Reincarnated in The World of a Yuri Game as a Man Who Got Sandwiched by Yuri


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–A man who gets sandwiched by Yuri can just go to hell.

Hiiro unfortunately got reincarnated in the world of the Yuri game 『Everything for the Score』,  where such words are true.

At first, for Hiiro, who loves Yuri, the world seemed like an ideal world for him, but…he gradually became aware of the reality.

Because the world he lived in was a modern Japan world where magic exists, a fantasy world where scores are everything.

On top of that, the world was a caste world where everything from behavior, accomplishments, even daily life affairs such as how to fold a futon was evaluated, and the 『Score』 given by the government is the one that determines the caste.

In such a world, Hiiro continues to be persecuted unreasonably, being given 0 points just because he is a man. Moreover, he was destined to die a horrible death because he got reincarnated as the one and only male annoyance in the game.

In order to deal with the approaching death flag, he seeks power by training his magic, and making strategy after strategy by making the best use of the game’s knowledge until….Even though it is supposed to be a Yuri game, he, who was just an annoyance, somehow got surrounded by the heroines.

“… are? Where is the Yuri?”

This is a story about a man who was supposed to be an annoyance until he destroyed the world of the Yuri game in another sense.

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New icerror rated it
December 3, 2022
Status: v6
Tl;dr: It ain't too bad. I expected slapstick and I got slapstick.

The plot is nonsensical, so don't expect any. And considering how the author seems to intentionally leave parts of the plot blank for future adjustment, don't expect profound writing of any sort.

Aside from some overtly silly gag from v4, the story is quite competent to be honest which really shows the author's love for yuri, if not shoujo, trope. It's a different world from mine, and I enjoy it a lot.

... more>> Criticisms:

Not enough attention to the female characters, which made them seem caricatures.

Inconsistencies. This is mainly in v1, when MC chose unnecessarily to get involved with the 2nd fml. Other time is over the world building, MC being a mary sue, and overral power level.


3.5 stars, some might like it, but I can't fully recommend it. Tangentially, for me, 4 stars means full recommendation and 5 being a top pick =)). <<less
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New HunTear rated it
November 21, 2022
Status: v5c11
Pretty disappointed, the MC in the beginning was pretty interesting even tho he's weird but with a decent writing and I personally like the detail about the world in this novel, and the other characters pretty charming, it honestly enjoying to read,.... but I don't know why in the latter half of the story the author make the MC boring and repeating joke over and over again it became annoying to read, too much no meaningful gag, it's like the author forget how to portrayed the MC and just make... more>> the MC a full-time clown with boring writing.... I just hope, I don't have to drop this novel... <<less
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Genesix6 rated it
July 4, 2022
Status: v2c1
I stopped reading cause how overall annoying with personality of the MC. I can't fanthom with his obsession with Yuri to the point he would simply say all man are just nuisances. It annoys me to no end, that I would rather watch a rock sitting out of my porch.

Overall not my cup of tea, and I am not planning to read another chapter of this novel
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MrCents_04 rated it
January 10, 2022
Status: --
The plot is generic, but the character is interesting.

This story is a romance series once you read the whole book. It is non harem genre based on the protagonist ideals and his dense mindset is one of the reason for the girls to fail to capture his heart.


There is a past the protagonist that he wanted to forget, and this is one of the reason he likes Yuri.


If you are a man who got rejected by girls, and you are losing confidence. Read this.
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Eisvarith Devirea
Eisvarith Devirea rated it
January 1, 2022
Status: v2c17
it was so-so. its fun and enjoyable, but would you believe me when I said this look a lot like Magical Explorer?

look, im not trying to compare this to that alright, but just do a few read youll get what I mean, the vibe, the ride, pages explaining this and that, not to mention a bunch of varieties of what you would call legendary heroes here and there, its like MagiEx but Yuri....

but yeah thats my impression of it, and about the MC since he is truly true to his... more>> desire, he couldn't even say no to literally anything, for the sake of yuri and whatnot.

ahhh and didn't read this so far, only up to ch17, you'll see what I mean when you get into that chapter. <<less
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December 13, 2021
Status: c8
If you've read a few other novels about someone who entered a game world as a villain or side character, and read the description of this one, you know exactly what it will be like. If you haven't, now's the best time to try reading as long as you don't mind a guy who likes yuri getting a harem while fantasizing about the women being together with each other and wondering why they aren't. Even if there's no harem tag, the description makes it clear...

No rating because I knew after... more>> reading a few chapters that it just wasn't my kind of novel, but I wonder how many people would want to follow a protagonist who wishes his harem members who he doesn't notice are harem members would cuck him with each other, but (according to the description) that doesn't even happen. <<less
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Easykiln rated it
October 30, 2022
Status: v5c12
Fun enough that I felt seriously sad when I ran out of chapters to read, which reflects well on it.

It's a lot better than my impression from the title, if partly because I was unfamiliar with the expression "sandwiched by yuri." The tags also are hard to decide on without giving spoilers, because the main theme of the work is the protagonist trying to change the genre back to yuri from a harem comedy, and it really depends on how well he succeeds. Most of the time, such reluctant harem... more>> setups are kind of a bad joke, but in this work the main character's prime motivator is to act as a yuri cupid in the shadows even if he needs to sacrifice his life to be a stepping stone, so his struggle is sincere.

The protagonist has an eccentric set of values and portrays himself rather theatrically, but he's not an idiot or the type that's incredibly selfish in the pursuit of his ideal, nor does he look at yuri couples with gross eyes. He's just a harmless weirdo that wants the game heroines to achieve their original happy endings, and hates it when he himself seems to be in the way of that. <<less
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Snowman256 rated it
May 6, 2022
Status: c221
I caught up with the raws to c221. The novel's fundamentally a harem romcom where a guy who tries to promote yuri relationships acts cool in the process, thus winning affection. After trying out several scenarios, the author began to deepen the plot around c125-150, looking more into why the MC reincarnated and on what the demons are exactly, and IMO the author does a pretty good job of balancing plot with romcom without rushing the plot details or using too much deux-ex-machina. Around c150, the girls also start to... more>> become more assertive, making concrete steps to cement their relationship with the MC instead of waiting passively.

Overall, I found the novel an enjoyable harem romcom with a side of action. The raws aren't the greatest to MTL, since the author likes doing wordplay that Google Translate doesn't handle well, but overall I enjoyed reading the novel until the latest update. Maybe I'll try to catch up again after more updates sometime. <<less
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robinx211 rated it
October 20, 2022
Status: v5c8
I'm a very easy to please kind of guy, if the story not too cringy and write s*upidly, I will be happy with it. And oh boy, this story is very good, better than I expect to be, MC is not really dense kind of guy, he tried to push the girl away to protect his own ideal about Yuri and then failed miserably (in a humorous way). And the heroine is not too bad themself, the develop of them is interesting too. This Novel have a unique concept about... more>> a Yurige which has a Male Protagonist that I have not seen many success in writting it, but Author did a really good job! I will give this a 7.4, not too bad. I give this a five star because people doesn't give this novel a chance before rating it, I think people should tried to read more, instead of reading a couple chap and then drop right away. <<less
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cheongzewei rated it
July 25, 2022
Status: v5c3
Light hearted fun, very dense protag, but used in good nature to poke fun.

Adorable characters, and a quick pace that makes you root for the MC and the hijinks his s*upidness stumbles him into.

I greatly enjoyed reading it.
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July 11, 2022
Status: v1c11
(the dinner part here is where the MC suddenly barges in the restaurant and meets little sister and other members of the family)

this is supposed to be a game with fixed (one way) plot right? Normally the generic one. If so, why did the MC interfere with the dinner or smth if this is a one way plot? (I assumed there's nothing wrong about the dinner part and going exactly as the same as the Novel because the MC didn't say or think anything like "oi oi this... more>> is not in the part of the novel").

this little sister ending should be good right? Theres no way those yuri game devs will make a part where a yuri romance fails. If the little sister ending (romance) is good, then why would the MC bother attacking those old hags (old ppl from their family) if this is the same as what the plot goes? Is he trying to show off that he knows that they are in the restaurant?

well we dont know if the MC wants to interfere the plot but one thing is sure:he loves yuri.

ps ive read a lot of novels where the transmigrator (mc) is dropped inside the novel and knows all the details and the future about the novel but when theres a part where the story quite deviates (like for the example, the original novel this heroine should've died but when he transmigrated in the novel, the heroine didnt die), the transmigrator's normal reaction would be that hes quite surprised and contemplate a bit that the novel has changed.

BUUUUT the MC here didnt think or surprised (means that the yuri game is not rigged) aaand the story shoulda been proceeding as normal and have a very happy ending (which our MC should've known) but in the second time, why would the MC Suddenly barge in in the restaurant? He's literally making the situation worse by deviating the plot a lot.

btw the 5* guy said that the characters are interesting. Interesting?really?this is hellishly predictable and boring. Fcking boring where you want to drop it cuz the ending is already obvious. Interactions? Typical "eeeeeeeh!?" MC and typical jp heroines

and what I mean be the "ehhhhh!? MC here is that the MC is annoying

The MC here is aware that his elf master is already 420 years old and has some sort of special talent ((and the strongest in the game)) I REPEAT, HES AWARE (he literally said this 1 chapter before their training). Yet when they warmed up and the MC is exhausted and the master is not, the MC complains why his master is completely fine when he literally mentioned that his master is the strongest. What did this dckhead expect?

if u have already read TAPOV and TNE, dont bother reading this. Flawed version of the two (where the MC transmigrates in a novel) <<less
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tweprebet rated it
November 7, 2022
Status: v4c8
TL;DR Edit: This ends up as a pretty much non-stop slapstick anime-wannabe affair. If that's your kinda thing, it's probably worth checking out. If it's not, I'd just give it a miss - there's no winning no matter how you feel about the start.

I was actually kind of impressed by this in the beginning.

Yeah, the MC is a weird dude, but if all MCs were just the same average person every time, reading wouldn't be so fun. And his weirdness was somewhat understandable and interesting. He approached Yuri games as... more>> a sort of helpful outsider watching over the characters, rather than doing a kind of self-insert thing with the MC. And after 'entering' the game, none of that really changed.

That said, there's been a couple growing issues.

First, sometimes it gets caught up in he weeds of of his world. And the author knows this, and is either not stopping himself or is doing it intentionally. The MC actually goes on at some length about how the game goes into a bunch of unnecessary and weird details, and then the book itself proceeds to do just that. And these details are not interesting. The world setting (the world itself, the magic system, etc) is frankly dull and not very developed. Talking a lot about little details doesn't make it good or flesh it out, it just forces the reader to focus on it. I don't know why we occasionally just get a huge bulk of s*upid bullsh*t about some aspect of the world, but we do. It's not great.

Secondly, and actually much more problematically for me, is that the ridiculousness is slowly ramping up as the author tries to extract another laugh from basically the same setup over and over again. It's unfortunately not an uncommon problem when a webnovel is explicitly aiming to be a bit funny. I'm not a fan of it in general, but it's especially bad here because the main thrust of the joke is the MC's weirdness. As a result, he's devolving from a bit of an unusual guy with a twisted but understandable perspective into just a ridiculous caricature of the cringiest of anime-obsessed weird dudes.

I'm basically just hanging on out of a combination of a lack of other things to read and a tiny hope this is supposed to be some kind of prelude to his whole outside/gamer perspective breaking. But I don't honestly expect the later to happen, and mostly it's the former doing all the heavy lifting here. And even then, I don't think it's going to carry me much further.

Edit: Yeah, this is just full on non-stop slapstick anime transcript at this point. It's just gag after gag after gag with the bits of actual plot strewn around in-between.

I also don't understand why so many authors pull so directly from anime-isms. Anime is - shockingly - highly adapted to audiovisual animation. Novels are exactly none of those things. <<less
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