Record of Hunyuan Cultivation [Rebirth]


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The Ye family was annihilated because of a Hunyuan Pearl, and their young patriarch Ye Qian struggled with all his might but died in the end. When he woke up again, his soul had returned to a thousand years ago, and that Hunyuan Pearl was suspended within his dantian.

As the saying goes: Primordial (Hunyuan) gives birth to chaos, the universe transforms into dust. Threads of light pierce through falsehoods, wind and thunder determine one’s destiny.

Ye Qian used this divine object to cultivate against the heavens.

As for the CP…
In the previous life: the young patriarch of the Ye family and his giant puppet
In this life: the reborn version of Ye Shu, the young patriarch, and Yan Changlan, a living person who hasn’t been turned into a puppet yet.

[Author’s notes]:
1. A long cultivation novel, following the path of mortal cultivation.
2. A one-on-one relationship throughout, with no tragic ending and mutual pampering. Essentially, it’s a dual protagonist story.
3. The world’s setting follows the law of the jungle.
4. Let’s have peaceful discussions and avoid quarrels. We’re all reasonable people here!

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2 Reviews

New Sadre
Jul 18, 2024
Status: c77
Ok so, I went into this not knowing anything about it, but as I continue reading I can't help but there's something familiar about the story progression. Once I did some research, it turns out the author was the same as the one who wrote I Have Medicine and The Transmigator's cultivation.

While the story is ok so far, the author have a bad taste of not finishing an arc completely. Sometimes the author goes halfway into the story, and then immediately move on to the next before finishing it. It... more>> always left me unfulfilled because the author never finished an arc properly.

And plus I'm afraid the author will rush this book at the end of the story like what they did with the other two books I read.

Anyway, with that aside, the book itself is not bad, the romance progression is quite nice. But you can tell writing action scene is not something the author likes to write, as they usually just give a brief description of the action with something like "X attack Y with a few formidable moves, and Y was not strong enough to deal with X, so he lost.".

And the world building it self is just, meh. Just like the other two books, the author will only give a brief overview and then never delve into them. So don't expect a grand adventure into a different world with this one. Just read for the romance between the ML and the MC. <<less
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Jun 18, 2024
Status: c60
First review ;)

This novel is addicting, its story is simple, yet engaging.

The translation is phenomenal and I can tell they really put in the work, whether that be through their enticing usage of grammar, their perfect spelling, or even just the insane amount of uploads the translator provides. All-round, everything is perfect.

Even if this is an edited MTL, it's perhaps one of the best I've ever read and I generally wish the translator the best, so thank you for your continued efforts in entertaining the masses. Thank you NAN404!!... more>> Story wise, the protagonist feels genuine and although overly kind to the future ML, the romance is slooooow, yet, done incredibly well, and for once, I feel that I wouldn't mind sinking in a 300 chapters before seeing romance.

Maybe this is due to the lack of ambiguity between the ML and MC, but this story feels like a genuine friends to lovers novel, where we first get to enjoy the story from the perspective of two friends. Unlike most novels that have a slow burn, we aren't left wanting more romance, we're instead wishing to see how the friendship develops, unlike a lot of other stories where it seems one character just flips a switch and becomes h**ny for the other, I feel that I could generally see the two slowly falling for each other, as such, the story from this perspective is much more believable.

The cultivation system is well done, albeit I expect some cliche scaling when they leave the region they're currently in, that is inevitable. I do like how the protagonist is less talented than the ML, although I do have my concerns with how they will develop this, as we all know the protag will come out on top due to his golden finger. I just hope it's subtle and not some random technique that suddenly made him OP.

My only complaint is that the author spends a ludicrous amount of time describing random ranks and qualities of random things e.g iron. Like will I ever need to remember the different processes behind the different qualities of iron again?

I would say this novel isn't really targeted towards veteran cultivation enthusiasts, nonetheless, I would prefer to have a absurd amount of useless details as opposed to having nothing, this way I can read what interests me to see how the author modified the basic cultivation structure in their own way. Anyway as a final note, I believe you should mark my words, if this novel manages to get 150+ chapters translated, I think this novel will become one of the best cultivation BL's to be translated for a good while. :0:) <<less
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