Reincarnated Maid is About To Be Captured by All Players


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Being reincarnated into a game world, I not only became a girl, but a highly-popular highly-skilled beautiful NPC maid? ! Most importantly, on my second day [as a maid], the favourability game mechanic was introduced, as long as a player fills my favourability rating with them they become my new owner and can take me home? Nevermind that it’s not just male players, but why do elves and orcs or even female players have favourability ratings with me? (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻ “I should just starve myself to death, or die on the streets, …

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Latest Release

Date Group Release
04/24/20 Yado Inn v1c9
04/17/20 Yado Inn v1c8
04/10/20 Yado Inn v1c7
04/03/20 Yado Inn v1c6
03/27/20 Yado Inn v1c5
03/27/20 Yado Inn v1c4
03/20/20 Yado Inn v1c3
03/13/20 Yado Inn v1c2
03/06/20 Yado Inn v1c1
02/29/20 Yado Inn v1 prologue
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