Reincarnated in a Game World ~How Could I Do Something Like a Tutorial, I’m Going to Go Raise My Level!~


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After putting in over 8000 hours into the game, he had achieved the status of being a true no-life god. Sadly, one day his save data disappeared and the shock of losing so many hours of effort killed him.

However, this was not the end, for he awoke surrounded by the world that before now, he had only seen through a screen. This is the story of Zephyrus, who uses his gaming knowledge to enjoy his time in the new world.

Associated Names
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Game Sekai Tensei "Dunkatsu" ~ Sentou Kunren Nanka Shiteirareru ka, Ore wa Level wo Ageru zo! ~
Reincarnated in the game world "Dungeon Activity" ~ A gamer's beginning to [Dungeon job hunting recommendation] "from zero"
ゲーム世界転生〈ダン活〉~ゲーマーは【ダンジョン就活のススメ】を 〈はじめから〉プレイする~
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Fluffums rated it
February 15, 2021
Status: c5
I dislike the main character's personality and after I checked ten chapters or so ahead he still had no real connection to other characters or to anything in the world other than his status. It's just quest this, grind that, like watching a Let's Play of an RPG with the story removed and without a funny narration added.

The start is annoying and I have no doubt in my mind the tagged harem will be handled poorly as well. If it does well on syosetsu rankings I'll give it another chance... more>> but so far it doesn't give me any reason whatsoever to want to read more. <<less
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ErikHarrison rated it
April 9, 2021
Status: c87
Short chapters, simple story, peaceful pacing.

Isn't that the formula for light novels?

We have a very 'classic' harem dungeon story here. It honestly gives me the sense of nostalgia from novels in the early 2010's. Translation is about that quality too lol, with Sierra's name being spelt 4~ different ways.

If you're looking for it, here it is. If you have higher expectations, move along.
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9corn9 rated it
April 1, 2021
Status: c67
I would say if you read the synopsis and thought "Hmmm, this could be good" than you should try it out.

The chapters are pretty short, but you know, the story was interesting enough to hold my attention throughout everything that was translated in one sitting. I don't know if that say's more about me or the novel but whatev's, I liked it.

Also you should probably read through the first couple chapters bc, at first he (the mc) treats the other people he meets as npc's rather than ppl which was... more>> annoying to read, but doesn't perist later on.

Overall, I would think this story would be a 4, but I will rate this as a 5 because I am all caught up on the other stories I am reading, amd this was a nice alternative, not a groundbreaking story, or a real tearjerker. But it did a good-job at what it advertised itself as in the synopsis. The main flaw of this story I would say is developing a distinct personality for the main charcter and fleshing out his relationship with others.

I would still reccomend trying this out though. <<less
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Sherrynity rated it
September 15, 2022
Status: v11c604
It's started with boring introduction, slow storyline, snail-paced progress. It's literally a slice of life novel about MC..... that's it, at least until it reaches vol 11, where it suddenly turns into an action-packed novel with serious battle and war strategy, with tons of new «Class» appearing one after another fighting for supremacy in class battle. istg what the heck happened to you, author? 😂

I was honestly surprised that the story changed pace from slow training into all-out-wars between 1st year classes. Volume 11 is a pure gold, enough... more>> to make me give this novel a five stars just from that arc alone.

For people who feel this novel is boring; no one's going to deny your opinion, because it's partly true 😁 It IS indeed boring in the beginning. That's why read this series as if you're reading a slow life, fantasy, slice of life story about isekai-ed person. Don't expect too much action in the beginning, because the author will delivers hot-blooded, fully action-packed battles in the eleventh arc. <<less
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Boogle rated it
April 4, 2021
Status: c74
It's like a poor man's version of Moto Sekai Ichi’i no Sub-chara Ikusei Nikki. The characters barely feel like people, the world is not really explained much and the skill / magic system is written as if the reader had the same knowledge as the MC.

It follows the trend of telling vs showing for battles. Also there seem to be game system still active in the world, yet the author barely mentions or explains how they work or how the natives perceive it.
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Hantosh rated it
October 29, 2022
Status: c600
After so many dud j-novels on Foxaholic, finally found one I liked, and my bar was already pretty low. This one isn't full of word padding, logic holes, explaining the obvious, telling instead of showing, robotic/s*upid MC, forgettable cast, predictable plot, glaringly s*upid cliches, beating the same joke/misunderstanding into the ground, etc. I seriously don't understand why syosetu WNs have word padding, they don't have deadlines like Chinese WNs and serves literally no purpose.

Spoke too soon, the PVP arcs (around chapter 500) are full of word padding, author does that... more>> annoying thing Japanese authors do where they repeat a chapter from another character's perspective without adding much to the story, except here it's tripled down on. Though they do a (surprisingly) good job of showing off the new side characters.

Plot is pretty simple, MC is isekai-ed into a game world, proceeds to make a guild and dungeon romp with his OP game knowledge. Characters are cute and fun (his childhood friend is slime hitler), but don't expect deep character development or drama. LitRPG system reminds me of playing Etrian Odyssey, it's surprisingly consistent and believable as a game which is a rarity in this genre. If that doesn't sound relevant to your interests, it may not be for you.

Translations aren't so good. Spelling and grammar are okay at the start, but quality drops quickly after. Along with translation errors, chapters can be confusing in places and annoying to read. It isn't uncommon for lines to be complete rewrites by the translators, even the chapter titles are often wrong. But the biggest issue is that so many lines are completely omitted that I thought the original author went back and revised everything. Having to read both versions to see what's missing is just... ugh. If I had to guess, they were probably working off Google Translate (current 2022 version eats a lot of lines, despite the overall quality increasing). Some chapters aren't translated. Chapter order is messed up in places.

[Edit: Really? You're censoring s*upid now? wtf] <<less
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nightstick24 rated it
June 24, 2021
Status: c159
I’m loving this one a ton. One of my favourite novels I’ve read, actually.

Reading other reviews I wasn’t sure, but I must’ve read a different novel than them or something. The MC is fantastic, really fun and light hearted.

In the early chapters I saw some complaints about his personality and how he was treating the world, but he spent over 8, 000 hours - 333 DAYS - playing the game as a game. He’s not about to suddenly change how he sees stuff in less than 24 hours.

As for supporting... more>> characters, they’re certainly not award winning, but they’re there, interesting, and very different if a bit cookie-cutter. I enjoyed them all. Hannah, the first companion, is done really well actually, though, and sees a lot of development. So I’m hopeful the others could be fleshed out more.

For the Harem tag, as of c159 there’s no major Harem anything or any big romance anything period. There is a bunch of girls surrounding the MC, but I haven’t found it annoying at all, as it genuinely just feels like it kind of just happened, the MC hasn’t intentionally only scouted women. Or turned down any dudes. So far there’s been absolutely nothing Harem-y that’d turn a person away.

As for the actual story, I love it. It’s SUPER light and fluffy. There isn’t any hard thinking or big moral dilemmas. If you’re looking for edgy, dark, emo teen angst, you’ll find none of it here. It’s just happy and funny.

Plot wise, despite being at c159, the MC is only 2 - 3 weeks into the world. The academy hasn’t even started yet. The chapters are REALLY short, like two minutes to read some of them. As such the plot is still pretty much just “get strong, have fun” but it works.

Overall, it’s definitely not going to be for everyone, but if the description sounds even slightly interesting, give it a shot. Chapters are SHORT, it’ll only take 15 - 20 minutes if you’re reading at a decent rate to give it some chapters. You’ll very quickly see if you like it or not.

Personally, I’d read another 200 chapters in a heartbeat if they were translated, even though I just finished all 159 currently translated in a couple days. Something I can’t say about lots of other really fantastic novels I’ve loved. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every minute so far! <<less
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May 19, 2023
Status: c22
I read little, so I'll give this novel some mercy and not grade it. From what I read, however, there are many signs of this novel being a typical low-level Japanese garbage.
    • Boring beginning that doesn't show any promise of things getting heated anytime soon
    • Petty events nobody cares about, very tutorialish at the start for a novel whose title says MC gonna get into action right away; why does even author start the story with MC going to an academy to train if he supposedly wants to skip the tutorial? Pointless nonsense
    • typical spineless, dense beta MC that soils his pants as soon as a girl scowls at him in jealousy after he stares at another woman and salivates (honestly, guys like this should never be harem "kings, " they are at most harem cucks coz they'd have their women stolen in a blink in reality). Oh, did I mention that he starts to betray signs of acting like an immature 13-year-old rather soon?
    • did I mention that the MC is clearly the dumbass author's garbage self-insert? It's glaringly obvious
    • MC simps in his mind for a (legal) loli at one moment, and then thinks she's meh as a girlfriend material coz he's not into lolis (bruh)
    • the setting so far makes little sense (granted, it's game world transmigration, but still)
    • I don't remember any detailed descriptions of any character's appearance in over 20 chapters, and there very well might've been none (after reading, I can only remember characteristics of one different character each, and they're really superficial like old, young for her position, pretty loli)
I don't know, man. It smells like a garbage novel to me. I have no patience for that crap anymore. If you are different and have such patience, you can go ahead and try reading this to see if it gets anywhere (or improves, for that matter). I doubt it, though.

Oh, and translation is considerably lacking. Some things are all over the place, including mistakes in both editing and translating.
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ReanuKeeves rated it
July 17, 2021
Status: c69
Boring would be the best definition for this.

It doesn't really have much going for it.

To sum it up with the chapters I read.

... more>> -Dungeon Dive
-Level Up
-Flaunt gaming knowledge
-Recruit s*upid girl harem with gaming knowledge
-Teach people how to play their class.


Yea, that's it. You read it right. With the first party member it follows those steps. With the second party member it follows those steps. Oh its time to recruit the next one? Well. Time to refollow those steps. (I can't even make this sh*t up. Go ahead and read if you doubt that.)

I don't know why people rated this so highly. I wonder if we are really reading the same novel here.

Oh and those saying there is no harem tag. There is harem. The point of harem is by definition: Many females around one male, they don't have to be attracted to him or not. The same with reverse harem. Nor does it need to include romance. Also none of the characters are particularly interesting in any way. I read this far in hopes the novel would get better or break the trend it has been repeating in the last chapters, but it hasn't. This novel is about as stale as dry bread. If you like eating dry, stale bread then give this a read. <<less
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Spidey rated it
July 25, 2022
Status: v3c192
*Forgot to set up the rating, 1* isn't my intended rating

Hi there, I'm the translator of this series. I have read some of the comments and I would like to clarify some things about the repeated desu and Sama. Desu is a part of a character's peculiar tone, imagine a foreign character using desu repeatedly, so it's not simply a grammar part I can dissed away. And this was already mentioned how MC assumed she's a foreigner and all, so I didn't make a particular note explaining it when... more>> it was already self-explanatory there. Though fret not, it's not a frequent occurrence and didn't appear that often.

I could have removed it but I'm translating a series and just faithful to normal since I don't want to be point out that I missed out anything. For example, I have seen multiple lines cut-off in previous translated chapters and some things not mentioned like how jobs like "berserk" is actually called a troll job for which MC simply hinted some information to the researchers so that he can remove th conception of "a troll class" as a "top class job".

That's all my explanation, and readers can always comment in site or discord to let us communicate more easier.

My comment about the novel for those who are interested :

Its a story mainly revolving around dungeons and the academy MC joined in but more with a slice of life take.

As some comments has said, there are only girls in the guild beside MC, but in fact, that doesn't change anything when it comes to the story. Sure there are some lines hinting here and there, but it's not a series where girls are swooning over MC completely or destroyed the story rhythm. If anything, they mostly have interaction with how it how it would have been if there were male party members.

It's like a popcorn novel, not over all serious and something you can bring in your free time.

Welp that's all my take about this. As for sama honorific, I will set-up in more easier form. <<less
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Dobber1k rated it
June 30, 2022
Status: c20
This is the type of novel I hate. Interesting and sounds fun to read... but. It’s ruined by s*upid elements. I’m dropping. He “prays” to the goddess of reincarnation because he’s “alive” in his favorite game and for 20 chapters he just treats it like a game and worse because he admits he’s in a different world. Instead of writing of the fun experiences all it is is him preaching every aspect of the “game” although he expresses thanks and fun for the experiences every chapter it’s only game references... more>> and every new experience that is not in “the game” is over exaggerated and he can’t believe it’s different... OF COURSE IT CAN BE DIFFERENT! EVEN IF ITS BASED ON A GAME YOURE LIVING IN A DIFFERENT WORLD! ANNOYING! I can deal with a dense protagonist even an arrogant or twisted one... but I can’t stand a protagonist who acts like this sorry. Not for me. I don’t even care if by the next chapter he realizes his folly which I doubt. I’m turned off and done. Thanks. <<less
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RayanArcadia rated it
June 27, 2022
Status: c90
I mean I like the game mechanics like how the system status works and stuff but it gets annoying when the guild just keeps getting filled with female members. Like it starts with his childhood friend, on to some random girl he bumped into, to the princess and her guard to another random girl he bumped into and just continues on and on. He just keeps on going to the dungeon and hardly does anything other than selling his spoils he got from the dungeons. The way the status and... more>> system worked was really good and had a lot of potential but the author just ruined it by keeping on introducing like 3 new female characters every chapter. <<less
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AlphaHunter rated it
July 18, 2021
Status: c123
Story is very laid back. Kind of a nice change of pace. No real villains or conflicts, just a story of a man who knows all about the job system of the world he has transmigrated to. The pacing is pretty fast, and the chapters are not long. I am enjoying this book; however if you are wanting a book with a real plot, this is the that book. Nothing really happens, which normally would make it boring, but for some reason, I enjoy this book nonetheless.
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gary0044187 rated it
July 15, 2022
Status: v3c189
Story was kinda interesting early on. Started conforming to more and more of the tropes that make these boring over time. Then I assume a new translater came along and the inclusions of the samas and the desus sucked all of the remaining enjoyment out of the story. Good enough of a story I guess. If you find people using desu 5 times in 3 paragraphs not annoying, have fun, maybe you'll like it.
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Lolidkwhy rated it
June 7, 2023
Status: --
It's shallow.

That's all there is to this novel.

It's so shallow that one could draw a painting with crayon and that would have have more depth than this.

Here are some reason why I don't like this novel

    • The main character with an "I-know-it-all" altitude, WITHOUT ANY REAL COMBAT EXPERIENCE. Heck,

      he ridicules someone else for choosing "a terrible job", without taking into consideration the circumstances that A, everybody only got one life only,
      B, the increased stats are quite good for surviving, and C, it's rare and is probably better than what 60% of the population would have gotten. Just to show off 5 second later with his many jobs and rub it in the reader's face

    • The female character whose lives centered around the MC only with virtually no personality
    • the side character with presences so faint you might mistaken them for ghosts (for example

      the loli's parent WHO JUST COOKED DINNER FOR THE MC without any question, and thoughout the dinner they didn't even utter a SINGLE WORD

    • The world building so bad

      the forest feel like a group of trees making up a perfect circle with the center built exactly for the sole purpose of creating an encounter, and the road to the academy being nothing more than a quick travel. Heck, the only thing we know about the academy is that it's the biggest, and that's it.

    • Unnecessarily long text without breaks, first person view written so terrible that it sounds like you put it though a text-to-speech converter. Everything seems rushed and skipped
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TimeVoid rated it
March 9, 2023
Status: v5c278
2/5 star poor written novel

so far, this novel have the potential of being a decent novel but the thing is there are missing stuff and unnecessary stuff on the content. Here is the list of the missing stuff

1) The Antagonist and Bad Guy

... more>> -where are they ? Already read 200+ chapters the 80% of the story was focusing on Dungeons raiding. No development of the real story progress or introducing a faction that is hostile to the MC party. 2) Missing of POV

-The POV of the parents, king and queen including the noble parents of the entire MC parties. Seriously, the dialogue was always revolving the MC monologue. Not to mention the Girls of his harem party was never given a spot light unless the chapter titled "Girls talk"

3) Status Chart of the MC and his party

-so far the author have not giving a chart regarding the MC party and including his own that will serve as info detail to the readers as how their status changes during the story. Even so, almost the names of the entire girls party was forgettable due to info of the girls were not provided/updated. Now, Finally the list of Unnecessary stuff on this novel :

1) The MC was an Maniac on Dungeon raiding that will nonstop being boasting himself of his game knowledge towards others which was annoying. -we know of his background story and how he end up to his current character development, but as story progresses he was a young boy that have loose mouth that wont ever stop of sharing knowledge on unrelated strangers along the way. He must be really bad hiding a secret. 2) Info dump is garbage

-Surprised ? So myself, reading MC monoluge that appears more than 200+ was mind breaking and even the "blah blah blah" of his game knowledge was stretching this novel too long that seems the School arc was a long boring journey that need to be revised entirely by the author. Seriously, the author need to be reminded that he/she is writing an isekai story not an online VR story. <<less
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TeddyWestside rated it
July 6, 2022
Status: c20
This is a generic power fantasy. The world revolves around the MC and MC knows everything about the game.

It introduced itself as a fantasy then suddenly a forum appeared as a chapter making me wonder whether author knows what his story is about.

MC is a know it all and sees the world as a game which I find as annoying. Moto Sekai Ichi’i no Sub-chara Ikusei Nikki handled it better.

I tried my best to read this hoping for something amazing but only left disappointed. If you're into your generic power... more>> fantasy or has nothing better to do, then this story is the one for you. <<less
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Si Kucing
Si Kucing rated it
April 5, 2023
Status: c70
It was a simple story concept but written horribly. Author failed to make the stroyline interesting and the character doesn't feel alive at all. The dialogue so poorly written that I felt the MC talked not to living human being but with "game character" that just move along the mc's will.

Romance (dunno if I can call it that) was so dumb that I wonder if the author ever interact with girl (or human) at all. Author also keep trying to make it so MC looks like all knowing protagonist yet... more>> failed to explain how MC skill in game could translate to MC knowing how to properly "fight" and instead insisting on level being the most important over the basic and foundation itself.

I get the author's idea... but the execution? Horrible. I regreted having been persuaded by my friend to read it to 70ish chapter (he told me read to 100 chapters..... that it is good....) despite misgivings I had at the first 10 chapters or so. What a waste of time. <<less
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LostHarem rated it
December 30, 2022
Status: c150
I have to admit whenever a story has a harem tag, I normally enjoy it even if it isn't that great on its own merit as a good story. I tried my hardest to just sit back and enjoy this novel, but it really wasn't enjoyable for me. Someone else might be able to enjoy it if they don't mind a harem comprised of anyone he finds (in his own words) with a pretty face. He says that because he can turn anyone... literally anyone into the strongest character in... more>> the game in league with himself. Just by meeting some easy requirements that he knows he can turn anyone into a hero or any strong job they want. Its one of those things if everyone could be a billionaire... then noone is. No characters have any depth or any story... he just sees a pretty girl and just adds them without even knowing who they are or if they are even a good person. He lets them know pretty much everytime oh by the way I know everything and I trust you not to tell anyone my secrets... even though they just met literally. Way too much even for me who loves all harems almost. <<less
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