Refining the World


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While the blue light blossoms, the insignificant struggle at the bottom, grasping the opportunity to change his fate, he embarks on an unprecedented path…

When the blue sea blooms, the small people struggling at the bottom, grasp the opportunity of destiny, and embark on an unprecedented path…

I will control my destiny, not Heaven!

Perhaps he is naïve, or perhaps, is the start of a new epic journey!

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Sacrificing and Refining the Mountains and Rivers
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New Assassinying rated it
May 27, 2019
Status: --
Originally I've been translating for this novel for someone who paid me for like 60 chapters and we were about to release on Wuxia World, but eventually my boss wanted to stop this project since she ran out of money to pay me haha so I was very sad that I had to stop translating it, since all the translations actually belonged to her. Anyway, I'm very familiar with this story and I loved it a lot. I believe if you can keep up your work, people would like it.... more>> I think your translation could be a little bit better, but I do enjoy reading your work. This is a great novel so you should keep translating ^^ <<less
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Someguy666 rated it
May 18, 2019
Status: --
No good. The pacing is fast but plot is shallow surface level cookie-cutter crap.
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Drunk Moon Resident Scholar
Drunk Moon Resident Scholar rated it
April 29, 2019
Status: --
The writing itself isn't that bad but the story is awful. The coincidences are stacked up to the sky. If MC needs something you can bet he gets it in the next chapter.
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