have my own small wolfdog coax me until I’m happy!】

【So what if the abandoned wife of a wealthy man is ridiculed by the whole internet? How shallow! I came from a rich and powerful family too!】

【An idol fan has accidentally taken in the wrong idol. It’s fine, she will just raise and nurture the puppy dog to her taste.】

*Puppy Dog – A guy who is young, handsome, clingy, possessive, slender, and lean but has muscles.

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nevelvir rated it
August 12, 2020
Status: c100
I just found this story yesterday and mtled until the 2nd world ending in one sitting.

The story is good, easy for reading and not dog blooded. As she continued from one world to another, you could see how professional she is on her face slapping journey. She learned a lot and become more OP as she walked.

If you're into a FMC OP novels with little focus on romance and didn't really mind leaving some of your common sense behind for a light reading, this is for you.
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Sauramon rated it
September 3, 2020
Status: Completed
This novel isn't bad, but it also isn't good, or at least not to my personal tastes.

Imo, QT either needs a great MC so you're willing to follow them even through boring worlds or a compelling over arc that sets the story apart from the others, making you curious to see how it ends. Cliche worlds aren't really a problem for me, because that's exactly why I read QT: I know what I like and I'm satisfied by getting it.

All that said, this story is the kind that depends on... more>> a great MC, but I just don't like her. I don't have a problem with badass, independent, non romantic leads, and it's inevitable that a 10000 yo demon is unfeeling and selfish, but... What is the point in reading about a person who doesn't care about others? For me, it's a bit... Meh.

It's not that she doesn't have any meaningful relationships, but the text it's too dry and everything feels superficial. It feels like she's playing house. The ML are all loyal dogs who have to be on their toes all their lives for fear that she'll get bored and disappear. By the end it feels like they're nothing but fresh meat for her to pass time.

Some might say she has character development by the end and... Sure. In the last 2-3 arcs she suddenly cares about the Well-being of the People out of nowhere, but it was so sudden I felt like I had skipped an arc, but no.


I've read all the QT of this author, and I really like them, but this one was a huge miss for me. If anyone is wondering, there are two 1x1 BG (very cute and short), one with a male MC (which made me read all the others) and two others I REALLY wish I could finish because they fix the destiny of canon fodders from real tv shows but... It's basically all wuxia and I don't have much patience for martial arts. Also they are written on the premise everyone has seen the shows, so there's nothing explaining the ins and outs of the story, so you kinda have to roll with it or search the plot on wiki. But there's nothing cliche on those novels!

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joyshu rated it
August 12, 2020
Status: Completed
just read it for the MC. That's it.

also there is no system and while she is strong she also uses what she learns in other worlds

also not in every ending she ends with ml. She has not ended with him in 2 arcs if my second one meaning is correct as mtl)

... more>> just finished this and I can only recommend arcs which I completed which were extremely good.

is skipped the arcs with 1970s, ancient times and cultivation arcs (i don't like these arcs in stories) except this these arcs I loved the story and still just read for the mc <<less
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gryffinpuff rated it
October 15, 2021
Status: c73
Read upto end of second arc - Wuxia cultivator ends up transmigrating into different worlds using her 'whatchamacallit-soul mirror' - she challenges these worlds as something new/novel to experience. In order to not owe any karma etc to original body owner, she helps them fulfill their wish or/and help them reincarnate to a good life.

She is a genius with super cultivated divine sense and learns everything very quickly - becoming business mogul within a year or learning top acting skills within a month etc... She's a Queen! Becoming top existence... more>> and crushing enemies with her top-notch skills - making the ori-slag MLs suffer till they are green with regret! There's lot of face slapping as shameless ori-MLs and their belles keep turning up to get their comeuppance every once in a while...

Though I feel bad for the MLs - they are wholly loyal and devoted to MC, yet they are treated like replaceable commodities. I get it that MC is supposed to be someone from upper realms for whom regular humans are source of passing interest, and as a cultivator who can pass years and years without meeting anyone, she's not invested much in human relationships - everyone she interacts with are either 'cute' or 'tr*sh to be ignored/destroyed'. She treats ML with disregard - and their relationship becomes them trying to cater to her needs at her schedule at her convenience - they spend their whole lives on pins and needles lest MC gets bored of them and leaves.

PS: 155 translated chaps = 51 raw chaps <<less
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shouahang58 rated it
September 8, 2020
Status: c50
Currently on the 2nd arc but I'm stopping here.

The 1st arc was good and I like it but the 2nd arc is really long and boring.

I can't feel the romance from MC, it feels rather very forceful as MC doesn't actually like the ML.
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Anastrisha rated it
January 8, 2022
Status: c223 [DROPPED]
Going through the first world, although there were some stuff I personally didn't like, it was still a nice read. But then proceeding to the next arc, the problems continue and so I decided to just drop it than expect it will turn out great. My main issue with the story is MC having the Mary Sue halo. She is written without much a flaw, the only flaw the author could have work on (her view of love) wasn't developed and instead was preach as the right thing. Thus, the story becomes a bit dull. The only times it becomes interesting is when there's face slapping or POV of the enemy. Otherwise, it's just fillers and bland. Then the romance is also not that great. Her relationship with ML felt too shallow to the point that you would pity the ML more for staying with this kind of person who can't appreciate your value. Love is not just about being happy, or else we just need drugs. The author failed to understand this, thinking all it matters is being happy, even if the other side had almost become like a dog who follows her orders. My boi, that's not love that's a servant. Initially I had huge hopes for this story especially with the first world dirty garbage's father attitude.

"Dad, I want to join the company."

"Are you drunk?"



However the MC is too perfect that I can't relate at all with her. The story is also a bit unrealistic and at times contradict certain information.
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whitespade rated it
December 22, 2020
Status: c15
Painfully boring. I love cliches and face slapping and OP characters but the prose need to be actually interesting. There's too many paragraphs I could skip without leaving any important info. Too dry.
13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jellyfishmonger rated it
September 8, 2021
Status: c28
You know that middle schooler response that goes 'did you just call me a b*tch? Well that's a female dog and dogs bark and bark grows on trees and trees are part of nature and nature is beautiful, so you really just called me beautiful. Thanks'. Thanks what this story feels like. A desperate attempt at face slapping.
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chocolatechipcookie rated it
July 6, 2021
Status: --
    • Ever Since I read Ning Shu's QT stort I've been looking for more QT stories. This MC is Mary sue ish, everybody's cardboard cutouts... literally they don't feel alive at all. I was interested at first but when the appearance descriptions came..I just knew..I just knew lol and I was right sadly
The world is literally bending to the MC (the concept can be good tbh depending on the author when done correctly, this just wasn't it for me) I was bored out of my mind, time to move on

Not my cup of tea rn, goodluck to other readers! enjoy tho
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
cupsidate rated it
July 14, 2022
Status: Completed
So I want to give my two cents to offset the many negative reviews. It's true that this isn't a novel for everyone, as the main character is very OP from the start. However, I'd argue that that's the whole point, and it's just a matter of whether you're into that or not. The main character reached the highest peak of cultivation and when she was at the topmost threshold towards true immortalhood, she decided that it really wasn't all that fun so she decided to just roam different worlds... more>> instead.

So that's one of the major points in this novel: The main character's goal is to simply have fun, she doesn't value revenge or wild adventures, and she has a really pragmatic point of view about... Everything, really. Including romance!

This gets shown in the very first arc, where main character points out the unhealthy obsession with being with someone just for the sake of not being alone, and that there's plenty of simpler and more fulfilling ways to be happy than to be in a relationship. This is a running theme in the novel, and often times MC will not get involved with men interested in her because she either simply doesn't like them or their circumstances would stifle her, which she is not willing to accept. This is something I deeply enjoy, since it's super rare to see female main characters be TRULY self sufficient, and not just "self sufficient until I find a man and now I can't live without him and I'd sacrifice everything for him".

It's a simple novel in it's execution: It just strives to be a wish fulfillment story of things going well for the protagonist and her living a happy life no matter the circumstances or obstacles, because that's what she cares about. For me, it is super fun to watch main character be unaffected by her surroundings and chase her interests for a lifetime, no matter how mundane they may seem, and I love that she refuses to repeat what she's already done for a lifetime as it's not fun for her anymore. So in later arcs, she might just use the business skills she's learned over the past lifetimes, but she'll never again focus her life on business since she's already satisfied with the results of her previous endeavors. She has a really casual outlook on everything, and to some this may be hard to relate to or seem unfair to the people involved with her in each world, but for me it scratched an itch I never even knew I had.

TLDR: Honestly, just give it a try for more than just the first arc, and don't be discouraged by the reviews! Though not everyone will enjoy this novel, I do think there's plenty who would've had more fun had they not tried to expect out of the MC what they're used to. I hope to see more people enjoy this, as it's definitely a novel I've enjoyed a lot! <<less
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Airi Ai
Airi Ai rated it
November 4, 2021
Status: Completed
Well, first of all, let me tell u that 1) #SuperLongText and 2) I like this author.

I've been reading her work for 2 or 3 weeks, and there is something about her stories that really catches my attention (The overall idea/ proposition/ and perspective behind some of her arcs caught me).

I haven't found many Chinese authors that makes me want to continue reading other of their works, but she did it (even tho there are some obvious flaws).

So yeah, this story "Retired Villainess..." ain't perfect, but I don't believe is... more>> as bad as some people said below. Especially, I wouldn't take to the core reviews that are from people who did just read the 1st or 2nd arc to judge the whole story (fr, they didn't know the whole story either, lol). I do agree with several of them regardless.

The story had sooo much potential imho, but the author didn't make justice to her own work, it's a pitty?

  • This is what I think about the story, some elements and its parts:
  • The 1st arc wasn't bad, but wasn't memorable either. MC came to the new world and experienced the most clich arc ever about a rich and pampered girl who died because of a sc*mbag.
  • Taking in count that this arc was made to introduce MC and to get her accustomed to the modern world, I think it was a nice choice in that regard. It also had some funny moments and a decently spicy dog-blood drama, haha (somehow I enjoyed a lot the ending of the cheating couple). Despite the "moralist" undercurrent of the story, I have to say that even the "moralist" aspect was interesting to read; not because I like someone preaching to me, but because there is a part where MC talked about her og identity, her world's rules, and how she had to work to adapt to this new world and laws. MC even joked -it wasn't a joke rlly haha- about

    how if she were in her og world, she'd simply have killed everyone who was causing her troubles (in the most bloody and ruthless was possible too). Which being honest, it was funny and showed how the author worked on her character's design (something that I feel some people below denied just because they didn't like the story).


    The most relevant aspects of this arc was that we discovered MC's interest for learning, her approach to life, and her og identity (her background made me feel super excited since it was the first time I've read something like that). This set the bases for the other arcs and logic in them.

    Just as others, it irked me the way she treated the first ML, mainly because

    he was giving way too much, always existing for her, always pleading for love or pieces of love, always doing everything to not being forgotten or replaced. Like a dog, but not in a cute way (for me).


    In fact, the premise of the story sold the idea of several "milk dogs" type of MLs, but some of them weren't really milk dogs, or maybe what the author and me takes as "little milk dogs" is different.

    Most MLs acted like dogs? Yes (that's not always good tho), but a "little milk dog" type of guy is supposed to be a pretty/good-looking guy, someone who's loyal and innocent in his love (not necessarily in his mind or in his experience of life). They are usually young, soft, and charming men who gets along with their lovers in a sweet and caring way. They're protective. And when they get angry/get dangerous to others who're trying to hurt their loverz, because they're complex people as anybody else and can show other emotions, they're called "little white wolfs".

    Some people can call a "milk dog" as a submissive person or someone who's paid to be with u, but that's a derogative way to express it. The key factor of a "milk dog" type is just the cute, soft, caring aspect, it's not about being dominant over others or about mantain him like a "sugar baby".

    This was the aspect that I truly disliked about the 1st arc. Because it felt like

    the author just wrote MC's lover to be a piece of meat, an accessory (this repeats in other arcs, not as bad tho)

    , etc. We want love, not an object, right?

    I felt bad for him because, honestly, nobody wants to be in a relationship where

    both aren't giving the same, where neither of them care the same, or someone has way more power over the other. I do believe that just because she's our MC, it doesn't mean that her dessires are more important than everyone's else feelings, or should be the dominant one all the time; especially in a romantic relationship were, in theory, both care about each other. Idk.


    Anyway, that 1st arc made me wish to see just her story of success/her journey of learning but without lovers, because honestly, I didn't like the idea of seeing her just mistreating people without caring, or giving them the very least because they are pleading for her; but thankfully, several things changed with time.

  • After that one, it took awhile, but she proved (MC) to have different sides. The transformation wasn't smooth nor clear, but at least, it seemed as if every new world made her more comfortable to love and live without restrain and to love entirely until the live she shares with her lovers end, etc.
  • She didn't have lovers in every arc, and for some reason, that felt soooo good. Her lovers were her people and she learned to flow with everything without rejecting them. She matured, but the downside is that we can't pinpoint where and when it happened, and why she matured. I mean, at least in words, it wasn't explained. Other thing that I truly disliked, is that she was the only one who changed the worlds she got in, and the people she met, but she never changed in a significant way. Is that ok? Idk.

    I understand her background and I understand why she's so powerful, but I love character development and I love a relationship development whenever there is a romantic relationship, but MC doesn't have much of the 1st and just a bit of the 2nd. In that regard,
  • the arc about the vixens was *chef's kiss*. The reasons why I liked it so much, it was because

    the ML was already a bigshot, as powerful as her, as gorgeous as her, she even had to be wary at the beginning because she recognized his strength.

    He did he, and she did she. Both lived their own lives, did what they wanted, but always got together naturally, in a mature and passionate way; both supported each other equally, both were on the same level of status, emotional inteligence, understanding of love, background, and basically everything.

    The first half of the arc was mainly focused on her little sister the white vixen. This means that the main focus of the arc was friendship and then romantic love. I think this is why MC shone brigthly in this one, because she had to take care of others, instead of just pleasing herself (she was still the same hedonist as always, but there was other things she had to focus on).


  • There is an arc where she became the movie queen and it was fine. It gives background. The arc where she's in the doomsday killing zombies was my biggest disappointment, its usually one of the settings that I enjoy the most, but she didn't do much and there wasn't anything remarkable. The only thing I enjoyed was when she

    killed the couple who betrayed the og owner of her body (a reborn woman who destroyed the og owner's future), and I like the thing she recovered from her.


    The arc where she was an internet writer was beautiful, I cried a lot. MC took over a body that

    wasn't conventional attractive and she didn't care.

    The ML fell for her like that and she even thought he was crazy, since she didn't think she was attractive, haha.


    The ML was sweet, wholesome, cute, funny, bubbly, smart, capable, wise. The relationship changed from being colleagues, to then friendship, and then lovers.

    They both

    were at the same level, and he was even way more talented than her for a big portion of the story, more capable in writting and he even helped her to learn how to cook. Why is this relevant? Well, because our MC is a Mary Sue a lot of times, haha. I don't dislike her for that but let's admit it (sometimes she's not and those are the arcs that I enjoyed the most).

    He was an orphan and his way of seeing the world, of understanding love and family were different. He was so attractive, playful yet mature, beautiful not just in the outside but in the inside and in his brain too. Everything about him felt so refreshing.


    The story talked a lot about family, emotional connections, filial piety (it's a super relvant topic for China especially, since it's in the law that u have to take care of your parents till they die), it also talked about "emotion kidnaping", which it was a concept that I wasn't familiar with before.

    And it's the only arc that also had a 2nd ML, a guy who I assumed

    was the main ML but noo

    , so basically the author played here and gave it a twist, which was suprising and enjoyable. My favorite arc tbh!

  • The other arc I really adored, it was the one where she became a fangirl. 1st, because I also studied cinematography in university and I've done all the work she talked about there (and I also had my silly past were I liked a boy group and I was a fan, and so on, haha ), but 2) because she left her "throne" to experience something different.

    She took over a fangirl whose main activity was to follow her idol and was studying editing (so she wasn't longer the queen of the Industry, etc.). In the story she acts as a pretty teenager who has no family and her only goal is pursuing idols.

    It sounds silly and it is silly, but surprisingly, it was exactly what she needed. I found super refreshing the fact that

    she no longer had power over everything, that regardless of that, she was still super talented because she took her path seriously and worked hard. I liked a lot that her other skills helped to be capable in many things, but that she still had many new aspects to learn and work on.

    I enjoyed a lot that she was able to support her cute ML in an equal cute and strong way. I loved that the ML grew a lot, I adored that he existed and he was important in the arc, I had so much fun reading how both of them grew and worked hard together, and I enjoyed a loooot that their romance was always blooming from both sides, full of sweetness and innocence. I also liked a lot that she got a long with her lover's family and that she wasn't pretentious nor overbearing (every time she gets along with her partner's family is *chef's kiss*, but I think it just happened in 3 arcs).

    I felt like a little girl once again, excited to live, to love, to dream, to work, to pursue, to run, to do everything I want. I am a 28 woman, and now I'm thinking in so many things that aren't as easy anymore, but that arc made me feel free and happy, sweet. That romance was super good. I recommend it too.


  • There are 3 arcs with Emperors, the one with the vixen, the one with a "normal" Emperor, and the final one. I recommend the three of them. Why? Well, the 1st one is the one that it has the "normal" Emperor, there's no

    romantic relationship

    , but I seriously liked it because of that. I tend to dislike Emperors in stories exactly because of what she rejected him, and it was refreshing to see her saying no to him over and over again. And the most satisfying

    of seeing that rejection is that it was logical, not emotional.

    It wasn't because "she's too good for him" like the author wrote in other arcs where there were sc*mbags; it was more like "that's not what she wants, needs and likes".

    That arc talked about being true to yourself, about saying "no", about being clear with u and others about what you really desire. The Emperor wasn't a bad person, but

    the core of the issue is that she didn't want him nor what his life implied.

    It was super cool thar she did what she said she wanted, and that the Emperor (even if not by himself only), was able to respect her choice, and even had fun by hearing how she was living the life she wanted and enjoyed.

    I really liked it because even tho it's logic, a lot of times we see MCs simply rejecting their own wishes because they met a man who's not bad, as if that were enough in life. I believe many women can relate to that.


    I already talked about the vixen arc,

    the ML is a future Emperor

    , what I like the most about them is the explanations behind its origin, so I think what the author showed was good.

    That arc in specific showed a super hilarious ML and MC, I laughed a lot. It took me by surprise MC's choices and even tho I agreed, somehow I think it needed more work.
  • The one where she becames the best actress is also worthy, mainly because it will give u direction and logic behind her future actions.
  • The one where she becomes a singer also helps to build momentum to the arc where she becomes a fangirl (that I loved), so u can read that as well.
  • The arc where she becomes a doctor gives hints about her relationships with


  • The arc where she becomes a manager is a funny and cute one, the man is a "little wolf dog" and I enjoyed him a looot, haha. It has sweetness and fluff here and there. ML is a little white wolf with a nice story.
  • The arcs in the 70's in China are not my cup of tea. I dislike those novels in general for several reasons. There were two arcs like that I guess? Anyway, none of them are bad. The 1st one actually made me cry, the lover/ML there was adorable, their relationship was super calm, nice, easygoing, and the ending was truly touching. I wouldn't read it again, but I cried at the end and it was nice. I simply don't like the setting, nor the values of the time, the propaganda, etc.

    The 2nd one in the 70's was ok, but super plain in general. The antagonist was useless once again and everyone pampered MC but idk, it felt kinda bland because this one was one of the last in the novel and didn't bring anything new, different or exciting. The dog-blood drama was basic, but I really liked that she worked with husbandry, and so on.
  • The one prior to that (where she was the daughter of the richest man), was totally wasted. The author simply cut it off after a couple of chapters. I thought I was going to love the ML (just as the ML of the arc where she was a fangirl), but I got excited for nothing.) :
  • Personally, I didn't find really special the arc with the dogs, it felt a bit roundabout, even tho the dogs were adorable and the dog-blood drama was nice. The twin's ending was ruthless and it felt good, and the family's ending was a bit sad and sour IMO. Idk, the deserved it but at the same time... geez. U can read it if u like.
  • The last arc is nice, the little twist at the end was *chefs kiss*. I've always liked systems and I've always like to read about its origins (I know I already said so but go and check it!) ; here it seems like a good excuse to continue to have fun, which I really like.
  • Soooo... basically, most of the arcs are worthy IMO. Some of them disappointed me, some of them lacked work, but there were many good elements inbetween that deserve a chance. I have my favorite arcs too and my favorite MLs (not many, just 3 and other 3 were super nice) that gave me life. :") There is some fun love in the story and it gets better with time, however, I don't find many memorable MLs. MC doesn't care much about them either once she left their worlds. At the beginning I didn't like that very much, but now it feels right.

    I wish the author could have put more effort in some parts, but in general, the story is pretty nice. I hope she'll improve in the future.

    Anyway. I believe this is a novel that is worthy to read. Despite all the things that we can criticize about, there are several good parts, interesting elements, and things that we as women from several different ages can relate to.

    Oh, btw, about children, even if in several arcs she denied or rejected them; as the time passed,

    even tho she never had babies, she indeed had times where she experienced different kinds of "maternity".

    It was nice.

    Some men also tried to push her to certain paths, tried to impose their believes on her, but she always did what she liked.

    She reacted in a way in one world, then in the next she allowed herlsef to play or explore whatever her new identity gave her, etc.

    She didn't reject herself nor did she care about being thin, fat, old, young, etc. She never mistreated her body, she never despised her identity in the world, nor the og host. It was nice to know that all of them will have new and prosperous lives despite the pain of their og lives. I wish MC would be equally nice to everyone, sometimes she didn't care at all about them haha.

    She had a way to look and act that she loved/prefered, so she simply worked to transform herself like that. All that without shaming or attacking anyone unnecessarily.

    She gave a lot to people in general. She treated with love to those who loved her, ignored sh1tty people if they didn't hurt her, and destroy them if they tried to attack her.

    She nonchalantly lived her best life every time, and never give herself less than what she thought she deserved.

    In most arcs, she talked about self-love; while in some parts felt pretentious, in others, she greatly explored the understanding of love from different identities and perspectives. Sometimes u agree, sometimes u don't, but u definitely think about it.

    Something that I loved the most about MC, is that she did the things that socially talking are considered "taboos" for women. She did all that with ease, enjoying, playing, working hard when needed, and playing and joking when wanted.

    She somehow managed to give herself a good life both economically and emotionally (with and without men), and it felt awesome.

    She always knew what she liked, and when she did't know what she wanted, she simply lived and tried. Every activity was worth of her attention and respect.

    She always did everything to put herself in the condition she felt the best. Sometimes with advantages and sometimes without them, but whatever the case is, she always worked or walked towards that direction (sometimes with such strength, and sometimes with such love and self-care).

    Everything that was good for her, was just a matter of fact, there wasn't the need to explain or justify what she liked and enjoyed in any way. She lived free.

    The more she traveled, the easier and happier the approach to every world was. Every identity was worthy of exploration and hardwork, and none was better than the other. She simply took everything and did and learned her best.

    I honestly reccomend this story to everyone, especially women. I felt connected and identified with so many things. I thought about my times were I was a teenager, when I was in university studing arts and cinematography, I remember the times were I was fan of a boygroup, when I was silly, etc. I also remembered when I had my first job and when I entered the business world and experienced many fails, falls, mistakes, when I was betrayed, hurt, etc.

    This story made me cry several times, even in parts were I knew she was pretending, simply because the author wrote her so well in some worlds.

    My last thoughts:

    I disagree with the comment that talks about how disappointing it was that she didn't give babies to the man she spend till he was 80 yo. Why? Because tbh, no one owes babies to anyone. Period. U want them or not and u don't have to force yourself to have them, especially not if it's just because your partner wants them (it's right to consider it because he's your lover after all, but to force yourself? Nah).

    Also, MC

    actually had a good reason to not have them, but I also believe the topic needed and deserved more attention to explore it. The overall story made me crave so much about her past and her growing path.

    Lowkey, this idea also jumped me and made me question my own understanding of love and children. A part of me, for example, couldn't help thinking "well, maybe she didn't love that much to any of those men and that's why she decided to not have children?".


    But then I thought about

    how she basically shared most of her years in a world until her death with all of them (to all the men she chose) ; even tho her love didn't surpass the worlds and dimensions, it fulfilled her time there and her lovers lives as well (except for the 1st one who wasn't ever had the chance to receive more from her because she was focused on other things). All of them (except the 1st, I don't

    remember tbh), talked about feeling happy and without any regrets in their lives, they felt so lucky to met her, etc.

    The only thing that broke most of our hearts and "illusions", it was that she didn't feel attached to anyone, but in a way it's also really interesting to think about that (at least for me).


    She gives what she receives and she gives way more than that. To all her partners, she gave a lot, she shared a lot, she was so sweet and poisonous to several of them, she supported them and she protected them.

    Idk where my feelings of confusion cames from, but at some point I just thought that. Maybe, since she was a

    demoness cultivator

    , I thought that maybe her way of loving would be different? Idk.

    Anyhow, MC's attitude regarding children was actually something very interesting to me. 1) because I am a woman who's thinking wether I want to include babies in my life path in the future or not (there is a lot of pressure about that if you are a woman in general) and 2) because I've already read QT stories where MCs usually complete the whole combo of getting in a relationship, getting married, having children, grandchildren, die, etc.

    This author is the first one I've ever read that

    doesn't do that

    , nor even a single time. And it was nice at the end of the day, because there are women out there who are deciding to do that too. It helps to remember that.

    MC doesn't stay the same during the whole story, but the author was lazy in that aspect. I think it was a pitty.

    One of the biggest holes of the whole story it was that MC's inner world wasn't worked properly. In one arc there was a vague reference about her past, about why she was the way she was, why she shared and protect others, etc.

    But it's just a glimpse, most of the story she never showed her deepest thoughts, she was already an old driver who had figured out everything easily. That's not something really interesting and wise to do, mainly because the most exciting about a traverser and transmigration is change. Inner change is development, it changes the perspective and gives new tools to the characters' growth. But the author didn't give us that.

    I would have taken the story with better eyes in that aspect, if this were the continuation of another novel that related her journey in

    the cultivation world.

    which is why she had to change so much from her original self.

    That arc also pointed out that

    maybe something happened to her cultivation, which is why she didn't follow the path of celestial beings and became a demoness cultivator.

    There is also a line in the 1st arc that talks about how she spend so many lifes in the cultivation world and how many people she shared her life with, that many of them fall apart, that the goal is only to get stronger which is why most cultivators doesn't care about how many people they're with, because they're usually just considered ways to do double cultivation and so on (if u have read cultivation stories, you'll know what I'm talking about).

    And idk, I've read cultivation stories where people fall completely and for all the eternity with just once person; where even demons do it, and they love way more deeply and passionate because being a demon doesn't mean that you're evil, it simply means that u have desires. In theory, both celestial and demon cultivators have to experience both desires and self-control to ascend. Which is why I thought there was so many things that we didn't know about our MC *sigh*.


    The reviews I agree the most are the ones from @xiu_er and @sauramon. Both explains why this story has some good points but also why it lacks at some parts too.

    It also had the big flaws that I thought it had some unnecessary arcs, either because it didn't bring anything new/useful or interesting. This happens in the 2nd half of the novel, and this is why I thought that maybe the author didn't have enough time to work, to organize her craft, or who knows what happened, maybe she lost interest in her own story?

    Anyway, despite that, this novel has so many good elements here and there.

    Several arcs were reaally nice. They felt touching, empowering, emotional, inspiring. I think there are many elements that many women can relate to. Go and see.

    Tnks for reading~
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ivanlyw7 rated it
April 29, 2021
Status: c133
The storyline is ok

The thing that really grinds my nerves with the sentence structure and the way the author presents things

E.g. A does this action. B reacts with X.A thinks <paragraph>.


A does X. Audience think:"wow. Much amaze very impress."

In one paragraph.

Also, everything is written in 3rd person perspective and straight to the point, and the story is very clear cut with minimized elaboration and details.
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
eligy rated it
January 23, 2021
Status: c27
Possibly this is the most bland QT novel I've ever read. I don't know if it was the writing or the translation, but each chapter was so soulless I was only clicking "next" because I didn't have anything better to do. Even with the most generic of QTs I usually end up thinking about some aspect after I'm done reading, but literally nothing stands out about this novel.

Seriously, I love shallow faceslapping as much as the next person, but I couldn't even bring myself to feel an emotion when they... more>> were humiliated by our MC—never mind cardboard cutouts, these characters are more like humanoid Playdoh slabs.

On the bright side, the ML of the first arc doesn't seem to be the type to be possessive or boundary-crossing, and the MC isn't weepy or a pushover.

Plot: 2/5. If I let the memory of every GxB QT novel I'd ever read blur together into my mind, this novel is what I would get. Expect no innovation coming into this and you'll be fine.

Prose: 3/5. Very readable translation, with no egregious errors or inconsistencies that stood out in my memory. However, the actual text is mind-numbingly boring.

Moral objectionability: 4/5. Outstanding conduct from our MC and associated groups. However, I have to deduct a point for weird class undertones regarding the MC and her family (generous rich family) and the original FL (traitorous servant girl sponsored by the family) in the first world.

MC Likeability: 2/5. I'm not sure why I couldn't bring myself to feel anything towards this MC, given that she's basically the platonic ideal of my favorite kind of MC.... Maybe that's the problem, actually. 27 chapters in and the girl has displayed zero memorable or simply humanizing personality traits.

Overall rating: 2/5. Would not recommend, but I wouldn't dissuade anyone looking to give this novel a try either. <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Unbekanntoffel rated it
January 21, 2023
Status: c9

MC is an OP lvl 9292892282829 character in a New Game+. Author has ‘chronic praising MC syndrome’ and everything she does, no matter how mundane, is ✨smart/powerful/beautiful/head turning✨ etc.

It’s like every paragraph of this damn novel can’t STFU about how good she is. I don’t care if MC is OP, I really like the concept, but the authors writing ruined it for me. What happened to ‘show don’t tell’??? SHOW ME THAT SHE’S COMPETENT WITHOUT SAYING SO. 😒 It’s like the author is compensating for their inability to write... more>> a competent character so they gotta point it out every single time they do anything.

Side and background characters also display the same syndrome as the author and constantly think ‘Wow MC you’re so cool, beautiful, smart, powerful, amazing... ’ They’re entirely flat and their only purpose is to let you know how good MC is in the most unsubtle way possible. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
KamiNoKitsune rated it
November 19, 2021
Status: c77
The translation is great!

The translator knows how to slightly reword the dialogue to get rid of the choppy grammar that is usually carried over from the Chinese raws.


... more>> "Drink vinegar." -> "I don't like to drink vinegar."

The story is not good (at least arc 1).

There are 2 main villains (the slag couple). They are worse than cardboard cutouts. They don't understand their place and keep running after the MC but they pose 0 threat throughout the entire thing. No scheming, no wanting to get in a brawl, nothing. And the worst part is:

They get more screentime than the MC and ML combined.

The poor ML has a 1 sentence backstory and has no emotional scenes that make you think that he would be a great ML. It's like the author said "He's good-looking and competent and the MC is too; that's all you need in an interesting relationship."

It's so bad that I have no will to continue further to even finish the arc. Reading even this far has been me hoping that the next arc would start soon but it just never ends and nothing new happens. : ( <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
September 14, 2021
Status: v2
So far, this is a very cliche face slapping novel. First off, the MC is a girl boss, fantasy for self insert. She's very op, and has a lot of respect for herself and the people who are kind to her. I quite like her character, and her attitude to love and marraige. If something makes her unhappy, she gets rid of it. However, she's very one dimensional. Her only personality is to be overpowered and to face slap other people.

Second, the ML. He's a boot licker. Even the novel... more>> says he's like a wolf dog. His personality is cute, he's respectful to the MC's will but gets jealous easily at the same time. He's also had the same character setting as the overbearing CEO for all world so far. Not a lot of variation in his character either.

Third, the plot. The author writes very dryly. This isn't helped by the 'translation' that reads like MTL. Paragraphs of long, pointless exposition make it a very boring read at times. I've skipped chapters of ramble to get to the juicy parts. One arc is 70 chapters long?! The transition from one arc to the other is so awkward as well. And the settings are pretty similar so far. The face slapping is pretty satisfying though, I must admit...

Therefore, 3 stars. Not bad but not exceptional either. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Xiu_er rated it
August 5, 2021
Status: Completed
Rating: 4.7/5

I am pretty satisfied with this novel. The FL is smart, strong and independent. She also likes learning new skills which she can then later apply in other worlds so she grows more and more op. While she has a golden finger and can learn things quickly, she is also pretty hard-working and single-minded, immersing herself into every new hobby.

The world-building is good on average. There are hits and misses depending on the arc. Some arcs only had one obvious purpose and were thus shorter and less fleshed out.... more>> The obligatory apocalypse arc fell under this category and was therefore a bit of a letdown this time despite it usually being one of my favorite settings.

What I did like about the different arcs were how the FL took on different roles, learning new things from different viewpoints and angles which was pretty refreshing. It was also nice how the FL did not always have to find a lover in each world. Sometimes she ditched the potential love interest or there were no love interests at all. It really shows how free-spirited the FL is.

One other small complaint I have is about a pretty common mistake Chinese authors like to make. But maybe it's a translation mistake from mtl. Either way, saying a character has autism after experiencing a traumatic event... As far as I know autism can't be acquired as one is born with it and it usually manifests during early childhood. So yeah, wrongful usage of the term autism. PTSD might be more fitting in this case.

That aside, this novel was an enjoyable read. I would recommend it to quick transmigration/world hopping enthusiasts. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Alina Moktan
Alina Moktan rated it
August 8, 2020
Status: Completed
I have completed mtl it. It was such a great and enjoyable. I really love MC. Great read, likable and strong female MC. I really enjoying reading it, each arcs are cool, and interesting which can immerse you. MC is strong, mature, cool and smart. She is very professional tasker. If you like Counterattack and face slapping, you will like this. I like the way some arcs have CP and some arc don't have CP. Every arcs get better more you read it, more you will like this novel. The... more>> stories are not focus on romance, She finds a lover in some arcs, in others arcs, she stays single.

The MC is smart, mature, and strong but also gradually becomes even more OP as she continues to learn, and cultivate in different world. She experiences more things in her journey. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
rhianirory rated it
August 23, 2022
Status: Completed
starts out just OK but gets better as it goes along. I found the first arc a little boring at times and even wished it was shorter. The arc after was better. As for the MC, I don't mind the op MC but I would have preferred the story without the romance aspect, which wasn't needed and just added more chapters to each arc.

I thought the arcs were super long but it turned out that the translator just split each chapter a few times so in the first arc 26... more>> chapters turned into 79.

when I finished the translated chapters I thought I was almost done but it turns out 353 translated chapters was actually only 110 or so on the actual site and there was still tons more to read. I don't like it when the chapters don't match up like that but that's just my personal issue, I didn't let it effect my rating for the story itself.

4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
August 1, 2022
Status: c80
Shallow read to pass the time. MC is straightforward person who treats her family and friends/followers well. She is OP in everything she does, learning things faster than others, doing things better than others. Nothing is a challenge for her, which makes the story a bit boring.

I do like how she is clear cut with the enemies of the original hosts, wanting nothing to do with them. Not hell-bent on revenge, but she does avenge her grudges. All enemies seem quite braindead, though.

The romances she does have feel lackluster since... more>> she has no real interest in her romantic pursuers. The MLs seem more like followers than real partners. I feel that having no romance would have suited MC better. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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