Reborn in 2000: Starting from Pursuing the Pure High School Beauty Desk Mate


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Chen Fan, a terminally ill patient, is reborn in the year 2000 and reunites with his high school desk mate and first love, Su Ruochu, the school’s beauty.

In his previous life, their love was mutual and respectful, like two dedicated scholars. However, Su Ruochu tragically passed away in a car accident, leaving Chen Fan with lifelong regrets.

In this new life, Chen Fan is determined not to let her go and vows to build a magnificent business empire to provide her with the most perfect love and future.

“Su Ruochu, in this lifetime, I will hold your hand and witness the splendor of the stars and the grandeur of the world!”

He is reborn as a senior high school student.

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06/09/24 Wook’s Teahouse c35
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