Reincarnated into a Game As the Hero’s Friend


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A modern Japanese man reincarnated into a game as Welner von Zeavert. Though he reincarnated as a noble’s son, he is neither the main character nor the hero of this world. He become someone who didn’t even appear in the game.

Plus, with only [Spearmanship] as his skill, he can’t even join the hero party to clear main story.
His small advantages are the fact that he became the hero’s friend and his father’s rather high status. He’s nothing but a supporting character of the story.

He noted the game story that he knew from his past life, used it, along with his authority and influence as a noble, to survive from demon king army.

But, without realizing it, the knowledge from his past life and his memories of the game story affected the world. He saved people that should have died and took care of events that didn’t appear in the game.

With that, he carved history of this world

This is not a story about the hero. This is a story about struggle and effort of a young noble.

Associated Names
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Behind the battle of The Hero and The Demon King
Maou to Yuusha no Tatakai no Ura de ~ Game Sekai ni Tensei shita kedo Yuujin no Yuusha ga Maou Toubatsu ni Tabidatta ato no Kokunai Orusuban (Naisei to Bouei Sen) ga Ore no Oshigoto desu ~
Reincarnated Into a Game as the Hero’s Friend: Running the Kingdom Behind the Scenes
魔王と勇者の戦いの裏で ~ゲーム世界に転生したけど友人の勇者が魔王討伐に旅立ったあとの国内お留守番 (内政と防衛戦) が俺のお仕事です~
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35 Reviews

Aug 16, 2022
Status: c22
As an author wannabe there are things in this novel that I absolutely can’t forgive.

This story feels like walking in a horrendous museum with a boring and misinformed guide...

Basically, the world-building is a prime example of what you should never do in a story. Dumping on the head of your readers information about how the world works and comparing it to our world CONSTANTLY, is not a good way to write an interesting story. Especially when it costs you other pivotal elements, like I don’t know, the characters ?... more>> It takes an enormous 15 chapters to see our first new character apart from the MC and the hero... And that would normally be fine if the personality and motivations of the two were developed during that time but, sadly, it’s absolutely not the case... The MC has no personality and the hero while interesting doesn’t really have an impact on anything making all of his lines feel lackluster... Also, this author is a riffle of misinformation, his talk about how spears are not good weapons to use for a war, literally killed me, and unfortunately, it’s not the sole example... he also talks about Europeans from the Middle-Age not bathing or how scholars are wrong saying that samurais didn’t actually use katanas as their main weapon... The people in this world feel really dumb and the world definitely only rotates around the MC. It’s not a feeling or anything like that, it’s just that every character talking in this story only talks about him and how he seems weird or dependable... I also forgot to mention that there is, despite a lot of misdirected world-building, no description of the locations or the characters. The most you’ll get is a :”this girl is really beautiful”.

This explains my analogy from the beginning. I argue that the world described to me in this story is just that horrible and that the descriptive narration of the MC makes me feel like I’m in a museum looking at things described by him. I don’t live the events with him, I just watch them. I would like to know about the MC then (to compensate), however we don’t know anything about him hence why he is boring.

I would like to add that the author lacks logic too... in one of the first chapters, the MC talks about how he met the hero, he said something like this :” I don’t want to meet the hero to not change the game's main events.” But he enrolls in an elite class thanks to his hard work, the exact same class the hero is in... so something totally avoidable. He then says :” I forgot how we became friends”, even though he tried to avoid him. And finally the nail on the coffin :” The hero was grateful that I was the one who approached him first”, WEREN’T YOU TRYING TO AVOID HIM ??. And all of that, was said in the same exact chapter... does he even have someone to proof-read his story ?

Oh and I just talked about how the MC was working hard before the game as preparations doing things like training ? Of course it’s just told to us ! Why would we want to see the first moment of the MC being isekaid and how he adapts and plans to change his fate ? Of course it’s irrelevant ! yes...

There is a lot more to say but I choose to leave it at that for now...

It can still be enjoyable if you stop thinking and don’t read the fake trivias I think. <<less
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Jun 16, 2022
Status: c91
At first, I thought it was a gag type story, but the plot was actually more interesting than I expected.

The planning behind the scenes, the plots being prevented, even other stuff that runs around behind the main focus of the supposed game story.

I am looking forward to seeing how the progress!!!
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Jul 28, 2022
Status: c37
There are a lot of WNs where the MC is supposed to be a mob, but is actually OP. Well, in this case, you actually feel his lack of power and root for him as he uses his wit and the aid of soldiers and mercenaries to make a difference. He does this while using his game knowledge to support the superpowered MCs as a side story, but most of what he does is without the aid of these overly powerful characters. He is working as a young leader of... more>> tr*sh mob soldiers against the tr*sh mobs of the Demons in a struggle where they would normally lose according to the story. It's an interesting and compelling take on the genre, and I've been enjoying it quite a lot so far.

Edit: That's weird, I didn't expect "tr*sh" to be a censored word on this site. Oh well. <<less
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Nyx Abendroth
Nyx Abendrot
Jun 16, 2022
Status: c20.1
Honestly, I am enjoying this novel so far.

Strategies used by the MC were smart and detailed.

Novel has a good world building.

Bonus point is that translations are done really good.
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May 24, 2022
Status: c14
Surprisingly high quality isekai stuff here. The only cheat MC has is his blurry memories. He's only a typical NPC so he does whatever he can to survive as a noble with a territory against threats.

And the threats. Man I love the detailed yet super enjoyable details of his wars. Very clever style of combining geek level history, tactics, combat psychology, supplies, and isekai tropes like cheat heroes.

If you like detailed combat and lengthy war crafting then this is for you. Author's style of writing can be tedious if you... more>> don't, tho. <<less
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Oct 05, 2022
Status: c64
"Suffering from Success" the novel.

I love misunderstanding stories like these. Characters are fun and the conversations are really funny and enjoyable. Tons and tons of information on the world and I love the amount of thought the author puts into their story.

The translation quality is absolutely amazing. Really great and fantastic job from the translator, really showing they care with that skip button, hahaha.
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Jun 27, 2022
Status: c24
So this is 4 start novel for me (1 star less for irrelevant info dumps).

Anyway so our MC is not your typical Japanese MC and novel storyline is also fairly decent.

Translator has done a good job.

I will recommend it everyone who don't outright hate info dumps.

Note: Translator has decided to use anchors so that readers can directly skip irrelevant info dumps.
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Aug 11, 2022
Status: c29
First - the basic premise in the title, "Hero's friend", feels like a self-insert fanfic along the lines of "I am so great, I am helping him so much, also he adores me". There is no characterisation neither for Hero nor for MC, so it's just an empty and pointlessly sweet interaction, it is very unpleasant to read.

There are no side characters, every single one just fills in their respective role - "Prince", "Merchant", "Thief" with just a couple of lines each.

Author makes brave attempts at worldbuilding... which results in... more>> a hideous amalgamation of random trivia, gradually increasing in frequency. It might not be a big percentage of text, but it feels so daunting that it deserves its own content warning instead of praise.

The only battle in the very beginning could've been fairly entertaining if not for author boasting his history knowledge with another useless trivia.

There is basically no storytelling, just author in the guise of MC roughly saying the direction the plot should go in, awkwardly inserted with short actions/dialogues. Writing itself isn't bad, just very unbalanced towards describing the story instead of actually telling it.

In the end it is just too boring. I couldn't be invested or even slightly interested, so I do not recommend it. <<less
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Jun 26, 2022
Status: c23 part2
I don't know about future story of this novel, but there a lot of useless sentences in what I read now.

For example:

Demons invade, all according to plot. 'Mob' protagonist starting move around and every time he go somewhere he will tell us about why 'adventure guild' isn't typical 'isekai adventure guild', because there no childs. 10 sentences. About each item in shop that made from demons. 2 items, both 10 sentence. About Nobel's ranks. Full chapter.

... more>> That a lot. And it really useless at this point of story.

If you think that '10 sentences' it's small number, then look, this review contains 17 sentences, including words below. And half of them contain only 2-5 words. Not like in the novel.

Maybe this is 'hidden' world building, but I don't care, I will forget this info anyway after a week or two.

Maybe this novel is good, because there some 4-5 stars review, but I don't have patience to wait for this good parts.

Have a good day, readers. <<less
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Jun 25, 2022
Status: c22 part2
It's like reading someone dictating their move in chess. They describe in detail how they went to the mercenaries guild, and how they talk in full detail about hiring mercenaries. A whole lot of useless information that could have been summarized in one sentence are made into full chapters.

A whole lot of unneeded info dump about extraneous stuff that does not move the story whatsoever. For example, the author went into full detail about the different ranks in noble society despite the fact that the only point they wanted to... more>> make was it's troublesome to be given responsibilities.

It does have interesting developments when it matters, but it's an incredible slog to read through half the time so I really don't recommend it. <<less
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May 18, 2022
Status: c12
So far the novel looks like it’s going to focus a lot more on strategy rather than just an OP protagonist that overtakes the “original” protagonist. The translation of the story is still in the early stages so it’s a little hard to tell, but so far there has been one big battle and the strategies that the protagonist used to fight that battle were well thought out and logical. The translations are also well done too so that’s a bonus.
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May 14, 2022
Status: c11
The protagonist of the novel is less dense compares to other protagonists in other novels and is quite rational he employ some strategies here and there based on his knowledge in his past and current life.

The world building has a nice pace.

The translation is quite good, typos appear rarely and it does not ruin the reading experience when it appears.
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Ajax DragonBane
Ajax DragonB
Jul 11, 2022
Status: c47
I enjoy the actual story but the thing that hold this back for me is the frequency and size of the info dumps which will generally not be off topic but will just be a giant stretch of kind of unnecessary information

Edit: This novel holds an interesting premise but the author really doesn't know how to select relevant info he keep putting way to much info. The frankly worthless information is just random trivia the author wanted to flex on the audience but apparently wasn't fact checked because some of... more>> it is wrong like for instance defining a fantasy material he goes on for almost a third of the total page but all it boils down to its just concrete made with monster teeth. He could have just said that but instead he decided to go into EXCRUCIATING detail about its color and other miscellaneous facts that no one except I guess the author would find interesting. What's worse that most of the info dumps are only flimsily related to the topic at hand, the previously said monster concrete was said because an aqueduct being constructed was said a couple sentences earlier. It would be fine if this wasn't frequent but these happen every chapter with multiple info dumps

sorry for the rant, this mainly just frustrates me since you can see the potential of the story. When we DO actually focus on the plot it grabs my interest but the author just treats it as an afterthought to whatever he happened to be looking at in Wikipedia at the time that's the main reason I'm not giving it a one star since there is some diamonds in the rough they are just so utterly covered in the sh*t that is SO much unnecessary and tedious info.

my praise to the translator who puts warnings for when the beginning and end of the dumps and actually summarizes the info <<less
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May 15, 2022
Status: c50
It's a war/logistics novel.

Basically he directs and advises battles for the hero/kingdom. This can get boring as he explains the amount of shoes needed or war formation transitions. However the author clearly is interested in war history and it shows.

No romance or fluff just straight strategy. While it isn't for me, I think it's well written and deserves a chance.
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Oct 21, 2023
Status: c180 part1
A lot of negatives review about this novel is the Infodump appear quite a lot especially on early chapters. This can make reader bored on the novel and don't even bother to continue it. This is legit critisism, and the author really try to fix it on a chapter 90 or above. Even on the LN the infodump is reduced significantly.

Some may say the infodump is necessary to the novel since it can make us understand the story, the gravity of the situation, etc.

For example:

... more>>

There is when the author really explaining the gravity of the situation with 5000 refugee, from the food, water, sanitation, public safety and why the characters in the story so burdened with it. Most of us, except for those who works in Military or Public Service cannot comprehend the "5000" number of people and all the problem that come with it.

Or one time when explaining the advantageous position during the warfare when riding a horse.

Or why there is rarely a scientific advancement in this world, etc.

Those all infodump, including the one not mentioned here, at least for me, making the character thinking and decision in the story make sense for a normal in a peaceful country citizen like me.


Can the author do better on the infodump by "Showing not Telling"? Probably.

BUT if you TRY to speedread all the infodump, which is easier since the translator gave a heads up about the infodump, you found a story about a character that try so hard to be not dead against demon invasion, and the politic, intrigue, strategy, logistic, war, action, and the others that follow it.

Unlike other reincarnation story, whose story start from when the MC is still a kid, this story really start at the beginning of the "Game" Story, the demon invasion. For me this is a good things since it really skip the boring school life and the "Training Arc" that comes with it and the novel can goes on to the main course of the story..

I guess my only problem is, the story on how being MC become "Friends" with the hero is mentioned only 1 chapters. Some may find it lacking the emotion, some may find it simplifying so the story can move on to the main plot. It really depends on the reader itself. <<less
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Jul 03, 2023
Status: c243
I read ahead of the raws at Chapter 243, and it's good.
No power trip. No bullshit. No harem. Just pure strategy and politics.

MC is basically isekai'd into another world but he is just a random mob. He's not even a named character, he's just the random NPC friend of the Hero who happened to be a noble. He doesn't want to die so he helps around the Kingdom as the son of a Count, and he uses his Earth knowledge about tactics and basic science to his advantage. He... more>> also has knowledge on the general "plot" of this world he got isekai'd to but he only remembers the big events.

+ MC knows his shit. He is confident and he feels believably competent.
+ Video game logic is given explanation, most of the time even taken advantage of.
+ MC has no OP abilities or skills so he wins via his army and his strategies, not his strength alone.
+ Romance takes a backseat, but it slowly develops over time and is not forced. No Harem!
+ Female Lead actually becomes politically relevant in later chapters, so she doesn't just exist to be the waifu.
+ MC's friendship with the Hero is believable. They act and talk to each other like brothers, and there is little to no jealousy or animosity between them.

- Can get really text-heavy sometimes. Explanations we do not need to hear are not cut out.
- I sometimes want to see what's going on with the Hero side of things, but we are never given that perspective.
- The enemies are mostly idiotic muscle-brains. As of chapter 159, MC has yet to face an enemy that is as strategically competent as he is.
- MC's allies kinda simp for him. I don't remember any characters that have bad or neutral opinion of him, there are but they aren't even named.
- There are so many important names to keep track of, most of the time I barely remember who that person is and what their contribution was.

The translation is good, though there are mistakes sometimes. I suggest you give this one a try if you like war strategy and tactics. <<less
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Jul 01, 2022
Status: c25
Quite good despite the info dumps. But for those who like military history, its quite good. And sometimes, the depiction of battke sounds like military dispatch.

I personally got hooked when the strategy proposed by MC was Hannibal's Battle of Cannae (it happened around ch. 50 I think.)
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July Gevra
July Gevra
Jun 25, 2022
Status: c22 part2
Kinda early to judge but yea this is a good novel, with nice phase and world building, good story writing, everyone has personalities, and some nice war strategies from our MC.

Translator really did a great job working on this.

Just as long you can bear with MC who has wikipedia-way of explanation that can even reach several chapters, this is a good novel indeed.

This is a high quality isekai novel at the moment I wrote this. (Sorry for my poor EN)
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Jul 11, 2023
Status: c93
I really wanted to like this novel. The translations are TOP TIER, so I have no problems regarding that.

What I really do not understand and absolutely loathe is the author's writing style. He infodumps like you wouldn't believe about the most mundane things. The translators literally have a "skip" hyperlink in their translations to skip infodump paragraphs. There will be 1-2 sentences of character dialogue, then 2-4 paragraphs of just word vomit of the author explaining something that is so loosely related to the story it is essentially irrelevant, rinse... more>> and repeat. I have been finding myself skipping up to 2/3rds of EVERY chapter because the author just likes to hear himself talk and goes onto mental tangents. It seems the author just writes whatever he thinks with absolutely no filter and after finishing a chapter with 10 percent story and 90 percent garbage he just goes "eff it", shrugs, and submits whatever he has. It is a shame because the actual story and plot when you find it is actually good. I will be dropping because I don't like sifting through garbage and the author talking to himself about said garbage.

I would avoid this novel if you hate the worst kind of infodumps. <<less
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Nov 27, 2022
Status: --
I like the concept of the story (though it is not anything unique), but reading this feels more like reading a summary of an story it is not immersive at all.
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