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In the depths of the underground world lived the descendants who were born and raised by feeding on the teats of beasts.

These individuals with special abilities and enhanced physical abilities were known as dungeon babies.

Amongst them, Kim Jin-Woo was born in the labyrinth on the lowest floor.

“I’ve never tried to become strong. I just wanted to survive.”

This is a story of a lowly tunnel digger who ascends the throne to become the king of a labyrinth.

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Dungeon Odyssey
던전 견문록
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Higira rated it
August 21, 2021
Status: c25
So far this aint good. I'll make it short and simple.

... more>>

MC established that guns were useless. First floor, barely did anything and got his team killed. Now chapter 24, MC pulls up shot guns in a lower floor and it bloody drops the under monsters. Like WHAT?! drops SOME of them. Brah, author. You gotta be consistent with your writing. This is literally what you call plot armor. You get attacked by a 32 under monster army and you got out easily because of GUNS? when you established early on that GUNS are USELESS??? You can't establish something as useless and when you're suddenly in danger its something useful. That's bad story telling, that's bad consistency. I am disappointed. I love his other novel, dragon poor, but this... this is a big disappointment.

I'm dropping this at ch 25. they recruited the draken, but his character is too annoying. This feels more like a crappy chinese wuxia then anything. 1. start off crappy and useless or with some restriction 2. become super good and have everyone admire you 3. add some random annoying guy to the mix to show some difference. Seriously disappointed with this novel, i'll keep reading dragon poor instead.

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bloggbigg rated it
March 2, 2022
Status: c200
I'm barely giving this 3 stars because of the stuff it tried to do right- even though it doesn't do it well.


  • Characterization and character development are given some attention. Some.
  • MC is somewhat likeable- sometimes more than other times.
  • Some secondary characters are interesting/likable.
The Bad:

  • So much unneeded 'intrigue'. All the political maneuvering and back-stab-by nonsense are not done well, nor do they add to the story except to make things messy. It's not horribly done- just doesn't 'make the story work'. In fact a few points of 'revealed history' are silly/dumb
  • Fight scenes? Very flimsy. Yeah- apparently the author at least knows he can't- so doesn't really try (I guess?)
  • Plot is pretty formulaic. Many rehashed cliches abused.
  • Villains are all cliche, 'fake' clever, and 'needlessly sneaky'.
  • Another 'turns bad into good' theme story where the MCs source of power is 'bad'. I have no idea why this is so popular in Asian writing (often 'demonic' stuff is portrayed as 'most powerful' and embraced without pause despite being 'evil').

    In this case one of the 7 deadly sins (greed) is embraced.)

  • Conflicts/challenges are very prop-up, 'this would be a challenge'-- that frequently is convenient/nonsense in the context of the surrounding situation/world.
  • Faux Harem story- All the girls grow to want the MC- but in the most 'lazy writing' way.
  • Too much 's*upid on purpose' driving the plot in bad ways.
  • I just broke 200 chapters and finally realized what bugs me most about this novel. Almost everyone does something shitty, and the MC is unresponsive to most shit. That's when he doesn't over-react, or do something shitty himself (often unprovoked- though he'll paint it as shitty).
  • Another 'look, it's serious- I'm making people die to prove it' story, where professionals and experts die for dumb reasons and in ways an idiot could see coming all for effect.
  • Too much casual/callous killing where no parties involved benefit or learn...
  • Tons of bias/'explain-away' for MC motivation/justification- especially in regards to MC motivation/justification/lack of conscience/regret.

    When he kills people on the 9th floor because they weren't 'loyal' to him- remember they don't even know him and are just trying to survive there- they have no option but to be wary. Somehow them not jumping to risking their lives (and the lives of their followers) blindly following him deserves death? Sure. Whatever. He on the other hand can relocate to the surface whenever he wants- and (if he listened to his parents) he shouldn't be there anyway...

  • The MC beating a women to try and change their behavior is another low- especially when she's stuck between two bullies- himself and the other even stronger guy.

    I guess it's better than killing her, (which he almost did except he has magical, truth seeing power now).

  • The MCs ever increasing arrogance/bravado despite him being weaker/less experienced than literally everyone else (until plot needs to prove otherwise) is laughable. So much unfounded confidence...

    well, he is the MC. The story will 'wrap around' his needs- and this one does spectacularly under the 'excuse' of 'intrigue' (though it will obviously backfire- you can see it a mile away).

  • So much plot armor and 'deus ex machina' saves/lucky breaks...
  • No proper 'world cannon'- the rules of 'the world' are more used as 'setting' for the current chapter story dynamics- and may change as needed to fit.
  • All relationships are a mess (him and anyone else), or 'when the author feels like it (min & his family)
  • MC is pretty dumb/pretty clever (as told) depending on current need.
MC has no integrity/personality.
    • Not even going to get into all the crap he's too lazy to do despite his power.
    • 'Revenge'? Put on back-burner till the author feels like mentioning it.
    • 'Promise to family'? Yeah- not gonna let that stop 'the plot' from happening.
    • 'Distrust/dislike of others'? Not as important as 'doing things'.
    • 'Being a basic human'? Nope- people have to die for trivial/force justified reasons.
    • 'Being loyal to others'? Nope- sh*t to do. Turn back on/ignore people easily.
    • 'Forgiving people 'disloyal' to him'? Nope- people gotta die.
The different:

  • Nothing really. The author's inconsistent story tone?
Overall, I don't recommend this. Despite all the negative points- It's not bad- but it has a lot of issues. If you're bored enough 'go ahead'- but don't expect too much.

At it's core it could be quite an interesting/enjoyable work- but as executed, it's got a lot of false starts and forced plotting. Quite a few things could go somewhere great, and quickly become mediocre instead.

I do find a part of it here and there to be enjoyable- then the author will wingnut in some nonsense to make me regret giving him a chance. This is pretty common actually with a lot of stories- so I shouldn't 'blame' this guy- it's just tiring to see so much 'build up' to be rewarded with 'half-a$$ed'.
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