Regarding the Case Where a Hypnotist Abducted and Confined Girls


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A man was capable of using a powerful hypnosis. And he was faithful to his desires.
The man who abducted and confined 10 girls used hypnosis to tailor each and every one of them to his liking, their own animalistic passions being brought out to the limit. This is their story.

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1 Review

Crystal Aris
Crystal Aris
Sep 23, 2021
Status: c3
... I just... ewww...

I’m sorry, I just really can’t enjoy this. The translation is good, but please be forewarned that he (the hypnotist) is really... (in my opinion) gross.

the only chapter I liked was ch 1, the rest not so much

I tried, really I did. Normally I like hypnosis and control

but this... is really hard to swallow

... more>>

Ch 1 the 1st girl becomes his maid and ‘likes’ it, that was fine, no biggie both parties enjoyed it eventually

ch 2... this made me sick, not the beginning, but... what he did after. She became a ‘Dutch’ wife. Okay, no biggie heck even her thoughts turning into liking it then he goes and treats her like crap even when she ‘likes it’ she’s quietly panicking with ‘please no!’ ‘That hurts! Please stop!’ He didn’t care about her, even as a s*x s*ave. I can only pray I never meet him at all, or that if I do, I die before he can even consider touching me.

he’s worse that that manga that has the magic collars that turn the wear’s magic into an aphrodisiac and is constantly f*cked excuse me, gang r*ped by goblins. I was disgusted yes but not to the point that I commented, I only left and hoped to forget about it (I didn’t -.-‘)

maybe it was because they were monsters and goblins and you had ‘some’ type of warning or danger.

these girls never stood a chance.

what did they ever do to him, what did each one do to deserve his treatment? There’s no way I can sympathize with him. I can’t find a reason. Maybe there is one, but I can’t find it.

heck when I found this again I thought maybe ch3 is better... -.- it’s worse.

ch 3 human toilet... piss? Fine, that’s s**en and s*x stuff, fine. I slam my foot down n licking poo, seriously I’m gagging and she’s thanking him in her head? This poor neat freak? Gah!


If you like that fine I will respect you, but please be warned before reading it’s not light or for the faint of heart.

I don’t feel like he has a reason to do this. Im not even close to sympathizing with him. Im TERRIFIED he’ll come after me!

also why are there 2stars instead of one? Simple.

it’s because when I cl**ked 1 it said 0.0 stars not allowed.

if you wish to read, god speed and good luck.

Im going to go hug and cry on Optimus now, cause Ratchet took my bleach away. <<less
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