Record of a Thousand Lives


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He died because he could not kill ‘him’.

He lived because he could not kill ‘him’.

Kang Yoonsoo, who had lived 999 lives by losing to the Demon Emperor.

Once again, he went back twenty years in time, back to his starting point.

“I will end this.”

Either he dies, or ‘he’ dies.

The thousandth life of a man who has mastered all the skills in the world begins.

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12 Reviews

May 02, 2016
Status: --
The start of the novel is really good. The story progresses smoothly whilst character development and worldbuilding proceed alongside the plot naturally. So far it’s really well written. The writing style is concise and informative, there's no needless exposition. The plot as far as I can tell is basically All You Need Is Kill except in an RPG setting.

Too bad it got dropped. Such potential.
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Jul 21, 2016
Status: c10
The first chapter, which highlights some of the MC's past attempts, is awesome. The other chapters aren't bad either. But the story goes down a narrow, forgettable path. The MC's tasks have no luster, and lack the exhilarating feeling that they're part of a greater plot. They're like random side missions instead of the major quests that advance a story. It makes the MC's detachment carry over to readers.

The MC's personality is understandable in light of his history, but doesn't seem as striking or deep as it could be.

It's a... more>> potentially interesting story, and I wouldn't say that the author didn't have the skills to make it one. But it doesn't read like he put effort into some of the particularly important parts. <<less
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Apr 12, 2016
Status: --
It's a story about a MC that can't really die till he defeats the Demon Emperor. After being killed 999 times, he revives for the 1000th and the story is like a "OP guy knows how to complete the main quest line because he already played the game too many times but he kind missed some sub-quest so he tries to see what happens if he does them" kind of story. Too little chapter translated to see if it's a good story or not, but it has a good start.
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Sep 12, 2016
Status: c10
So as far as going back into the past, this one is top notch. The author has discontinued the series (not sure if he's going to pick it up again) but it's an excellent story, with a good premise! Only at chapter 10 but it's very fast paced and the intrigue is very present and one of the main driving forces of the novel. A definite read if you enjoy reincarnation with a dark setting, a character who has previous knowledge, game elements and a little human psyche!
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Sep 29, 2022
Status: c149
when I first saw this novel, I laughed, and a lot at that

I know this is a wuxiaworld novel but this is over the top for even wuxiaworld story setup. A guy who lived for 20004 years ? Mastered everything ? Knows everything ? Howtf is this setup going to work ??? After failing to see how, I decided to read few chapters for some giggles. I expected a goofy manhua MC but even more extreme in his character.

and boy I was wrong. Wrong about both what kind of... more>> novel this is and how I judged mc's personality would be. This wasnt a power fantasy novel that has an MC destroying everything. This was a story of a man that is given up on life and just wants to end it, yet he still holds onto things he values.

novel starts off pretty hilarous yet sad but as it develops both MC amazes me with his character

example :like how human he is and he values things, how playful he can be despite his state of mind

and how he lives his life. His choices are always brazen, and despite how he looks he can pull off pretty much everything (same thing that I thought I would laugh at, but in the end, I never did make fun of it because how good it is)

author somehow managed to make this over the top MC character story something I can read it with seriousness and feel sad for him and laugh at his shameless actions.

This novel deserves a chance

edit : now I m at chapter 200 and I dropped it because author decided to not care about the story becasue it is close to finish. I still give it a 4, but I m dissapointed in the fact that it turned just like "kill the hero" <<less
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Jun 20, 2022
Status: c222

Brilliantly written story, we might expect since the MC regressed so many times that everything will be under his control which is not true. Things happen which makes things unpredictable.

The MC's character is good. He is calm, smart, very decisive, no bulsh*t kind of a guy. He cares for his lover and his friends deeply and do not want them to be hurt.

My favourite characters would be Sally and the doppleganger whose name I forgot.

Good intriguing fast paced story I would definitely recommend it.

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Apr 08, 2023
Status: c101
It was quite different from normal regression story. MC regressed for 1000th time so MC knows almost everything in the world and didn't left any stones unturned. Just imagine yourself playing Dark Souls or other similar game, MC knows all the pattern of his enemies that he knows their next move and even knows their lines. MC is basically like doing a Godrun on the world.

The thing is there are some changes in his 1000th life that his Godrun mode stopped in a bit. MC is pretty OP at the... more>> start but later on it becomes generic story where MC is just another underdog and doesn't look so OP anymore and he just go around raiding Dungeons and fighting Boss monsters stronger than him so he get quite a hard time in every fights. It's quite unsatisfying so see an OP MC turn into like that.

The story is just about raiding and fighting one after another, that it looks like a dungeon log and MC doesn't get any resting time where he and his group could have some real fun adventure, it was focus action. Game elements isn't the focus of the story either, I was expecting a Solo Leveling or Reincarnation Paradise type of story where MC properly build his strength. But all I get is [Low level MC ➡ Kills higher level Boss ➡ MC levels up lots, gets items, gets skills ➡ MC now stronger!] Theres no detailed explanation or some deeper concept on anything everything. It's not bad but it is so straightforward that it's boring.

Story: 3/5
Concept: 3/5
Characters: 3.5/5
Overall: 3/5

It's a good story for people who doesn't like deep and complex stories that will overwhelm you with info and it is best when binged. <<less
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Mar 25, 2023
Status: Completed
The overall story is quite good. Unlike the stories where regressor gets his mind regressed with him, MC here is cold and calculating. (not antihero) The effect of 999 lives can be clearly seen as he is emotionless most of the time.

Side character are also good and go through somewhat of character development.

I would recommend this novel to those who have read almost every generic regressor theme there is. Like people who like the regressed demon lord is kind. Or I regressed for nothing.

Beginners may not like this, because MC... more>> doesn't gain power every 2 sec and spout cheesy lines.

Cons:- Only 1

I wont mention it. Its not that big of a deal most of the korean novels are like that and you might not even feel it.

But if I write it here I am pretty damn sure that you will stay concious of that time.


Ending is rushed like it was like skipping last 5 floors of a dungeon and then suddenly facing the final boss.
He was fighting agains the strongest swordsman and then boom he is fighting sorian who is exponentially stronger the the dragon of destruction and then booom again the demon king enters the chat, demon king has used skill yo mama so fat....

Regressor got hit, regressor is now depressed,

Regressor uses skill bullshit, regressor becomes powerful.

[Demon lord has been defeated]

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Mar 08, 2023
Status: c21
Depressing plot and annoying (apathetic, a**hole, lack of common sense when it comes to basic respect + communication, and also depressing) to read protagonist. It's not amazing now and I know the ending was poorly done too so I won't get caught up in sunken cost fallacy... this time.

I also just completed a novel with a lot of emotional depth which makes this so very jarring (terrible) to read. I gave this an extra star with that in mind.
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Jan 08, 2023
Status: Completed
Great regression novel. The characters are likeable, the regression is explained and the ending makes sense.

The novel is relatively short and it feels like we dont get to know the characters all that much. MC will do whatever he wants without explaining stuff so we are pretty clueless most of the time. But the Power levelling and fights are fun to read so there is nothing to complain about.
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Dec 13, 2022
Status: Completed
This novel is quite a good read. I'd recommend this to people who are tired of the usual generic Korean regression fantasy novels. Even though there's 200+ chapters, it's pretty short and concise.

Now, I've seen other reviews criticizing how the characters were barely developed, but that's just a misunderstanding. The story doesn't actually progress much in terms of time, so there being barely any character development is quite accurate.

The MC has the ability to regress after he gets killed, and this novel starts off in his final life. So to... more>> get stronger as much as possible, the MC speedran his entire journey. This made the journey very short, and thus caused barely any time for the side-characters to develop. There was no account of the time passing in the story, but based on what I read, the whole journey lasted for 6-12 months, maybe even less.

My only complaint is related to this extremely quick plot progression. It's because the final arc lasted too short. Why, you might ask? Well, it's because the final arc was definitely not meant to be the final arc. I guess the author changed his mind during that arc's last few chapters and decided to abruptly fit in the actual last boss fight into it.

The last boss fight itself was lackluster. I think it went on for like 1 or 2 chapters with useless filler stuff sprinkled in. I'm not kidding, it was so short that even minor antagonist fights lasted longer. The other arcs' boss fights were quite detailed and epic, and yet this final boss fight was short and boring. It was an insanely disappointing ending since the whole story was practically hyping up the final fight.

Overall, I'd give it a 3.9/5. If the ending was more fleshed out, I would've given it a 4.5/5. <<less
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Jun 20, 2023
Status: c63
Some parts are fun, like there's a girl that enjoys eating hearts (although only of monsters for now) and he tortures an enemy to the point they kill themselves to escape (revenge for a past life)... but he's just way too dumb + too much plot armor. There's also some rather annoying plot holes, but MC being so idiotic even after 20k years is too much.

Example of excessive plot armor:

... more>>

for plot armor, the biggest is that companions are immortal in this life. They're fighting a demon while MC is fighting something else, and MC comes back to the demon holding FL's hair and taunting her, and then the demon just tosses her away without killing her once it notices MC... it was slaughtering some mercs earlier, no reason for it to spare her aside from her being named.


Example of extreme s*upidity:

For the MC being dumb, the most painful (and reason I'm dropping rn) is that he let himself and his group get drugged and captured by a criminal group that he framed (and they know it). His group, which contains multiple beautiful women and an old guy. He just lets them be poisoned while knowing about it, and even eats a ton himself. He already knows this life is different, and he talked about how he'll protect them earlier that day... ah yes, protect the beautiful women by having them drugged and captured by criminals while he is even drugged unconscious himself.

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