Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School


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She was originally a puppet of her family. Pursued by the police for being a business spy and hitman, she was betrayed and fell into the sea.

When she opened her eyes again, she had turned into an ordinary high school student. Because of a disgraceful birth, she had been crowded out by her relatives. Because of inferiority complex and antisocial behavior, she was bullied by her classmates.

But now she is no longer someone who acts timid. Cheat her, and she will break your bones.

She possesses formidable Jade pupils capable of seeing through walls. Other people have difficulty breaking through jade, their sight for antiques is based on gambles, but she only needs a look.

An undertaking begins as she creates legends in the world of business.

Once upon a time, they laughed at her poor and destitute state. Now looking at her net worth of 10 billion, it can’t be explained.

To the relatives that come to hug her thighs, she must apologize: “We broke off relations long ago, so get lost!”

Associated Names
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Rebirth and Rise: The Campus Business Woman
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New raghavy rated it
May 10, 2020
Status: --
this is a great novel and leads are very powerful. Romance is decent. If you are expecting detailed or steamy scenes then this is not for you.

the male lead is sweet and very understanding. He is a virgin and has only female lead in his eyes unlike other contemporary novels where male leads are either play boys or have multiple women in their lives where FL is pure and chaste. This is different and both leads deserve each other.

face slapping is decent and female lead is a bad ass.
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New Kirisaki_Linari rated it
April 29, 2020
Status: c166
The villains pissed me off. They are so unreasonably stupid. Everytime their scheme fail, they just go blame MC and totally forgot it's their own stupidity that started it. The MC proclaimed herself to be lucky however she's like a magnet that attracted hatred wherever she go and it's annoying. And I don't think you could get stronger just by running right. It's unrealistic. She just recently occupied a body of a girl then bang she could already fight with the members of the top military team and they can't... more>> even beat her. Like wtf, that's the result of your 10 years of training? That's so shameful, they even called themselves the TOP, might as well let her be the leader. As for ml, he was like 'what is this feeling?, Why can't I control myself in front of her?, Why am I yearning for her?'. He was the captain of that so-called top team and an iceberg like any other ML and idk if it's love at first sight, but he suddenly became like that on their second meeting. It's too fast I guess? He just suddenly felt it and was even shy.

Coupled with my criticism, this is basically cliche. The only difference of this from the others is the jade thing. But the rest, nah its so boring I ended up skipping chapters. <<less
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chibiheaven rated it
March 27, 2018
Status: c950
Was generally very unimpressed with the story. Interaction between characters is just bland, unimaginative, and honestly repetitive. The way she goes about recruiting each of her executives and employees is practically the same; ... more>>

She always finds then in bad circumstances whether it be because they were ditched by shitty two-faced lovers or are a failing business.


In any case, the story takes a weird turn because of the obvious repetition in the story. So what was the author's solution?

They decided to spice it up with supernatural beings; vampires, dragons, ghosts, and enlighten beings (aka people who can cultivate).


The male lead is a yes man, and his character is honestly so boring.

I'd give this a 2.5 at most. <<less
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lacerem rated it
January 30, 2018
Status: c690
it's a good story with a really clever female MC

... more>>

The things that disturbed me was r*pe being the one of the most commonly used revenge towards women. I read about first 300 chapters and there was about 3 gang send to r*pe MC and 3 different women were raped. MC doesn't help, even films the one of the rapes. She only helps her friend and saves her. Women gets humiliated and raped, but male bad guys only lose some money or get a non-life threatening beating.

It's like there is no law in this land and the way MC gets rich also feels rushed. She became rich really fast.


edit: After reading more than 500 chapter she lost her believably and her power growth is too rush/anticlimactic. Her disregard for the original owner of the body is also too much. She doesn't care for the original host's desires or unfinished businesses, she ignores people that hurt original host, until they became danger to herself. <<less
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Jessy_m rated it
June 20, 2019
Status: c711
The novel is good.. It's fun to see MC slapping people.. The problem of the novel is that everyone and I say everyone is arrogants.. It's so exaggerated more than any other CN I read before.. all the people the MC meet are arrogant love revenge.. From high school girls to officials to normal people to foreigners.. it's like you can't leave your house without offending people... 2 classmates in school called gangs to r*pe her.. Everyone she meet send people to r*pe her.. Everyone who loose relationships are so... more>> extreme directly think about r*pe or assault.. the positive side is that the Chinese are so horrible that I don't feel any racism when I read about the foreigners actions.. Lol usually other novels show Saint Chinese and evil racist foreigners but here the foreigners fit so well because the Chinese are horrible as well. It is bit stupid about how she have miracle medicine and no one questioned it... Like if I had a miracle medicine I am sure all the world organizations will come for me.. others than that it's fun to read if you enjoy faceslaping...

Also adding zombies is bit weird for me.. make me think that it could develop to apocalypse novel lol.. But anyway hope it won't have secret families and add too much complexity to just keep the novel ongoing <<less
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Fathom rated it
November 6, 2018
Status: c2690
Reading the summary here made me a bit puzzled a bit because the current story line is so different that I completely forgot the earlier plotline of this series. Originally, it started out as a soul transmigration in the same modern time period with the stereotypical antagonist, a nice romantic angle, and the obsession with making money. However, at some point, it went the route of xianxia where now there are demons, vampires, cultivation, sword flying, mutant ninjas, and etc. Okaaay.... Whatever, I like both modern and xianxia stories, so... more>> on the plus side, I get both in this novel. =.=

So, obviously I like it enough, to still follow the ongoing series. That being said, quite a lot of the plot is repetitive. This is probably the first time I've seen a story which had TWO different cases of a parent conveniently having AMNESIA to forget their children's existence. Using it once already is a stereotype. Using it twice is just beyond eye rolling.

I forgot to mention, another really annoying trait of this series is that amount of time spent going out to eat... It feels like every chapter is about going out to eat or going drinking at a club. I always felt that cutting out all the eating time, my cut the story by a third.

Despite the weirdness of the plot sometimes (mix of supernatural, repetitive actions), I liked the main leads. I did get annoyed with the amount of groupie fans/friends that constantly pester the FL for one thing or other. But overall, it's interesting and makes me want more romance and action. <<less
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landure rated it
December 29, 2019
Status: c273
This novel has for main character a trained assassin that replace the soul of a highschool girl. She stay in the same world and use her knowledge from her previous life and a jade based superpower to create a business empire.

I have one world for this novel: naive. The author is quite probably a youth still in school. For a first work, it is quite fine, but the lack of experience of the author is very present.

The author use well know tropes without a great originality, and the characters are... more>> flat. There is no finesse in the story, and even if the author has worked on a global storyline, it miss quite a bit of details and complexity. Everything is too easy for the main character. Even the romance is without complexity and depth.

A good first work of a young author, but a lacking novel compared to more experienced works. The author should had more difficulties in the resolution of the MC problems, more emotional turmoil and work on the characters dialogs.

Keep gaining experience author, you have what it takes to succeed. <<less
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Piknos rated it
February 25, 2020
Status: c10
It's only been ten chapters and yet I'm already bored out of my mind. The MC gets the typical cheat system that can do basically anything you put your mind to but with the "drawback" being that it runs on Spirit Qi. It's a hindrance that doesn't need to be there, and even if it does it shouldn't be so easily surpassed. Spirit Qi can be found in jades and ancient objects, and because of her powers she'd have to be stupid to not be able to find any. The... more>> story reads like it's written for a child who needs every single thing explained to them which leads to an excessive amount of information. I can only say that this is only readable if you skimmed through it or you enjoy being told about every thought the MC has. <<less
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Abe rated it
September 11, 2018
Status: c20
I was really really enjoying this novel. I loved how the author was building up the characters. Where can we find the raws. I'm willing to read book even if it's machine translated.
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xuexin rated it
March 4, 2020
Status: c440
Honestly, the novel isn't written very well, and what's barely saving it is the plot regarding the power given by the jade which allows her to face slap individuals while building up her business. It is somewhat repetitive though. Also, the story is not very consistent such as in the first few chapters where MC wakes up in another person's body and without any practice or exercise she can suddenly beat up people. While later on the author tried to show that she was exercising because the body was weak... more>> and training her friends, it was already somewhat late introduction of a solution.

Basically the story revolves around MC setting up her business through the help of the jade eyes. From there on, she's able to enter into different sectors for her business. Along the way she finds a ML who is respectful to her, dotes on her and supports her. On that note, I actually like this ML, because so far he's not affecting her independence. You won't find a passionate romance focused story here. ML is just a sidekick who won't affect her life, but is a support character. My only problem is that it's taking her forever to take revenge on her old life. It's like after her rebirth, she had nothing to do with her former life anymore. Idk, I guess that part didn't satisfy me. She's still focused on her current life. <<less
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Soteria27 rated it
April 20, 2020
Status: c486
This is my first time writing a review, and it's a negative one at that. I just wanted to caution readers against sinking time into this novel because it gets really, really bad. The language is extremely repetitive, and so is the plot. Everyone hates her before she flexes her power, and she only gets out of things because of her jade eyes. The reactions of the people around her are also extremely repetitive, so much so that it gets boring to read. Her character is merciless and stagnant, she... more>> shows little to no growth. She seems to believe that whatever she does is right, and those who offend her are all necessarily wrong. In truth, the novel seemed to be going well for the first 50 chapters, but it felt like the author began to find writing a chore and just randomly spat out events. You're better off reading a quick summary and getting the adrenaline rush from the underdog winning, than reading this drawn out and pointless novel <<less
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carollsc rated it
February 18, 2020
Status: c426
At first I really loved the story. I liked the romance, the MC, her goals and what not, but as it progresses it’s getting dumber and further from the beginning storyline.

With the whole zombie thing, plus her dad and the double amnesia, the whole lot of rape, and her weird caring but uncaring attitude (she saves strangers only if they bring benefits but doesn’t care about other strangers at all saying it has nothing to do with her) The FL doesn’t really make any meaningful connections, only a bunch of superficial ones and the ML it’s just an extra tool for her without any actual personality, just an amazing background

😓 overall so far it’s still alright since she is still working towards her goal without too mich deviation but from what was said in other reviews I’m not hopeful of the future 🙁 basically why I still give it a 3
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