Reincarnated as a Dragon’s Egg ~Lets Aim to Be the Strongest~


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I woke up in an unknown forest.

It seemed like this place was a fantasy world where strange-looking beasts ran rampant. And just like in a game, I seemed to be able to check my enemies’ and my ability.

Let’s hunt monsters and gather titles in order to level up and evolve into a Greater Dragon!

And I heard a mysterious voice in my head, “Let’s aim to be the strongest!”

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Tensei shitara doragon no tamago datta ~ saikyō igai mezasanee~
転生したらドラゴンの卵だった ~最強以外目指さねぇ~
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ChronoSeth rated it
December 7, 2018
Status: c197
The pacing is slow and horrendous. However the way the story went is realistic and relatable to me. The consequences and hardships he had to go for is so touching. Unlike other isekais, this one also denies him the easy way out, becoming a human and easily strolling into a human city to become an adventurer. Its refreshing.

The fact that he also has this caveat of becoming strong, yet evil dragon but tries extremely hard to counteract it to be able to live with his friends. It shows true resilience.
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Haxe rated it
November 17, 2018
Status: c197
To be honest, dont try compare this to kumo, it is not a fair comparison to do, since they both take different paths when coming to the "become a monster and get stronger" story archetype, kumo focuses on how a low spider becomes the biggest entity of the world, this one is how a person has a conflict with the nature he had as a human and what it is expected of him as a monster, it is closer to the cicada dragon in that aspect, MC is pretty human... more>> and it is seen clearly, he is rash, emotional and so on, but he is kind and nice at the same time, choices matter for him, as he is forced unto a path that he doesnt want, and he regrets it since he has no other choice, and as he regrets it he comes to terms with it in time, just like a human does, and also, due to his wish of interacting with humans, I dont know how people dont get that he, as a human before reincarnation, was pretty sociable, the nice sociable person, and as such he is extremely lonely, and even more due to how he ends up, the batles can come to be simple, but it is because the MC has a will and goes through it of not using his most devastating attacks since those push him more and more into a path he hates, and ends up restricting himself, and I respect that decision, it gives him another side, in how he is strongwilled, not something one sees usually, since at most, other MCs dont give a crap, or they do it and ends up as something it has no repercution and it is turned into a joke, I liked this story in how it mixes the nce and sad moments and one feels how MC is coping with it, specially when he chooses his first major evolution, he ended up doing it to save people, but since he cant comunicate, he is misunderstood, and it hits hard specially when the situatioon is over and we see MC seeing what his name meant, he got a beautiful name but even so he got to do some major decision, and he got the balls to do so, something people dont get the clear image, and due to that he did something that he regrets and lings heavily on him, and it truly hits hard that little scene, and more so this later chapters with the first humanoid companion he got, it is truly a story that it is slow, but builds itself in a nice manner, obviously it has his shortcomings, but also it is a nice read, and be clear, lots of stories have slow starts, some even take lot of time to get into a stage where it stops running and takes flight, so I dont find it as a shortcoming, since it builds up the MC and then shows how he changes <<less
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September 15, 2018
Status: --
Reading through all these reviews, and I was thinking to myself; why are you guys grading the novel, from the chapters that are up? I get that people use the beginning chapters to see its potential as a good book. I know people dropped this book from the chapters that are up, but why would you do that? I would rather read something to the end no matter how bad or good it is because I'm interested in the story and the direction it is going. You people could miss... more>> a good story of a book that you have dropped. The character's personality will help, but people judge the book by that or something else and focus on it. I think that is unfair both positively and negatively, you need to judge the book as a whole. Even people read about something important, it is more likely that it won't change their behavior, because they can't change their minds, and that is what humans have in common. So my comment won't help with anything but to a few people.

Another question that I have in my mind is that, why are you guys comparing novels to other novels. It's really obvious that they won't be at the same quality, and that is why the world of stories is interesting. But books that have the same concept doesn't mean it will be the same, even if the same writer worked on both of them. It annoys me that comparing a good book to a decent book doesn't mean that the decent book is bad, right? But that is what some of you guys are doing and putting it down. Which is the reason why I started this rant but continuing on. The settings of a story are obviously different, but people still compare and all of that ticks me off a lot. I know when a story has some similarities, you want to compare but look at it as a bigger picture. The stories are not even close to each other, it's only that single similarity that affects the reader's mind (MC is reincarnated into a different world, aiming to get stronger, etc.). The world that they are in is different and don't compare a good book to another good book, because you are just gonna cause a fight. Just think about the book, instead of another story.

One last question, why are you guys wanting to shape a character's personality in your hands. Just because of the MC's personality is something that you don't like, why are you rating it in the first place? You just have a narrow view of the book. If you got sent to another world full of monsters and lost your memories, you have numerous choices to live or die in that world, but the personality is random. I would be scared and indecisive about my decisions. If a character's personality changes quickly, that is not character development that is just a psychopath, even if the character experience something tragic or happy it will take time to change. I love to see indecisive MC in stories because they build up the suspense or do something unique. People just see the negative or positive about the personality that they have and I say this again, look at the bigger picture and see the good and bad.

So you tell me how I rate this story right now and I would say around 3.5 or 4. But it will change so I'm not rating it until the translator finishes the story. My reasoning will so I'm keeping it hidden.

Thank you for taking your time to read my rant. <<less
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scotth266 rated it
June 30, 2018
Status: c109
This novel is very divisive. You will likely either fall in love with it after the first big twist, or hate it because the MC has a very distinct flaw - he makes bad choices in pursuit of a goal.

This novel starts out the same way as many other novels of the monster reincarnation genre. I'm a weak monster, gotta grind kills for xp etc. But it changes with the first twist into more of a tragic story than other monster novels. The MC becomes something of an anti-hero and... more>> has to deal with the consequences of his choices. It's not set up perfectly but at the very least I came away from it thinking that this story has something unique going for it compared to many other monster novels. And then the author starts getting into the main plot which is something quite interesting... we'll have to see where it goes.

However you will likely not enjoy this novel if (like many other reviewers here) you dislike "stupid" MCs. I think stupid is kind of a strong word here. The MC sets his goal as "I want to be with human beings again." Many monster novels have "I wanna interact with humans again" as a goal but few of them are as honest about how it would turn out as this one is (very badly). The MC meanwhile has a difficult goal he can fail at despite his strong powers. It's kind of a fun thing to watch and I felt myself rooting for him as he struggles with his monster form. This is one of the few novels that portrays being a monster as a disadvantageous thing and I love it. It reminds me of Kumo Desu Ga in that respect.

That having been said prepare for a really crappy start. This novel takes some time to get going and it's all sh*t you've probably read before. I read some other review that made me check this story out: the review said something like "it only gets good around ch X or so, until then it's boring" (where X was the first twist) and damn, he was spot on the money. Thankfully this novel now has a manga, with much better pacing. Go read the first 5 chapters of that on Mangadex or something and then come back to this afterward: you'll feel a lot better than trying to read this from ch 1. <<less
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Zom the Monk
Zom the Monk rated it
June 26, 2017
Status: c60
This is honestly a pretty terrible novel, some of the concepts were pretty fun, but this was all ruined for me by the main character. I honestly believe that the MC has an IQ of maybe 80 (On the high end), so you can expect the MC to be constantly making rather questionable decisions all while going off of meaningless tangents. One tangent for example is worrying about his home decor even while he's still barely surviving.
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Lostworlds239 rated it
September 2, 2016
Status: c92
This is very interesting so far. I like it. It's not like those mc's that are all about killing because they could and are very arrogant. I wanna read more like these at least this MC has a head on his shoulders and remembers about his humanity despite being a dragon. Though he did ended up losing his way and stepping on a wrong path a few times but at least he learns. I'll keep reading!
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MagneticMagnet rated it
September 14, 2017
Status: c146
Dragon's egg is an action / adventure novel with RPG elements.

Our MC gets reincarnated into a dragon's egg and a voice tells him to become the strongest. Being a former human he wishes to become friends with the humans, only to find out that he's seen as materials or an object of fear. The dragon cannot speak so he starts looking for a way to become accepted.

The early chapters before c80 mainly consist of fighting with gradually stronger monsters. The monster is stronger than MC and has some difficult to... more>> handle ability. MC tries some skills until he beats the monster. Repeat. It's not the best part of the story, and the translation quality of that part doesn't really motivate to continue either. That said, it's not terrible and the MC is a rarely seen dragon protagonist that doesn't permanently turn into human after a couple chapters so it has some value.

Around chapter 80 the MC had a major decision to make between what he wanted and what was right. This is what cemented the series in the good zone in my mind. A good conflict of interest makes a good story. While the meat of this novel is fighting, the heart is all the choices our MC makes. He is often misunderstood and his good intents don't get through but he still sticks to his beliefs even if there would be easier ways out.

Now, it's not a perfect novel by any means.

The fights by themselves aren't bad. It's just that long stretches of nothing but fights tends to give that leveling log feeling.

Sometimes there's a strong sense of plot armour too. The author likes to write all these stat blocks but it feels like they're there just for a show rather than keeping track of things. For example, there was one time when MC got out at low health. Then on his way to rest he came across a strong monster, which he fought like nothing had happened. It's.. Odd. Speaking of stat blocks, they're plentiful. There's rarely a chapter without at least one.

I've seen people complain about the choices MC makes. And yeah, they're frustrating at times. If you can accept that the MC isn't the sharpest tool in the shed and he really wants a friend to talk to as fast as possible it's understandable.

Overall, the series isn't without it's faults but if you can stomach the sometimes filler-like fights and 100 odd chapters of questionable translation quality there is something good inside. <<less
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Chulloswag rated it
July 14, 2017
Status: --
I honestly wish people would stop giving all these average series either ones or fives. When compared to some of the unreadable garbage series on this site, this would seem like a masterpiece. And when compared to some of the best written LNs on this site it would be very poorly written by comparison. There are parts f the novel that are interesting and parts that are mind numbing. I personally love these evolution stories, but hate having such a thick headed MC. He's obsessed with humans to an annoying... more>> degree and ditches his monster family because

he thinks that his plague dragon scale ability will kill them even though it has shown no signs of being in effect or harming anything around him.

Overall, this series has an interesting premise, but an unlikable narrator/MC.

2.5/5 <<less
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weeeman rated it
May 21, 2018
Status: c182
The main character can be aggravating at times, but he is oddly charming. At least he's not an edgelord. The worldbuilding is interesting and the story isn't that bad, but the pacing has issues. If you are not hooked after the first 10-15 chapters (or reading the manga), don't bother with this story.
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mq003at rated it
April 2, 2018
Status: c177
Ok, different than other web novel, we should check this in other factors. NOTE, THIS INCLUDES SOME SPOILERS!

First, this web novel is half shounen, half slice of life. The dragon is pretty strong with high potential but all he wants to do is having a normal slice of life as a dragon with previous memory (inhabiting, co-operate with humans, etc.) Literally, if it hadn't been for God's Voice, this novel would become pure Slice of Life.

Second, we come to the logic. If you want to see a Slice of Life... more>> novel where MC goes and s*xually harass other female character, or having OP power/luck in doing everything, etc. Then this novel is not for you. The MC is pretty stupid and most of all, he behaves like how should be, which is an animal living in the jungle. He has to desperately fight for food, find a place to settle in, furnish his cave, find mates, etc. And not toy around like other MC reincarnate not as human beings.

Third, we come to universe of this novel, it treats all species fair and square, not favoring anyone. You can see that although dragon is the most powerful being, however, when MC is born, he is weak as a worm. Even when he is strong, he nearly lost to a slime, not because he is reckless (a.k.a Death March Hajimeru) but because even the slime works hard to be strong as well. Therefore when they clash, the scene is quite impressive. Note that not only MC has God / Cheat Skills but also other creatures, including monsters and humans have God / Cheat Skills as well, which makes things more interesting.

Fourth, we come to the aim of the author. Just for around 50 chapters, you can understand that God is a bloodthristy being who wants MC to be the strongest and force him on hard decision. Even fate not favor him and slowly drag him to Evil Path although he just wants to be a hero. Around chapter 100 you will feel that we need to add a Tragedy tag to this novel.

Then, lastly, what makes the story bad? Why I give it only 4 stars? It is because of the speed of the plot. It is tooooooooo slow! I don't know if the author is lazy or what, but he keeps describing the same things over and over again which is too anoying! If you are not a patient reader, I think you shouldn't read this.

In the nutshell, this is rather good novel. The world is pretty logical, MC is rather stupid so he struggles a lot in surviving in the novel's universe. If you want little piece of happiness in normal dragon life like making pottery, you should read this. <<less
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Kyle770 rated it
March 27, 2018
Status: c176
This is my first time writing review for at this website, literary I register to read and review this WN. I agree that Isekai type WN/LN is more interesting if it have OP MC, smart MC, MC that can change the fate of the world, mostly like overlord (strong and smart, have strong subordinate and really careful of his action), Kumo desu ga (smart, cunning, brave, and strong), realist hero (smart, really smart), really, most of isekai genre is like this, make mistake once and never make mistake again, learning... more>> from the past, and have planning for future.

this WN dragon egg, is slightly different, even the MC start as Dragon Egg, and usually dragon is most strong monster at Isekai type WN/LN, Dragon egg is the weakest.. Even he has some cheat abilities. He acting like shounen manga MC, make a lot of mistake, feel lonely, scared of things, running from enemies, sometime act based on emotion, even he can't win.

well in the end it is interesting, there is no basis for a Isekai MC must strong, smart, and overpower his enemies. This kind of MC that weak, stupid, make a lot of mistake, have kind heart, basically like shounen manga MC is very nice too. I recomend it! <<less
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Myllari1 rated it
March 14, 2018
Status: c176
I like this web novel very much! The MC is interesting and is a dragon. Dragons are quite stronk beings in every fantasy world. The fights in the novel are decent, might feel too long for some as the MC carefully explains all the things going around. MC meets new interesting faces like the Black lizard, ball rabbit and Milia. I do hope that the MC and the Black lizard will meet again in the future. They care about each other and fit together well. XD

I feel like people who... more>> like fantasy worlds in general, like the world in the elder scrolls games might like this web novel. So give it a try! <<less
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VannVann rated it
November 11, 2017
Status: c159
This is a story of a young and foolish man growing up in a foreign, cruel world. What angers many readers is his almost abnoxius mentalety toward befriending humans. As a former human with fractured memories he is constantly trying to hold onto his humanety. The presence of his memories holds him back more than it helps him.

A very importnat, but overlooked information (mainly becouse it's only mentioned once) is that our MC had friends in his previous life. That's right. Not a NEET, a shut in, a loner, a... more>> loser imployee but an actual sociable person. I belive many of you who are extraverts will find it hard todetach yourself from humans. And these fractured memories drive our MC to find companions. Now you may argue that he found them in his monster friends (black lizard best wifu!!) but ask yourself this: "If I woke up in another world as a monster would I so easaly make enemies of humans? Would I kill or injure them willy nilly?" The answer, if you are a normal person would be "No", not to mention the issue of being hunted down. And, as I mentioned already the precious memories are holding him down, he has an urge to gain a human body becouse every creature finds its birth form to be the most confortable (a snake would prefer a snakes body, spider spiders, bird birds, human humans).

Through the story


(MC) Grows up. He learns that he must make decisions that will make humans hate him if he wishes to protect them. He shoulders the burden of a young girls broken hopes and dreams.

It is easy to be a hero if you are loved by the populace. A true hero will always protect the weak despite being hated by the very people he is protecting, always shouldering the neverending burden of the name he carries.

Some people will not be able to fallow through a story depicting a childs growth. Despite him having his previous lifes memories those are mearly fractures and he is actually developing as the story progresses.


(MC) is a true hero, foolish, child hero. A child who was mercilessy tormented by the unforgiving world he woke up in, always lamenting his lack of human appearance and lonlyness. With time this child will grow up to be a great and wise person.

Now for some spilers that will inforce my review:


There is a human 'hero' with the same name as MC. Yurisha means brave hero, however this scumbag is a far cray from a hero yet he is loved by people. Compare him with our poor MC and you will see who is a true hero and who is a true monster

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February 21, 2017
Status: --
Maybe the bad rating makes me skeptical, but man I'm hooked. Seriously, why so many rate this as a 1?

I guess the title makes you think about an OP wish fulfillment MC? Seriously he's a dragon, that will be too easy this novel over in a flash. Also it will be repetitive after a while like some other op MC novel i've read here. Nerfed MC will yield many plot points, guys. XD

My review is the story pacing is nice. Too much batle description can be boring, pls advance the... more>> plot. Life is full of up and down. Many won't go as planned. So pls, advance the story. Although fluffy things are nice, pls give the dragon more hardship. Muahahahahaha... <<less
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OfficePony rated it
December 18, 2016
Status: c103
It's pretty bad... the battle scenes that is.

Grammar: 3/5 (Formerly 1.2/5 updated as of chapter 78)
Story: 3/5
Writing: 2.5/5 (Formerly 0.3/5 updated as of chapter 85)

(Updated as of chapter 85: Well... it really did get better. The Reincarnated Translation group does a waaaaay better job with their grammar, nothing ground breaking, but loads better than previous translation attempts. The writing takes a real turn for the better, nothing extraordinary, but still more than enough to justify having waded through 70+ chapters of tasteless cardboard story-line.)

First,... more>> the grammar seen from chapter 1-47 have thus far been far from good. Though "Mothbalde" does a far better job than the first two, it's still far from passable. Constant misspelling, awkward wording/phrasing, and syntax errors are rife through out the works. The story while fairly good is not too original, with being reincarnated into a monster with a leveling/evolution system. This is the lesser brother of Kumo, attempting to follow almost the same story arc in a different environment. The writing, this is where the series falls the hardest, is abysmal. The author treats most of the series like Dragon Ball Z. Slice-of-life is done for a chapter or two before you get a 3-5 chapter long repetitive battle, and then it moves back to slice-of-life, before again engaging in a 3-5 chapter long repetitive battle. You could literally skip the chapters between the start of a battle to the conclusion of a battle and not suffer any real loss story-wise.

Aside from all that, I plan on reading through this series, just to see if it gets any better. I really do enjoy the premise of the story, and want to know if the author does anything with the MCs' desire for human interaction, or if that cover art is just a load of bullshot (look up bullshot in regards to gaming, it's not a typo). <<less
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wazyx93 rated it
April 5, 2016
Status: --
Reincarnated as a dragon could be an awesome plot but noooo author made MC pathetic. It would be better to reincarnate him into bunny if you want heartwarming story ffs.
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October 12, 2018
Status: c197
A human that reincarnated as a dragon. He isn't op, but has quite a few advantages over other creatures in that world. He just wants human friends, but, due to his poor decisions, it's a real challenge. He's very different from those classic "lolol look at me I'm so strong and have a freaking harem even though I don't even resemble a person" and "screw people, I'm edgy and strong and smart and perf!" MCs.
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Erebos.Tenebris rated it
September 8, 2018
Status: c195
I am going to start off by saying that this series isn't a masterpiece. Don't go into this expecting big twists in the story or for something to shock you. There are a few unique ideas and the series has so far done a good job of keeping a consistent tone, as well as not going overboard with inflating the MC's status with a ton of useless or overpowered crap. Furthermore, my possibly favorite part of this is that it isn't just a typical wish fulfillment story- nor is it... more>> nonstop tragedy (both of which are pretty common problems with isekai novels). Over all this is a decent action series that would make for a good manga or video game. (There actually is a manga, but it only has a few chapters so far and hasn't been updated in months.)

The chapters are pretty short and the translation quality is generally pretty decent. This series isn't exactly anything special, but it is still good enough to make for a good read and can make you want to come back wanting more. However now there is one serious problem that needs to be fixed before anyone new should pick this up and read it. And that is the translator. It isn't that they aren't doing a good job translating, but rather that they aren't translating at all.

The person who has translated the past eighty or so chapters has become too busy to put any time into this. They still occasionally release a chapter, though it is really only about once a month- if you are lucky. But that just isn't enough to make any progress at all- as I mentioned the chapters are short. Short enough that I would never call them chapters if I had another word for them, as they really are only a couple pages long at the most.

If a new translator picks this up, then it is my opinion that this would be a must read if you are bored and have nothing to do. But until then, best to just wait this out. <<less
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Akunyoba rated it
July 23, 2018
Status: c194
This is my first review if I remember it right I am dying to write it thanks to many reviews here

First off let's start with our MC, he's in every sense in the word stupid very stupid but that okay I mean not everyone is calm headed individual nor smart nor cunning. But he always try to do his best to survive and can be pretty emotional as well as better described as shonen character. What makes him insteresting start at ch 90~ ish after the first twist when he... more>> choose to become a disaster class dragon just to save the village. Several chapter after that you will notice how inside his head he didn't become cynical or dropped his wish to become human but what wasn't said didn't mean he didn't think of it. He's shown that he started to avoid civilisation and always keep in mind about the time limit until he have to part ways with his friend while having fun with them. Honestly I feel that he have matured even if only a little bit and it feels refreshing compared to some other MC I read that despite the suposedly a tragedy or character development yet remain totally the same only with their character shift when it's needed or suddenly they matured from that single event.

Now on the topic of survival you do notice that animal realisticly don't fight until near dead before deciding to flee right? It's part of nature to avoid danger unless in cornered state after all injuries are sustained after combat (albeit I admit this novel didn't potray it well and like another reviewer said that number is just there for show) and as you get injured the more your body condition fail you (in this novel I remember it being potrayed as well not bad I guess) you may not even capable to hunt for your meal which mean dead. So having MC fight with weaker enemy and flee from stronger or equally powerful opponent is fair. The one that I feel odd is how many other MC who started off weak fight with stronger opponent like there's no tomorow. And this isn't cowardly at all to flee from fight is the right of everyone just as much as deciding to fight is. What cowardly is when you have to fight and yet decided not to and flee or doing any other action rather than fight so this MC isn't a coward he will fight stronger enemy if he have to just that he will flee when there's no reason to fight. For instance against little rock dragon to save the village he have to kill a human and that he do rather than fighting a losing battle which may result in more victim (in story) or borderline 'how the hell did he do that' or an ass pull being played (reader perspective)

And don't forget to those who read this novel. Dragon have a very long lifespawn those super powerful and wise dragon you expected from this MC may have lived for thousands of years as measuring unit alone (depending on setting the measure may have been hundred though) now if you remember that the MC hasn't even reached one thousand year and that stupidty can be cured by time he still have time to grow out of it (albeit the novel will be finished far before it which can mean he will still be stupid by the time the novel end) I will said that he's plenty young and still have a lot of time to grow into wonderful dragon

Drop this novel if you can't stand reading until the first twist honestly it didn't get much better suddenly. It is a nice novel that I would recomend if you are patient with MC character and slow plot progression <<less
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Sir.Creas rated it
May 16, 2018
Status: --
I really like this Light novel probably because of this evaluation idea, meeting thresh-holds and making massive changes. I honestly don't mind the main character at all and I like his involvement with the people around him.

Wish chapters would come out a little quick but I'm not going to complain to much though.
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