Reincarnated as a Warlord in a Sengoku Era


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When the man opened his eyes, he was reincarnated as the heir of a famous clan in the Sengoku Era.

Unfortunately, the ‘famous clan’ he was reincarnated into is different from the famous clan in his expectation. What is waiting for him in the future is death.

As such while facing the harsh reality the man struggled, all in order to change his future.

This is a tale of a young man rising in the harsh Sengoku era using the art of war.

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若武成伝 -武田に転生したと思ったら想像してたのと違う甲斐武田から枝分かれした安芸武田のさらに枝分かれの若狭武田だったので、滅亡しないように武をもって成り上がります-
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