Reborn Spoiled Ming Wangfei


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Once, because of a pair of purple eyes he was scorned. He is a wangye known across the land, cold and bloodthirsty, looking disdainfully upon the world.

Once, because of a mother’s death she received a father’s resentment. She is a publicly known junzhu whose looks have been destroyed, pitiful and weak.

In reality, he has a pair of this world’s most beautiful eyes, the most formidable background, the most imposing strength.

In reality, she has a peerless face, the most unshakable background, and the most ingenious medical skills.

She, Lan You Nian, aloof and cold-hearted, underneath the appearance of a celestial maiden is a battered, wounded heart.

When the cruel and ruthless him met the indifferent her, who adores who most deeply? Who once again puts a smiles on for whom?

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Reborn Spoiled Hell Princess
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Kerosen rated it
November 3, 2018
Status: --
Romance right off the bat. I actualy hate this kind of hugging thigh story. The problem along the plot became too easy for MC to solve because ML influence. It only emphasize the superiority of men against woman. I first thought that the MC is a brainer with shrwed scheming ability, but in the end MC do not do any rational things at all.

The more I read the more ridiculous the story become.

Yep its true.
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Dragon_Reader rated it
November 3, 2018
Status: c33
The 5 stars honestly is for the translator. The story till now, I would rate around 3. It's a typical modern-mafia-organisation head is betrayed by lover and younger sister, dies and transmigrates into the body of the unfavoured legitimate daughter who is killed by the concubine.

Maybe I have become used to fast-paced plots, but ... more>>

even when her father and grandfather and brother show a doting attitude towards her once she goes back to O!Host's house, instead of outsting the concubine and her servants and her children to be the evil bitches that they are, she continues to act as if she loves her step mother very much. This makes no sense because her father and brother have been to war which lasted almost 5 years and it's only when they return they realise that the O!Host/ MC has been missing for 5 years. So they know for sure that the concubine was responsible but without MC actually doing anything, they also cannot do anything. This makes no f*cking sense coz it's simply just extending the plot for no f*cking reason, and just bring in the usual family drama trope.


I will not give up reading this novel. Atleast the MC comes off pretty strong and cold. ML is more like an overgrown puppy, which is cute. Let's see how it proceeds. <<less
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WindyWind rated it
November 10, 2018
Status: c124
At start it seemed a really promising story. We get an awesome MC. Yes she is op, a full fledged mary sue, but atleast she is confident, ruthless and independent female in a male oriented society. Through blood and sweat she becomes stronger, from the lowest starting point without anything, she builds get strenght and gathers her forces...

Sadly all that is told with time skips in 10 chapters. After that there will be no more hardship for the MC. Literally its as if the enemies at that point are around... more>> level 1 to 10, and the MC is level 100.

That would be still fine, but for some reason the author thinks that is still too hard on the MC. So the big obstacle, the villainous family, gets solved right at start.

Turns out the father who always ignored her suddenly figures out he loves her and starts to unconditionally support her. Also he does not like the evil family that the MC wants to get revenge on. Even when MC kills them, he is all supportive, no questions asked.


At that point we just get no suspense as MC will go around displaying her womanly talents. As a mary sue she is of course unbeatable in appearance, singing, playing instruments, poetry, etc. But atleast she is still a badass ruthless woman, so we must get to see her in some real action, right?

Again author thinks that is too much hardship.

Introducing the ML. As a ML, he is of course peerles in appearance, even more op than MC, and falls deep in love with MC at first sight. Not gonna comment on how he fell in love with the 8 year old MC, while he himself is an adult, cause thats the least of the problems. Luckily the MC is 13 years old once the ML gets his hands on her.

Throughout the story, the ML is like an annoying fly, popping out from anywhere. Every single time when MC is about to do something, out of nowhere the ML comes flying and hugs her. No matter where, ML will be there. The most annoying part about that is, whenever there is ML at the scene, we will most likely not see the awesome badass MC, but instead she will be portrayed as a weak lady who needs to be pampered. Even something as simple as riding a horse is too much according to ML, better get her to use carriage.

Overall it isnt a bad story, I really enjoyed the first 100 chapter. Even with how easy everything is for MC, atleast it means that the villains get dealt with, unlike some other stories where the villains really feel like they are immortal.

If it wasn't for the ML, I would prolly keep reading.

Maybe its just me nitpicking on everything, as I felt this story had so much potential, so I wont give it a low rating. I also suggest reading it if you like the genre. There are a lot worse novels than this one in this genre out there. <<less
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Akkie rated it
January 1, 2019
Status: c55
Slight SPOILERS AHEAD!!! ₍՞◌′ᵕ‵ू◌₎♡ The MC is definitely great.

But definitely not the BEST MC I have seen in my entire life.

She could be better but she could've been worse, so I'm not hating her.

... more>> Honestly would have preferred this story better if she is not so slow in getting revenge.

Though I might just be saying its slow because there are not enough chapters for me to read to the point there is some drama and blood spill. Since I usually read novels with like at least 200+ chapters, I have enough chapters to see if I really like the novel to the point that I will follow its releases.

I want to see those scums of the earth to suffer. (」゜ロ゜) 」 I want bloodshed but that may be just me. (Yes I know there is already bloodshed but IT'S NOT ENOUGH)

щ (゜ロ゜щ)

The things that pushed me to rate this novel 5 stars: (灬♥ω♥灬)

  • Her Shifu
  • The fellow disciples of her Shifu (her senior brothers, goddamn I LOVE THEM)
  • Her Brother (though he is adopted and they're not blood-related at all, he is still good to her. I KNOW SHOCKING RIGHT?)
  • Her Biaoge (Another cutie)
  • The ML
I LOVE THE ML (๑♡⌓♡๑)

I know others might say it's a little bit weird since he is 19 yrs. Old but he already likes the MC even though she is still 13 yrs. Old. I know there's an age gap but wth that's just 6 years gap. AND in the first place its just a novel its just fiction no need to get your panties in a twist. He's the ML. Deal with it.

And besides he is pretty sweet to our MC

You can clearly see his deep affection for her so why hate him. ೭੧ (❛▿❛✿) ੭೨ A Random thought:

All the males in the novel pretty much cherish the MC like she is their younger sister (except the ML of course)

I almost wanna say that all males here are good. (ᐛ) و ALMOST

But then I remembered her father. (゚⊿゚) FML (゜▽゜;)

(Though he is trying to atone now, it doesn't justify what he did so F him) <<less
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RubyRunt rated it
May 27, 2019
Status: --
his story is so incredibly sweet. I had to stop because I read the spoilers but woaah. And the ML is one of my favorites. I think he is the most devoted and doting ML in this entire website.... more>>

he kills every single woman that gets a few feets near him but he falls in love with the MC at first sight. I think she told him some cool quote from the internet and the guy took it to heart. One of my favourite scenes is when he's courting her but she just started liking him and he said you're gonna marry into my house and she's like nope then he said, okay then I'll marry into this house and take your surname. Keep in mind he's a prince. So a few months later when they started dating he started spending every night at her couch and she's like don't you have your own house and then he's all serious: but if I'm gonna marry into this house I have to get used to it. MC was so surprised and touched

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November 3, 2019
Status: c173
First of all, I gotta say, the whole rebirth-reborn-transmigrated stories usually have similar storyline. Abandoned turn to be a beauty/genius/domineering, and partnered with a handsome "evil" ice cube ML. Lol. But, I still love this plot, and this story is one of them that I still followed til the last translated chapter to date. Props to the translator, for keeping it neat, thank you.

My wishes is for a fast translations, which no pressure, but pretty pweaaassseee.. Love ya..
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Mrs. B
Mrs. B rated it
May 21, 2019
Status: Completed
A super sweet romantic story with some politics and martial art around. The ML, so sweet that you will get a severe toothache after reading it, lol. 1 of my faves novel. It's a transmigration story of course. No cultivation etc, based on the info, it says only 300ish chapters in total (104 chapters translated so far, and on going) and each chapter is short. The romance progress is quite fast which is good. The MC is smart, aloof, quite cold, indifferent, caused by pain in her past life but,... more>> later on her personality gets better after she became closer with the ML. The ML is great.

In the beginning I couldn't grasp her personality, I feel like she's not really doing anything, but as I said before, she'll change. There are funny moments too that really will make you laugh. The story fits the title. She's SUPERLY, INSANELY PAMPEREDDDD, SUPER DOTED ONNNN by the everyone, especially by her man. He indulges her, spoils her to the bones!!


And so far no unnecessary misunderstanding between the couple. I don't like story with useless and unnecessary misunderstanding, let's hope it'll stay like this. This 1 has quite light story and problems. So I like it.

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blazikens rated it
January 8, 2019
Status: --
Boring, simply put. The MC doesn't do much while the ML solves everything for her.

Also.... that first review? Saying the age gap isn't problematic?? Ugh I want to scream.

The ML liking the MC when she's 13 and he's 19 quite literally makes him a pedophile. A 6 yr gap isn't so bad when they're both adults and established in their lives - but at the age of 13? Are you freaking kidding me??

And the fact that this is fiction doesn't mean it's not important to criticize things like this. Fiction... more>> doesn't mean you can just write whatever dark fantasies you have. And relationships like this, with such huge age gaps especially when one side is still a f*cking minor, normalizes pedophilia. And it's people like you justifying this that add to that too.

Ugh. <<less
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Er xiao jie
Er xiao jie rated it
August 22, 2019
Status: Completed
Story: 2 star, plus 1 for the many dog food (fluffs), add 1 more for the translator for her hardwork and dedication (the translation itself is still messy lately).

I read raws and completed it. (Not mtl)

Basically this one is like another version of Demon Wang's Golden Favorite Fei. Here are the why's :

... more>>

Warning: this contain spoilers for both dwgff and rsmw.

    1. both novels have one of the main character being poisoined (in dwgff its the ML and this novel is the mc)
    1. Both mls fall in love in first sight towards the mc
    1. Both novel's MC and ML have their own hidden organization and of course followed by hidden identity (the fMC in both novels have many business' behind their hidden org and the mls will get jealous by misunderstanding the fMC has special relationship with the hidden org owner (the hidden org owner is the fMC in both novels). And later both MC and ML will fight while using mask to cover their faces and voila the ML and MC realize they are their own wife/hubby) this one is the most similar from both novels
    1. There are many white lotus bitches that want to lay their hands on mls. Meanwhile the mls love rivals are less in comparison. Like there are 5 bitches and only 2 love rival for mls
    1. Both novels have an event where MC and mls showed off their opness martial arts to other nations. In rsmw, MC and ML participate in an jianghu competition for martial artists all over other countries. In dwgff fMC joins a martial arts competition to compete with other nations heroes, the ML isnt join but there are other events where ML showcase his opness too.
I cant help but felt like this novel is the more light version than dwgff. Dwgff is more gory, dark, and have complicated plot than reborn spoiled ming wangfei. If you want read a novel that contains many dog foods then read it. If you want more complicated plot then go for dwgff.

I read this basically just for the fluffs and avertion from other harder plots novels. <<less
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FuwaFuwa rated it
August 12, 2019
Status: c111
Dear fellow readers,

If you are looking for sweet romance between a possessive OP ML and a OP MC, then this is just the just the novel for you! Although there are some plot holes, regarding a couple different things, but overall, the novel was pretty pleasant to binge read. Honestly, it was a nice break from all the other novels where the romance is just plain frustrating.


Yours Truly φ (´ω`●)
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June 28, 2019
Status: c132
Totally give me the vibes of Ghost Emperor Wild Wife except MC is more elegant and have dignity that represent her satus and novel make sence🤗🤩
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Coraec rated it
October 14, 2019
Status: c169
This novel is the best one I ve ever read. Its full of fluff, romance, comedy, drama, plots, and some pains.

Both ML and MC are OP, cute and devoted to each other.

Of course, the situations are too good to be true in reality but it is entertaining.

This novel is promising despite its slow development of relationships.

Thank you for your effort author. You did a great job!
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Cocalalona rated it
July 15, 2019
Status: --
Okay read. I really liked the beginning but somehow it's getting boring later. The plot felt flat since as a reader we never saw her struggle. Her supposed 'struggles' were skipped.

... more>>

liked how she managed her business, according to novel's timeline she established her business when she was literally a kid (around 9 years if I remember it correctly, mind you I actually read this months ago). I expect to get to know reactions from others when she done her business (business-man supposedly a social 'job' people need to interact with other most of the times to manage their business, like when to buy a land to build a store, or when to hire some helpers)

But instead IT SKIPPED (maybe for a plot's convenience since the author itself seem unable to write a logical scene when people take a kid doing a business seriously)


In short when she came back to her family for revenge, her enemies really easy to beat since she was already too OP but then she got an op ML's aid too.

The ML's like many other Chinese MLs, a high quality man who happened to be a cold-overbearing handsome prince, who hate other women except the MC, really protective (=possessive) toward MC. <<less
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Abigalsweet rated it
March 10, 2019
Status: --
I love this novel... the comedy is great, I laughed so much... please don’t pay attention to the other reviews that say the novel isn’t interesting cause it really is... I wanna read it from the beginning again... I know it’s not complete but am locked in already!
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