Reborn To The Start Of The Apocalypse To Farm


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As he woke up, Wei Xuan realized he returned to the day when the apocalypse had just begun. Wei Xuan, who had a second chance at life, immediately decided: not to go to a survivor base, and not to return to human society, instead, there is only one thing he wants to do now. Find the half-zombie Du Hang, and live with him in the city full of zombies, farming and living together until old age. Wei Xuan, who stayed in the zombie city after being reborn, unexpectedly found out that zombies are not as terrible as humans think…

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RoseySimer rated it
November 24, 2022
Status: --
I really love the author's other novels "The Reborn Otaku’s Code of Practice for the Apocalypse" and "The Rebirth of the Last Days and Return to [Fang] Hao" so I was super happy when someone decided to pick this up for translation. The story so far is really enjoyable, and I am interested to see how the relationship between a human and a zombie will be. Besides this, I like to read novels that have the hoarding of supplies and farming, so I think this would be good to read.
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Hippopotamus rated it
January 3, 2023
Status: Completed
I think the story is okay, nothing special. Perhaps, at least 70 - 80% is about farming, how to store snow and water, build ice cellar to store water, cooking, cleaning, hunt meats, and the likes.

The MC is just ordinary worker before the catastrophe that gained a special ability, not the type of battle ability or any abilities that usually found from other novels with the same concept. His ability is kind of unique that allowed him to walk among the zombies without being killed, because zombies would smell him... more>> as their own kind. But he was in fact still human being and still had his past memories before the catastrophe.

The interesting part, he was a reborn person. The previous life, he also had this ability. He joined a base, joined a team to search supplies. But because of his ability, he often "accidentally separated" from the other team members. At the designed time, he would come back to the base, even though the other team members weren't able to come back... One day his abnormal behavior was noticed by someone. He was reported and brought back to be experimental object. Later, he was dead in a big explosion, the cause was unknown to him...

For MC, the ML was his important support and love. MC met him in his previous life. The ML was a zombie, but a very special one. He was intelligent and never ate human flesh. He met the MC and had protected him ever since. Even in that explosion that killed MC, he protected him with his own body and also perished along with MC...

After the reborn, the first thing MC remember was to find ML and to live peacefully with him. He had his past memories and it wasn't hard for him to prepare everything : food, water, place for living, clothes, and also entertainments.

Later, everything was just like in his previous life. Gradually, the MC came to know what he had never known in his previous life. For example, he observed those zombies around him and learnt that they still retained their habits when they were still human beings. For example, by comparing the zombies and ability users, he managed to find the truth about the zombie virus. And many more, especially about ML.

The MC observed everything and found out about everything. Everyday he would be busy doing this and that, making preparation for the future, because he knew that one day everything around him will change once more...

About how MC interacted with ML, some readers found it kinda weird. I also personally feel weird about this part at first, but after MTL-ed until the last chapter, I manage to understand why. The MC had died once and had planned since the first time he found out that he was reborn that he would join his boyfriend, the ML, and become a zombie. Especially, after he found out that all the remaining humans would slowly turn into zombies, because in fact everyone had infected by the virus without exception. The difference between those zombies wandering around the streets and those survivors living in those bases was the number of zombie virus that exist in their bodies. Those who have more have changed since day one, those who have lesser have only delayed their transformation...

Therefore, I no longer feel weird when the MC kissed the ML or even doing a lot of... things 🤭 Because he also was an infected person. What is there to worry about if you are already infected? It won't change anything.

About the interaction between MC and other survivors. I can say that it's not a lot. The MC indeed have two "living" friends. They are ability users with certain degrees of brain damage 🙄

But there are not much interactions. The MC was too busy everyday doing his business and he didn't want to attract more attention from other survivors, especially from those that come from big bases. He was someone who have intelligent zombie as boyfriends and at least 200 ordinary zombies as "younger brothers" after all. More attention would lead for his fate in previous life : die as an experimental object.

"Not much interactions" doesn't mean "not caring". The MC cared about those two and every certain time he would come to their meeting place for "diary exchange" 🤭 or directly come to their "house" to talk about urgent matters. Those two brain damage people would be first to get important information from MC, especially about the right way to raise their own zombie lover and zombie son...

There are indeed some intelligent zombies that have their own followers. But somehow there are no conflicts that we usually found in other novels. There are indeed battles for territories but never led to "eternal death". The interesting part is those zombies are more peaceful than those people living in the survivor bases. No internal conflict, everything would be solve after battles and more organized.

What about the MC? Somehow no zombies came to challenge him. The main reason was because of ML. No zombies was able to defeat him, and MC as "the boss" automatically later became the peak of their hierarchy 😅

In my opinion, the new concept in this novel is quite interesting. Unfortunately, somehow it's boring to just read about daily life without ups and downs... We don't like troubles, I can understand. But sometimes life will be more vibrant and interesting with a little problems. I expect more but too bad everything is just average, therefore it's only 4 stars for me, I am not that cruel to give lower than that 😅 <<less
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lourdes rated it
December 18, 2022
Status: Completed
Such a long chapter. Its not boring and I enjoy the journey of reading it. I finished it in a 2 weeks. Lol, For I have work I can not bing read it in one go.

Its sweet, light read. Good for people like me who can not take dramatic story due to stressful work and want to read something positive to relax.

I basically relationship building between the mc&ml, weak to strong, farming, cooking, society building and life adjustment during apocalyps.

Anyway, though I like this. It depends on everyones taste. But... more>> for me this is one of my best apocalyps story. I like the daily life adventure and no drama involve here. Lol <<less
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December 8, 2022
Status: Completed
!!! If you like infrastructure/clan-building novels, then you're probably going to like this novel! I happen to like both things, and ended up binge-ing the entire novel directly (the MTL is readable when plugged into Google Translate -- like 85-90%, just make sure that it's on "Chinese (Simplified) to English"~

Summary: The MC (Wei Xuan) goes back in time after living in a world overrun by zombies for three years. In that life, he had been persecuted and chased by researchers who wanted to study the special ability that made him... more>> 'invisible' to zombies. In this life, he awakens on the day the apocalypse began, and he had only one goal in mind: To live in the zombie-infested city with the half-zombie ML (Du Hang).

The story is very slow-paced and it goes into detail on the various activities that the MC performs in order to live a relatable stable life in the apocalypse. With his special physique, things are of course a lot easier on him, especially with his toolman zombie boyfriend LMFAO. If you don't like slow-paced stories, this novel may be a bit boring to you after a while, but there's no issue whatsoever with skimming the parts the filler parts, since most of those are excessive details anyway. All in all, I highly recommend this novel! The TL at CG is good and the MTL is also quite good, so there's no reason to hesitate on reading it!


I have to say, the characters aren't really the focus of this novel. In the end, the MC is the only one with a complex personality and consistent development. Of course, the side characters introduced are also pretty interesting. But, again, unlike most CN Zombie Apocalypses were drama and relationship dynamics are the cause of most conflicts, that's not the case here! Of course, just because the story lacks character development, doesn't mean it's bad! The characters are plenty likeable, and the MC's journey is worth following.


The romance here is a bit strange and may even disturb some people. It's freaky cute, I guess? The ML is not consciousfrom the start, and his consciousness remains very low till the end. He's a "half-zombie" after all. So that's to be expected. I thought the development was okay, and even strangely cute~ But the fact that the ML doesn't have much of a personality makes it impossible for me to give this a higher rating DX.

He's literally the epitome of a stoic, "toolman" ML!!! LIKE the MC actually uses him as a tool most of the time, though his feelings are in the right place most of the time, there's no denying that this is the case lolol

SETTING: 10/10

CN Zombie Apocalypses often focus on the survivors, even those with zombie kings and whatnots as main characters usually lead the development of the plot towards the success of humans. This novel is a bit different~ Here, the main focus is definitely the zombies. This is a zombies world!

Outside of that, the setting is very reminiscent of most of the CN Zombie novels. There are superhumans with special abilities and zombies slowly evolve along with them -- though the direction of their evolution is mostly on strengthening their bodies.

PLOT: 8/10

Despite the lack of relationship conflict and such -- making the novel almost seem like a one-man play with the MC as the main character -- the author handled the development of the novel very well by introducing various POVs. We get to see what's happening in the world at the time and connect it with what's going on with the MC. It's really quite good~

RATING: 3.94/4

Although the novel definitely has its 'weak points' its strengths in other areas certainly make up for it~ To be specific, if I were to include a "Personal Enjoyment" criteria here, my official rating would have been as high as 4.25 stars~ Which is what I'll actually be counting it as, I just didn't bother because it all would have rounded up to 4 LMFAO. Anyway, definitely a worthwhile read if you enjoy survival stories where the protagonist slowly builds his way up to a better living standard. <<less
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Wintercreeper rated it
December 22, 2022
Status: Completed
You need a lot of patience, or a very specific taste.

I usually love base building, collecting, cooking, in an apocalyptic setting, but this novel is nothing short of boring.
I probably skipped half of the chapters I read because absolutely nothing happened, the writer drags out every little thing, collecting some damn potatoes takes a whole chapter, walking down a street takes a whole chapter, all of it wasted on useless filler.
MC is musing about something, flashback to MC's last life with no real relevance, MC sees something meaningless... more>> but the writer describes every miniscule detail of it.
The author misused first-person-omniscient for wordcount inflation, that's pretty obvious.

There's no dialogue, only MC voicing random sentences and ML being a decoration, MC already knows about everything that's going to happen so nothing is a surprise, everything is smooth-sailing.

In short, absolutely nothing ever happens and the inflation makes the story crawl on all fours, no wonder it has over 200 chapters when bringing some water from A to B takes a whole chapter.

And it's a shame because I see that there are some very good ideas somewhere in there, hints to interesting mysteries and potential development, but it drowns in inconsequential word-inflation.

Edit: I somehow managed to finish it.
Don't read it if you want romance, ML is a (more or less) mindless zombie well past chapter 200, only a few chapters between 190 and the end are somewhat interesting, the rest are long-winded fillers that even repeat several times (collecting water, planting, etc.).
The big conclusion honestly wasn't worth the time, it was obvious right from the start, no surprising twists or anything. <<less
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LunaSolis070 rated it
December 12, 2022
Status: C60
ML here has more passer by aura than the ML in the novel "I Have the Aura of Overbearing President" or any novel with supporting role aura.

Why? ML has little dialogue. He is just a coolie for MC. What if? An MC transmigrator might steal ML. If that MC transmigrator read Wei Xuans first life. And even in second life of Wei Xuan he just treated ML better but still use him as a "toolman". I just read 60 chapters. So, you can disregard my reviews and opinion. I didnt... more>> continue because it was getting boring and I was not feeling MC. I just don't like how MC treated ML. Yeah, he cleans ML and treated ML better compared to how MC treated ML in his first life. I just felt that MC is using ML and he treated ML because of his first life and because he only has ML. Again, 🚩🚩 I stopped at chapter 60. So, you can disregard my opinion. <<less
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December 4, 2022
Status: --
Ch 60+ and it's getting me sleepy. That's great I guess.

Still no communication, it's a pet, who needs to get leashed if he does something MC doesn't know. I do sometimes question his mindset about let's say the crystal nuclei. I am glad that he doesn't help other people, well not exactly since he helped zombies. Not sure how I feel about their relationship since it's such an unbalanced dynamic, if it was other way around and this is a dog blood novel, the MC would sure runaway disregarding the... more>> fact that ML took care of him.

Hope the ML actually do communicate before he claim to love MC back, because MC is just such a lonely thirsty soul. I've seen ch 90-180 and still the same, with ML not being able to communicate. For the past chapters it's also full of MCs head thought which is great because without it, there will be no plot and you won't understand their interaction because most of the things are explained rather than shown. I can only imagine how awkward and weird each interaction is without it.

It's great if you just want a light leisure read to kill time because you got too much. <<less
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CrezieGudGirl rated it
January 28, 2023
Status: c55
I like this story, I haven't finished it yet. But it's quite an interesting premise, with you know living with a zombie. Hopefully there will be more stories about zombies, it's really more on how zombies are still human. Very interesting.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Kailour rated it
December 28, 2022
Status: --
I really wanted to like this one, it started off pretty strong with the MC actually being interesting even though his power was incredibly boring. Unfortunately it gets very weird after the ML is introduced. Very, VERY weird. Idk what peoples mental image of a zombie normally is, but "kissable" is about the farthest thing from my mind when I imagine one. The MC thinks otherwise apparently. Aside from the bizarre zombie PDA my actual issue with this is the plot. Its wrapped up in an overall unsatisfying way, several... more>> characters get no actual closure, lots of loose ends are never tied up, and weirdly enough not a lot of farming actually happens in this novel.

I'll give it a 3 since its definitely got its interesting parts so you can pass time with it, but its definitely one of those I would never re-read. <<less
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nitan rated it
December 11, 2022
Status: Completed
Binged read this for 2 days. If you enjoy 'The Reborn Otakus Code of Practise' - I think youd enjoy this one somewhat.

The essense is the same, alot of hoarding and cooking, mundane life of living in a safe space while theres a zombie apocalypse outside. Whats different is that now youre essentially rooting for the zombie side. Theres quite an isolating feel to this novel because he doesnt interact with alot of people. Most of the dialogues are just him talking to himself (the ML wont talk much throughout... more>> the novel, and no he doesnt retain anything from his pre-zombie life personality wise)

Although I felt satisfied later when his zombie brothers started to communicate back, it took around 200 chapters to get there.

Whats interesting about this novel is that theres little scene cuts to other peoples lives in the apocalypse. Like people living in the base, or smaller anecdotes of individuals around. You get an omniprescent view sometimes, but the majority of the story focuses on the MCs daily life of collecting water and building infrastructure.

I have to admit even as a career line enthusiast I sometimes just gist through it because its alot. Its not completely to my taste like The Reborn Otakus.. But I can totally see how this could be someone elses favourite and satisfy their cravings very much.

Overall, a cozy book to read when youre cooped up and cozy. An interesting take on zombie virus and evolution of the world. Definitely worth a read. Its very pleasant without any of conflicts. <<less
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Nom de Plume
Nom de Plume rated it
December 11, 2022
Status: c241
The best and worst of this novel is that it barely explores the life of the ML before he became a zombie. I like the take of them walking a new life going forward together whether the ML can restore his memories or not. I love the MC stumbling into a leadership position and owning his situation regardless of how inexplicable it might be. I love the shifts in perspective to show us what our unreliable narrator has been missing. All of these side characters get developed. But what about... more>> the ML?!?

MC did things like securing the ML’s personal affects, but did not go to explore the ML’s house despite locating it and even taking the ML’s amnesiac father home. This means the readers will never know whether the MC fell in love with Du Hang or just the zombified version of Du Hang. We also don’t know how genuine Du Hang’s initial feelings were beyond instinct. He’s clearly accepted and even taken initiative to continue the relationship if the last chapter is anything to go by. Rouxin is implied to recall enough to be certain she did not know her ‘lover’ before she became a zombie. She is clear enough about her ‘self’ to be off-put by his deception/gaslighting as he insists on the version he wants her to be. She feels grateful or even straight up attracted to him. She simply can’t accept his delusions. So, how much has the ML recalled? No clue. Will never know. Great. :)

Even Rouxin gets more backstory. I like the way the author handled it for the most part, despite my complaints. It’s just a waste of the build up the author had been doing of the MC’s fears. What if the ML is straight? What if he was in a relationship? What if he can’t accept him once he has his memory? The MC might have avoided the ML’s house on purpose due to these fears. He is ready to bring ML there as long as the ML asks. That’s actually decent characterization. I got invested in this upcoming emotional confrontation the MC had been dreading for most of the novel only to get served up with a time skip. The momentum was well done. Then it was sidestepped entirely.

The world building wasn’t half bad either. This story took the ‘idle zombies stand around attempting and failing at habitual actions from when they were still alive’ and ran with it. People and zombies both did a lot of bad things on instinct during the initial catastrophe and the regular humans never quite escaped their fears until they were literally forced out of their ineffectual survival bases.

The tension of the story comes from the unknown and humans making blind decisions. The plot is one of final redemption after many mistakes. This makes the ending very positive or even uplifting.

As for the cause of the apocalypse

The return to normalcy and allusions of superpowers being like ancient cultivators tell me that it may have been just another form of natural disaster that instigates escalated evolution. It also tells me that it has probably happened before and may one day happen again. This is only a theory.

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morii rated it
December 26, 2022
Status: Completed
Kinda slice of life, nothing too exciting as stated above, but the potential was there to add drama. But I actually liked it because I wanted a serious plot but no dramatic/heartstopping moments.

It can be summarize into, what to eat, how to build, how to collect water, there were few things that ever went wrong. The story length is perfect, if the author reduced the filler everyday task and instead worked on conflicts between factions and characters. Cero drama, and that's OK.

I would have like to see the ML speak... more>> more, see his side of the story. The ending isn't rushed everything was wrapped up. Mainly because there weren't too many loose ends, nothing much happened. It coul have continued ngl, even with its slice of life pace, some things could have been added, like ML interactions, bases interactions, inter city conflicts, etc. <<less
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