Reincarnated Devil King


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After you’re awake but find yourself looking like a character in a game and came to a strange place, is this a different world or a game? Is it a rebirth or a cross over to another world? Everything needs to be explored by yourself!

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06/01/19 Wuxiaworld Forums c13
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June 27, 2019
Status: c22
This is a bad story, but I'm reading it simply for the hilarity that comes with a novel about making monster and human girls fall for you. Especially when the "happy times" scenes are censored with a simple line like: "150 words were removed". The harem is still small, but you just know it's going to expand to unreasonable proportions. Anyway, it's a leisure story that only has an iota of difference between itself and a Japanese Isekai novel. The only good thing is that only a few things feel... more>> forced compared to most other "relaxed" Japanese stories. Anyway, enjoy your unhappy Office worker become someone insanely OP, (in all sense of the word) "create" his own harem, and then flex all of his advantages on all the plebs he meets, lol. At least it's not the arrogant young master stereotype that is commonly associated with CNs. <<less
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