Reincarnation into the Barrier Master


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When he opened his eyes, Kubo Tamotsu (34 years old) was reincarnated into the different world. He was reincarnated as a 6 years old boy with a「Barrier Lv1」skill. But his status was a 「Slave」. In order to escape from his harsh circumstances, achieve「Peaceful life」, and be「Surrounded by beauties」, those were his dreams from the previous life, he decided to struggle with all his strength.

Reincarnation into the Barrier Master average rating 3.2/5 - 145 user ratings
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Ketsukaishi e no tensei
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antiger2612 rated it
January 14, 2017
Status: c7

Uninteresting story. After transported to another world, the MC has no sense of urgency of finding out where he is, why he was transported, and what this world is. Also, from the description, he didn't even seem to be confused or desperately try to escape. Only after being bought, he once tried to escape but got electric shocked. That's about it. After that, he never even thinks about escaping. After he was transported, he was like, "I now know I'm a slave, so I'm just gonna accept whatever will happen to me, and the possibility of being transported and become a 6 years old slave being a dream and not reality is practically 0%." This is not realistic for someone who has been living a normal life, having ordinary job, and never been a slave nor treated badly reacts in this kind of situation. This author should read the first few chapters of Overlord to understand how a character should react in an abnormal situation to make it more realistic.

The world building is horrible. The author doesn't explain the world surrounding MC and only gives a brief description about the mansion he's going to live for years later. Character description is terrible. The only thing the author described about the characters is that slave merchant has a beard, Versam von Elsa is 60 years old, and Falco, who will be the MC's teacher for years, is a "white-haired man."

At best, this novel can be a filler for your time, but I would not recommend reading this novel for good story-telling.

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BrotherofHavok rated it
January 18, 2017
Status: c54
Utterly disappointing.

EDIT: After the first dozen or so chapters there are less of issues #1 & #2. However, #3 & #4 are pretty much in full swing up until I stopped reading. I tried to give it a second chance, but its not worth investing my interest in continuing.

... more>>

1) Time Skips nearly every chapter. If that was going to be the case then why start the story at such a young age? Or why not just have all the time skips in one go? What is the point of checking up on the progress of the character if there is ZERO world building, ZERO character building, and the importance of the chapter can be summed up in a character sheet of before and after?

2) WORD COUNT! Each chapter (up to ch. 8 at this point) is between 300 and 800 words. Too little to do anything of real significance. I thought it might be the translator breaking up the chapters, but its not even parts of a single chapter.

3) Character gave up his personality way too soon. Start off with thoughts of escape and in 2 seconds flat is devoted to the woman who bought him? Would like the author to at least say that his near death experience because he might have not been sold was staged. Make some rage for his long years of devotion or something, PLEASE!

4) Eragon Training Method or ETt as I call it. Teach the MC basically nothing and immediately have a master magician start beating him? 2 Thumbs down for this training method.

There is more, but these are the 4 main problems that have caused me to pound my head into a wall wondering why I'm still reading it.


Good luck to both the author and translator. I hope it gets better. <<less
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kiti rated it
March 15, 2017
Status: --
The character is so listless and go with the flow that you can't bring yourself to care for him or anyone around him. Things keep happening to him and this reads like the diary of a particularly uninteresting chuuni person. Kinda like... "Monday - I reincarnated. I'm a slave. I tried to escape but I got shocked. There were a few other people around being sold into horrible fates but I don't care." and "Tuesday - Timeskip, training montage. I'm still a slave", "Wednesday - Introduction for the big breasted... more>> battle crazy onee chan character. Still a slave and still don't care". Not worth the time it took me to see if this was going to get better after 10 chapters. <<less
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Mr.Tomato rated it
March 19, 2017
Status: c58


I like the story even if it lacks world building, character development
... more>>

(No real emotions, he instantly accepts everything that happened to him so far immediately. His whole household/ country fall and all he care for dies and after a few chapters his back to normal like nothing ever happened. He lacks what some typical guy would do if they're in his shoes. To explore or even have an adventure on a new fantasy world but instead he prefer to be a butler/personal guard on someone else once again)

and the mc's go with the flow personality

(like really he became a slave and after being bought he completely devote himself towards his owner and after being their slave for years the thought of escaping or wanting freedom NEVER even cross his mind!!! No regular or ordinary person living in the modern world would accept being a slave for years).


I hate this kind of mc's he should be 42 yr old mentally right now yet im not even seeing a speck of it. He acts like some typical japanese 14yr old virgin ive often read in novels that I drop reading, they say wisdom comes with age but it doesn't seem to exist in japanese novels. Would rate higher if not for the mc


(I stop reading this for a month, then I run out of things to read and decided to continue reading this again)

Still 2 stars for me. The story kinda got better a little. A LITTLE. The MC improve, he became a very well written SIDE CHARACTER now. -_- <<less
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GregLuck rated it
April 18, 2017
Status: c70
As of c15, this is my opinion

... more>>

I got to say there are too many minus in this novel, from the MC character, world building, plot, etc.

The first and most annoying is the pace of the story and world building, while this story is progressing you can not enjoy nor understood much. The way author tells story and the world is like the author only retold some good story he ever heard, it's like just skimming through without any emotion.

The world building and lack of any sort of enjoyment is total letdown. The world lack character and interaction, he is a slave/butler, yet no other maid or servant ever evidently talking or having interaction beside Falco.

You know that there are lots of novel that is just bad with the plots, fan-service, OP-WTF-moment, yet when you read some chapter of them you kinda get attached and just following the translation for filler in wait your favorite novel chapter released, THIS NOVEL IS NOT THAT KIND.

This novel is the type of when you close the browser and don't open it in a few days, you will forget it, dropped the novel, and still not feeling anything. Yes, that is how insignificant this novel is.

As you can see from the other review, that most of them didn't even read to 2 digits chapter. I force myself to read up to chapter 15 and still, no enjoyment, no relatable things, no emotion playing, the world building is ugly, plot is nothing, character is emotionless doll. And I still kind enough to give it a 2 star.


After reading to c56, I revise it to 3, 5 star.


The plot really did get twisted, gotta appreciate the author for that twist. I thought that the story was going to be super-loyal-invincible-butler thing and I was wrong.

No one expect that kind of twist, although it somehow ends up with your usual OP-MC enjoy life will collecting harem. But it still has a uniqueness to the usual harem plot. Although that twist at the beginning, the usual delish-food-everyone-happy story somehow still shows up.

Beside that, there is still many inconsistency about the MC skill from barrier master to somehow anything you could think of is possible inside barrier.

Basically it gets little better as it goes, there is still many flaws and weakness to this novel, it is still on barely decent.


As of ch.70, the story took a drastic change.

From what used to be a struggling emotional MC, now just become your usual super-OP-pushover-MC.

The inconsistency of this novel is just unbelievable. <<less
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Little Big House
Little Big House rated it
January 19, 2017
Status: c9
Warning: Do not expect the story with a lot of characters background explanations. This is just a scratch above the surface. But it's still enjoyable. Fun story to pass time.

It's a short story made of short chapters but it's good to just go through the details without paying much attention to them sometimes.

It's enjoyable but it's not a novel with a serious vibe to it. It's the kind of stuff you read because you have nothing else to do.


The story itself is just a walk-through the life of... more>> the transported MC. We see the big picture of his evolution. Not much about how it happens but more about what is happening.


The MC gets transported to another world as a child. He has become a slage and has been bought by a Marchionness (female marquis) because they saw that he had a barrier skill.

He now goes through countless trainings to be able to protect his masters.


The story rushes through the arcs. One arc may be 10 to 20 chapters.

Still recommend it if you don't have much time but still wishe to read something without rushing and missing some details. This novel is made for those who don't want to pay attention to all details and names. <<less
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mikaelhg rated it
May 18, 2017
Status: c25
Personality- and ambition-free MC was free before reincarnation, his slave status is mentioned in every second paragraph, but even after becoming a powerful LV4 mage, he never considers that maybe it might be a good idea to use his brain once in his life, and use one of the many options, even just taking off and living as a powerful magician somewhere else, to gain his freedom.

This was clearly not written by an adult, and is not suitable for an adult audience.
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BuckRodgers rated it
January 17, 2017
Status: ch.8
Quite average at the moment, MC is a very go with the flow kinda guy and the chapters are fairly short. Decent for a couple mins of reading if you have nothing else to do but otherwise I would recommend waiting for chapter 20+ to come out and we get out of the training/growing phase and start seeing the world a bit more.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
montblanc512 rated it
November 3, 2017
Status: c25
This started off being interesting. Not the most original series, but had a bit more going for it than the normal Isekai. Then the twist occurs, and it suddenly becomes the most generic Isekai OP protagonist story one could possibly imagine.

... more>>

Stop me if you've heard this one, a 30+ year old re-incarnates into a child prodigy in a swords and sorcery type medieval world, gets a cheat skill, gets a convenient item that lets them carry infinite junk, and then slowly builds a harem? Now imagine that, only it starts 20 chapters in when the writer apparently decided he didn't like his original idea. He gets to this generic plot by having everyone die in one chapter, all the characters they spent 20+ chapters making important to the MC, just gone, and he gets angry about it for all of 3-4 chapters, and then it becomes that generic story I just described.


Absolute garbage that feels even worse since it started off being more interesting. <<less
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