Reincarnated Villainess Does Not Want Revenge


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Rosemary, who was hanged for a crime she did not commit, left her name in history as a villainess.

After being reincarnated and remembering the memories of her previous life, Marie hopes to live a peaceful life this time because of her past experiences.

However, against her wishes, Marie returns to the royal palace.

“Now, Sister. How do you want to punish those who killed you?”

Her younger brother, whom she loved before her death, has completely changed and wants to take revenge on her behalf.

“Master. Please tell me what you want.”

The knight who pledged allegiance in her previous life will also pledge his allegiance in this life.

Even though I have no intention of taking revenge on the people who once killed me.

The people around me won’t allow it…

Associated Names
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Tensei shita Akuyaku Reijou wa Fukushuu wo Nozomanai
The Reincarnated Villainess Won’t Seek Revenge (LN)
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4 Reviews

New kejserinde
Feb 18, 2024
Status: c110
The story has potential, but it lacks development in several aspects. The motivations behind the characters' actions aren't fully justified, although the story still manages to convey their emotions to some extent. However, fleshing out these details would significantly improve the reader's understanding and engagement. The pacing also felt rushed for me. Overall, it's not a bad read, but it could be much stronger with more depth and refinement.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jun 22, 2023
Status: v1
This story differs from most reincarnation stories, as the protagonist original soul/existence isn't replaced by the dead one

Mary has most the memories of Rosemary, but is still her own person, with a mindset created by her current life.

There's hints of romance, but no real relationship is formed.

I enjoyed it until near the end, where her original life brother decides that since they are now now longer blood related they can be together romantically.

Mary does try and ignore his hints
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jul 16, 2023
Status: c43 (v1)
Not a bad read. I do wish the MC is a bit more proactive in handling the two vengeful boys, but her desire to just find peace is understandable as she's essentially a new person but with the memories of the "villainess".

Will probably wait for the next Vol to finish for me to continue reading so Chapter 43 or the end of Vol 1 is a good stop for now.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Dec 19, 2023
Status: --
Its cute but really short. It felt like a full story except I started reading only towards the end. Would've been nice to be immersed in the life of rosemary but overall, good read.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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