Reincarnated as a Dragon’s Egg ~Lets Aim to Be the Strongest~


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I woke up in an unknown forest.

It seemed like this place was a fantasy world where strange-looking beasts ran rampant. And just like in a game, I seemed to be able to check my enemies’ and my ability.

Let’s hunt monsters and gather titles in order to level up and evolve into a Greater Dragon!

And I heard a mysterious voice in my head, “Let’s aim to be the strongest!”

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Tensei shitara doragon no tamago datta ~ saikyō igai mezasanee~
転生したらドラゴンの卵だった ~最強以外目指さねぇ~
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this_jerk rated it
April 7, 2017
Status: --
The MC actually makes decisions that impacts the story and exhibits growth. His available evolutions are determined by a karma system, keeping track of his evil and good deeds. So has a lot of day to day events building up to what happens later.

... more>>

following RPG conventions, has an Appraise skill called "God's Voice" that gives him information on objects. This "voice" has its own agenda, urging the MC to 'become stronger.' Goes with the MC being naive that he has to rely on "voice" while it may have an independent goal


For growth, starts out as a monster that has the description 'kill on sight.'


Evolves into a stronger 'child' dragon that can fight other monsters. Then upgrading skills, going from being attacked to attacking other monsters to teamwork with other monsters.


Chapters are short (3 ~ 5 pages), so easier to sample from time to time than binge.

for full review:

Only problem I have with it is the 'Long Separations' tag is not to be underestimated. There are a few subplots that get hinted at and apparently dropped... evident there are gods, but guess MC has to be stronger to deal with them. And there are times where reader has spent a bunch of chapters with a character, then say goodbye forever to them. This feels unnecessary since there are chapters from alternate perspectives, writer could easily give an update every 50 or 100 chapters because there are unresolved points that the story seems like it should return to, but doesn't.

Aside from that, the story can be surprising without pulling tricks. Aside from the 'Wandering Egg' title to blaze through levels (and evolve quicker than other characters), other skills are achieved through his own effort. Story doesn't cheat by giving him a new skill out of nowhere or have an incredibly important item appear before him. It still contains surprises and builds to some satisfying moments.

Comes down to MC. Annoying that there is no context for this character aside from Japanese Male, nothing on previous name, age or how he died. Have to discover his character by his actions; naive enough to be lead astray but tries to be good, prone to acts of malice and compassion. He manages to be surprising, which makes him difficult to sell without spoiling what he does.

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Demintika rated it
April 20, 2016
Status: --
I skip over all the battles, they're so boring to read; though I don't think it's the main part of this novel. The only reason why I'm reading this is the main character is a dragon; seeing him dealing with dragon's problem in human's way. You would rather not seeing him act like a true Plague Dragon and go rampaging in the village, right?

The MC is stupid, naive, etc... However, it's how the MC is. You can't ask for a MC of one novel to act like another's.
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December 21, 2015
Status: --
AT FIRST I THINK this one had some interesting setting, but after repeatedly look at this PC's horrible character, I've fed up with it.
This is just a story about a overly coward MC which miraculously able to survive on that world.

Note: that miracle only happen because he is the MC, so yeah, if there's someone who still follow this series, GOOD LUCK.

Additional: I don't know how to make a rate, but if I should give it, I'll give it 2/5.
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kane2929 rated it
January 15, 2019
Status: c200
Dragon’s Egg itself is a 5/5 to me maybe because I like good level system novels

btw there are still a LOT of raws left of Dragon’s Egg. Can't wait to read them!

the translations would be somewhere between 3/5 to 4/5 (I can't judge this well because I do not have the proper experience/knowledge required to do so) cause I think they use google/bing translate and do a lot of editing to fix it up (I could be totally wrong about this so if I am please excuse me).

but I'm... more>> still very thankful for the translators because if it wasn't for them I would not have come across such a series like Dragon’s Egg so a personal word "thank you".

p.s. I was lucky as hell to find this series with it only have a 3.3/5 rating. <<less
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nin rated it
September 14, 2017
Status: c146
It's neither great or good, only decent.

The protagonist isn't particularly unique, but his dialogue and thoughts are entertaining enough to carry the novel.

The pace of the novel is pretty slow, but not unbearably so. Just when it arguably gets too SoL, it becomes obvious that events are brewing in the background.

My biggest issue right now is that the protagonist changes location drastically after the first arc and meets a new cast of side characters with the old ones probably not appearing for a long while. That said, the old side... more>> characters are referenced enough that it's likely they'll be relevant again. <<less
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May 18, 2016
Status: c30
I'm fed up with this MC. I'm struggling to remember anyone dumber or more illogical than this one.
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armocallypsis rated it
April 14, 2016
Status: --
Now, don't be such mudsticks. It gets better around chapter 80. He drops some naivety, and starts going places. Not the best story, but is a 3/5, no more, no less.
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Rheinstahl rated it
January 29, 2016
Status: --
Ok, after reading up to chapter 28, I can only say I quite like it. Problematic is that the english for 29 and the following chapters took a turn for the worse. I hope the guy gets a editor soon...

The story is reminiscent of Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka?, after 28 chapters its quite hard to see were this story is heading at the moment, so im going to say just from the writing style its 4/5 – maybe thats just from the previous translators taking some libertys with... more>> the material. <<less
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shade0180 rated it
January 19, 2016
Status: --
This series had a potential to be great well that passed on, it still has a potential to be good if the author can get his sh*t together. The MC should get over being a human, he doesn’t need to live as a dragon, he has intelligence use it in his development instead of whining all day and just crave for missing the benefits of being a human. Seriously all those whining is killing this series
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Razorace rated it
December 15, 2015
Status: --
20 chapters in and essentially reads like a stats catalog for a badly designed game with many redundant skills. Author tries to be funny with some of the skills and simply fails imho. Close to no plot progression and maybe one event of any significance. Furthermore, the mentality of MC is just all over the place and lacks consistency.
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nubdog rated it
September 14, 2015
Status: --
this novel has few translated chapters currently but the battle system is similar to Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? So I believe it has potential so get ready when theres more chapts to mass read.

Edited:My bad, after reading somemore its like the reviews above me say the main char is naive and in a bad way too and usually hes just a really boring guy which tries to imitate some other novels self-talking eg. Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? And in the end just self-talks about really boring stuff.

Also he... more>> is so caught up with the so called “getting along with humans” so much for really no reason which limits his future cos most of his decisions are made around “getting along with humans” and the author is trying to make a bad joke where “Ohh im trying so hard to get along with humans but the system keeps trolling me to take the wrong direction”.

And as for his so called “strategy” in battles he just refuses to use skills with an excuse like “hey if I use this skill others may think im not a nice guy so lets not use it JUST IN CASE even though my fking life is on the line” and in the battle he just stalls and stalls for time and does nothing else really and finally the author decides its time for him to “win” without the efficient use of his previous wasted time he just wins because he gets some lvs randomly (not dramatically at all) which he could just had farmed earlier (he refuses to farm skill lvs too cos its the same as always he wants to be a “nice guy”) and saved time in the battle for writing better/more stuff. Basically the author just has a “i’m weaker now but i’m gonna defeat this stronger guy somehow without any so called power ups for no reason” but is just really bad at doing it.

Tbh the direction for his evolution path and skills seems to be unique and has potential but really the author just does not know how to use it well. Yup and as for the plot its like the other reviews said little to no plot or rather I could say the author doesn’t really have a direction for now <<less
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MinedConch rated it
March 18, 2019
Status: c130
So far im enjoying it, it slightly slow and chapters are fairly short, but progress is progress. I like the plot to the story and it has the needed elements which keep a story from being un-fun and one sided such as character flaws which some of the past comments seemed to of complained about.

Also for the people who are passed the current translated & posted chapers, where are you finding the others? And are you just self translating with google or something or able to speak Japanese ?
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Szmiiit rated it
March 11, 2019
Status: c510
Start by reading manga to skip over the worse parts of novel. The story is a good Power Fantasy - author knows how to keep power management interesting unlike most mid-tier Isekai's.

The rest is just OK, but overall it was good enough to make me read the untranslated chapters which is rare.

MC is the weakest part but he is not the worst. Depends entirelly on your taste.

For a Web Novel it is good.
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Piknos rated it
February 9, 2019
Status: --
The sheer stupidity shown by the MC is awe inspiring. I'm not even mad anymore, I just feel kinda sad that someone could enjoy this novel.

Let's see, the novel overall isn't that bad, the premise, while unoriginal, is refreshing to read once in a while. The major problem that most other people point out is that the MC is stupid. And I don't mean that in a particularly mean way, he's just so extremely foolish that even animals would know better. At first it was kind of funny in an... more>> "aww, he's really not that smart is he" but as the story progresses on he remains at the same level of intelligence and maturity. It's one thing to create a naive protagonist, it's another to create one so uniquely foolish it turns readers away. Most people wouldn't want to watch a baby show like the Wiggles, and the same thing is shown here, except even more dumbed down.

This story is for the ones who can't read, the ones who can't see and the ones who can push past all the brainlessness to read a story about a template of a template. <<less
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Granlie rated it
January 29, 2019
Status: c512
Okay, so the way this going was pretty decent, I was hoping for a more cliche story ark, but after 200 it started getting repetitive.

MC is not as strong as opponent, ends up coming out on top, grinds through exp enemies like but. Fights bigger opponent and barely makes it out alive.

Literally the same thing over and over again.

I was hoping the story would dive more into the cliche isekai novel where he partners up with a kingdom, gets a princess as a fiance and defeats evil, just using him... more>> being a dragon as a difference to make the novel seem fresh, but no.

There isn't even a main antagonist in this novel.


All heroes reincarnated are bad by nature so he naturally fights them, he always wins and the heroes only last like 30 chapters each. If you understand though the main antagonist is supposed to be the god that sent him there but the god is helping him destroy all the heroes so it doesn't make much sense.


Further down the road, you'll notice that the story has no regards to the world around the MC. Not much detail has been fleshed out for any character whatsoever.

The main character, is a coward.

The world has many countries, that are being by each battle so like? Can't go back there!

It feels like the author created this vast world, didn't tell the reader much about it and is destroying it limb from limb each chapter. Like, what's going to be left when all enemies are dead?


I thought the whole point of giving the MC humanization was that he can join a guild or something a live a little more normal life. But the author doesn't let the MC do that because he's always moving around.


Idk, I just feel like there is no real basis behind the story after he becomes the dragon. The story feels like it's just imploading on itself.

I rated this 3 stars due to lack of detail in setting/character development, and also due to the author adding minute details that have self confliction and don't matter to the story. <<less
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Incar1 rated it
January 16, 2019
Status: c111
TLDR: Author is so obsessed with "cool moments" the MC's IQ constantly drops to the negatives.

It's a bit like the DC live action movies. AKA the characters abilities and personalities are ignored to set up plot moments the author thinks are cool. The end result is a dragon that fights like he's a dog because he doesn't want to use an attack he specifically set himself up to be able to use before the fight. And other moronic bullsh*t like almost dying repeatedly from enemies he literally had the ability... more>> to kill in one hit, being unnecessarily brutal during a mercy killing then feeling sad that the humans dont like him after he literally bit a guy's head off in front of them and ate it.

Having cool moments is fine, but having 10 chapters of absolute stupidity to set them up defeats the purpose. <<less
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t19k20 rated it
January 16, 2019
Status: c200
My thoughts after reading the novel:

The fight scenes drag on faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar too long. Some fights are interesting, but there will be some where you'll be accompanying the protagonist in some excruciatingly grindy battles (and monologue). My recommendation, if a fight becomes uninteresting because 1) it becomes a curb stomp battle or 2) it takes up 2 or more chapters, skip to the end. The author give a "relatively" good "summary" to what had occurred during the battle.

One of my biggest complaints is that there is not enough character development and... more>> relationship building. As as a great person said: "The humans are the focus, everything else is furniture." (In this case, the "humans" would be the "monsters" ironically.) Even though it's nice to see the cast slowly grow in power, their personalities and humanity stagnate, neither improving nor worsening. The author neglects the these human elements in favor of "hey, how powerful can I get?" I do agree that wildly changing characters is a bad thing, but there needs to be at least a change that is moderately noticeable. I'm not going to go into the character of the protagonist. Other far superior reviews have already done a review on the protagonist character. (In short, he sucks and fails to grow.)

If you're looking for a power fantasy, look elsewhere. The author sets up the story in that when the main character overcomes struggles and reaches milestones, the MC spouts out regrets and complaints. The successes are often not rewarding for the reader (in this case, me). If you're looking for a "friendship" fantasy (err... is that what they call them?), definitely look in the other direction. Though this novel may have some interesting relationships, I would personally look elsewhere. <<less
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Harvester rated it
August 6, 2018
Status: c194
It's a fantasy combat isekai down to its core. Having said that, the series embraces the gaming stat/growth system unabashedly, which I have to regard as a considerable plus-- if it gets introduced, use it, don't just abandon it a few chapters later.

The world, settings, and characters are all fairly stock.

There's a fair bit of combat in here and, after nearly 200 chapters, it drags on a bit. Its saving grace here is that at least some of them have unusual resolutions that aren't a case of a last minute... more>> power up.

Middlin', mediocre, average, standard, is how I'd have to wrap. It isn't bad, but there's nothing particularly outstanding. Note that there are some (not many) chapters whose translations are of particularly frustrating quality, if that is a concern.


My primary objection to this series is that there are unresolved plot hooks that have persisted for over 100 chapters, with no movements towards conclusion, or even progress, in sight. It's almost like the author decided to reboot the series in the middle.

1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
August 5, 2018
Status: c76
While the story itself is all right, most of the translators who picked it up have a less than fullfilling understanding of the English language. While the grammar is usually not blatantly incorrect, word choice and sentence structure often leave a lot to be desired.

Take note that around chapter 50/60 someone called mothbalde or whatever takes over, and they have a lot of broken links; I think like 7 chapters have been missing so far.

Therefore, I highly recommend that you go to Reincarnation translation's chapter 37 and read from there.... more>> about the story itself: the main character is in fact a huge idiot. But the story is enjoyable, even if his encounter

and eventual friendship

with the black lizard was a bit random.

Decent time-filler for when you're waiting for other series. <<less
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GodErebos rated it
February 8, 2018
Status: c40
I'm suprised I thought we will be able to see the life of a dragon instead we get to see a sissy boy running away from worms and weak creatures and destroying the name of dragons not to mention that he is not that smart normally -.- and gets manipulated and making things difficult for no reason "lets become strong I want to be strong" next day resting in a cave and cooking mushrooms for days to come while chasing monkeys that steal his dried meat.............................................. if it wasn't for... more>> the MC learning ability and thinking he would have died already.

Colclusion: the MC is a normal being that makes mistake BUT Learns from he/she mistakes so if u can pull through the nonsense that's happening u will be fine all in all this novel isn't a most but quite interesting and unusual Worth reading slowly don't force ur way and just enjoy the bad and good. (This is a review after 40 chapters) <<less
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