Reborn as a Cripple


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[Job Recruitment Online] aka [JRO]

Find and master your own job from over 1,000 jobs! That’s the catchphrase of the game. The protagonist, who abandoned his real-life job hunting and devoted his entire life to the game, died of a blood clot due to lack of exercise and sleep caused by playing games for an average of 20 hours a day.

When I woke up, a man and a woman who I had seen from somewhere before were right before my eyes.

Who are they? When I took a closer look at them, I realized that they had the same appearance and name as the NPCs who were frequently involved in the storyline as a marquess of martial arts in [JRO].

Could it be that I reincarnated in the game’s world?!

The protagonist, who was born as “Heid-Dukehardt” the eldest son of a martial arts marquess family, wants to play this game even after reincarnation! Consequently, I’m going to abolish leveling at the pace of my previous life.

I was just doing things as I liked, but before I knew it, I was being praised as the “Child Prodigy of the Marquess Family”.

However, on the day of Heid’s coming of age, he was given the title of [Farmer], which was the weakest profession in this world.

He was supposed to be the prodigious child of the marquess family, but when he got a weak profession, he became a disappointment and was exiled from his house for being a disgrace to the family.

“What? Isn’t it common sense among the [JRO] fanatics that [Farmers] are the strongest?”

This is the story of Heid whose profession, [Farmer], which was thought to be the weakest, decides to use his knowledge of strategies from [JRO] to become the strongest and change this world’s common sense.

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Haijin Tensei ~ "Noumin" wa Saijaku dakara to Jikka wo Kandou Sareta kedo, Game no Chishiki de Saikyou e Nariagatte Mikaesu ~
Reborn As A Cripple - I Was Disowned by My Parents Because [Farmer] is the Weakest But With His Knowledge of the Game, He Rose to the Top to Make Them Pay
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Fluffums rated it
December 13, 2021
Status: c12
The job prejudice is at "how are they past hunter-gatherer society?" levels.

... more>>

Before even having a job, he was better than most adults who had already trained in their jobs for years. So of course he got abandoned by his family and the king of the country. He got a perfect score in the written exam and combat exam, including defeating the probably second best scorer in the school. So of course they put him in the bottom class after acknowledging that.


The harem is as expected, in some ways better and in some ways worse than the usual cliches, but there's no real saving grace for the novel this far in, the main character is way too detached when it comes to his own situation, and the setting keeps on getting less and less realistic, and not in a fun way. <<less
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