Renegade Immortal


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Wang Lin is a very smart boy with loving parents. Although he and his parents are shunned by the rest of their relatives, his parents always held high hopes that he will one day become someone great. One day, Wang Lin suddenly gained the chance to walk the path of an immortal, but found that he only had mediocre talent at best. Watch Wang Lin as he breaks through his lack of talent and walks the path towards becoming a real immortal!

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Tiên Nghịch
Xian Ni
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kingsahib rated it
November 15, 2018
Status: c964
This is a very good novel as it has a fresh approach where the MC is not a good guy. He is not a bad guy either but he doesn't care about justice or what's right or wrong. He is incredibly intelligent. The story has one of the most unique romances I have ever read and has a lot of action. It also has powerful villains and they don't die with a single punch but have plot armour as well and there is a lot of shadowing of future enimes.... more>> This also shows us an MC who grow old and get old mentally as there have been MC who are thousands year old but still have a young nature.

Although not the greatest ever written by the auther but still ones of the best around. A good read and since half has been translated you get a gist of the story. <<less
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Plaguedevil rated it
July 11, 2018
Status: c962
Arguably one of the best light novels I read, you just have to power through the first 100 chapters where it feels that the story kinda slow but afterwards it is just mad epicness.

If you have read ISSTH and enjoyed it then you will most definitely love RI and the fights where I'm at now is considered by a number of readers to be better than the final war of ISSTH and I can vouch for it.
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Ixcez rated it
May 31, 2018
Status: c800
This novel is in my book a great read, sure the MC is to be honest pretty one dimensional in being a lunatuc mass murderer. The setting of the world is pretty dark and everyone is only out for benefits.

... more>>

To give some perspective the MC mostly just runs around killing people for benefits. The MC also later on dies but his soul escapes and after hundreds of years of eating up other demonic souls somehow transforms into a soul eating monster.

On top of this he choses to cultivate a body cultivation that works in the way that he places his main body into the crust of the world he was born in and slowly absorbs all the worlds energy, eventually leading him to become somewhat of a godlike existence but at the expense of sucking the planet dry thus killing it and everyone who lives of it. So yeah pretty evil MC.

This is also somewhat of the weird part of the story since the first 1/5 of the story is about the MC while the rest of the story is pretty much only about a clone the MC uses to cultivate the mystic arts at the same time.


The MC does have a lover but it is frankly more of a one sided love from a girl suffering from stockholm syndrom.


The MC at one point need to make a pill but has no experience or knowledge with pill making. So to fix this MC's solution is to kidnap a beautiful female from a pill sect and force her to work for him. He doesn't really treat her badly except for the fact that she has to do what he says or die and she is stuck in a cave alone for most of the time, at one time she is left alone for a 100+ years I believe and is eventually set free after he had gotten what he wants.

However somewhere along the way all that mold in the cave probably got to the girl and she fell in love with the MC.

Several hundred years later they reunite and we found out that the girl has always loved MC and been waiting for him, MC is somewhat moved by her dedication and accepts her love but because of cultivation has to leave shortly after getting together with her since you know plot gotta move forward.

So he then leaves again after a short time together and as far as I've read not seen her again for several hundred years


There is almost no humour in this story so people who read ISSTH before this might not enjoy this one as much.

Overall the story is about a villan doing villanous things while growing stronger by climbing a mountain of corpses.

Compared to many other novels the MC is not overpowered for the most part (the author makes him to strong at one point and later removes this power), cultivation is slow and hard, preparation is needed together with precious items and even then it can take a hundred years to break through to the next level. So there is none of that unreasonable plot armor where MC is losing, get's mad and jumps several lvls in cultivation thus instantly winning. <<less
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raidou99 rated it
April 1, 2018
Status: c783
It has it's ups and downs. Sometimes you will get a bit bored and decide to stack up chapters and sometimes you will skip sleeping to read what happens next.

This is that kind of novel.

Capable of competing again issth and might be even a little better.

A bit on the darker side. With a completely different MC from Meng Hao.
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Ginko rated it
October 8, 2017
Status: c625
In all honesty I rate this 3.7 But, due to this being the series that got me into reading Chinese novels I have no problem rating it higher. My Manga-Novel

Story: Main character enters the world cultivation. His views change as he struggles to survive and grow stronger.

Pro's :
- Character Growth - You see Wang Lin grow and understand why he makes the decisions he does at different points in his life. DON'T BELIEVE the other reviews about him being totally cruel and ruthless. It's only a portion of... more>> his life (which for the most part is kill or be killed).
- Several truly enjoyable archs

Underdeveloped 'perspective' of character. The author shows you the circumstance which result in this character, without much internal dialogue. However, Er Gen fixes this in subsequent novels such as A Will Eternal

Overall, I recommend ISSTH or A Will Eternal because I believe they are more entertaining. However, if you have the time, check this novel out. <<less
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Uggrock rated it
May 18, 2016
Status: c230
It started out good, but pretty much like every other chinese Xianxia/Xuanhuan fic it descends into pointlessness. For a fic like this a relatively big deal was made out of the MC's attachment to his parents and family but in typical Xuanhuan story fashion that disappears quite quickly. One thing that really bothers me about these stories is the absolute pointless murders and other crimes that the MC commits, just because he can and because in the past he's seen others do so. There's never any attempt made to rise... more>> above baser nature, to strive for a better life. Morality and ethics are seemingly foreign concepts to the MCs to be discarded at the soonest possible opportunity and never looked for again. As is typical of these stories, Xian Ni is no different in its treatment of women, s*xism is rampant. Xian Ni just kinda drags on for a long time. The central mystery of the Bead is pushed back further and further.

Ultimately, it's hard for me to really tell how bad the story is versus the quality of the translation, though I'm inclined to think that the story quality is actually quite low. I will confess, however, that some of the scenarios and situations that Wang Lin finds himself in are quite intriguing. <<less
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darkwarson rated it
February 1, 2019
Status: c1409
this novel will take you to wang lins cultivation journey, about how he he cultivated his strength all the way to the peak.

not like any other novels there that full of plot armors. This novel tells you how you fight someone without bending your knees to anyone. Hiw to face your current delima or problems never be afraid even though its dis advantigious to you.

well if you want a novel with a scheming MC and not a hypocrite one then this is 4 u I reccomend this
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rorpuissant rated it
December 28, 2018
Status: c103
Yeah, I'll stop there. Despite maybe some good qualities, like the non repetitive setting, I have two major problems.

  • One is the fact that this story is too non repetitive actually, like you can call it a wuxia like that's FULL RANDOM. An example is :

    This ruler was completely green. When it appeared, it emitted a powerful fragrance. The youth took a deep breath and without a word, pointed the ruler forward. The ruler shook and a large black mushroom grew out of it. The mushroom detached from the ruler and floated in the air.
    The youth’s expression was serious as he quickly took out something from his bag of holding and threw it. Wang Lin saw a flash of red light as a red wasp flew toward the mushroom and devoured it with only a few bites.

    The wasp suddenly became several times bigger. It was the size of a fist. It let out a scream and charged toward Wang Lin.

    Although all of this sounds slow, it all happened in the blink of an eye.

    That's just one ridiculously random element in this story among others. We are still at a 'low' level of cultivation and the author keeps on launching new name and techniques on top of his head with no explanation. Speaking of which.
  • The second big problem is the lack of explanation for everything, doubled with the high number of useless informations we get : At first we have the composition of the MC family, that will never be useful, then the MC after a series of events become immortal. The only solid informations we get about immortals is that they are person above us that can fly in the sky. and then we are introduce to a high number of elements such as pills, plants, sword aura, spirit beasts, ect... at a very fast pace with little to no explanation about those terms each time. Hell, I still don't know why there is such a big fuss about flying swords in this story. I cannot explain, even with my experience in the genre why the MC gets so desperate to become immortal with no understanding of this world, why he is sometimes trustful or distrustful, and I have no understanding about how fast his development is compared to other peers of his age in the big world. That's also why I can't like any relationship in this story.
All in all I'm sure he will become a badass warrior after the events I'm currently reading, but I'm also sure the problems above won't change. The MC keeps growing, but each time he meets somebody who could give more understanding of the world around he abandons them. All in all I can't bother to follow this MC and this absence of storyline.
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AlwinTom rated it
November 9, 2018
Status: --
What is with all these good reviews!?!?

Personal preference I guess, but I just can't agree.

The only good thing I find about this novel is that the author has a very wild imagination (a good thing), and the characters are well drawn.

... more>> Other than that,

1. The MC is a total villain and sore loser.

2. He's nerfed in almost every arc (gets old).

3. Author says the breakthrough was based on comprehension, but the said cultivation level can regress when operating a life-saving method (how???).

4. Almost anything (cultivation, comprehension (??), domain (???), memories, soul, etc.) can be consumed by others.

5. Nearly every fight is based solely upon treasures.

6. Super huge plot armor for both MC and villains.

7. And no romance to speak of. (Please don't speak of the on there is)

8. And incomprehensible action sequences in which anything goes, and every one has a ton of, ehm, trump cards.

I'm not at a high chapter count but I've read ISSTH, and so I don't feel any of it is going to change. <<less
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thousandautumnleaves rated it
September 3, 2018
Status: c586
"Renegade Immortal" is the first cultivation novel I actually decided on finishing (after dropping a few others like Battle Through The Heavens, Tales of Demons and Gods) and here´s why.

The MC, Wang Lin: he is not handsome - nor particularly talented at first. Instead he´s smart, hard-working and lucky. While his over-board luck makes me sigh it hasn´t been a reason to drop the novel yet. He starts off as a scrupulous, somewhat timid yet determined, smart kid and later on after a few traumatic experiences and realizations ("this is... more>> the cultivation world? Good! Good!") in the world of cultivation (plus the influence from his somewhat-teacher Situ Nan) he becomes cunning, ruthless, cold-hearted and opportunistic while still keeping a sliver of humanity (sadness, loneliness, love for parents and lost love) in his heart. MC also can be said to have the nature of a killer, while he does not kill indiscriminately he is easily provoked to do so especially in self-defense or for prevention of having to defend himself later. He also will scheme an attack if he wants something badly enough and the opponent is around his power level.

This leads me to the next point actually... in the world of RI this attitude is pretty normal!

Cultivation world... PK world? It´s literally a tough world. In RI I found the way immortals and cultivation were implemented the most interesting/natural compared to what I´ve read so far. Why? Imagine a world filled with millions of people that will live for centuries and centuries, won´t the planets explode eventually from overpopulation? Right, they provide the solution themselves by sanctioning the killing of each other for often superfluous reasons. The cultivators' motto is „might is right" and a saintly or stupid person will never succeed. If you are a gamer imagine a PvP world.

Furthermore, OP & BAMF* in 15 years? Won´t happen. Training takes hundreds of years and the average cultivator will need thousands of years to become OP. Even then there´s always someone stronger in the world, somewhere. This also includes the MC (even though his luck is so good that it hardly matters haha).

Harem: After reading 60% of the story I can safely claim that there is none (yet?). Women try to flirt with the MC sometimes but he isn´t interested at all and they either die or disappear from the plot eventually. He has one long-lasting love interest and had one accidental „one-night-stand", that´s where it ends.

Philosophy: some arcs (especially the soul formation one) get a bit philosophical about stuff like life and death which is neat.

Consistency: the author must be taking lots of notes while writing because he never forgets stuff the MC promised someone around 300 chapters ago or names that haven´t been mentioned for 400 chapters. This is not a given even in professionally published books, so a big thumb up haha

What I disliked:

some boring chapters/arcs.

MC is mostly alone/solo or gets quickly backstabbed. That is a bit sad and boring to read about after a while but on the other hand it underlines his path in life, most immortals are lonely creatures.

MC is so smart and lucky that many other characters look too stupid to live (which is usually quickly remedied) in comparison. There are still side characters I adore though (for example the messenger with the „forget" dao and some others).

MC always gets some chance to heal up bad injuries during a fight while his opponents rarely find a chance at all.

MC's moral compass is very questionable but understandable given the people he meets during his long journey.

The world is a tad monotonous, no variety in cultures or the like even across planetes. Oh well.

lots of word repetitions, the author especially seems to adore „spit" and „cold snort".

So in total I give this novel a 3.8 rating.

* for those not into MMOs or fanfiction: OP= over powered, BAMF=well... lots of cuss words haha pretty much means that this character kicks ass, hard. <<less
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Daoist_Bliss rated it
November 25, 2017
Status: --
I dropped this novel after a few chapters, bad romance, very boring start. MC is so blind can't even see because of all the hatred. Probably another guy who follows meng hao's footstep into becoming into a "wizard" 1000 yrs old v*rg*n very sad very sad indeed. Probably the action is also good in the latter part like ISSTH but nah. One ISSTH Final arc is traumatizing enough for me. For some people out there it might be good I suggest you read it. It might be worth your while... more>> but for me ENOUGH is ENOUGH. <<less
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cutterline rated it
October 5, 2017
Status: --
TLDR; If you're new to Xianxia, read ISSTH first. The hurdle for reading this is higher. If you're not familiar with cultivation terms, you'll get lost easily.

I just read this out of curiosity to see what Er Gen's writing looks like in early days. Well, it's just not written as well as ISSTH. There are some plot holes which IMO is deliberate to make more crisis/tragedy/drama. There are a lot of redundant information every tens of chapters to remind you what was happening. I think that's the reason that the... more>> chapter counts is 2088 unlike ISSTH that is around 1300ish chapters. Mind you that ISSTH is written in 2014 and this one in 2009 so Er Gen must have gained a lot of experience since then.

Examples on what's lacking, I found the characters introduction at its worst is too packed and confusing to boot. The characters are introduced like 'BAM-BAM-BAM!' in a chapter and you don't even know who is who anymore and even worse, some of them won't show up anymore after that. Also, the term used like 'XXX's father's uncle' instead of 'great/grand-uncle' or 'xyz has a foot at xxx cultivation realm but this guy is also pseudo-xxx realm', I know that's probably literal translation but terms like these just make the readability harder. I was even confused at early chapters where Tie Zhu/Wang Lin are used interchangeably in a single chapter, I was like "who is this two guys" and found out, it's the MC. Luckily I found this problem only on early 100-200 chapters, maybe Er Gen realized his mistakes and toned it down. That's just one of the example on how confusing this novel can be at its worst. Also, IMO, the drama and tragedy aspect is kinda dull and forced because the deliberate plot holes. A lot of crisis/tragedy/drama could be averted easily but the Er Gen just made MC got bad luck every choice he made. I couldn't drown myself to the story because of this deliberate plot holes. It just slapped my brain back to reality.

This is still a decent read though. I perceive some of the elements similar to ISSTH when reading this novel. You can say this is like ISSTH prototype. I haven't finished reading it but you can expect a lot of mind blowing stuffs. <<less
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July 18, 2016
Status: c193
If you ask me to describe this novel, the MC in particular in one phrase then it would be "can't catch a break". Seriously those that read this book know that the MC has the sh*ttiest luck tho some could say "good luck" as well. Although like many xianxia novels the MC does get into sh*t with people who have higher cultivation than him, and overall have trouble coming his way. But this MC is like a sh*tstorm magnet, seriously in most novels there will be at least 1-2 chapters... more>> of peace and quiet (excluding cultivation time), like a short filler. But the MC after finishing one problem and another one comes, sometimes these troubles stack too.

Though don't misunderstand I'm not saying it's a bad thing, but I feel bad for the guy. His life is nothing but easy, which I guess that's why he's quite unique. You understand why he acts the way he does which is not surprising considering the author who wrote this, it's good work and I do recommend it. But get ready for the MC to be met with misfortune over and over again like he has black cloud floating over his head. Seriously I hope it turns out better for you when you make it, cause you deserve it! <<less
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superdude201 rated it
April 17, 2016
Status: --
As I read along I came to realize the very simple fact. This MC is just a really a mass murderer who just leaves deaths everywhere he goes. His life is literally worthless as he doesn’t bring any value to people/places/etc. In his adventures. In conclusion, the MC is just a god damn calamity of death.
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Varno rated it
September 10, 2018
Status: --
Poorly written and not successfully fleshed out.

I don't get the hype for this, it is boring. He does nothing exciting, it is slow, and really depressing to read. Originally, I read the mahwa, some years ago. The art played a part in drawing me in, without it, this story is boring.

He flies around, in places that aren't properly described, killing people we have no emotional bearings to, and insofar; that's it.

This may change in coming chapters, but I've had enough.

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MaceTheDon rated it
August 23, 2018
Status: c1010
MC is forever the type of guy to have cold eyes, a gloomy expression & nothing able to affect his mind cos of his sheer will power... A really grating type of MC, solely focusing on Cultivation & having no fun whatsoever outside of that = boring af MC.

On the romance side of things which are usually good for adding a light hearted sort of tone to the story, this is pretty much non-existent here with MC ... more>>

only giving 2 sh*ts about his bird when she's literally on her death bed, talk about frustrating to say the least.

Poor characterisation as well (at least none that stand out for me anyway).

The only good points is the Action/Face smacking & even then that gets tiresome after a while.

*Now I wish I rated it 2 stars, but can't seem to change it... <<less
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Fish Aristicrat
Fish Aristicrat rated it
August 7, 2018
Status: c1039
An interesting novel with excellent world building, a decent premise, and some of my favorite characters from any novel (Situ is the best). Another solid work from Er Gen, with swift and quality translations to boot. And though some parts may seem to drag the way I see it they're always setting up for interesting payoffs which make the waits quite worth it. All and all if your looking for something to read that you could just sink into this might be the novel for you.
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chrispatrickuy rated it
August 6, 2018
Status: c1037
Renegade Immortal is an awesome novel. I have been following it for about a year now. The twists and turns during the adventures of Wang Lin have been quite enjoyable. I am particularly fond of the approach to his cultivation and his journey of seeking the Dao. Definitely would recommend this!
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spalk rated it
August 4, 2018
Status: --
ISSTH and AWE are two of my favourite novels but this is really bad.I pushed myself to read till 160. There is no mystery, no suspence, no interesting techniques. The MC is really boring. He used to be a good guy who wanted to cultivate to please his parents but after their death he becomes a ruthless killer.I don't have a problem with him killing but it is just that. He has no personality and no special traits. All the story is the same. He meets useless people who want... more>> to kill him, he kills them and then other people come for revenge.

In ISSTH the MC likes to earn money and cheat people which makes him interesting. He also has a goal, he wants to be strong to find out about his parents.

In AWE the MC is presented as pure but he ruins everything around him in a very funny way which makes him very likeable. He also has a goal, to be immortal.

In this the MC doesnt have a trait. He just kills people. He doesnt practice techniques he just cultivates. He isnt even clever. He doesnt have an extra skill like for example potions. He doesnt have friends or romantic interests. He doesnt even speak much.

I can't understand why people rate this so high. The only way that I pushed myself ro read till 160 is because this is Er Gen's work but really it was a waste of time. <<less
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HSmo rated it
August 1, 2018
Status: --
Renegade Immortal or Xian Ni as we used to call it back when I started on it, is another one of Er Gen’s masterpieces. One that will take the reader through a roller coaster of emotions.

Marked as a tragedy the reader will go through all the plights of loss that Wang Lin experiences. But it is satisfying none the less with the scaling and friends he makes across his journey. The romance is unique in how it thaws his heart over time and then hits your where it hurts, I... more>> suppose you can say that even I got emotionally attached. All of this takes place in a vast world consisting of various realms and levels with a great history behind each one. Did I mention he also collects various beasts and such for battle.

Coming to read RI is like being by the side of an ancient master it humbles you. Truly one of my best reads yet. 10/10 <<less
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