Repudiating a Good Wife Is Out of the Question


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Cao Mo transported back in time and became the second son of Magistrate Cao, he was forced to marry Xiao Yi, son of Marquis Valour who was dangerously sick, to drive away his disease and bring him good luck.

Faced with evil siblings and in-laws, Cao Mo fought battles of wits and courage on a daily basis.

The stepmother was resentful, “Why not repudiate this man and marry someone who is able to continue family bloodline?”

Xiao Yi retorted, “Repudiating a good wife like Mo is out of the question, my stepmother has done one good thing for me, which is arranging this marriage for me.”

Cao Mo shouted, “But I want my freedom!”

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Lenva rated it
February 3, 2021
Status: Completed
The plot is quite common, about a modern youth transmigrated to ancient China, had a biased family and therefore sent to be married off to another man as his wife. What he got after getting married? A sickly husband, an ambitious father-in-law, a vicious stepmother-in-law, an annoying brother-in-law, a biased grandmother-in-law, also useless uncles and their spouses, simply said : another rotten family.

At first the story focused in the husband's family dog-blood drama and then shifted to palace power-struggle drama between 2 princes and ended up with MC and his... more>> husband leaving the country and set sail to the sea

after being exploited and back-stabbed by the prince they supported and his lover (who supposed to be friend with MC).


Why 2 stars? I'm disappointed. I can bypassed the fact that the characters hardly developed, many characters' s*upidity (while they supposed to be smart) and the MC's OP-ness

MC's cheat?

he could make soap, mirrors, lotions, crossbows, and ARMORED CARRIAGE!!! He also make WARSHIP at the end


but I really don't get why every efforts MC did to help people close to him and his husband only being repaid by betrayal, ultimately the last one is really getting on my nerves.

Maybe the author really want to convey that people, in the end can only rely on themselves, f*ck friends and families, loyalty means nothing, idk.

If this is your cup of tea go on and read till the end, if not, better skip this story, it's wasting time and emotions. <<less
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rjaysoren rated it
June 7, 2020
Status: c29
Love the characters in it. The MC is the one with a great personality, he positively stands for his husband despite every scheming that maybe for him is also hard to handle. I especially like the ML listens to the MC making the decisions on serious matters and his deep trust in the MC. It’s an enjoyable read that the couple likes each other and fights the vicious family together.
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July 4, 2021
Status: --
I think this story is one of the stories that really describes how the manor war in ancient times happend.

For someone who doesn't like drama plot, then I would suggest to stop reading this novel. Because like I said before this story is full of manor wars, and even the romance isn't that much.

Btw many reader say that MC and ML are too s*upid because they always saving their family even after being stabbed with a knife repeatedly (this is just a metaphor), But I don't think this is true,... more>> because as we know that in ancient times blood relation was a very important one, that's why I say that this story is one that describes the manor war very well. This is because they do not take life like pulling grass.

Meanwhile, the lack of this story itself lies at the beginning and end of the story.

At the beginning of the story we will be told that MC is a transmigrator, and that's also the reason why he is said to be able to make glass, grain etc.

Which I think is absurd why? It's all because the things that the MCs know are all different jobs. This is creating a big question which is "What was the real job of MC before being transmigrated???" So I think instead of telling him that he was a transmigrator, it would make more sense to tell him that he was a genius from heaven, or if the author really want to keep telling it as a transmigrator then it's better if author tell it as a transmigrator with a system.

As for the ending, it really hangs and is full of ambiguity. Even though it is clear that the main goal of helping the crown prince is resolved, there are many more things in the story that still hang.

Like how the prince's reaction to see her partner's for being a monk, does that make him have a grudge against MC and ML??? How and what will happen to the old madam of the manor??? What is the fate of ML and MC brother??? I mean there is a lot of plots are left hanging which is very annoying. <<less
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mxdberries rated it
May 26, 2021
Status: c42
Terrible, I tried very hard to keep reading. I wanted to give this a chance. But dear lord, this was just not good. The writing is immature and rushed. There was so much drama in every chapter, there was never a moment of peace or to absorb the information because it'd bring something new each chapter. It was like it was trying to hit very trope it could at a high speed rate. It was a constant one up conflict between MC and the rest of the characters.

Also MC &... more>> ML are already in love, being all kissy and stuff. And I just don't see how they jumped to that point when they really haven't even gotten to know each other. There wasn't a single moment I could point out where I could say, yeah they're falling for each other. I liked that MC was struggling to adjust to the time period and still had a very modern ideas but god how casual was he about saying he knew to make this or that. Like not even a backstory to hand wave it. And instead of making his own branch rich ML was like " I'll give all of this to my dad for merit." Even his dad is kinda neglectful and lets the step mom mess up things for ML. Honestly ML felt like an idiot. He let maids run amuck and steal from him because it was easier for him. Like he's a doormat most of the time, even when tries to stand up for his branch. Wait no he was smart this one moment, pointing out that MC is setting himself up for betrayal by trusting a maid send by the step mom and like she's not subtle at all, yet MC still trusts her.

And this is barely 1/4 of the book, what the heck at they planning for the rest?? I can't continue. <<less
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Kaylee rated it
May 3, 2021
Status: c1
This is a badly written novel. The characters are here and there, their personality and mindset didnot conform with the right era and rules in which they assigned to.

MC should have died plenty of times. I dont know how he could live on while doning the identity of young male wife of unfavor sickly son of official household. All the troubles that happened can be avoided if only MC can use his brain in the right way. I mean, he's from the modern era with more intelligence in his sleeve... more>> ffs. MC should just focus on how to survive in that household with his sickly husband. Instead, he's procuring problem here and there, helping and trusting the wrong people, and he ended up trapped like fly in spider net. MC had all the weapon to use, the identity as the wife of the eldest son, his knowledge as modern man to invent stuff that's not yet invented.

MC and ML relationship is sweet. However, I dont understand, how ML can trust MC in just a day after the wedding day? I mean, ML is being plotted and unfavor in his own household. His food being poisoned, his servants all are plotting him, his father is too oblivious or just dont care, being stabbed left and right by his half brother and step mother. MC is being forced into this marriage. And meeting MC for a day, he could trust him? And after all that, ML started to loosen his own defence with people they interacted with? ML should know better how people around him are, what's in their mind, so why and how he and MC could fall into trap and being stabbed like all the time is something I dont understand. <<less
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Sepphy rated it
April 29, 2021
Status: c1
Terrible, horrible, bad,.....

I don't know if it is the novel or the translation that ruined everything... phrases without coherence, names being changed several times, scenes that change from nothing (eg MC drinking tea at home and suddenly he is on the street buying something...)

The story looked promising so I really hope it is the translation that ruined everything, as I can't see a story with 200 caps being written that way. (And I'm not picky about that kind of thing)

And flying lines still had the courage to charge... more>> for reading this. <<less
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Shadowdrop rated it
December 28, 2020
Status: c2
Don't know if it's the story or the translation, but the first 2 chapters felt very staged, like everyone was performing some sort of play, but it's sped up to 1.75x speed. Getting slapped, getting married, getting in a fight with a maid.... everything is written very perfunctorily, every action or thought is described in no more than 20 words - just look at how everything is paced in this bit (spoiler from the first chapter).
... more>>

However, seeing how Cao Mo wears his heart at his sleeve, Xiao Yi was a bit reassured Cao Mo was not on Lu’s side because Lu would never use a person who didn’t know how to hide his emotions.

Xiao Yi closed his eyes and lightened up, ‘this is not too bad, better than marrying a scheming bitxx.”

“Madam!” Xiao Yi struggled to sit up and untie Cao Mo, but his limbs were too feeble hence he had to ask his maid Bailu to do it for him.

Cao Mo’s lips twitched, ‘I ain’t your madam, look at yourself, are you able to BE my husband?’

Bailu shot Cao Mo a glare, ‘why His Lordship even bother to untie this man?’

Cao Mo stretched his arms after he got untied then he looked this man in bed up and down, hmm, his features looked quite manly but he was too skinny, and man, he looked pensive!

However, Cao Mo didn’t have anything against Xiao Yi for Xiao Yi had a delightful voice.


Doesn't that feel like stage directions for middle-school play?

Anyway, I can't anymore. Two chapters is more than enough. <<less
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yourheatherness1297 rated it
September 28, 2020
Status: c140
You want drama? You can get all the dog blood drama you'd ever need for a lifetime in this book. It's frustrating how the main characters never seem to get a break from all the troublemakers and homocidal maniacs that plague thier lives.

For god's sake! I was gritting my teeth the whole time I was reading this story! Every chapter has at least one bad scenario happening to these poor main characters! Every chapter you'd end up thinking, "How could this get any worse?" And it does, for some god... more>> forsaken reason! They're literally punching bags!

The villains don't come and go like some stories. They just accumulate and become more henious as time goes on! The villains almost always gets away with it! They could've sentenced the whole family to death, but "we gotta cover up the our batsh*t crazy relative's wrong doings because we gotta save face! It doesn't matter if we'd get implicated by doing this, let's just use the MC as our scapegoat and blame him for all that's happening!!" Even the minor villains kinda just give them an FU by killing themselves and destroying the evidence. All the MC's cards almost alway downgrade a level when they actually need it!

To be honest, it's not a bad novel. It's a pretty great read actually, but ultimately it's the most frustrating novel that I have ever read! <<less
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Alexm3991 rated it
February 19, 2021
Status: c199
Loved how Mo used his modern knowledge to be a winner in life and was able to put his idiotic relatives in their place. The ending was a let down with his father in law having been schemed against by the emperor concubine in the end, it was too rushed


father in laws concubine was working for the emperors concubine 😱


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Tamarrion rated it
November 1, 2020
Status: c29
Very silly, but fun. It's a dog blood comedy with face slapping. It's like a Chinese version of latino soap operas.

I like MC, he is reasonable, I like ML, he is very sweet. The translation is so-so, even I can see some mistakes, and English is not my native language, but the translator releases new chapters very quickly, and I'm sure she will get better with her craft.
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