Reborn Evil Mother-in-law


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It wasn’t until after her death that Shen Xin Yan knew that she was actually the evil mother-in-law in the play, and she was destined to die.

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07/06/22 KnoxT c7
07/02/22 KnoxT c6
06/29/22 KnoxT c5
06/27/22 KnoxT c4
06/25/22 KnoxT c3
06/23/22 KnoxT c2
06/21/22 KnoxT c1
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New CasBrin rated it
June 22, 2022
Status: c68
The translation is very good. Unfortunately as the story goes on I'm not a big fan of the MC. She's a bit wishy washy and doesn't seem to have learnt much from her past life.

The ML REALLY annoys me though.

Again, translator is great, just not my cup of tea this time.
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