Reincarnated as a Farmer Gamer: Rising to the Top with the Evolution of the Weakest Job that Only I Know About!?


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The protagonist, who was working to the point of physical exhaustion at a black company run by his father, sought solace in playing the free-to-play full-dive VRMMORPG “World of Liberty” for ten years. Finally, the service came to an end. Though he was the last one remaining in the world until its very end, he was simultaneously reincarnated into another world. This new world closely resembled “World of Liberty,” but to the protagonist’s surprise, he couldn’t even choose his profession and started from the weakest production job, “Farmer” — — — —

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Date Group Release
06/24/24 Story Seedling v1c32
06/23/24 Story Seedling v1c31
06/22/24 Story Seedling v1c30
06/21/24 Story Seedling v1c29
06/20/24 Story Seedling v1c28
06/19/24 Story Seedling v1c27
06/18/24 Story Seedling v1c26
06/17/24 Story Seedling v1c25
06/16/24 Story Seedling v1c24
06/15/24 Story Seedling v1c23
06/14/24 Story Seedling v1c22
06/13/24 Story Seedling v1c21
06/12/24 Story Seedling v1c20
06/11/24 Story Seedling v1c19
06/10/24 Story Seedling v1c18
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