Reijou wa Mattari wo Goshomou


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After her role as the villainess noble daughter, Rhonya started up a new cafe at the town on the edge of the country. As she wished for a laid back and relaxing life, the business from serving customers says otherwise…

One day, the renowned strongest half beasts (demi) mercenary group stumbled in the cafe.

A reverse harem slow-life/layback life with the demis!

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Milady Just Wants to Relax
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New Ludovicusse
May 16, 2020
Status: v3c2 part7
This is pretty much my favourite beast man fantasy romance story mashed with villainess reincarnation trope hands down. The fluffiness is uncontrollable :) Thanks so much for the wonderful translation. Haven't found anything remotely close to this in terms of the fluffiness and elegance! The male characters are fantastic and the scenes are drool-worthy yet tasteful!

Deals with interesting ideas of elitism, discrimination and perseverance also... so pretty much if I were to describe the novel - it's like a delicious well-made souffle - rich yet fluffy :)
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New minako25 rated it
May 9, 2020
Status: v2c7
Though I like this story for it's fluff, good writing, some drama and romance. I would actually want to know if there will be an "end game" or someone she will end up with. I'd hate it if there wasn't since those characters will continue liking her but not end up with her anyway.

But the story isn't bad, this will probably be a slow-paced romance. I really hope she will end up someone.
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Yumika12345 rated it
April 17, 2019
Status: --
I'm glad that this novel is being translated. I read this novel before it was serialized and it was honestly really good. You have your typical reincarnated villainess MC but I like the fact that the villains in the novel are well rounded characters. Sure you hate them for what they did to the MC but you get to see the events that led up to it. Overall the novel is relaxed and fluffy with a touch of melancholy. (Mostly due to MC past before her engagement was annulled)
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Luukia rated it
June 15, 2019
Status: v1c2 part5
The first chapter is filled with the mc's family and background story. Full of angst.


After that the next chapter will be filled with nothing but fluffy goodness. A definite read for someone who enjoys fluffy things like me.

... more>>

I have to say I can't agree more with the previous reviewer. I hope the mc's family and ex fiance will die already. The ex fiance doesnt even know her family's situation. Truly ignorant. And the ex fiance has the nerve to accuse her. Even though the ex fiance was the one who chated on her. Argh I have love hate relationship with this trope. I hate the adulterer fiance but I also enjoy seeing the fiance suffer.

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fiminkio rated it
May 29, 2019
Status: --

The ex-fiance is really pathetic. He knew her since they were child, but he didn't know how her family condition. I feel sorry for her.

as someone who also like fluffy things, I support for her happiness. Her family, ex-fiance, heroine jus die. I hope they will suffer.

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YoriMei rated it
February 7, 2020
Status: v3c1 part 7
Honestly it's ok. It's a good book, your standard fluffy affair both figuratively and literally. I especially enjoy watching the ex-fiancé regret his decision and be told he's a dumbass at every turn. The guys are cool, with my favorite being ryuse. Ryona can get a little annoying because she's a little too perfect and saint like for my tastes but she's pretty decent overall.

The problem is that I'm just too old and it's too "sweet" for my tastes. Since it's geared towards younger girls, the cliches... more>> are all there and in full bloom. There's you typical smart guy, cool guy, team leader, and hyper-hothead in the beast squad and Ryona's "love everything" attitude can be a bit much. It's not bad if you like it, but when you've read so many along the same lines you can get sick of it. The isekai part plays a very little part to the story, Rhona could have just been a misunderstood, slandered ex fiancé and nothing would have changed.

In the end it's a pretty standard shoujo manga-esque story. It's too early to make any judgements on the reverse harem situation, but if you're in the mood for shoujo this is a good one. <<less
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vhiyxy rated it
August 17, 2019
Status: v1c6
The novel is good and so with the translation quality. This some sort of reverse harem novel with animals demihuman (mofumofu). No much drama tho, because of the chapters still so few and no conflict after all. It's a good novel if you want to take a break from the serious novel.

After all, its worth to read. The cons just, translator (s) pace take to looooong time to translate at least 1 chapter. It's not that I demand to fasten the pace. But, with 74 WN Chapter, 3 LN Vol.... more>> It still takes a long time if the translator (s) with his/her average updates.

Anyway, I say my best thanks for the translator (s) to take this project. Stay healthy and take your time, Imma gonna comeback after this thing stacked at vol3, lol. Cya. <<less
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Victuuri Road
Victuuri Road rated it
August 1, 2019
Status: v1c6 part2
There's drama, but it's the bearable kind. Not the smack them all to hell kind.

This novel gives off soft fluffy feels. Mostly from the protagonist with her love for mofumofu, her spirits, and the demihumans she reeled in with her food. (´ ▽`) It kinda feels like her ex and her brother want to find her so they could apologize (?) or use her. ╮ (╯▽╰) ╭
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Kardelune rated it
March 6, 2020
Status: --
It's a good time.

Nothing stupendous happens, the first volume seemed to be a lot of meeting the characters during slice of life after the condemnation scenes, with a tiny bit of excitement at the end.

But all the characters are interesting, and the MC has some intriguing sides to her. We think we get her backstory early, but it turns out there's a lot more that happened in her life than we know. The world too I think has more to it than we are brought to believe at first, it's... more>> being spoon fed to us.

Also there are many many sweet and cuddly moments that made me go "awww". Essentially this is a slice of life story (in a fantasy setting) with warm hugs. And who doesn't like warm hugs?

That being said, I'm a little disappointed at the absence of character progression. I like slice of life, but then I expect some emotional progression to take place, either in the characters heads, or between multiple characters. But I see nothing.

Our MC comes to us pretty much ready made, and all the other people we meet are either already in love with her, or fall in love with her during their first meeting, it was cute at first how the beastmen were so glad to be accepted by her that they were drawn in immediately, but reading on and realising that everyone else in her life (her friends, her magic sempai, ALL the Spirits (who happen to hate most humans), the King, the neighbouring country's King who's a 500 yo Djinn, the other neighbouring country's elven Queen and her King and her brother, the demon that's after the MC...) adores her beyond compare, felt forced. Not to mention it kind of undermines the fact that her family apparently is frigid toward her (I've yet to meet her family aside from Grandpa, who's the only one who loves her) and that everyone at school was ready to believe that she was cold and unfeeling and mean and a bully. If the stigma of her family is so strong that the people who saw her every day (at school) couldn't see her good nature, then why is no one else affected by it? And not just unaffected, they are so far on the opposite side of the spectrum that they've gone beyond the horizon... just saying. Fun and sweet, but gotta put my objectivity on pause (not hard to do while reading, but apparently it is hard while reviewing lol).

The only emotional progression has been the ex-fiancé who did a 180, when her friend told him he'd been duped into breaking up with him, it takes him about three lines of conversation to see the error of his ways, so I'm not sure that it counts as character progression.

So to read if you're looking for a book that'll give you the sensation of cuddling up on a couch next to a fire. Pass if you're looking for lots of excitement. <<less
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September 1, 2019
Status: v1c7 part2
A good novel to read for *mofumofu*, *fuwafuwa* feeling.

Translation is good, it could use a grammar edit but overall is a nice quality to read to.

Characters are also introduced nicely (fluffy goodness~).

... more>> It's still in the beginning stages of the story -meaning the introduction of the character's personality and what relationships they will have-- so will have to wait for more chapters to see what it will develop into but judging by the MC's personality, I believe this will become one of my top faves to read.

Looking forward to the rest of it! Here's to hoping it won't get dropped! ╮ (´ ▽`) ╭ <<less
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Anikarp rated it
February 4, 2020
Status: v2c13
After the heartbreaking beginning, it's about the MC's relaxing life working in a cafe with time enough left over to pet the cat - and that's not a euphemism, haha. While she was devastated with how things went, she was already set on the "condemnation event" to happen from the beginning and learned to be relaxed about it.

This novel was NOT what I expected at all, in a good way. This is such a fluffy and cute novel, I got at least 10 cavities and now I think my cavities... more>> are getting cavities by how sweet it all is.
It's especially cute in the beginning when the MC sees her furry harem for the first time and is trying to hold herself back, going all "mofumofu" (fluff!) in her head with sparkling eyes.

There are also more characters than the MC and her harem, which is something a lot of authors forget about.

If you're having a bad day, or having a good day, I really recommend this novel if you don't mind slice of life. <<less
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SynicalReader rated it
January 16, 2020
Status: c10
There are some good things and some obvious flaws with the storyline. The fluff and and sugar content is certainly high but that is countered by the many illogical decisions made by the MC. As much as her fiance was an a$$hole she was a little bit too happy to be gotten rid of by the man she liked, it felt very much she never put any energy into the relationship and was far too busy with escaping the academy and her family. But what I couldn't understand at all... more>> is her family relationships, especially the one with her grandfather. If their relationship was so good than why, as the elder in the family, did he not scold his son for being a no good family? There was so much effort put into describing how important the grandfather is and how much he loves the MC to subsequently put no energy into changing her fate... let's just say that the author put barely any thought into the world building and back stories to make them fit together, the only thing that mattered is that she ended up owning a cafe and everything else was not important to the author. A pity because if there was a believable background story it would have been easier to relate to the MC and what she is going through but instead we get an environment that does stuff for all the wrong reasons without any explanation of why

Another very annoying part is the website on which this is hosted. There are no next or previous chapter links and with very small chapters I feel like I spent more time waiting for the website to load than actually being able to read the story. If a reader wants to read the story from the start she/he must click the link for the first chapter, wait for the page to load, read for a minute and go back to novelupdates, wait for the page to load, press the link for part 2 of the chapter, wait for the page to load, etc. This is not a user friendly way of presenting a story. It must be said that the translation/editing is pretty good since the writing style the translator has adopted feels natural and it's easy to understand what the story is trying to tell.

P.S. this review is not a four star review but because the novelupdates user interface is very crappy it is not possible to change your vote if you've made a mistake. This is a 2 star review, there are some good parts but most is overshadowed by the large amount of plot holes that are filled with illogical reasoning and filler that does not make much sense <<less
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eirinllrin rated it
November 17, 2019
Status: v8 part1
THIS IS FLUFFY AND CUTE ENOUGH TO KILL AAHHHH " (ノ*>∀<) ノ♡ I love it! The protagonist is super likable, quiet and gentle but with strength and stubborness underneath. Her family are jerks and her ex-fiance the biggest douche but the demis are so sweet!!! 100% recommend ah, it's so healing to read (๑ ˃̵͈́∀˂̵͈̀) ʊʊ
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Peachyxist rated it
November 1, 2019
Status: v3c2 pt 3
The fluff in this novel is too much omg 😭

her family is such d*ck heads I'm telling you, it's a good thing she left them. But I deadass wonder why her brother is trying to find her? When in the novel they cut ties with her? Anyways love her grandpa and the Demi's ~ full of fluffs to the point I almost died. Can't wait for more chapters to read 🥺 and f*ck the prince. Thank you~
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
kuroda_ayumu rated it
October 27, 2019
Status: v1c8 part1
I LOVE this~ it's so cute~ hate the family and stupid prince. At least even the villain girl had a backstory why they like that.

I wonder what the Demi will do when they see how Rho being treatened by her brother and his idiotic prince!!! Will they went overprotective??? Or gone berserk!!
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
shimatsukki rated it
May 6, 2020
Status: v2c16
I've been reading Lilies Are Flowers's translations. The whole story is very fluffy~ It's fun to read.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
April 26, 2020
Status: v2c4
Quite good but the MC is too mary sue. So I stop read it. Maybe when I will continue it.

Pro: the lotus fairies are cute. The beast too.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Blackrosette rated it
March 11, 2020
Status: v3c2 part3
highly recommend.

I keep rereading this because it’s just so cute. Full of fwafwa and mufumufu. And all the fluffyness you will ever desire.

The main protagonist is independent but sometimes get caught in the moment kind of gal. She is so nice and perceptive, it was so interesting to see her thoughts. Although it is full of fwafwa and mufumufu hahahaha.

I also like the other characters.

Shize san is who I’m rooting for rn.
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December 29, 2019
Status: v3 prologue
I actually have read the current chapter v2c7. I liked this light hearted story. The interactions of characters and easy going life of the heroine after such tragedy. She deserves all the happiness in the world. I've read spoilers here and there, so somehow I knew who she ends up with, but you know I'm rooting for other male leads too! The "ex" is the biggest douche tho, so no rooting for him
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Tinsoldier rated it
December 13, 2019
Status: v3 prologue
The story certainly is very cute with nicely illustrated pictures accompanying it. The characters are pretty likable.

With that being said, I found the story pretty boring. The set-up is genuinely good with an interesting twist on the reincarnated into an otome game trope and I was genuinely emotional during it. Everything after though grinds to a halt. Barely anything happens in a single chapter and the MC doesn't really face any problems or at least any that she seems disturbed by. The main leads seem to like her immediately and... more>> each one seems to be practically perfect. There doesn't seem to be any discernable plot that the story is headed toward which makes reading it feel sort of pointless. To be fair, I've only read one volume so maybe things get better.

So in summary: Nothing much happens and all the main characters are kinda perfect, but it's very cute and relaxed. So read it if that's something you enjoy. <<less
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TeaRexia rated it
November 17, 2019
Status: v1c8 part4
I'm so soft.

I really can't describe it as anything but fuwa fuwa

My heart hurts because of the sweetness and this has actually made my eyes tear up slightly. Literal cutemess overload.

Though I'm not much of a fan of OP MCs in general, it's not bad here since it's not very in your face and they did at least justify her capabilities with her family background.

For now it's unclear who the ML is, since there aren't many chapters yet, but it's fine, just savor all the fuwa fuwa moments huhuhu
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BillionJellyfish rated it
November 17, 2019
Status: c8 part4

A typical transmigration story in which the MC transmigrates into the body of a villainess. But instead of trying to avoid all the red flags, the MC decides to trust her fiancée who is destined to betray her. After the betrayal, the MC decides to open a café in a small village and live a laidback life as a café owner.

MC: For once in a reverse harem, the MC has a good head on her shoulders and is also fairly adept in magic. The MC is also contracted to spirits... more>> that help her at the café. Fun fact: the MC love fluffy animals.

Harem members: Basically all the men in the DemiMerc squad (demi-humans; half beast-half human, can transform into a beast and human)

Overall this is a relaxing read, a great way to spend the time and unwind. <<less
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