Red Balloon


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I’m red. I’m a balloon. I’m the first spectrum of a rainbow.

When you left, all you left me was a red balloon.

It doesn’t matter. No matter how long, I won’t give up loving you.

——Xia Zhi Chen

Once I thought love was cruel, until I met a boy, I understand that love is not bitter entanglement, but I will do everything for his sake. The right thing I’ve done in my life is to love Xia Zhi Chen.

——Li Xiang Wan

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Hong Se Qi Qiu
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12/27/19 Nastriumden c10 (end)
12/27/19 Nastriumden c9
12/27/19 Nastriumden c8
12/27/19 Nastriumden c7
12/27/19 Nastriumden c6
12/27/19 Nastriumden c5
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12/27/19 Nastriumden c3
12/27/19 Nastriumden c2
12/27/19 Nastriumden c1
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amruta rated it
January 2, 2020
Status: Completed
A nice short story. The translation is decent.

MC and ML fall in love as students but separate due to MC’s father. Most of the story is flashback of their student days.

No angst. It’s a HE.
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