Reborn Out of Love and Murder


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Wen Cheng never thought that one day he would be killed by his lover.

But after he was killed, he found that Yu Linfei being so cold-blooded wasn’t the most incredible thing. The most incredible thing was that he’d become a cat.

It was enough to become a cat, but why was he taken back and raised by Yu Linfei?

In addition, he suffered countless overt guns and hidden arrows… God ah, Wen Cheng had a wish, he just wanted to be a good cat!

Only when his former lover’s veils were peeled off layer by layer, Wen Cheng discovered in despair that the originator of all this evil was unexpectedly…

What kind of beauty could this splendid and highly poisonous dream bring?

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New Aria0107 rated it
May 17, 2020
Status: --
Very interesting premise for a rebirth story. The mystery really gets you wanting to know more. Like can you or can't you trust the ML, knowing he killed the MC, all the while he dotes and falls head over heels for his cute kitty. You wonder about the faces ML has: an indifferent killer; a loving, doting partner; a dumbass who thinks cat food tastes alright. On the one hand, you feel like you're getting a cute, humorous, fluffy cat raising novel. Then on the other hand, the darker elements,... more>> murder and intrigue hover around.

It kinda reminds me of stories like (plot/end spoilers)


Reborn as a Hamster for 233 Days in that there's a fantasy element of an animal being able to change into human as these animal novels generally do. But also in terms of like a timeline shift, where it turns out most of the events of the story takes place prior to the killing event and body shift.

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New Junksnack rated it
May 15, 2020
Status: Completed
Translator here! Prepare for a bit of rambling.

I reaaalllly love this novel. It has some dark themes, but the overall meat of the story was quite light and sweet and very funny. More than that, the actual plot ended up being very interesting. It felt a little bit like interesting plot points sandwiched in between silly fluffiness, which actually worked. There are multiple little twists that were actually quite clever and made me go "Ohhh, that's why this or that happened". I definitely expected it to be darker just because... more>> of who the author was, but don't be too scared.

Ok, let's dig in.

MC - Wen Cheng. He's silly and a little dense with a temper, but overall lovable. He isn't the smartest character in the world, but he's not unbearable. He remains amusing throughout for me, especially given his circumstances. Without spoiling too much, he does change over the course of the novel but it does have reason, and the plot is represented very well through him, if that makes any sense at all.

ML - Yu Linfei. Ahh, he gave me a lot of feelings, which was one of the best parts of this novel. There's the mystery of course, because at the very beginning, we see Yu Linfei coldheartedly kill our MC. Your perspective on the ML changes multiple times over the course of the novel as we see him interact with the MC. I won't give away spoilers, but I really love him. Both his interactions with friends and his actions as a pet owner feel real, and he doesn't feel completely invincible like many MLs do, if that makes sense. Witness a cold man turn into a crazy cat lady.

Other Characters - There are a few other characters in this novel, with two of them being more fleshed out. They aren't shown too much but they play an important part in the story, and as one of them is Yu Linfei's friend, he really fleshes out Yu Linfei as a character. Warning to anyone who dislikes darker elements, one side story is definitely a bit darker, with elements of

drugs, r*pe, and suicide.


Storyline - My favorite part of this novel. There isn't a whole lot of actual stuff that happens, per se, but the twists and turns are revealed in an interesting way, and it's very satisfying when it all ties together and it's all revealed. Most every plot point has a reason for happening, and I find it very satisfying as a rebirth story because it's a little different. It got me thinking in a very good way. Writing/Tone - The writing definitely shifts tone and language well. In the MC's perspective, it's written very light, making the reading experience fun, but the author is able to pull it back and give the heavier moments impact. I have a lot of respect for this author, especially having read multiple novels for them. TL;DR this novel has interesting mystery, plot points, and plenty of fluff and comedic moments between two fun and compatible leads. <<less
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