Restarting the Escape Game as Max Level


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#Another name: The male lead worships heaven with boundless power#

#Love in horror games#

Ruan Qiao accepted a task to enter the holographic game to kill a person and force him to go offline.

A supernatural orphanage, a mountain village where demons are hidden, a strange bride, a mysterious doll island, a school where the living dead are rampant……

The nightmare that followed, endless copy games.

The mud covered children stared at her with a sly smile.

Ruan Qiao (pointing to the eyeball on the ground): You dropped something.

The woman kicking the blood bag approached slowly.

Ruan Qiao (expressionless): Oh, I’m so scared.

The bloodthirsty killer excitedly pushed the door open: this time, you can’t escape

Ruan Qiao (eyes slightly changed, voice clear): Thank you Sugar Daddy for his rockets, mines, and deep water!

Ghost:? ?

Would you please respect our profession? ?

Until a random day later,

The players of the doomsday copy saw the indifferent number one of the whole server, stand at the top of the survivor’s ruins and wiped the blood off the face of the person inside his arms.

He has a low voice and gentle movements: What are you afraid of, eh?

The girl’s voice was soft, but her eyes could not hide her excitement.

Shaking her shoulders excitedly, she then looked up at him: Excuse me, can I kill you?

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Man ji chong kai tao sheng you xi hou
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