Reincarnated in The World of a Yuri Game as a Man Who Got Sandwiched by Yuri


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–A man who gets sandwiched by Yuri can just go to hell.

Hiiro unfortunately got reincarnated in the world of the Yuri game 『Everything for the Score』,  where such words are true.

At first, for Hiiro, who loves Yuri, the world seemed like an ideal world for him, but…he gradually became aware of the reality.

Because the world he lived in was a modern Japan world where magic exists, a fantasy world where scores are everything.

On top of that, the world was a caste world where everything from behavior, accomplishments, even daily life affairs such as how to fold a futon was evaluated, and the 『Score』 given by the government is the one that determines the caste.

In such a world, Hiiro continues to be persecuted unreasonably, being given 0 points just because he is a man. Moreover, he was destined to die a horrible death because he got reincarnated as the one and only male annoyance in the game.

In order to deal with the approaching death flag, he seeks power by training his magic, and making strategy after strategy by making the best use of the game’s knowledge until….Even though it is supposed to be a Yuri game, he, who was just an annoyance, somehow got surrounded by the heroines.

“… are? Where is the Yuri?”

This is a story about a man who was supposed to be an annoyance until he destroyed the world of the Yuri game in another sense.

Associated Names
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Danshi Kinsei Game Sekai de Ore ga Yarubeki Yuitsu no Koto
The Only Thing I Should Do in A World of A Game Forbidden to Men
Yuri Game Sekai ni, Yuri no Aida ni Semaru Otoko toshite Tenseishimashita
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Genesix6 rated it
July 4, 2022
Status: v2c1
I stopped reading cause how overall annoying with personality of the MC. I can't fanthom with his obsession with Yuri to the point he would simply say all man are just nuisances. It annoys me to no end, that I would rather watch a rock sitting out of my porch.

Overall not my cup of tea, and I am not planning to read another chapter of this novel
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Snowman256 rated it
May 6, 2022
Status: c221
I caught up with the raws to c221. The novel's fundamentally a harem romcom where a guy who tries to promote yuri relationships acts cool in the process, thus winning affection. After trying out several scenarios, the author began to deepen the plot around c125-150, looking more into why the MC reincarnated and on what the demons are exactly, and IMO the author does a pretty good job of balancing plot with romcom without rushing the plot details or using too much deux-ex-machina. Around c150, the girls also start to... more>> become more assertive, making concrete steps to cement their relationship with the MC instead of waiting passively.

Overall, I found the novel an enjoyable harem romcom with a side of action. The raws aren't the greatest to MTL, since the author likes doing wordplay that Google Translate doesn't handle well, but overall I enjoyed reading the novel until the latest update. Maybe I'll try to catch up again after more updates sometime. <<less
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Eisvarith Devirea
Eisvarith Devirea rated it
January 1, 2022
Status: v2c17
It was so-so. It's fun and enjoyable, but would you believe me when I said this looked a lot like Magical Explorer?

Look, I'm not trying to compare this to that, alright, but just do a few reads and you'll get what I mean: the vibe, the ride, pages explaining this and that, not to mention a bunch of varieties of what you would call legendary heroes here and there; it's like MagiEx but Yuri....

But yeah, that's my impression of it, and about the MC, since he is truly true to... more>> his desire, he couldn't even say no to literally anything; for the sake of yuri and whatnot.

Ahhh and I didn't read this so far, only up to chapter 17. You'll see what I mean when you get into that chapter. <<less
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MrCents_04 rated it
January 10, 2022
Status: --
The plot is generic, but the character is interesting.

This story is a romance series once you read the whole book. It is non harem genre based on the protagonist ideals and his dense mindset is one of the reason for the girls to fail to capture his heart.


There is a past the protagonist that he wanted to forget, and this is one of the reason he likes Yuri.


If you are a man who got rejected by girls, and you are losing confidence. Read this.
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SonicWizard rated it
November 21, 2023
Status: v5c1
It had the potential to be maybe a 3/5 or at best a 3.5/5, if you're ok with battle academies and transmigrated into game world stories. Unfortunately the protagonist is so unbearable that it pretty much ruins everything.

The MC is a one trick pony, yuri this yuri that, constant inner monologues about protecting yuri. I get that its this series gag but it stops being funny when it's literally the only thing the MC thinks about. Instead it just becomes sad. This series has the bones to be decently interesting... more>> but squanders all of it to instead repeat the same gag for the millionth time hoping that this time will be the time the joke lands (it doesn't) <<less
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Easykiln rated it
October 30, 2022
Status: v5c12
Fun enough that I felt seriously sad when I ran out of chapters to read, which reflects well on it.

It's a lot better than my impression from the title, if partly because I was unfamiliar with the expression "sandwiched by yuri." The tags also are hard to decide on without giving spoilers, because the main theme of the work is the protagonist trying to change the genre back to yuri from a harem comedy, and it really depends on how well he succeeds. Most of the time, such reluctant harem... more>> setups are kind of a bad joke, but in this work the main character's prime motivator is to act as a yuri cupid in the shadows even if he needs to sacrifice his life to be a stepping stone, so his struggle is sincere.

The protagonist has an eccentric set of values and portrays himself rather theatrically, but he's not an idiot or the type that's incredibly selfish in the pursuit of his ideal, nor does he look at yuri couples with gross eyes. He's just a harmless weirdo that wants the game heroines to achieve their original happy endings, and hates it when he himself seems to be in the way of that. <<less
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December 13, 2021
Status: c8
If you've read a few other novels about someone who entered a game world as a villain or side character, and read the description of this one, you know exactly what it will be like. If you haven't, now's the best time to try reading as long as you don't mind a guy who likes yuri getting a harem while fantasizing about the women being together with each other and wondering why they aren't. Even if there's no harem tag, the description makes it clear...

No rating because I knew after... more>> reading a few chapters that it just wasn't my kind of novel, but I wonder how many people would want to follow a protagonist who wishes his harem members who he doesn't notice are harem members would cuck him with each other, but (according to the description) that doesn't even happen. <<less
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Amogh24 rated it
July 30, 2023
Status: v6
This is quite similar to magical explorer, but its not as good as that series.

My main reason for being disappointed is the lack of character development of the female leads, and how many of them have no significant screen time. The FLs fall for him extremely quickly and sometimes for no apparent reason, making their relationship feel forced, and don't show any actual personality. Some of the FLs like Rei barely appear in the novels either, apart from occasional cameos.

As for some minor complaints, the explanations on magic and related... more>> stuff are unnecessarily detailed, and the world is often ridiculous. The MC is also completely crazy, with the tangents on yuri, hitting himself, and near constant screaming.

Overall, I'll say that the story has a decent premise and setting, but needs a lot of polishing and more detail on the actual characters. <<less
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AJS90 rated it
April 21, 2023
Status: v1c10
To sum it up: I didn't expect anything, yet still got disappointed.

If not the setting, then the writing would kill my motivation to keep on reading.

To the setting:

It hurts to even think about. Instead of the usual bishoujo/otome game, here we get the yuri game alternative as a setting. But in an impressively bad variation.
Our MC drawing the unlucky card of getting revived as the... let's call it the "antagonist" of the story. While his antagonism is limited to the fact that his game self was "annoying". Just that; annoying. And for that he deserved death in all forms and kinds.

Going as far as getting killed for eating someone else's ice-cream... Probably every single to be heroine in this story mu*dered him in some fashion in the game.

And this is our "starting point". That's one way to get my expectations to 0 Kelvin.

To the writing:

This is the author writing to 1/3 about little insignificant details. Instead of starting a story, we apparently firstly need to be briefed about any minor detail this world is supposed to contain, hardly amounting to more than a pitiable attempt of "world building".
Another 1/3 is wasted on "jokes". Well, those might work for some, but even in only these 10 chapters I read, the jokes already started getting repetitive. Mostly coming down to the MC rambling on and on about yuri.
And the last 1/3 goes to the most cliché ero-game developments imaginable (including the characters and their behavior).

The MC meanwhile apparently being OP from the get-go just by having spent some hours jogging. Even surviving a 1 on 1 face off with the strongest early game character.

And everything thereafter just going the typical wish-fulfillment, sledgehammer through the wall, route.

Honestly, this does feel like the author made an attempt to copy Magical Explorer, yet was unable to add anything of value. Instead just amassed cliché upon cliché.

So just not my cup of tea.
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ngurah rated it
June 11, 2023
Status: v6c16
This isnt yuri!

As someone who don't read yuri/yaoi I was a bit hesitant on reading this novel, but I saw the tag and theres no Yuri tag so I gave it a try and oh boy im glad I did.

Lets start with the world, this is important because despite the main story not being yuri this is still a Yuri game world, and by that I mean you have to abandon common sense and logic because this world don't operate on those. This world sole purpose was build for yuri,... more>> so im talking girl x girl is common, men are literal low class human, men being literal background character like their face don't even render!, and girls can get pregnant by other girls just by kissing (cuz magiccc). Yeah it doesnt make sense.

However, I think whats make this novel shine is the Main Character, Hiro (after transmigration), see he is obsessed with Yuri and he wants to play matchmaking between girls, he sees himself as tr*sh that should just be a stepping stone for Yuri, and so while trying to survive this game world he always makes plan to make sure yuri prosper and everyone hates him...... Which always backfired and he ends up making a harem (though he tried his best to deny it). But most important of all.... he is hilarious!

If im to make a comparison, Hiro is alike Akira from baka test or Zenitsu from demon slayer. Both are s*upid, obnoxious, loud, and obsess with what they like (akira likes ecchi stuff, zenitsu want to find a wife, and hiro likes yuri). But, just like them when something threatens the people they care about they immediately throw themselves to the fray, in this case this is how the heroine fell in love with Hiro. Though, what differentiate Hiro from Akira and Zenitsu is, despite acting s*upid most of the time (in a hilarious sense) he is actually smart. He is able to strategize and can be very manipulative, often using his 'idiotic act' to fool his opponent. Like seriously, im a bit shock by the level of deduction and subtle word manipulation Hiro was able to do.

But the 'yuri' game world might be a bit too much for some, and it was for me for a while. So originally I was about to give this novel a 4 stars. However, after a certain arc say when the MC meet his... ugh.. 'other half' you could say the quality skyrocketed, I think by this point the Author kinda gets the formula and the vibe.

More importantly the humor here are great, every time I read the MC self loathing and denial or scream in anguish cause his yuri planned failed miserably it always reminds me of the skits from baka test to.

Also, I find myself liking almost all the characters here especially the heroines and Hiro close allies, they all have their own quirks and running gag with Hiro so its always refreshing and funny to see them interacting hahaha. <<less
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robinx211 rated it
October 20, 2022
Status: v5c8
I'm a very easy to please kind of guy, if the story not too cringy and write s*upidly, I will be happy with it. And oh boy, this story is very good, better than I expect to be, MC is not really dense kind of guy, he tried to push the girl away to protect his own ideal about Yuri and then failed miserably (in a humorous way). And the heroine is not too bad themself, the develop of them is interesting too. This Novel have a unique concept about... more>> a Yurige which has a Male Protagonist that I have not seen many success in writting it, but Author did a really good job! I will give this a 7.4, not too bad. I give this a five star because people doesn't give this novel a chance before rating it, I think people should tried to read more, instead of reading a couple chap and then drop right away. <<less
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cheongzewei rated it
July 25, 2022
Status: v5c3
Light hearted fun, very dense protag, but used in good nature to poke fun.

Adorable characters, and a quick pace that makes you root for the MC and the hijinks his s*upidness stumbles him into.

I greatly enjoyed reading it.
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
August 4, 2023
Status: c2.
I’ll just say my honest impression and start by saying it wasn’t for me. It was incomprehensible to me. The first 2 chapters were literally only with him shouting and talking about “yuri”. His first scene with an actual character is him watching in a corner. The first heroine he literally just tells her “something something yuri”. I don’t even remember but my point is it was only about yuri. He meets his sister after being put inside a game to where he knows his characters main purpose is to... more>> die.. He doesn’t express fear, he doesn’t ask why. Out of his mouth is some sh*t about yuri.
You know.. Sometimes I really like these quirky novels, but I can’t handle it when the title of the novel is all the novel is about. Like the author has an obsession and has to make sure every chapter includes what’s in the title. I don’t understand it. And I won’t.

so this might be alot of people cup of tea so I won’t lower the rating because I absolutely can’t stand the novel. But I won’t sit here and praise it as some great work. Sorry <<less
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tweprebet rated it
November 7, 2022
Status: v4c8
TL;DR Edit: This ends up as a pretty much non-stop slapstick anime-wannabe affair. If that's your kinda thing, it's probably worth checking out. If it's not, I'd just give it a miss - there's no winning no matter how you feel about the start.

I was actually kind of impressed by this in the beginning.

Yeah, the MC is a weird dude, but if all MCs were just the same average person every time, reading wouldn't be so fun. And his weirdness was somewhat understandable and interesting. He approached Yuri games as... more>> a sort of helpful outsider watching over the characters, rather than doing a kind of self-insert thing with the MC. And after 'entering' the game, none of that really changed.

That said, there's been a couple growing issues.

First, sometimes it gets caught up in he weeds of of his world. And the author knows this, and is either not stopping himself or is doing it intentionally. The MC actually goes on at some length about how the game goes into a bunch of unnecessary and weird details, and then the book itself proceeds to do just that. And these details are not interesting. The world setting (the world itself, the magic system, etc) is frankly dull and not very developed. Talking a lot about little details doesn't make it good or flesh it out, it just forces the reader to focus on it. I don't know why we occasionally just get a huge bulk of s*upid bullsh*t about some aspect of the world, but we do. It's not great.

Secondly, and actually much more problematically for me, is that the ridiculousness is slowly ramping up as the author tries to extract another laugh from basically the same setup over and over again. It's unfortunately not an uncommon problem when a webnovel is explicitly aiming to be a bit funny. I'm not a fan of it in general, but it's especially bad here because the main thrust of the joke is the MC's weirdness. As a result, he's devolving from a bit of an unusual guy with a twisted but understandable perspective into just a ridiculous caricature of the cringiest of anime-obsessed weird dudes.

I'm basically just hanging on out of a combination of a lack of other things to read and a tiny hope this is supposed to be some kind of prelude to his whole outside/gamer perspective breaking. But I don't honestly expect the later to happen, and mostly it's the former doing all the heavy lifting here. And even then, I don't think it's going to carry me much further.

Edit: Yeah, this is just full on non-stop slapstick anime transcript at this point. It's just gag after gag after gag with the bits of actual plot strewn around in-between.

I also don't understand why so many authors pull so directly from anime-isms. Anime is - shockingly - highly adapted to audiovisual animation. Novels are exactly none of those things. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Literasi rated it
March 6, 2024
Status: v11c25
It's quite good. If you search for something serious, this is not for you, if you search for romance, this is not for you. The thing that make this story interesting for me only the plot, some comedy and some 'mystery'. The action is not too good, the romance is bland, but the rest are quite good.
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Boogle rated it
January 21, 2024
Status: v4
I thought it would be another good novel similar to Magical Explorer but it just devolved into a slapstick novel which doesn't work in this format imo.

Also the MC didn't grow at all, he still has the same personality as in volume 1, which is just annoying at this point.
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HunTear rated it
November 21, 2022
Status: v5c11
Pretty disappointed, the MC in the beginning was pretty interesting even tho he's weird but with a decent writing and I personally like the detail about the world in this novel, and the other characters pretty charming, it honestly enjoying to read,.... but I don't know why in the latter half of the story the author make the MC boring and repeating joke over and over again it became annoying to read, too much no meaningful gag, it's like the author forget how to portrayed the MC and just make... more>> the MC a full-time clown with boring writing.... I just hope, I don't have to drop this novel... <<less
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July 11, 2022
Status: v1c11
(the dinner part here is where the MC suddenly barges in the restaurant and meets little sister and other members of the family)

this is supposed to be a game with fixed (one way) plot right? Normally the generic one. If so, why did the MC interfere with the dinner or smth if this is a one way plot? (I assumed there's nothing wrong about the dinner part and going exactly as the same as the Novel because the MC didn't say or think anything like "oi oi this... more>> is not in the part of the novel").

this little sister ending should be good right? Theres no way those yuri game devs will make a part where a yuri romance fails. If the little sister ending (romance) is good, then why would the MC bother attacking those old hags (old ppl from their family) if this is the same as what the plot goes? Is he trying to show off that he knows that they are in the restaurant?

well we dont know if the MC wants to interfere the plot but one thing is sure:he loves yuri.

ps ive read a lot of novels where the transmigrator (mc) is dropped inside the novel and knows all the details and the future about the novel but when theres a part where the story quite deviates (like for the example, the original novel this heroine should've died but when he transmigrated in the novel, the heroine didnt die), the transmigrator's normal reaction would be that hes quite surprised and contemplate a bit that the novel has changed.

BUUUUT the MC here didnt think or surprised (means that the yuri game is not rigged) aaand the story shoulda been proceeding as normal and have a very happy ending (which our MC should've known) but in the second time, why would the MC Suddenly barge in in the restaurant? He's literally making the situation worse by deviating the plot a lot.

btw the 5* guy said that the characters are interesting. Interesting?really?this is hellishly predictable and boring. Fcking boring where you want to drop it cuz the ending is already obvious. Interactions? Typical "eeeeeeeh!?" MC and typical jp heroines

and what I mean be the "ehhhhh!? MC here is that the MC is annoying

The MC here is aware that his elf master is already 420 years old and has some sort of special talent ((and the strongest in the game)) I REPEAT, HES AWARE (he literally said this 1 chapter before their training). Yet when they warmed up and the MC is exhausted and the master is not, the MC complains why his master is completely fine when he literally mentioned that his master is the strongest. What did this dckhead expect?

if u have already read TAPOV and TNE, dont bother reading this. Flawed version of the two (where the MC transmigrates in a novel) <<less
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ssj4maiko rated it
April 13, 2024
Status: v10c7 part2
Really loved it, great execution and subversion of tropes, while giving a new meaning for a harem protagonist.

Keep in mind, this is not a YURI novel, this is absolutely a Shonen Harem novel abusing the absurdities of some Yuri Novels for its own sake.

To explain the good points, I will start by the world building itself rather than the characters.

This is an isekai to a World of Yuri, it's based on a modern world that has access to "another world". Think of it like a large portal where people can... more>> come and go, but because of this connection, things became "unstable", so you have magic, dungeons and monsters on Earth, and people evolving in different ways, be it by being born with unique skills like Magic Eyes, or even new races like Elves, Spirits and Dragonewts.

However, this is not really a recent event, and it seems that the world has been like this for a very long time, so although it seems that wars existed in the past, a treaty was made among the races between both world and peace is now normal.

Now, here we get the first subversion of a trope. This is a story of a man, born as a male character in a Yuri game, in a world that heavily supports this type of relationship. what I mean is that, when you see a case of a man born in a world where the women are the majority, usually men are weak and are treated like weak girls, however, they are still necessary for breeding, right? Well, in this story, there are (at least) 2 ways of having babies, the two main ones are: between a man and a woman, and between a "magical kiss" between 2 women (does not work with men). This is also true for all races. So in this world, men are really "leftovers" and absolutely unnecessary.

Not only that, as one would expect from a Yuri game, men are "almost non-existent", as in, they have a vague presence, almost like you are seeing a mere silhouette, even the protagonist recognizes that. The MC is the sole exception, but the main reason is (likely) because he is a character in the game.

His position is also that of the sole heir to a ducal house (yeah, there are nobility status in this isekai modern japan). Now imagine, you have a matriarchal society that can easily ignore men, and the sole heir is a boy... Well, technically, it can be dealt with, as this house is kinda more like a mafia run by the heads of branch families (old hags) who want him dead. The reason that lineage is important, however, is because of unique skills, as the protagonist is born with the capability of inheriting the magic eyes of his bloodline, which are really strong, and being the one with the strongest blood, he would be the best option.

The old hags however want his little sister (distant relative from a branch family, and of the same age) to inherit the family, as they just need a puppet. The old hags force him into the Magic School (not an all-girls school, but because girls are the majority, are the only ones with achievements and so on, it's pretty much an all-girls schools with some silhouettes around).

Let's also mention that, in this matriarchal world where men have pretty much no privileges and character MC reincarnated into is the "joke annoying" character, he supposedly dies a lot for any reasons. He stole the ice cream of the elf princess heroine? She literally kills him. Not just sends him to space and he returns next week in a new episode as if nothing happened, he is attacked and dies painful deaths. Keep this in mind.

So this is the main base plot of the story and the protagonist circumstances.


Now, about the protagonist, he is a "Yuri Fanboy", a "Yuri Aficionado", he absolutely loves Yuri, and if it depended on him, he would have all men dead and let beautiful women have Yuri love. And as a big fan of the game, he hates the male character who sandwiches himself into Yuri, and absolutely loves when he dies.

So here is the second subversion: When the protagonist is reincarnated into the hated character, they understand that they had a harsh life of unfairness, and try to change their ways, thus improving their situation and so on, and become loved, while MC accepts himself, right?

Well, remember when the protagonist hates his own character, and everyone loves when he dies? That doesn't change here, although he is afraid of dying (so don't expect him to kill himself), he also understands the story of the game, and worries of the dangers "the Yuri" will face, so he wants to ensure that all Yuri is saved... And yeah, he does that, and attracts the attention of the heroines who fall in love with him.

But his reasoning gives a new meaning to his selflessness, he is not the protagonist who fights a losing fight for the sake of his friends and still wants to live, he fights the losing fight for the sake of Yuri, and he really doesn't care if he dies, because if he dies, that's also a good thing for Yuri!

Also, he has no memories from the past character, meaning that he has no idea about the character's personality in the past.

Another constant characteristic of the MC is that he is a complete Yuri Idiot: Everything is for the sake of Yuri, he is a self-proclaimed "180 Yuri IQ" Genius, he creates plots to save girls while giving the credit to other girls, or even ways to try to ruin his own reputation for the sake of Yuri. When he has to live in a dorm and they have to chose a room, which would usually require sharing it with another girl, he voluntarily suggests moving into the Attic, when they think it's unreasonable, he insists, he does not want to mess with the Yuri, he wants to be invisible to preach Yuri. This also means that he is very easily baited with Yuri.

And although relatively dense, he also is in the idea that women should not care about him, not only that, girls should absolutely hate him, and find love with another (girl). If a girl were to confess to him, he would likely refuse, and tell her to go find someone else (a girl).


There are many heroines, but the ones that we start with are:

    • The Elf Princess - She met him by chance in a dungeon, and warned him about it being dangerous and to go back, he refused and she dueled him. He tricked her and won, she got angry, and from there on she started pursuing him to new duels, he even accepted them and lost in the background for her sake, but she did not feel satisfied. She then decided to live in his house completely abusing her power.
    • The Elf Lu Bu (Strongest) - The Princess' bodyguard, and the strongest character in the world of the game, the Elf Princess will inherit a super bow from this character in the future, and she also tries to kill the MC. He "survives" (He can't win) and she takes a liking to him, she is a 420 years old elf girl (equivalent to 21) who is adapting to modern technology for the sake of interacting with her pupil. She learned to stamps in instant messengers.
    • The Little Sister - MC's little sister (distant relative), she first appears hating MC, but after noticing he changed, claiming he is like he was in the past, she now loves him.
    • The Maid - A snarky tsundere maid, works under the Little Sister. She got fired and moves to live with MC, because MC wants no love and is worried about the attention he is getting from the Elf Princess, she suggests marrying, so that he could claim that he has a fiancee to other girls. Usually he would refuse, however, because this maid is a "mob character", that didn't appear in the game, it's not like all women in this world fall in love with women, so although he doesn't want to ruin the Yuri he knows off (characters in the game), he is not enforcing Yuri in characters who may not be into that (he encourages it though).
    • The Game Protagonist - The game protagonist is a cool girl who is strong and is seeking strength, she likes strong people, and she got interested in MC after he defended against her attack. MC wants her to earn all credit of his achievements, because he wants her to blooms many Yuri. As a fighter she is actually quite strong.
A non-heroine (at first) but lovable character is the "Ojou-sama", the stereotypical noble girl that goes "Ohohohoho" and boasts (exaggerates everything) about herself whenever she argues against the game protagonist, but she is super weak and always instantly loses, but she never loses her spirit. You know that, whenever she appears in the story, a funny scene will happen.

Others appear in later chapters, each with their own moving stories and developments.

The development of some of the later characters, specifically those related to a certain family touched me.


The "Vegeta" girl who starts as an enemy, who hates and wants to kill MC, has to be defeated with MC going Kaioken and destroying his own body. They eventually fall victim to a mental attack that requires them to work together in a environment that is constantly brainwashing them, however, once they leave the place, they will lose the memories. The girl falls in love with him, and is reluctant to leave the place, he trusts her, she comes late to the fight, and together they win. He forgets everything, but thanks to a "guardian angel", she does not, and leaves MC confused with how lovable she has become towards him.



The little sister of the above girl, who was always called a failure because she has no magic, she can only throw her family name around and is constantly belittled not only by classmates, but even by her family, for all her life, only has a maid, and now MC to supporting her. She goes through great character development, and learning an ability unique to her that, although not OP, uses the sneaky tricks she learned from MC and becomes very attached to him.



The "Mage Killer", one of the strongest assassins, a former mage among the strongest, lost her magic, and became a deadly chinese martial artist with no more emotions. She actually was a teacher for the above girl, however although this girl has a different body unique because of her former use of magic, the girl above was born with no magic, so it was impossible to teach her technique. She actually semi-killed MC a couple times.


With MC having saved her heart (she loved the 2 above girls older sister who died, who remembered her words about justice), she becomes extremely attached to him treating him like a little brother, and she is the overprotective martial artists OP adult tall (with larger breasts than he expected) onee-chan who pampers him, feeds him, buys stuff for him, helps him with studies, praises him, sleeps with him, takes bath together with him, anything that an onee-chan does. She is so attentive that MC is slightly brainwashed, starting to believe that maybe they really are siblings, it's even funnier when he naturally yells "ONEEEEE-CHAAAAAAAN" and she appears from the roof like any OP character would, and hugs him to calm him down. And because he is not explaining anything, she wonders if he ingested poison, so she kisses him deeply to get it out, alarming him even more (Remember, he doesn't want to NTR girls, so he doesn't want to see Yuri girls doing that sort of stuff to him, a man).


The only con I could give is that, if you end up liking one of the initial heroines... Well, there will be many times when they will be kinda "forgotten", returning to action out of nowhere but now with improved abilities and stuff. <<less
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icerror rated it
December 3, 2022
Status: v6
Tl;dr: It ain't too bad. I expected slapstick and I got slapstick.

The plot is nonsensical, so don't expect any. And considering how the author seems to intentionally leave parts of the plot blank for future adjustment, don't expect profound writing of any sort.

Aside from some overtly silly gag from v4, the story is quite competent to be honest which really shows the author's love for yuri, if not shoujo, trope. It's a different world from mine, and I enjoy it a lot.

... more>> Criticisms:

Not enough attention to the female characters, which made them seem caricatures.

Inconsistencies. This is mainly in v1, when MC chose unnecessarily to get involved with the 2nd fml. Other time is over the world building, MC being a mary sue, and overral power level.


3.5 stars, some might like it, but I can't fully recommend it. Tangentially, for me, 4 stars means full recommendation and 5 being a top pick =)). <<less
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